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The Entertainment Mark Gordon was an actor and a casting couch slut. All he knew was that generally it worked and it got him parts so who was he to worry about a few blow jobs and ass fucks if he could work as an actor. It had been easy enough that the ends justified the means and Mark had ignored the little inner voice that kept saying, you are a whore.

Mark wasn't sure what had gone wrong with his current gig. The deal had been that the director of the film Mark would be appearing in simply would want an occasional blow job and Mark had been sure that wouldn't be a big deal especially since the part he was cast for was so good and would advance his career.

The problem was that from the beginning this director, Alex Moran, had threatened Mark with either being fired or with having the whole industry know about his whoring ways if Mark didn't do exactly as Alex wanted.

Alex sure did want, blow jobs in the morning, in the afternoon and quick ass fucks on breaks. What was even worse was that Alex was sharing Mark with his friends. He'd become sort of a reward too for some and so when Mark was told to do whatever someone wanted that was it, he had to to it.

It wasn't as if Mark didn't also have a full and rather adventurous sex life outside of the casting room. He often frequented the most exclusive gay bars and clubs and regularly hooked up with Hollywood's best and brightest as well as a few not so bright along the way as well as a few experiments in group sex. Mark was very good looking, a tall, thin man with thick black hair, a patrician nose and a pretty face. He had a big dick too and was well known for how well he used it.

Mark wasn't one to settle down though so he'd left a string of broken hearts across Hollywood. Still there seemed an endless supply of pretty boys to choose from.

Life would be perfect when his current film was finished and he could officially get away from Alex. About two weeks before the film was scheduled to wrap, Alex told Mark that he'd be going to a party with him on a Friday night. He would be Alex's personal slave for the night and that would mean wearing a collar and leash and being treated like a slave. Mark had accompanied Alex to two previous parties as his slave and hadn't found it particularly difficult or humiliating.

Mostly he received compliments from Alex's friends telling Alex what a pretty slut he had. This seemed to make Alex happy so what was the harm? On the Friday night of the party, Mark drove to Alex's house and Alex had him dress in skin tight black leather pants, no shirt or shoes and a studded leather collar and leash. Mark zoned out on the way, noticing only that they were traveling high up into the Hollywood hills. The party would be A-list and top of the line.

Maybe Mark would meet a few people and make the night worthwhile. When they arrived, Alex insisted that Mark get on all fours and crawl that way to the front entry. This was new. Usually he was allowed to walk. He was also to remain a few steps behind Alex but not enough that the leash would be pulled tight.

Because he was on the ground, Mark couldn't really see where he was or if there was a view from the house. When the door opened Alex was greeted warmly by the host who asked him who he had with him.

"This is my slut, Mark. Isn't he pretty?" "Oh, quite so, very pretty and on his best behavior I see," he said as he observed Mark on all fours behind Alex with eyes cast downward. "Yes, he is. Mark will be leaving me in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd send him off well. He's the entertainment tonight." "Oh, I'm delighted to hear that," the man said. "This is going to be a fun evening. Please help yourself to drinks before the festivities begin." "Thanks, I will and maybe a couple for the slut too, he's going to need them.

Come along then slut, follow me." As Mark listened to them talk he wondered what on earth Alex meant by him being the entertainment. Alex hadn't mentioned anything about entertaining anyone. Was he going to have to suck off Alex in public or something? He was grateful when Alex gave him a double martini which he quickly downed making Alex chuckle. "I guess you're wondering about the entertainment part of the night aren't you?" "Yes, I am. How about you enlighten me?" "Be polite now, the way I told you." "Please.master.

And can I have another drink?" Alex gave him another double martini and watched him gulp that one too and decided to give him one more so he'd be more relaxed.

He told the bartender to make it very strong. Mark drank it and said, "Well." "You're just so pretty Mark and I won't have you for much longer so I thought I'd share you with my friends. They like the pretty ones like you and there's some famous people here tonight, people you should meet one was or the other, we are." Just then the host signaled to Alex and he pulled on Mark's leash.

"Follow me, slut. The party's about to begin." Mark felt pretty drunk from the drinks he'd consumed but he crawled on his hands and knees and followed Alex. He noticed other slaves there, most of them just kneeling next to their master's, and a couple of them giving blow jobs. Mark was a little worried though since he was the only slave being led away from the main party.

They entered another room, not quite as large as the main party room. Mark was led into the middle of the room. There were a lot of men there, mostly standing in a circle around him now. Most of them had drinks in their hands and seemed to be pretty drunk. There was a chorus of "ahs" as he was led into the center of the room.

There were a few comments like, "he's so pretty," "look at that ass," and "I want to fuck that mouth." Mark wished he could have another drink. Alex noticed Marks discomfort and gave him another fortified martini and told him to drink the whole think quickly. Then he smiled to the group and introduced the entertainment. "This is Mark, my personal slut. He's a good whore and I know for a fact that he really likes sucking dick.

He really likes being fucked too although I thinks he prefers being the one doing the fucking. Sorry, Mark, not tonight. For tonight you will be fucked and you will enjoy every moment of it. Do you understand?" "But, but you can't really expect me to do the whole room." Mark said a little drunkenly and with more than a little dismay.

"My dear slut, you will not only do the whole room but probably most of the other room too and probably more than once. You are the entertainment and I expect you to entertain. Do me proud, slut." He dropped the leash and Mark looked at him like he was crazy. He noticed that the men had pulled their dicks out and were stroking them. Mark just knelt there not sure what he was supposed to do. Alex slapped him hard across the face. He dropped the leash and said, "Start sucking, slut.

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Let the games begin." The men moved in closer to Mark. Many cheered and laughed and egged Mark on. Come on, slut, suck. A chorus began, "Suck, suck, suck." Finally a man grabbed Mark by the hair, told him to open his mouth, then shoved his dick down Mark's throat and started roughly fucking his mouth.

