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It had been such a long day at work and nora couldn't really wait to get home, she was feeling much tired than usual, especially because she didn't have anything to eat the whole day. She finally finished her work and was just about the last person to sign out of work at about 6:30 on a friday night, but at least now she could relax and head home.

She stopped by a take away and bought herself and Ryan some food. she pulled into her driveway and let out a deep sigh of relief "Finally" she said letting her dark curly hair down and removing her heals. She walked up to her apartment and put her bags down by the nearest desk, they was soft music playing in the background, she began to blush "Ryan" she said softly, while she quietly searched the place,she then began to slowly tiptoe towards her room.

"Ryaaaan" she said with a sexy purr to it, but the bedroom was empty and so it seemed the rest of her house, she turned around and saw that there bathroom light was on she slowly walked in pushing the door. "Ryan!!" She screamed backing away, to her surprise he was in her tub with her ex roommate Kelly having sex.

She started to head for the door quickly grabbing her stuff ignoring the voices behind her "Nora wait! Listen!" He said walking towards her in nothing but a towel. She tried to hide her tears but it was very clear in her voice that she was hurt."If you wanted out you should have just told me!" She said in a shriek. "I thought you were working late tonight, you know I wouldn't want it to have happened like this" he said taking a step forward "stay there" she said wiping her tears, she grabbed her final few things and left the apartment and went back to her car.

She drove off in such a hurry she didn't even think of a place to stay. "Fuuuuuuuck!!!" She said holding the hooter in, then she let it go. "How could I have not seen this before" she thought to herself, I mean they were always too comfortable with each other around her. she drove around in circles and headed for the nearest motel where she could just rest for the night and un wind. She stumbled into the place and registered herself in "You'll be in room 98 ma'am, here your keys" the lady behind the counter offered, "Thanks" Nora said trying to smile.

"Any luggage?" She asked, "no. Just me" she said turning her back and walking away. She walked towards the bar on the far end and went straight to the counter, "One Cranberry vodka please" she said in between sobs."Sure thing" the bar tender said as he offered it to her, ignoring her mood and not bothering to ask how she felt "thanks".

she downed it quickly placing the empty glass back on the counter and headed for her room. It was pretty nice, it gave her the space she needed. Her phone was vibrating non stop she finally opened one of the text messages from Ryan 'Look we need to talk, bottom line the only reason why I'm with kelly is because she sparked up my sex life and you're a little under experienced, I hope you understand. P.S PICK UP!' "Great, not only did I get cheated on, but its my fault too" she said turning off her phone and headed for the mini fridge in her room, Drinking down all the mini alcoholic beverages in there.

She then took off her shoes pulled over the sheet and collapsed on the bed. I don't know what's worse having the sun irritate your eyes when your still trying to sleep or waking up with a hangover, she reached over for her purse still not getting up and took out her watch. "What 11: 30 already" she sat up quickly and headed for the shower she had about 9hours until the party and she had to go shopping for a new outfit. She didn't take long to shower. She dried her hair and put on the same clothes, she quickly packed her few belongings and a bottle of water then she headed downstairs to go sign out, not really looking at the bill, she had more worries at hand.

Especially because her and Ryan had excepted the bloody birthday invite and RSVP'D already, at least one of them had to go. She stepped into her car feeling a little un easy but less emotional than the night before and she headed for the mall. She went to one of the best stores all her lady friends liked to go to, as soon as she walked in a shop assistant came to her side "anything I can help you with?"She said smiling "something sexy" Nora said "Follow me" the assistant said and Nora followed her quickly behind.

"Here's our new shipment, it only arrived this morning, but so far here's my favorite" she said handing Nora a black strapless dress "the changing rooms over there" she said pointing towards the doors at the end of the shop, she tried it on and it fit her perfectly she tied her hair into a messy bun and zipped up her dress, she had long legs and a nice ass to match, her curves filled the dress in all the right places.

"Wow" nora said turning around, "This is definitely a heart breaker" she said smiling for the first time since seeing dean. She then changed back and walked out. "While you were in there I thought I'd grab these new shoes and show them to you" the assistant said. "I Love them" nora said grabbing them to get a closer look, "I'll take them" she said.

"Great". She stood in line in silence, how could Ryan call me under experienced, I was a virgin when I met him, of course I'm no freak. Yet. She quickly paid for her things and headed out with her mind too occupied to worry about the cost.


Great I need to get some jewelry. She bought a beautiful necklace and plain studs to go with. Then she bought a snack, and went to her salon to get her hair, nails, and makeup done "Single and ready to mingle" she said as she went all out, not really something she did all the time.

