Festival off pissing on pretty girls

Festival off pissing on pretty girls
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Jake gave himself a once over in the mirror as he finished getting ready for his senior prom. He had just stepped out of the shower and while drying himself off, he made sure that he hadn't missed any spots while shaving his groin, once he was satisfied that he was as smooth as he could be for tonight's events, his mind drifted toward the night ahead, which he would be spending with his girlfriend, Katie, and their mutual friend and lover, Chloe.

The thought of their past sexual encounters and what lay ahead caused blood to flow to Jake's loins while he envisioned the activities in store tonight. He resisted the urge to pleasure himself and instead focused on the task at hand, getting dressed for Prom. Within 20 minutes he was looking dapper in the tuxedo his girlfriend Katie had ordered for him, ensuring that the couple would match for the night's festivities.

"Jake! Your dates are here!" his mother shrieked from the bottom of the stairwell. With that cue, Jake gave himself a cursory glance before heading down the stairs to greet his dates. Katie looked stunning in her baby blue dress which fit snugly on her short, athletic frame, its plunging neckline left little to the imagination with her ample cleavage being on a tremendous display.

Chloe wore a royal blue crushed velvet dress that was a little more conservative, but still looked good on her lithe athletic body. As Jake and his two girls took their obligatory pre-dance pictures, in their various poses, he noticed his twin sister Alexis come down the stairs wearing her prom dress.

"Candice will be here in a few minutes," Alexis called out to no one in particular. "Awww, Alexis you look so pretty," Jake's girlfriend commented, and was quickly agreed with by Chloe. It was true, the normally geeky teenager looked absolutely stunning in her fire red dress, with its thigh high side slit, and open back. She looked like she could have been the hottest girl in school. As his dates went to give some courtesy greetings, and hugs to his twin sister, the doorbell rang. And Jake took it as his cue to grab the door.

Candice had just arrived, the thick blonde, who was one of his sister's closer friends.

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And who had sucked him off on the living room couch last weekend, cleaned up pretty well, her form hidden by a loose dress, but her blonde hair was tastefully done. "Hey, come on in Candice," Jake said warmly, as he moved out of the way so she could come in. "We are just taking pictures." The two walked the short way to the living room, and were quick to notice Alexis was dealing with a minor wardrobe malfunction, "What the hell, this is why I don't get all dressed up," his sister groaned at her misfortune.

"Take a seat, and I'll take a look and fix it," Candice chimed in, and walked her way to assist her friend. As Jake, Katie and Chloe resumed their final pictures, Jake couldn't help but notice that his sister was sitting in the same spot on the couch that he was last weekend, and that Candice was on her knees in front of her fixing the problem with her dress.

He chuckled softly as "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" came through his mind. "What's so funny?" Katie asked softly, "Oh nothing, just an inside joke," He replied calmly. "Alright, that should fix it!" Candice called out from across the room, seemingly proud of her handiwork. "We just finished up with Jake's pictures, let's get one of all of you together, then we can do Alexis' pictures," his mother called out, keeping everything organized. Soon, Jake was flanked with four beautiful ladies, Katie and Chloe stood to his right, and Alexis and Candice stood to his left.

As his mother directed their poses, Jake wound up with an arm around his sister and his girlfriend. The mother snapped a few pictures of the five teens, before finally letting Jake, Katie and Chloe start their evening.

The three hopped into the Limo that was rented for them, and after they stopped for dinner, they headed to their Senior Prom. Once they arrived the girls quickly went to greet their other friends and give them their cursory hugs, kisses on the cheeks, and the obligatory "oh you look so pretty tonight!" Meanwhile, Jake drifted off and greeted some of his friends as his dates made their rounds. As his dates returned, they three quickly moved out to the dance floor and enjoyed the music as the three teens danced the night away.

After about 45 minutes, Jake managed to excuse himself to grab something to drink, leaving Katie and Chloe on the dance floor. As Jake made his way to the refreshments station, he felt a familiar tickling sensation come upon him, signaling a need to pee and he quickly diverted himself to the closest bathroom, which was down the hall.

As he rounded the corner to the bathrooms he stumbled into Candice who happened to be lingering outside the bathrooms. He was greeted by a courteous smile and a joking "Hey Jake, long time no see." Jake chuckled in agreement as he attempted to move to the bathroom behind her, only to be startled as she side stepped in front of him and gently pushed him against the wall with her body.

Jake felt her hand rub gently on his chest as he looked down at the normally reserved blonde who was surprisingly taking control of the situation.

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"You shouldn't do this here," Jake said, hoping to talk some sense into his sister's friend. "Anybody could come down the hall and see us" "So what, are you saying you aren't enjoying this?" Candice replied as she leaned in, pushing her breasts against him. Jake allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of her pillowy flesh for a few seconds before attempting a response.

"Well, no but&hellip." Jake started, before he sensed new stimulation on his groin. Candice's hand had started to rub over his crotch, and was tracing the outline of his cock through the thin cloth of his tuxedo pants with her fingertips, which caused a sigh of pleasure to escape his lips.