Mark knew how to deep throat but he couldn't keep up with the pace of the man fucking his mouth. He felt his hair grabbed as he was pulled off the first man's dick and another dick shoved in his mouth, this one larger than the last and it was way down his throat. He gagged and the man he was sucking was impatient and said, "Come on, slut, you know how to suck dick, so fucking suck it." He held on to Mark's head and thrust his dick in his mouth over and over and over again, not caring that Mark was gagging." Again, another pair of hands pulled him by the hair to yet another dick awaiting his mouth.

This man fucked his mouth shallowly but fast. He kept slapping Mark's face, calling him a filthy slut and nothing more than a cum receptacle. "I want to cum in your filthy mouth you filthy whore and I hope you choke on it, slut." With that, the man intensified his thrusts and went deep into Mark's throat and after a minute of furious thrusting came into Mark's throat with a yell and said, "Drink it, slut, swallow it all you piece of shit." There was a roar of cheers in the room.

Mark swallowed and before he was even done he felt another dick in his mouth, thrusting hard into his already sore mouth.

He heard someone yell, "Take his pants off and a really loud cheer and felt hands unzipping him and pulling down his tight pants. He was on his knees and felt very vulnerable. He dick was hard and he wondered how his body could betray him at a moment like this. He heard someone yell, "I'm going to fuck him," and felt his legs being spread.

Someone was kicking them apart and then he felt someone between his legs and a couple of fingers in his ass. He tried to say, lube, but the dick in his mouth muffled what he was saying. He heard a man spit and felt the spit on his ass then felt a cock at the opening. It went in slowly at first then he heard the man say "Fuck it," and he pushed in hard all the way.

His dick felt huge as the man started thrusting into him hard and saying, "Fucking tight hole, that's good, slut, won't be this tight for very long though." The man heard Mark scream around the dick in his mouth and said, "What's the matter, whore, you must be used to being lubed.

Don't worry, there's gonna be so much come in your ass you won't notice anymore." There were more cheers for that and the men egged the guy on telling him to fuck him good and show him who owns the entertainment. In a few minutes the man was close to coming and told the roomful of men that he was christening this slut's ass. He shot deep into Mark but Mark didn't even notice since the current dick in his mouth was coming at the same time and almost choking him.

As soon as the man pulled out of his mouth another dick replaced it. Mark had lost count somewhere in the teens as to how many dicks he had serviced. His jaw ached and he didn't know how long he could keep it up. When the first man finished coming he pulled out and another was there immediately and shoving his dick in deep. His ass was cum filled so the dick went in much easier and it didn't hurt.

Mark gave thanks for small things. After an hour or two of this with no end in sight, Mark had to pee. He'd had all those drinks. There was no way he could communicate this though since he was filled with dick continuously, front and back so he finally just started peeing involuntarily.

Someone noticed and everyone stopped for a moment and just watch Mark pee on the carpet. A voice said, "Oh you're gonna pay for that. No one gave you permission to pee." A man stepped up to Mark, put his dick in his mouth and peed into his mouth.

Mark was humiliated. The man told him to swallow it and slapped him hard across the face. Someone else slapped his ass hard several times. Another man did the same thing, peeing copiously into Mark's open mouth. He felt a dick in his ass and felt the piss enter his ass. Someone thoughtfully put down a plastic cover for the floor, and a large bowl under Mark's ass to catch the fluids that would be seeping from his body.

After a few more men peed into Mark, they got back to the fucking and sucking in earnest. The men took turns and finally most of them starting coming either into Mark's mouth or ass. New men entered the room seeking out the great entertainment they'd been hearing about. Some of the slave owners were discussing having their own slave do an entertainment in the future.

They had their slaves come into the room to watch and learn. Mark hadn't seen Alex for several hours when he found him right in front of him and thrusting his dick into his mouth.

He started fucking Mark's mouth hard and told Mark that he was a filthy whore and his own personal fuck toy but that he was a pretty whore. Alex stroked Mark's face gently as he called him a pretty whore then slapped him violently as he told him how dirty and low he was. "You have really lived up to your potential tonight, slut. Your ass and your mouth were made to take load after load of cum.

You can do this all night and probably all day tomorrow." Mark was trying to shake his head 'no,' and moaning in pain, and was in fact terrified that this might go on for much longer than he could take it. "Please," he tried to get out. "Please, no more." Alex had pulled his dick out to hear what Mark was saying. When he heard it, he laughed loudly and gleefully and shoved his dick roughly back into Mark's mouth.

"Slut, you have just begun. Maybe you need another couple of drinks. Would you like that? Start with my cum though, it should be enough." Alex yelled out as he came hard down Mark's throat, pumping furiously as he screamed, "Mine, all mine." Mark collapsed to the floor but he was roughly picked up by the hair again and another dick shoved down his throat.

Fellow caresses his pretty girl

Someone got a large ottoman and covered it in plastic then had Mark lean over it so that he was in a perfect position to be fucked both front and back.

About five hours had passed and Mark had fucked and sucked over a hundred men most of them both sucked and fucked. The only people left now were the diehards, those who still wanted a first go and those who wanted sloppy seconds or even thirds. A few just wanted to jack off and come on Mark.

His back was covered in come as was his face. Some men would come into his throat then pull out and paint streaks on his face. Come dripped out of his ass in streams and globs, much of it landing in the now half-full bowl under him. Someone put his dick in Mark's ass and started fucking him but complained he was too slippery.

A couple of men fixed that by pissing up his ass and cleaning him up. The friction was much better though it hurt Mark again until there was more cum in him.

Mark was exhausted and only went on because the ottoman held him up and the men held his head as they fucked his mouth. Someone mentioned that Mark seemed a little listless and needed some perking up. They decided to give him a little break and an orgasm or two and something to drink.

They made him a cum cocktail with a shitload of vodka and several men started sucking on Mark's much admired huge dick.


Mark was so turned on that he came embarrassingly quickly, pumping his come down someone's throat. It did feel good and when someone started stroking him he quickly became hard again. A man decided to impale himself on his dick and then another wanted to, and another, until Mark had fucked about ten men without yet coming again.