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She headed back to her car to put on her dress in the parking lot. Sounds crazy but at least it was better than going back to her apartment. She was done with just about an hour to spare. She looked at herself in her mirror, she looked gorgeous, her hair neatly done up, her eyes where just standing out more, her shoes made her whole outfit complete. She headed to the venue which was about 30 min away. She handed her keys to one of the men outside the building, and watched him drive off to go park her car.

Nora let out a sigh of relief as one of the waitresses handed her a glass of wine "thank you" she said excepting it. She stumbled into the lobby, barely able to hold herself, because she never really wore heels because Ryan was shorter than her, she climbed up the stairs that led to the venue.

The place was pretty filled up already, she could barely notice any familiar faces "Great" she said walking towards her allocated table. That's when she saw Candice, one of her work mates "Hey Nora" she waved me towards her. "I'm glad to see you here" nora said "I barely know anybody" she said while letting one of the waitress's refill her glass, "such a nice place, where's the birthday girl?" I asked "ohh she's over there by the bar having the time of her life" Candice said.

"I'm sorry to hear about you and Ryan, his been calling me all day asking if I knew where you were" Candice said. Like it was any of her business "yea I'm great" I said while downing down my second glass, I was still a little tipsy because the hangover didn't fully settle. I was staring into the crowd trying to clear my mind of the thought of Ryan "Who's that?" I said looking at the guy across the room surrounded by a crowd of people.

Candice followed my gaze "oh that's Blake Macleod" she said. He was tall, and well built, Definitely my type. "Great he's my new target" I said dropping my gaze as he awkwardly met mine. "He's known as a womanizer on these streets" candice warned. I gathered my purse and walked towards him, ignoring her comments.

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I grabbed another glass half way thru the room. Just before I reached him I bumped into some lady dancing and she knocked my purse off me causing everything in it to spill out. "Shoot!" I said quickly going on my knees trying to pick up my few items on the floor, Great one of my tampons landed in front of some guys shoes I lifted up my head to see who the person was, it was Blake.

"This is not exactly the way I planned on introducing myself to you" he said while bending over to help me gather up my few belongings. I'm glad he politely ignored the tampon in front of him, I grabbed it quickly and shoved it in my purse along with all the other items I could gather.

"I'm Blake" he said while getting up and extending his to help me get back on my feet. "I'm Nora, and I'm good thanks" I tried to get up on my own without excepting his hand and I nearly fell over.

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"Come on" he said taking my hand in his and pulled me up towards him without much effort, he was a lot stronger so he pulled me towards his chest. "Th-Thanks"I said trying to pull away, my cheeks went red and I tried to hide it by turning away, my dress got stuck to his jacket and the more I pulled the more it seemed to slip off.

"Shit!, don't move. I think my dress is stuck to you!" I said while trying to jerk away from him. I let out a gasp when my dress slipped down and my bra was revealed, luckily only he could see me.

He started to laugh. "Don't laugh! Its not funny!" I said trying to cover up quickly. "Relax! Stand still and I'll un hook us both" he said slowly tearing the material off his jacket that set me loose. "Thanks. You shouldn't have done that." I said while pulling up my dress. "Now I have to repay you for that"I said. "Well you can pay me back by keeping me company at this party" he said.

"No thanks, I think I've kept your friends waiting for you long enough, you should probably go back" I started to walk away, he reached for my hand and lightly pulled me back "Friends? More like companions, I barely know anybody here" he said. "Oh really? Then what are you doing here?" I said reaching for a glass of whiskey "I'm good friends with the birthday girl." He said grabbing a glass for himself.

"I've already given her, her gift and greeted the necessary people here, how about we leave this place and go have dinner else where?" He said, I backed away from him and turned to watch if they had started serving people yet "uhmm I'll wait and eat here" I said, until I saw ryan enter the room, alone luckily.

I turned around to face blake, a little quicker than I would have hoped my whiskey spilled all over his shirt "I-I'm so sorry" I said grabbing a napkin trying to pat the stain away. "Its alright" he said smiling at me. "I'll just have it cleaned" he said "at least let me pay for it Blake"I said "No Nora, Really its okay" he said "I'm Really sorry, You know what dinner sounds pretty good! Let's leave" nora said as Ryan started to move more towards there way in the crowd.

"Who's that, some Ex of yours?" He said looking at Ryan "Something like that" Nora said, Blake went to go place there glasses on the table on the other side of the Room. "Nora!" Ryan yelled I turned around trying to avoid him "Nora!