"C'mon, let me see him," Candice pleaded, "It's prom and it's not like I have a rolodex of cocks I can call on tonight. " As he heard the telltale 'zip' of his fly being undone, Jake immediately regretted not wearing underwear tonight, until he felt her soft fingers wrap around his flaccid cock and tug it gently.

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Candice had stepped back slightly and was oogling the fleshy member in her hand. The blonde looked up, met her eyes with Jake's and gave a cursory lick of her lips before she started to kneel down in the hallway outside the bathrooms. Jake rolled his head back, resting it against the wall as he felt the wet embrace of Candice's mouth around the head of his cock, she lightly sucked on his flaccid member gently, giving him enough pleasure to be a tease, but not enough to bring his erection to bear.

Jake subconsciously reached a hand, and tried to run his fingers through the back of her hair, and guide the pace of her fellatio before being smacked away with her free hand. "Don't fuck with the hair, I spent hours getting it done," She said as she momentarily removed his member from her mouth before resuming. After a few more slurps, the teens heard one of the faucets turn on in the bathroom behind them, jarring both of them back to reality.

Jake's zipper was barely up, and Candice stood back up and wiped her lips with a thumb as they heard the door of the women's restroom open. "Hey Jake," his sister called out as she crossed the threshold of the bathroom into the hallway. Candice, who was still facing Jake, looked at him and non-verbally asked him "Is my makeup still good?" Jake gave her a cursory nod before acknowledging his sister, "Hey, you two having fun yet?" He asked, trying to make small talk.

"Eh, it's alright, Prom's more of a bore-fest, there's better things to be doing I think, but its part of the High School experience." Alexis shrugged before turning towards her friend. "You alright? You look a little red," she asked. "Yeah I'm good, it must just be the lighting, either that or your dress is just red enough for the both of us" Candice said, trying to play it off. "Alright, I'll let you two enjoy your evening, I gotta take a piss.

I'll see you ladies later," Jake said as he walked toward the men's bathroom. "A perfect gentleman, with a mouth like that I'm amazed you've kept Katie around for so long," Alexis joked. "Like your one to talk," Jake jabbed back with a chuckle, "when's the last time I've seen you with a guy?" "Oh, don't you worry about that, I've got a guy thank you very much." She chided back.

"I'll believe it when I see it," Jake called out as he backed into the bathroom, opening the door with his back, and with that cue, the girls returned to the party and Jake went to an empty urinal to drain his bladder.

His fingers grabbed the tip of his cock and gently stroked himself, using Candice's remaining saliva as a lubricant as he sprayed his cock into the porcelain target. After cleaning up, Jake made his way back to the main reception area, and quickly rejoined with his two lovely dates.

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Katie and Chloe were playfully dancing with each other before they each grinned in delight as their shared boy-toy joined them.

"What took you so long silly?" Katie asked with a smile. "Yeah, get in here and dance with us," Chloe added. Jake was quickly flanked by the two teens, Katie started grinding on him from front, and Chloe swayed her hips, and rubbed her ass against his. Most of the night was spent like this, but the two girls traded positions a few times and even ground against each other for a while. The groups actions were definitely turning heads among the rest of the students in attendance, Jake could see the looks of Jealousy among the most of the males, and even some females.

"We're about to start wrapping it up here, just a few more songs after we take a ten minute break," The DJ called out, which caused the gyration of his girlfriends hips against his to stop. "C'mon, let's go to the girls room," Katie said as she grabbed Chloe by the hand and the two girls took off towards the bathrooms.

Jake found himself an empty table, sat down and loosened his collar, trying to cool himself off. He kicked back and started to people watch before he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"I bet those two got you all worked up, didn't they. Grinding their asses against you, I'm surprised you didn't whip that cock of yours out and start fucking them on the floor, wouldn't that be a sight to see." Jake leaned his head back, and was greeted with a pleasant view of Ms. Dyers cleavage right above his forehead.

"Yeah, It was pretty nice, It looked like a lot of the guys here were pretty jealous of the action I was getting." Jake said as he turned his head and body to face his teacher. "Have you been chaperoning all night? This is the first time I've seen you here" "I've been in and out, been bouncing upstairs to take care of a few things, graduation is a few weeks away, and there are a lot of things that need to be graded, and a lot of people asking for last minute extra credit." She stated matter of factly.

Ms. Dyers pulled out the chair next to him, and sat down next to him at the empty table. As the teacher and student made small talk, Jake noticed her hand smoothing out the table cloth, and mindlessly organizing the decorative pieces on the table itself. Meanwhile Jake felt her other hand caress the outside of his thigh, and start moving its way up to his crotch, ending with a firm squeeze on his member through his pants, and for a second time tonight, he regretted not wearing underwear.

"Ma'am, I don't think this is such a good idea, my girlfriend is due back at any minute" Jake pleaded softly, while his teacher deftly unzipped his pants underneath the table and fished out his flaccid meat. The cool air hitting his cock followed immediately by his teachers hand wrapping its fingers around the base sent a small shiver through his body.