They took bets as to how long he'd last and finally after at least twenty men had fucked him, Mark came into an anonymous asshole. They forced him to drink his special drink of cum and piss and vodka. Many hands held his head, tilting it back and pouring the drink down his throat.

He gagged but kept it down. Someone remarked that it was a shame to waste such a fine mixture and so another extra large, extra vodka enhanced cum drink was made and forced down Mark's throat.

Then someone took a bottle of vodka and just started pouring it down his throat, probably a third of a bottle. The thinking was that if he was drunk he wouldn't care and would take better care of them.

They chased the vodka with more straight cum for energy. Mark felt himself being pulled back onto the ottoman and felt hands pulling his hair and then they shoved a dick in his mouth. At the same time he felt another dick start to fuck him. After five or six guys had fucked his ass and come a couple of men decided they wanted to fuck him together, to stretch him wide and put two dicks in his ass.


Mark heard them and tried to get the dick out of his mouth and tell them no, please, not that. He started panicking, but several strong pairs of hands held his head while someone tied his hands behind his back and held him down by his shoulders. Someone slapped him hard and he calmed down. He felt very drunk and almost didn't care what they did at this point. He felt a dick in his ass, then felt another trying to squeeze in next to it.

It hurt like hell but his scream was muffled by yet another thick dick reaming his throat hard. He felt the second dick move farther in as his ass accommodated both dicks. Soon they were both fucking his ass in concert, grunting and groaning the whole time, and talking about what a very fine ass it was.

One man came and pulled out then the other fucked Mark hard yelling as he came. Others followed suit and double fucking continued with the men sandwiching Mark between them them pushing their dicks into him.

The mouth fucker was loudly telling him what a disgusting cum bucket he was. He heard someone yell, "He's disgusting all right, but he sure is pretty. God look at him fuck that mouth. C'mon fuck it harder!" The man was encouraged and tilted Mark's head way back then started fucking his mouth by thrusting straight down into it and hard. Mark couldn't move his head at all and started moaning. The man and others took it to mean that he loved it and cheered the man on and roared when he came, dick stuffed balls deep into that pretty mouth.

He pumped hard as copious amounts of come went down Mark's throat and overflowed into his mouth. When the man was done he pulled out and saw the come running down Mark's chin. He slapped Mark viciously, once across each side of his face and told him he didn't follow instructions by swallowing it all.

Mark wanted to cry and felt tears well up. What did it take to please these men and how much more did they and Alex expect him to take? He noticed there were a lot less men there now and felt a glimmer of hope that maybe it would end soon. Hopefully everyone was fucked out. They were still fucking him of course but it did go a little faster with being double fucked. He didn't know how much time had passed but it seemed like forever. Actually it was about eight hours and close to 200 men.

What Mark didn't know was that there was another surprise waiting for him. Alex entered the room and told the men there to wind it down at the hosts request since it was now so late. They groaned and a few more men joined them wanting to get the final suck and orgasm of the night. About 30 men surrounded Mark and they started jacking off.

They had turned Mark over and laid him on his back. He was too tired to protest and just lay there looking up at all the men still surrounding him but grateful that he didn't have to endure them all fucking him. This would be it for the night. The men jacked off and started coming, painting Marks's chest, his dick, his face. A couple of men straddled Mark, shoved their dicks in his throat and came.

A few jacked off then quickly put their dicks in Mark's ass, groaning as they came deep inside him. Finally the last man had finished and Mark was covered, sticky and disgusting as he just lay there unable to move at all.

A few men spit on him, a few kicked him, calling him a dirty slut. Some called him a good whore, some a pretty whore and one man pissed on his stomach. Mark felt the piss and come running off of his stomach and pool under his back and ass. He closed his eyes, he was humiliated. The host was having a large houseparty so a lot of the men were staying over.

He had also invited Alex who had agreed. It was about four a.m. when Alex roused Mark who had fallen asleep for about half an hour. "Come with me Mark. You're a sticky mess." Mark led him outside to a secluded lawn area and told him to kneel down. "Be a good slut and do as I say. You are here to serve me and I've found a way for you to continue to serve me and my host. You should be honored to be of such service to us and to these men here." Alex was pointing at a group of men who were walking towards him and were now surrounding him.

Mark was terrified and wanted to cry and scream and say no. Alex saw the look on his face and said, "If you don't do what I tell you, you can kiss your career goodbye. Do we understand each other?" Mark nodded 'yes,' as a tear rolled down and around the streaks of cum on his face. "Good morning gentlemen. My host told me that you're here on a limited time frame since you'll need to begin work in about three hours. He told me that you all deserved a reward for such good service to him, so I present you with my private slave, my slut, who will satisfy you're every desire.

Mark realized that these men were his host's servants, his paid servants, the gardeners, the butler, all of them. He's had kind of a long night and needs to be washed down before you use him, but he'll be good to go as soon as you clean him up the way I suggested you should. The men moved in closer to Mark. The pulled their dicks from their pants and started a steady stream of piss on all sides of him, from top to bottom. Since there were about 40 men there was ample piss to clean him off.

The come and piss merged and ran off into the perfectly groomed lawn. When they were done, two men with towels wiped Mark down. Alex brought Mark a bottle of vodka and made him drink down gulp after gulp.

He wanted to keep him as drunk as possible. Mark was quite drunk still and was exhausted so he just knelt there unsure of what would happen next.

He figured they'd picked a secluded area for a reason. The men slowly started surrounding Mark, moving into a tight circle around him. A man grabbed his head by the hair and shoved a dick down his throat. A loud cheer went up from the crowd as the man fucked his mouth hard laughing as he did so. "Hey, he doesn't feel any different than the two bit whores I've run into," the man said.