It is you, I'm glad your okay, you left in such a hurry I C-Couldnt even explain myself" Blake came to join us soon afterward "Ready to go Nora?" He said extending his hand "uh yea" Nora said "Y-Y-You know him.

Mr Macleod, Ryan" he said nervously extending his hand towards him. "Greetings" blake said, I'm glad he ignored the hand stretched out towards him. "Shall we?" he said. "See you around Ryan" Nora said turning her back towards him and putting her hand into Blake's.

We walked out without looking back I was so distracted I barely noticed him leading me towards the elevator, "oh I'm really afraid of heights, I-I-I always use the stairs" Nora said, but he ignored her and led her in.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here" normally I'd close my eyes and forget about it but this elevator was transparent and I could see all the street lights below us.

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The doors closed before I could protest any further. I held my breath in for a while "Nora, are you okay" he said I let out a deep sigh before I started to hyperventilate "Nora, relax" he said holding me on both sides,"try take your mind off it" he said "I-I'm. T-Trying.


Toooo." Nora said in between breaths. "Think of something else!" He said, but it only got worse, "L-Like. What?" Nora said, the building was pretty high so it took a while before we got Down, "Like this" Blake said.

out of nowhere he lifted up my chin and he kissed me with an amazing attempt to get me to calm down. His lips were warm against mine, it was a slow kiss, I felt his tongue beg for more entrance into my mouth, so I let him explore me, I started to moan into him it felt great. We were soon forced to stop once the doors opened and we had to leave, I had completely calmed down and started to relax, he extended his hand to give me way to walk in front of him, he was behind me leading me outside now "T-Thanks" I said trying to grab my breath, he handed a card to one of the men outside and shortly afterwards a limbo pulled by and he opened the car door for me.

"I'll have one of the men here bring your car by shortly" he said "Mind if I head to my hotel to get changed out of this outfit" he said "S-Sure I can't have you go out with me looking like that." Nora said He laughed. "Those are sexy shoes" he said reaching down to take my foot into his hand, "pretty expensive too" he said "T-Thank you" I said pulling away, "I`espor" he said "What?" Nora replied "Oh that's the name of the brand, its a pretty good shop" he said "T-Thank you" nora said.

The car then stopped and the driver opened the door. "After you miss" he said before Blake joined me on my side, we used the stairs this time to go to his suit."You can order our dinner through room service if you like" we both knew there wasn't anything innocent in his offer.

He swiped his card into the door, and I walked in "Wow, This place is nice" I said "I'm glad you like it, make yourself at home.I-I Won't be long " Blake said, he was normally confident about himself, but Nora some how made him nervous.

He left her to explore the rest of his suite while he went to go change, she helped herself to some of the grapes laid out on the table. Nora then went to go look at the painting across the room, she picked up a magazine to look at while she was there.

Blake creeped up on her "what you looking at?" he said, Nora dropped her magazine then turned around to face me "Y-You scared me!" She said pushing him back, he hadn't put on a shirt yet. "I just thought you might want to help me pick up a new shirt" he said pulling her towards him, there was a brief moment where none of them could breathe due to all the physical contact. He gave her an impatient kiss, sweeping her off her feet to perch her on the padded arm of the nearby sofa, her dress still twisted around her leg.

Nora clung to his satin-smooth shoulders, her mouth eagerly responding to his fiery demands, her heart knocking as she felt his left hand touch her knee beneath the folds of her dress. His teeth tugged at he lower lip, his hand sleeking up the inside of her thigh, finding the elastic top of her stocking and exploring the petal-soft skin just above it. Liquid heat exploded in her belly and she tried to clench her legs together to ease the ache he was creating, but his heavy thigh intruded, forcing them further apart.

His body exuded a musky male scent that drugged her senses. She no longer had control over herself "Wait-" she panted, jerking violently as she felt the brush of his fingers against the thin fabric which hid the creamy heart of her desire, almost at the gush pleasure released by the brief contact."I can't-" his prickly jaw rasped across her skin, creating a stinging trail of sweet pain as he ate his way down to her throbbing nipple.

He sucked on it, pushing his knee until she was astride his leg "Don't make me stop" he growled roughly. She felt his arm tighten around he waist, dragging her weight down against his contracting muscles. Setting up a friction the brought her pussy pleasure "Come on, baby- ride me" he invited hoarsely rocking her against his thigh until she adopted his urgent rhythm.

