Naked erect straight men free photos and light skinned gay porn Sick

Naked erect straight men free photos and light skinned gay porn Sick
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Chapter 1: The Flight I stepped aboard the plane, and walked to the back to take my seat. It was summer and I was going up to Boston to visit my family.

My parents were too busy to come up with me, so they bought me a ticket and said I could go up by myself. I sat down in my window seat, and took out 'A Picture of Dorian Grey', a long boring book that I had to read for summer reading. Whoever deemed this book was 'a classic' is an asshole. As I struggled through the first page, a huge fat man with a scraggily beard and a Justice League t-shirt that was way too small for him walked near my row and looked around.

I began to pray that he wasn't in my row. But he was. Thankfully though, his seat was at the end. At least I had a little bit of luck. I continued to try and read the book.


Before I could get any farther, a girl walked over. She had long shiny black hair, and big beautiful green eyes. I'm not very good at guessing age, but she looked to be 17 just like me. She looked up at the row number to double check, and grabbed her luggage to put up in the overhead compartment.


She was a little bit short, and couldn't quite get her suitcase up top, so I got out of my seat to help her. Since I was six feet tall, it was no problem for me. "Thank you!" she smiled. She had such a happy, pleasant voice that made you smile back. "No problem," I said nonchalant. "My name's Alex." "I'm Becca." Our eyes met and her smile grew bigger.

Suddenly, the fat man let out a long snort. Looking down I saw he was asleep and already snoring. I looked back at Becca. "Why don't you take the window seat, I don't think you want to sit next to him." "Are you sure?" she asked. "Yeah go ahead." I gestured to the window seat and she sat down. I followed and took the middle seat. The fat guy was squishing into me.

"Here," she said. Becca lifted up the arm rest between us, so I could move away from the fat guy, and closer to her. Finally, the plane took off. Becca was scarred of flying, and she grabbed my hand and squeezed.

She moved even closer to me, so now our bodies were touching. After we were in the air, we started talking. She was from the same city as I was, and she was going up to visit her older sister.

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After awhile, I accused myself to go to the bathroom. I squeezed by the fat man who was still sleeping and made my ways to bathrooms. There was one open so I entered and locked the door. I looked into the mirror at myself.


I can't believe how lucky I am. This girl was beautiful and perfect. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Occupied," I called out. "What about for me?" came Becca's cheery voice. I unlocked the door and she flung herself on me. She pushed me into the wall, and I fell down on the toilet seat. She turned around, locked the door, and then turned back to me.

Gone was her innocent look. She took off her pink t-shirt, and threw it to the floor. All she had on now were jeans, and a green bra. I took a second to admire her tits. They were perfectly round and plump, and they were the perfect size for her too. She unzipped my jeans, and pulled out my huge boner. I was speechless. I thought I was dreaming.

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But the instant she placed her mouth around my dick, I knew I wasn't. This was better than anything I could have imaged. She started out with slow short sucks. I could hear her collecting saliva in her mouth. Then, she stopped and let the saliva fall from her mouth on to my dick.

I felt the warn liquid slowly move down penis. Then she went back to sucking.


Faster and faster she went. Next, she started deep throating it. Part of me was worried someone would hear her choking noises, but the rest of me didn't care. I rested my hand on the back of her head, rolled my head back, closed my eyes, and relaxed. Finally the time came. I told her I was about to cum, but she kept on sucking. A second later, I shot a huge load into her mouth. She released my dick from her mouth, and began to lick up all of the extra cum off it.

"That was amazing," I said breathing heavily. "We're not done yet," she said pulling off her pants. She had on a pair of light purple panties. I reached my hand down to start fingering her, but she stopped me. "That's for me," she said. "I have a very specific way of masturbating that I like, that, no offense, you won't be able to do." Still took my hands and placed them on her boobs. They were as soft and perfect as they looked. "These are for you," she said letting go of my hands and unhooking her green bra.

"Have fun!" She sat down on my lap facing me. As I started rubbing her tits around, she slipped her hand down her panties and was off. Since her tits were practically in my face, I grabbed one and started licking and sucking on her nipple, while with my other hand, I pinched her other boob's nipple. She started breathing heavily, but never screamed. I guess she was a silent one, which was good. I felt something warm on my leg, and looking down I saw that her panties were getting soaked.

Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip.

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I continued to massage her nipples and breasts, until she let out a couple of short gasps, and removed her hand from her panties. She took the two fingers she used and licked them off, then put her jeans and shirt back on.

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"Thank you for that," she said. She unlocked the door and left. I put dick back in my pants and then sat back down next to her. "Have fun in there?" she asked, now back in her cheery innocent voice. She looked at me and winked. A couple hours later, the plane landed. I helped Becca get her suitcase down, and we left the plane. In the airport we exchanged numbers. She told me to call her once I got back, and then turned around to leave.

I went to the baggage area and grabbed my bag, then walked outside. To the left I spotted my aunt's car and walked over to greet her. I put my bag in the bag, hugged her and got into the car. "How was the flight?" she asked.

"Amazing," was all I could think of. TO BE CONTINUED