"He is a pretty whore though. Such a pretty mouth. Suck my dick hard, whore. Yeah, baby, hard. Pretty eyes too. I'd like to come all over them." "My turn," another man said and roughly pulled Mark away and shoved his dick in his mouth.

Someone put a couple of fingers up Mark's ass and said, "Feels pretty big in there but I'm gonna give it a fuck and see." He kicked Mark's legs apart saying, "Open 'em up, bitch. I bet you can't get enough dick in you, huh?" The man slammed his dick up Mark's ass and began pumping hard.

"Not bad at all considering," the man said, "Tight enough to fuck good and hard." The man held tight onto Mark's hips and thrust into him rapidly and deeply over and over again. Men cheered him on has he reamed Mark's ass, fucking him savagely, hard enough for Mark to moan through the dick in his mouth.

Mark felt it all right and it hurt like hell. It's impossible to have 200 dicks up your ass and not have it hurt. The man was relentless too, it went on and on, with wild cheers egging him on, telling him to tear Mark apart with his huge dick, to show him what really being fucked was like. Finally the man got close to coming and started pumping harder if that was possible. The man was standing now and he was holding Mark's ass up so high that only his toes touched the ground.

He held on to Mark's hips, bruising them as he pounded into him furiously, finally coming, saying, "There, there, you slut, fucking take that you fucking cum bucket, piece of shit. So fuckin' good, baby. Deep, baby, way deep. Fuck yeah."' Mark was barely standing, barely stayed on balance.

He was basically being held up by the head by the man now coming down his throat. When he was done both men pulled out and Mark collapsed on the wet grass. Someone brought over a small table and Mark was placed on the table so that his ass was on the edge on one end and his head hung backwards over the other end. He didn't exactly feel comfortable but it was easier then trying to stand up. Someone stepped up to his head, held it tight and thrust a dick in his mouth, thrusting down roughly, grunting the whole time.

Two men, one on either side of him pulled his legs back to his chest and held them there. His ass was totally exposed now and at the perfect height for the men to stand and fuck him hard. The same with his mouth, it was at the perfect height.

And so it went on, one after another the men sucked and fucked Mark. He ass was filled with cum and he could feel it dripping out even while being fucked, there was just so much of it. His hole was stretched out, huge and gaping with cum running out. The men started double stuffing him too since it made for a tighter fit.

At one point someone tried to put a third dick in his hole and sort of succeeded. He got it in between the other two which were shoved deep inside and he was able to fuck shallowly. Everyone cheered though at the effort.

After about two hours everyone had fucked him and they were on rounds two and three. A few early risers from the house found them and joined in the fucking, sipping coffee while they waited.

Mark was barely awake, barely aware of what was happening anymore. He didn't suck their dicks anymore, he just let them fuck his mouth and tried to swallow when they came. And his ass just got fucked, one man right after the other. A man pulled out and another man shoved back in, It was non-stop fucking, seamless. They were well into sloppy thirds when the majority of the men had to leave and start work. A few lingered and jacked off, coming all over Mark.

One told someone fucking him to move because he wanted to come inside Mark. A couple came in his ass together, and one man got next to the guy fucking Mark's mouth and shoved his dick in and came while the other man fucked it.

It was about eight in the morning and the host's staff had left him on the table, covered in cum, head hanging over the edge of the table, his mouth open as if ready to suck more dicks, and his legs now over the other edge of the table while cum dripped slowing from his hole.

Mark was barely conscious. He had been fucked hundreds of time by well over 200 men, very close to 250 men. His body felt like it had been fucked that hard and it hurt.

He heard Alex talking to the host and saying, "I don't think he can take much more. I'd love to use him one more time, but he's barely conscious." "I think I have just the thing that will help," his host said, and showed Alex the drug. "This should do the trick and it won't kill him. My house guests would so appreciate this. It'll make it a real weekend to remember and the best entertainment ever.

That honor would be yours, Alex. You have the best slut." Alex finally agreed remembering that he had very little time left with Mark and that anyway Mark deserved to be used this way. He had dissolved the uppers that would allow Mark to continue servicing the guests in a glass of water.

He pulled Mark up by the hair, tilted his head back and make him drink the whole glass of water and drugs. "You'll feel better soon, slut, and be ready to be of service again." Alex got a hose from the gardeners and hosed Mark down as he lay on the table.

He turned him over and hosed his backside and his ass and finally washed out his hair too. "We want you fairly clean for the A-listers," he told Mark who barely heard him.

After 15 minutes or so Mark opened his eyes. He saw sun filtering through the trees. He looked down and saw that he'd been cleaned off and almost cried thinking that finally he could go home and try and put this whole night behind him, try and forget the whole thing happened and never again allow himself to be blackmailed.

He had hope and he felt remarkably energetic considering what he'd been through. He wondered how many men had fucked him. His ass hurt like hell.

He wouldn't let anyone fuck him for a long, long time. He could feel that his hands were still tied and he wondered why if the ordeal was over. He saw Alex walking toward him carrying what looked like food. Mark realized how hungry he was. Alex had brought him some of last night's leftovers and they were delicious even if eaten a little bit late. Mark was feeling even better now and actually energetic. When he was done eating Alex told Mark to put down the plate and follow him into the house. Mark still had his collar on and Alex put the leash on and had Mark walk behind him as a sign of respect.

The house was quiet but it was still very early. Alex led Mark down a series of hallways and stairs and Mark wondered why they weren't just leaving. He stopped and asked Alex where they were going. Alex told him they were going to say goodbye to their host. Mark thought it was an awfully large house but shrugged.

At long as they were leaving who cared. Alex led Mark into a fairly small room with a number of apparatuses arranged around the room. They were a variety of restraints. Mark cringed when he saw them and panicked and tried to leave the room. Alex and his host who was waiting for them took Mark by the shoulders and forced him over to a stockade device.

They untied his arms and were able to get him arms and head into the device and lock it before he could get away from them. Alex said to him, "There is one more phase to the entertainment portion of this weekend and you are it. An afternoon into evening party will start in a few hours. In the meantime, the guests from last night who stayed over would like another go at you.