Her breathing quickened her fingers digging into his naked chest. He threw his head back "that's right baby, ride me till you cum" it only took her few moments before she couldn't take it anymore and she came on him. Her eyes fluttered back into focus.

She slowly started to realize what had just happened, she bit her lip and winced at its swollen sensitivity "I'm-" "I hope you're not going to say you're sorry" he interrupted her with a growl "it was incredibly sexy seeing you lose control" he said flexing hips between hersletting her feel the iron-hard-on "wanna play turnabout?" Not exactly sure what he was suggesting, Nora nervously licked her lips and he uttered a sharp groan.

"I take that as a yes" he said But as he rose between her breasts he froze, a frown thundering across his brow "My God, what's this?" He touched the crimson abrasions on the side of her breast, recoiling as she winced. "Its nothing, I just have sensitive skin" he dragged his hand across the coarse black stubble on his chin "I haven't shaved since morning, no wonder I almost rubbed you raw" he catigated himself.

He sounded so horrified that she almost smiled "but you didn't. Really, its all right." "No its not" he said grimly "I hurt you." He gently stroked he reddened breast and she trembled." How could I have-uh-you know. If I thought what you were doing was painful?" His eyes flamed "I'm likely to be a great deal less restrained in the throes of an orgasm, I'm bigger and stronger than you are, I don't want to risk hurting you like that when I'm inside you- I'm going to have a shave before I touch you again" he said stepping back from temptation.

Nora immediately felt self-conscious, wrapping her empty arms around her semi-nude body to disguise her lack of curves. Blake looked at her and picked up his shirt, dropping it loosely around her shoulders from whence it hung almost to her knees, scooping her hair out from under the collar and fluffing it around her oval face.

"Better?" He commented, drawing the open sides across her breasts where they peeked at him from her sheltering arms. "You're supposed to be arranging for your clothes to get cleaned" Nora said "I thought that was just an excuse to get my clothes off" Blake teased, "yea well they still need professional treatment." She said "especially since we seem to be adding a new category of stain" he goaded, drawing her attention to the damp spot on his trousers where she had straddled his thigh.

Nora blushed. "Maybe I should go have that shave before this conversation can carry on " he said dropping a quick. Hard kisss in her parted lips. " Feel free to help yourself from the mini bar" Nora snaked her arms into the sleeves of his shirt as he headed for the bathroom. She tried to make herself busy by cleaning up his desk "what are you doing?" Her eyes widening at his altered appearance.

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He wore a plush white three-quater length towelling robe with the hotels monogram discreetly embroided on the breast pocket.

"Just tidying up-trying to make myself useful." She said. "Forget it, I dint bring you here to play the domestic" he caught he fluttering hand and tugged her towards him, lifting her palm to his still scratchy chin " I've decided I needed a shower, as well as a shave, I came to the party straight from work in the same clothes I've been wearing all day." He lowered her hand to the burnished wedge of chest revealed by his loosely tied bathrobe, holding it there as he slowly walked backwards, drawing her along after him.

Nora could feel his heart beat " you don't have to shower cause of me," informing him that she liked his scent. He tipped his head to one side, his mellow voice caressing "For my sake then. You can make yourself useful as my soap bearer.perhaps while I'm shaving you might like to wash my back- and anything else that takes your fancy." He drawled.

He must know that she found everything about him wildly fanciable! She glanced past him and saw the gleaming empty bath next to the shower cabinet, in her minds eye the bath expanded to take up the whole room. Nightmare reality crashed into he fantasy-fuelled dream world. What on eart was she doing? As she remembered Ryan. She fell back slipping her hand out of his.

His eyebrows rose "No?" Clearly rejectiom was rather startling novelty. "But, Of course you must not get your hair wet." He said trying to lighten the mood, why don't you go slip into something more comfortable he said pointing towards his room, I left his bathroom smiling at me, he clearly expected to find me layed out naked on his bed waiting for him. But I just couldn't do it, not while Ryan was on my mind, I couldn't believe I let it get this far especially with a stranger.

I quickly grabbed my clothes off the floor and started to get changed, I couldn't get my clothes on quick enough, I grabbed my purse and started to look for my shoes I was way to drunk to put them on properly, I heard the shower water stop.

"Shit" I said grabbing my few belongings and headed for the door, my foot got stuck and I tripped over "Nora?" I heard blake say after me, the door swang shut and my shoe was to be forever on the other end of the door.

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I limped towards the stairs and quickly ran down hoping he wouldn't follow after me. Luckily I managed to catch a cab this late at night, and I went back to the Motel. To be continued.