Luxurious teen girlies get fucked well by one favourable stud

Luxurious teen girlies get fucked well by one favourable stud
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Okay we all know the spiel, If you don't like that type of thing then why did you click it. This story contains elements that are not suited for idiots or Fred Phelps Sr. Okay now is the whole spiel about "this is my first story". We all know that one so no need to go into, feel free to leave stupid comments and all that jazz, but please point out errors with quotation marks ("") and if I use a word too many times.

I did proof-read, but hey I'm not perfect. enjoy. It had started while I was asleep; though I hadn't expected it I knew better than to protest once he we started.

He had taken my shorts down while I was asleep I can only assume, because I woke up with a start when his fingers began to invade my ass, first one then another.

He held me down with the other hand even though I never fight back, I haven't fought back since I was 12. "I'm going to fuck you until we both cream Jass, you'll like that wont you, my little slut?" "Fuck you" "That's the spirit Jasmine" and with that he pushed the head of his dick into my entrance. I knew he only used lube for one person, himself. Sometimes he would fuck me dry or with a little saliva, but that was just to hear me cry. For a moment I let myself get lost to sounds around me; the squeak of the bed each time he drove his dick into me, his heavy breathing in my ear that came and went with every thrust, the sound of him slobbering on my neck, and the worst sound of them all, my own moan.

It's always the first moan that lets I'm know that he waking up his slut.

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"That's it baby, I knew you missed me. Oh God you're always so fucking tight." He slows down again slowly sawing his meat in and out of my ass, It kills me he found how how much I loved it and has used it against me often.


I can't help the signs of my own arousal, my heavy breathing, the goose bumps that pop up on my skin every time he gets me so close, and worse my own hardness. He may be a monster but he is good at what he does.

He pulls out until just the head remains and I know what is coming because it happens every time, it's like he can't help but to do it. He spits on his cock and the in the crack of my ass and says "Cum for me slut, you know what will happen if you don't" With that he thrusts all of his meat into me in one go and bites my should until I cry out.

Just like clockwork my body gives him what he wants. I cum, I cum hard and am faintly aware of him rapidly thrusting into my ass, one hand on my hip the other kneading my ass, a favorite past time of his. With total finality he shoves deep into me using his legs to get as far into me as possible before his body's jerks lets me know he's finally released his load. He collapses on my back, his sweat mingling with mine does nothing but make me his property even more, I can smell him on me and feel his sweat running down on me and feel the burn as it goes into the bite on my shoulder.

While he's still laying on me regaining his breath I ask "Is this why you came all the way up here?" It takes him a moment before he responds with a kiss "You know I've missed you baby and I know you've missed me" he gives my ass a hard squeeze and a smack before continuing "besides your mother wanted me to drop off some money for you and I wanted to bring your clothes because well lets face it, how can you be Jasmine when left all her clothes?" "Because up here I'm Jason, I thought you said I didn't have to be Jasmine until I came home for holidays?" He pushes up off of me and I feel him slide out, but when I go to raise up he pushes me back down "Not yet baby" he starts to dig his fingers in my ass and pulls out some of this come and feeds it to me I accept it and goes to do it again while he continues "I figured you would miss her as much as I did?

Besides remember the sheriff's son Thomas? Well apparently he remembers you and is on campus as well.

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He has requested to see you while here and in fact hes so anxious he says he is stopping by tonight around seven thirty at some pub called The Goose? I even bought you a new outfit and new panties." I had forgotten that my step father's second job was being my pimp.

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In between feedings I ask him "How much did he pay you?" "Around four grand for the whole school year, I figured I'd be nice since he is a college student and all." My stepfather, the giver. "now Jas get down here on your knees for daddy and show him how much you appreciate him doing all of this for you." I slide off the bed letting my shorts fall completely off and kneel between his legs staring at his cock, the bane of existence.

I've been staring at this cock for the past seven years sometimes for hours at a time while tied up, dolled up, or even while one of his buddies is fucking me from behind. "It's not going to suck itself honey" he says and I put his flesh in my mouth, willing myself not to bite down or then I would really be screwed.

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I begin to work the meat around in my mouth with my tongue, going over the head, tugging on it, and leaving just the head in between my lips while I look him in the eyes, he loves that. I suck all of it into my mouth until the soft flesh sitting on my tongue as I feel it grow until its in the back of my throat, before I start sucking him off I start moving my head back and forth on his meat until he's fed up with my pace and grabs my head to face fuck me.

Finally he asks me to stand up and has me face him so he can play with my nipples, causing my breath to become shallow. "Good you're still taking your medication that's a good girl" he says while he runs his hands down my stomach and spins me around with my hips. He fondles my ass smacking one then the other and finally bites me, this one around is going to hurt.

Obviously he's getting anxious because he starts to pull me down and I feel him guide his cock into my ass but he stops me when the head is in and asks "Does your little roommate know what a little slut you are?


Because if you don't send me a text of you sucking his dick by the end of the month I think we'll have a little party the following weekend" and with that he thrusts up carrying me up off the floor and and into the wall.

pushing me up against the wall while he hammers into me. He grabs me around the throat, choking me, and asks right into my ear in-between breaths "whose slut are you?

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You're my little fuck meat and anyone I hear of you with outside of your work becomes the same, and then you work from home.

Now say it!" "Yes, daddy I'm your little fuck puppet, please fill me with your love juice." I croak out. It hurts, but what all makes it worse is that is when I cum. He manages to get out a "good girl" before he fulfill my request and lets me fall to the floor using the wall as my guide.

The rest is a haze, he gets dressed, throws some money on me, and reminds me of my "date" tonight. Before leaving though he pulls me by my hair and looks me in the eye and says "when you sleep you sleep as Jessica, got it? I left your dress you're to wear tonight on your suitcase, don't forget the picture." and he leaves.

I lay there feeling his juice leak out feeling dirtier by the second. I stand up and walk to my shower, naked, and turn on the water as hot as it will go but before I get in I see myself in the full length mirror.

If I ignored the fact that I knew I was man I would see what he saw, the slut he created. I have curves and a soft but tone muscle mass thanks to the hormones hes made me take since I was a child and the prolonged positions I had to be in for all the fucking.


As I stare my eyes rest right above my penis where my bush should be is instead a tattoo, SLUT. I turn and see what started it all, my ass, even I have to admit it's nice.

I step out of the shower only after all the hot water is gone but it didn't hide him, I can still smell him on me, in me. Even after scrubbing he wont go away so I walk over to my suitcase and as promised on top is my dress and a pair of lacy black panties. As I stare at it I start to feel better it seems to just be a black mini dress that I can deal with, I may not be chesty but I do have an A cup and a lacy black push up I might be able to pull it off, but all home drains away when I notice that it has a low cut midsection, it's not meant to hide my tattoo or the panties.

To prove the gods hate me my roommate slamming the front door reminds me of my other mission.