You should be proud you impressed them so much, Mark. Be a proud slut and do your job. If your energy wanes I have just what you need to restore it. And never forget, Mark, that it is still your reputation on the line. You either service the guests or your career ends. It is your choice.

Mark understood then that he'd been drugged. Had to be uppers to feel so energetic. He knew he couldn't quit now and lose everything, not after all that he'd gone through. Maybe the drugs could get him through. He wasn't sure if his body would hold up though. His ass was sore and felt raw. He was sure he'd been torn up some last night. He asked Mark if he could not be in the devices, if in fact he could just be in a regular room for the entertainment. "You can if you don't try and run away. Are you sure?" So Mark was taken back to the original party room from the prior evening, all cleaned up now.

A space was prepared for him and a table brought in. His hand were firmly tied in front of him, then tied around his back so that he could not use his arms or hands at all. Mark was helpless. A cushion had been placed on the table and he was positioned in place as he lay down. The first men started trickling in, those from last night. They were drinking coffee and talking amongst themselves.

One was still eager for another piece of Mark and walked right up to him, spread his legs and thrust his dick into him, humming the whole time he fucked him. Since there were only a few men there he had the luxury of a long fuck. It was a hard fuck for Mark though since the only lube was remnants of last night's cum still in his ass. Someone took his mind off his ass though when they straddled his chest, picked up his head and started fucking his mouth while talking to him the whole time saying how great he was at entertaining them all and what a good slut he was and of course how pretty and how much he appreciated coming in his mouth like this, and oh, how good is that and then slapping his face hard and saying he had to because he didn't swallow it all.

There was a drop on his lips. Once the guy up his ass came, fucking became easier once the cum, well, started coming. He could feel it running out when someone pulled out and then continue in a steady drip after that. But there was always more to replace it and his ass felt pretty much okay.

He hoped it wasn't the drugs making him feel that. Once the new guests started arriving, there was a steady stream of men in to be entertained. There was a long winding line to both his ass and his mouth. Others hovered around him, helping to keep his legs up and apart for easier fucking and those biting and torturing his nipples and even his dick. Some sucked on his dick for a while.

Others jacked it, hoping to see him come. Some got pissed off when they couldn't make him come and they slapped it making him scream around dick currently fucking his mouth. Finally someone sucked him long enough and he groaned long and loud as he finally came, clenching down on his ass making the man fucking him come too.

The long lines continued as the afternoon wore on. The desire to get to him and use him was so intense that the second a dick pulled out another replaced it immediately. Some shared and double stuffed both his mouth and his ass. There was no let up for hours and Mark took dick after dick. At one point in the afternoon, Alex brought Mark another drug cocktail and made him drink it. It kept him going. A few women attended the party. They were quite interested in the slut and very admiring of his beauty.

They played with his dick and sucked it but were dismayed because it was so large. One woman though wanted to feel that dick inside her. The men told her that this guy liked dick and not women but she wanted to try anyway. The woman was wearing a short skirt and no underwear.

She got up on the table, stroked Mark's dick for a minute then lowered herself onto it. Mark actually thought it felt pretty good and started shoving up into her. She liked that and started forcefully fucking his dick. She came all at once loudly and for a long time. Mark enjoyed that and it brought him to orgasm as he thrust up into her until he came pumping his come into her vagina.

It was his first vagina. The men all laughed but kept on doing Mark. At one point Alex slipped in and fucked Mark's mouth, asking him how he liked it, didn't that feel and taste good to a slut, and telling him that he wasn't bad at all for being such a slut, and that Alex had always known what a cum bucket Mark really was, wasn't he glad he'd finally proven it.

He told him he'd been born to do this, he was a natural, dirty and disgusting yes, but a natural. When he came he told Mark to "Drink it, slut, all of it and thank me for giving it to you." Dinnertime came and went and while the line was shorter it still continued.

Once in a while Mark would open his eyes and look around. He could see the long lines going out the door. He could see people milling around out there. He also saw a video cam was in the room and someone was taping today's show. God, he hoped they wouldn't show his face. Please, God, not that. He wondered what they were going to do with the tape. He found it was better just to keep his eyes closed and just feel the dicks shoving into him and pulling out of him, one after the other, seamlessly, like one dick that never stopped fucking him.

He swore though that this was way more men than last night. But last night had been a circle and tougher to gauge. There had to be hundreds of people here. How was that possible. He couldn't fuck them all, could he?

At least his ass wasn't hurting too bad. He felt two dicks go into his ass, felt both shove in and out, in and out, heard the men grunting, heard a few moans as men watched and came, felt come raining down on him, onto his helpless shoulders and chest, his neck and is face, his groin and his dick, and apparently so much up his ass that someone remarked that the cum bowl was almost full and they'd better get another one.

Meanwhile another dick was in his mouth and a mean sounding man was telling him to "Suck it good, fucker," while thrusting wildly hitting his throat again and again. When he didn't suck hard enough the man started slapping him, his face, his chest his arms. He put his hands around his throat and choked him til he couldn't breath and someone said, "Hey, man, go easy there, we don't want to kill him, we just want to fuck him." Dinner was over and the noise was louder than ever.

Once though, someone told everyone to shut up for a moment and just listen. What they heard were the sweet sounds of hard fucking. The mouth fuck was like a goopy slurping sound, loud in a quiet room, and the sound of his ass being fucked was loud as well, with the added noise of tons of cum being pushed in and pulled out on every thrust as well as the sound of skin slapping against skin, balls against the hole, hitting hard as a dick thrust all the way in.

At some point someone decided music would be a good idea and soon a variety of rock and roll blasted into the room. In a sense Mark became even more isolated into the small world of just fucking. One dick in and another out, this one coming, that one almost coming. Someone taking too long, someone with a huge dick stretching his gaping hole even more. A few people complaining his hole was too big, others telling them to stuff it with something else like a few fingers.

He got fucked a lot that way, a dick and a handful of fingers, tight enough to come deep inside though and that's all that mattered. The double stuffers were having an easier time too. Two dicks went in easily now. They almost felt like one dick really, one very large dick, but it actually felt pretty good to Mark, this big giant dick fucking him like that, so deep, so hard and so fucking good.

As double fucks got easier, someone again tried a three dick fuck and this time it worked. He moved his dick in to basically make a tripod shape in Mark's ass and then just keep pushing in and out, in and out, slow then fast, soft and hard, then deep as possible.

They straddled his legs to do it, found a position where three dicks could go into one hole. When they all came the hole spilled over fast running heavily into the cum bowl below Mark's ass.

Mark knew they'd gotten to sloppy seconds when the men decided to change Mark's position. They untied his hands and arms and put him on his stomach then tied his arms behind his back then to his body to prevent any movement from him. They made sure his head hung face down over the table edge so the men could thrust up when fucking him and push his head down at the same time.

His ass hung just over the other edge with his feet on the ground. They decided to tie him down onto the table so that his ass could not move and then tied his ankles to the table legs. This make it must easier to double or triple stuff his ass and since his ass was now a huge gaping mess, this is what most wanted to do.

He didn't know the time but knew at least 8 to 10 hours had gone by and that there was still no end in sight to this. The lines were still long as people got their seconds. Alex was in front of him again with yet another cocktail and told him they'd be there for a while so to just enjoy. Then he put his dick in his mouth thrusting up roughly and pushing Mark's head down hard, then held it and fucked him hard for a few minutes until he came then pulled out and squirted all over Mark's face while screaming, "You are mine, all mine, you fucking slut." Then he put his dick in Mark's mouth again and told him to lick it clean.

"Have fun, slut. Next." In the middle of the night the line finally waned.

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Only a few people waited to fuck Mark and that included a few teenagers allowed in to watch. They didn't just watch though, in fact they had a great time fucking Mark's mouth and got right into the spirit of the thing, slapping him around and calling him names.

"He's a fucking faggott slut," one of them said. "A real whore," my dad says. Mark knew it was almost over when the host beckoned anyone still there who wanted a piece of the entertainment to get it now because it was ending soon. Men filed in, at least 50 or so. A few fucked him, but most jacked off most shooting their cum over his body, some into his ass, some into his mouth, many squirted over his face which was covered in cum and many shot towards his hole so that tons of it was dripping down his ass, down his legs and feet.

A couple of men pissed on him, well probably at least 10 did laughing the whole time, calling him names and not even pretty anymore. Mark didn't move, he just took it. He felt something go up his ass. Someone had put something in him, some sort of object in the room, then someone put another little thing in his ass until there were a bunch of items shoved in. There was so many that the cum stopped dripping out.

Finally, someone put a large dildo in Mark's mouth shoving it way back in his throat. Mark was so tired he couldn't protest, he just took it and lay there. Most of the men left then but during the next few hours a few snuck back in and took another piece of him.

He felt things being pulled out of his ass then felt cum running out then felt a dick fucking him until the man came and more cum dripped out.

That man took the dildo out of his mouth and shoved it up his ass. A couple of guys snuck in and fucked his mouth laughing as they came all over his face. A few just jacked of and came on him. A couple more needed to piss so pissed on him. At first light he opened his eyes and realized he hadn't been touched for a long time. He would have moved but he couldn't since he was tied down.

Where was Alex and why had he just left him like this? Mark started to cry, tears running over the rapidly crusting cum all over his face.

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He felt the dildo in his ass and there was nothing he could do about it. As he was crying two of the teenagers came into the room and pissed on him. They say he was awake and crying and made fun of him. One of them walked all around him and realized he couldn't move. He stood in back of Mark and took the dildo in his hand and started moving it in and out of his ass. It started out soft but got rougher and rougher and the kid realized it was hurting Mark since Mark was gasping at every deep hit inside him.

The other kid wanted to try it and was even more vicious, thrusting the dildo hard into Mark.

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Then he took it out and went to Mark's mouth and shoved it in, then out, in and out, over and over until Mark gagged and begged them to stop. One of the guys shrugged and took the dildo and shoved it back into Mark's ass. Mark cried some more. As least they were gone.

A couple more hours passed and a few more men snuck in for a fuck. They gave Mark a nice double stuff fuck and turned it into a triple for triple the fun. The snuck back out laughing after shoving the dildo back into Mark. Another man drank his morning coffee while fucking Mark's mouth, coming just as he finished his coffee.

News at the coffee machine spread that the entertainment was still there and entertaining the troops, so go get it while you can, so they did, lots of them, and they all together fucked Mark another 50 or 60 times, front and back, mouth and ass, as he lay there unable to move.

His ass hurt like hell now, it must be bleeding. His jaw had a perpetual ache and his throat was sore and raw from too many dicks and too much cum. But still they fucked him, sipping coffee, talking about him, about how awful he looked right now, not so pretty now. Still a pretty good fuck though, a little on the large side in the ass but that could be fixed with two dicks or extra fingers.

Most of the men fucked his ass with fingers added to make it tight enough. Someone fucked him with the dildo in and that worked fine too. The lines were back and Mark just wanted to die now, to completely give up.

Would no one help him? Alex and his host finally showed up mid morning and found the party still going on. The host told them this was the last time because Alex needed to leave soon. Everyone that wanted to got in line to fuck Mark one last time and that probably added another 50 fucks and cum loads. The man had become a cum bucket.

A few of the men snuck back into line just to get that one last fuck. They were the last few fucking him and it went on and on, since they were nowhere close to coming. They reamed his ass with double stuffing, dildo fucking, and finally after half an hour or so fucking him real hard using the dildo to help them. They pulled the dildo out before coming and rammed their dicks in hard coming so deep inside.

Mark felt their dicks pulse when they came and knew it was over. Meanwhile one last dick was close to coming after fucking his mouth for half an hour and finally did along with a litany of slurs about the dirty slut cum bucket. Alex had breakfast while he waited for them to finish. When he and his host returned to the party room they found one two long stragglers coming on Mark, one on his face, one into his ass on top of the dildo shoved in. They closed the door and untied Mark who was almost all the way out of it.

"God, he's filthy," Alex said. I don't want to put him in my car like this." "I don't blame you, why ruin a perfectly good car. What if I have my gardener take him home in his truck?" "That would be a good deal and save me on a large cleaning bill." "Okay then, lets get him dressed and I'll get the gardener to haul him out. Why don't you write down his address and make sure he's got his keys." Alex slapped Mark's face, trying to rouse him.

Mark opened his eyes and tried to listen while Alex told him that the gardener would take Mark home but Mark needed to get dressed and make sure he had his keys to his apartment for when he got there. He helped Mark get up then found his leather pants and his keys hanging on a chain on one of the loops. Alex sat Mark down and they got the pants on just as the host returned with the gardener who stared at Mark looking shocked. Mark was covered in cum and smelled like cum and piss.

Cum was still dripping out of his ass and down his legs. His hair looked sticky and was full of cum. The host gave the gardener the paper with Mark's address and told him to take him home. Mark could barely walk so it was slow going to the truck. The gardener basically threw Mark into the passenger side of the truck. He went to get a helper thinking he really needed one. Mark was almost unconscious when they arrived at his apartment. The gardener and helper guided him up a long set of stairs and unlocked the door when they finally got to it.

Mark staggered in and the gardener guided him toward the couch. He told the helper to close the door. "You gonna be okay, mister?" the gardener asked. Mark just nodded and laid down on the couch, closing his eyes. The gardener said to the helper, " I think he's asleep. We should go." Then he gave the helper a wicked look.

"But what if.well, we were entertained too, right?" The helper was grinning now. "You mean?" "Yeah, one last fuck, man. Help me get his pants off." When Mark was naked and fast asleep, the gardener unzipped his pants, gently opened Mark's mouth and put his dick in.

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He fucked him gently at first then harder as Mark did not wake up. He fucked his mouth for a good five minutes before pulling out deciding to save his load for his ass.

The helper did the same thing, moaning as he fucked into Mark's throat, hitting the back without any resistance as Mark slept. Together they pushed Mark's legs back and put a couple of pillows under Mark's ass to prop it up. Then the gardener put his dick in Mark's wet, sticky ass and fucked him, soft at first, building up to a real pounding over 20 minutes or so, reaming him good, Mark sleeping the whole time until close to the end as he was really getting nailed hard, so hard he woke up.

Marks eyelids fluttered as he woke up and realized he was being fucked again, pounded, and that it hurt like hell. He groaned and closed his eyes, too tired to move to stop it in any way.

The gardener thought he liked it, grinned at his helper and pounded him even harder until he finally came hard then collapsing all his weight on Mark when he was done. He pulled out and watched cum running out of the huge gaping hole and motioned for his helper to get going. The helper plunged his dick in enthusiastically and started pumping fast as if to a Mexican beat in his head. Mark opened his eyes briefly and watched him for a moment, wincing from the pain of it, wondering if that pain would ever go away.

The helper fucked Mark relentlessly for a good half an hour. It was not easy to come because Mark's hole was so big now so the determined helper just kept pounding away at him, grabbing his hips, bruising him, pulling his ass up closer to his dick which was large, a good 8 inches anyway, and hard as a rock, loving his treat of fucking such a pretty slut.

Mark groaned in pain, his head moving from side to side, eyes closed, brow furrowed. The helper also took this as a sign of Mark loving being fucked and like the gardener, the helper was further inspired and pounded harder and faster until he too finally came hard, thrashing, groaning, pounding furiously and deeply into Mark's ass. When he was done he lay down on top of Mark and still inside Mark not wanting to leave the warmth of his beautiful hole. The gardener had watched the helper fuck Mark and was hard again.

He wanted to fuck Mark again but he had an idea. He told the helper not to pull out but to stay inside and move to Mark's backside while he would face Mark and put his dick in and they'd fuck him together.

The helper thought that was a great idea and actually started getting a little hard just thinking about it. The gardener started fucking Mark slowly and carefully. He wanted the helper there until he got hard again, and after a few minutes it had happened. There was something about Mark that was such a turn on.

So they were both hard, one with a huge dick and one almost huge dick and they filled Mark's ass perfectly. It felt tight and good with a lot of friction and all the cum made sliding in and out easy. Mark tried to protest when he felt two hard dicks in him. He tried to use his hands to push them off so they had to hold on to his arms and immobilize them. Doing so really turned them on and they started hard fucking, learning to coordinate perfectly. Not only was the helper's dick long, it was wide, so the two of them together resembled shoving an 8 inch beer can up your ass.

The best part for them was that they'd just come so they could fuck Mark for a long time, a really long time and they did. They fucked him soft and sweet, they fucked him hard and rough, mostly hard and rough because it just felt so good, and his hole was so tight and hot, so fuckable. Mark pleaded with them to stop, saying it hurt so much, to please stop, but this just turned them on more, just as their total control of him turned them on and they told him so, told him what a slut he was and how fun it was to fuck such a dirty slut who loved it so much that he could fuck for two days straight.

He was a real whore and they were honored to fuck him so well. So they just fucked him and they fucked him, in and out, in and out, gently out, slammin in, again, and again, and again. They watched Mark cry and fucked him harder, listened to him plead and slammed him deep telling him to be grateful for their huge dicks fucking his beautiful hole, dicks a real slut would be grateful for.

There's other places we could put these dick you know, they told him, so be a good slut and let us fuck you. Finally, the gardener put a hand around Mark's throat, gave him a hard jab with his dick and told him they were gonna come in his ass soon. Mark started choking so the gardener let up a little on his neck but kept a tight grip as they really starting ripping into him, fucking him hard, their dicks swelling as they got ready. They'd fucked him for a good hour and were ready as hell as they groaned and grunted and fucked hard and harder relentlessly into that hole until first the helper came, pulsing away, and then the gardener, with a cry as he pounded in, shooting deep.

Mark felt both of them pulse as they came and prayed it was over. They high fived each other before they pulled out, together and all at once releasing a river of cum from a wide open hole.

Mark felt it running out and down his legs and could do nothing to stop it. The gardener got up, shoved his dick into Mark's mouth and told him to lick it clean, and to to his helper too, who quickly shoved his dick in for cleaning as soon as the gardener pulled out.

They both zipped up and told Mark to take it easy, man and they left. Mark was in between being asleep and being awake when he heard someone knocking on his door. He couldn't move. He heard Alex calling his name then heard the door knob turn and Alex was in the room with him. Alex walked over to the couch, looked at Mark's still spread legs and at the cum still dripping and got the picture. "I see you had a little bit more fun, huh?" Mark shook his head back and forth, managed to say, "No." He opened his eyes, pleading with Alex to believe him.

He managed to say, "Didn't want." Alex slapped him hard across. "You fucking slut. I arrange a ride home for you and you end up fucking the help. You are a fucking whore who doesn't fucking deserve me. I can't wait to be done with you. Just one more scene for you in this film and it's done, you're done with me, forever, whore." Mark started crying.

He was so tired and hurt so much and he didn't need to hear again what a whore he was. All he could say though was, "No, didn't want, raped me." Mark slapped him again, harder this time and then again. "Stop lying, slut, you fucking slut.

You should be thanking me for this weekend, for me giving you all those dicks, but no, that wasn't enough, you had to fuck the help like the true cum bucket slut you are. Look at you, still covered in cum with fresh cum dripping out of your insatiable hole. Dammit, I'm getting one last taste of this and then I'm done with you. I may even cut that last scene and then I'll never have to see you again, slut. That okay with you, slut." He slapped him again, then unzipped and sat on Mark's chest, crushing him and shoved his dick in Mark's mouth.

"Suck it real good, slut." He started pounding Mark's mouth, laughing and telling him what a slut he was, how disgusting he was. He kept fucking his mouth and put three fingers up Mark's hole. Mark screamed around the dick in his mouth. "You wanna scream, slut? I'll make ya scream." He pounded Mark's mouth for a few more minutes then pulled out and moved down.

Without prelude he thrust his dick into Mark's ass as hard as he could. He pushed Mark's legs back as far as he could and started fucking him fast while listening to Mark scream, and cry and start shaking from the pain.

"I don't care how much it hurts, you did it all to yourself, slut. Now shut up 'cause I'm gonna fuck you as hard as I want for as long as I want." Mark felt Alex pounding into him and knew that the only thing keeping him awake was the pain, so much pain.

He endured it for another half an hour until Alex finally came, pushing deep when he did. "Not bad, slut, considering I"m sloppy number 500 give or take a few." He gave Mark one more hard jab before he pulled out. He put his dick in Mark's mouth and ordered him to clean it off. Alex then went into the kitchen, looked around and found what he wanted then went back to Mark. "Here, slut, a little something to fill you up so you won't feel so empty when I'm gone." Alex laughed long and hard as he took a broom and shoved the pole up and deep inside Mark's ass.

He wiggled it around then roughly and thrust the handle in and out of Mark's ass a few times before burying it deep inside him. Globs of cum were still slowly dripping from the hole.

He pulled Mark's legs up and spread them wide, his ass on a pillow and the broom handle sticking out of is ass. Alex took his phone out and took a picture of Mark spread out that way. Got a good one of you all spread out like that. Your face is in it too. A little something to remember you by, slut. He touched the broom stick and jiggled it around a few times and poking it in deeper causing Mark to groan and protest.

"Just making sure it's in there good, whore." "Okay, slut we 're done. I was going to help you clean up but you don't deserve me." He slapped Mark hard. "You're a two bit piece of shit whore and that's all you'll ever be. All those guys who fucked you will remember you, did you realize that. They know who you are. You may or may not get more film roles based on that knowledge. They might tell their powerful friends about you, they might not.

I want you to understand that you might have to keep on being fucked, like a lot if you want to work in this town again. Couldn't happen to a finer slut." Alex closed the door as he left. Mark couldn't move but he knew he had to, had to get up from the couch and do a couple of things. The broom handle hurt like hell and he had a hard time getting it out.

He had to eat something, he had to take pain killers and he had to get a prescription for antibiotics. He knew his ass was in bad shape. Mark would call a doctor friend of his and get his meds delivered. First he'd eat something, anything, then he'd get in the shower, he'd wait for his meds and eat some more. Then he'd sleep, for as long as he wanted or needed to. He'd take his meds and he wouldn't die. He was free of Alex, hopefully forever. He would survive, he might even be successful. It would be ironic if part of his success was based on the role in Alex's current film, yes, ironic indeed, and fair for what he'd endured.

He cried while he searched for something to eat. He settled on a banana and smiled at the irony of eating something that looked so much like another dick. Mark was full of ironic thoughts today. Then he cried again, he cried a river wishing and hoping that the whole thing had never happened, couldn't believe that it had and vaguely wondered how other "entertainers" survived. The shower helped a little, at least he felt clean again, all those men washed away, as fleeting as their loads of cum.

He got his meds and took them, wished that he had a real friend he could call and confide in and vowed to get some real friends in the future. Then he ate a bowl of cereal, cried another river, how he hated himself, how he hated his life, and how he hated what had happened.

Finally he collapsed but made it to his bed, curling under the covers, wanting to feel completely warm and safe. He'd remembered to lock the door and that felt good. They couldn't come back and hurt him again. No one was ever going to hurt him again, That was his mantra now. With that in mind he relaxed slowly as night descended, curling up around him, covering him like a blanket, and he, feeling the peace at last and after one last tear, falling slowly and completely into it's embrace.