"Mr. Stevens, don't worry about getting interrupted, I've taken care of that" She said with a devilish smirk before she slowly moved her grip up and down his hardening cock. "I do love the feeling of a cock growing hard in my hands, and I will admit Mr. Stevens, I'm not looking forward to this year's graduation. You have been one of my favorite playthings, shame to see such a nice cock leave the premises." She said, emphasizing the word cock with a playful squeeze on his member. His now rapidly hardening member was at its full girth and she continued to absent-mindedly rub him under the table.

Momentarily she removed her grip, and shifted her hand under the table before re-placing it on his shaft, he could feel the difference, and there was a noticeable slickness to her fingers allowing her to glide her hand over his cock easier. "I always prefer a wet cock in my hands," She told Jake with a wink and a playful smile.

"So what are your plans for next year? Going to college? Playing Ball? What are you doing in life?" She inquired, as if it were perfectly normal question to ask student while giving them a hand job under the table at prom.

"Well I guess I haven't put much thought into that, I was holding out for baseball scholarships, but those never came through. There was some talk about possibly getting an independent league contract, but I haven't really heard anything back from them.

So Community College maybe, or maybe I'll just join the Army or something. Get out, see the world, be all that you can be, and all that jazz." He replied, despite the increased pleasure focused on his loins, "It's amazing the path that life takes us on," the English teacher started "I would never have thought I'd be doing what I'm doing now when I graduated high school. But life tends to put us in the places we need to be in at that time." "Yeah, I suppose so" "But I will admit, a lot of women do love a man in uniform, If you do decide on the military, I'm sure I can ensure that you are well satisfied before you leave for basic training." She said, trailing off in thought.

Ms. Dyers hand slowed its stroking, and firmly gripped the base of his cock, and gently waved it from side to side, eliciting a small sigh of disapproval from Jake. But immediately after his sigh, he felt the airy wetness of a mouth around the head of his penis.

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"Wow," he managed to say, turning his head to face his teacher "That was unexpected" "When has anything that you have done for me been anything you've 'expected' it's not exactly a day to day thing that your teacher lets you fuck them, and even sets you up to fuck multiple girls" She said in a soft, but firm tone.

"Touché" Jake said as he tried to position his hands in order to lift up the table cloth to try to determine whose mouth he was in. "Just let it happen," the teacher said, slapping his hands away. "Sometimes you just need to feel the pleasure, and not care who it comes from." "Ugh, fine" Jake said, giving up and relaxed himself, allowing the full pleasure of the oral sex he was receiving to flow through his body, he could tell they were experienced, and knew their way around a cock, even a big one like his.

Just enough balance between the head, shaft and balls, not focusing on one for too long, nor neglecting the others. It wasn't enough to push him to cum, but he could tell they wanted to make him last, either because they wanted to, or because Ms.

Dyers told them too. The more he thought about it, it was probably the latter. The teacher and student continued talking about his near future, and what his overall goals in life were before Katie and Chloe saw him and ran up to the table.

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"There you are, we were looking for you!" Katie cried out, "Sorry it took so long, someone broke two of the three stalls in the girl's bathroom, there's a long line for the remaining stall." She explained to her boyfriend while unbeknownst to her, he was receiving fellatio under the table from one of the students in Ms. Dyers little extra credit sex ring. "Two of three are broken?" Ms. Dyers perked up and a small smile on her face that only Jake could see, "I'll go call maintenance right now, we can't let this happen.

Enjoy your night." Ms. Dyers gave a light squeeze to the base of Jake's cock before standing up, giving Jake a playful wink and walking off towards the hallway. As Jake's focus returned to his girlfriend, she gave him a devilish smile and pulled Chloe in for a hug, which caused the two girls to unexpectedly giggle.

"What's so funny?" Jake asked, "Nothing," Katie replied, "We were just talking about what our plans were for you tonight.


You have no idea what's coming your way." "Oh really? I'm pretty sure I do, we've already had a threesome in my bed. Both you have fucked each other with and without toys, and I've fucked your ass like you were a Thai prostitute," Jake replied. "Besides, nothing you two do can shock me at this point." "Well then Jake, I guess me and Katie will have to stay on our toes" Chloe interjected "Plus, Katie is MUUUCH prettier than some random two-bit prostitute from Thailand" She finished as she met eyes with Katie.

"Aww thanks hun," Katie replied and gave Chloe a quick peck on the lips. Jake's girlfriend pulled her brunette friend in and the two started making out pretty heavily while they were seated at the table. His cock grew slightly in the mystery mouth that was toying with his thick cock.

But within seconds the two girls stopped kissing as the DJ came back from break and announced the last few songs would begin momentarily. The lips around his cock slowed down before releasing his head from its wet embrace, causing Jake to muffle his sigh of disappointment while the two girls gave each other one last peck on the lips before jumping up.

Chloe ran towards the dance floor, while Katie walked around Jake, leaned over him as he sat in his chair, and gave him a soft but passionate kiss, allowing him to taste the remnants of Chloe's lip gloss on his girlfriend's lips.

As he kissed his girlfriend, Jake felt the soft fingers try to force his hard cock into his pants, but with no success.


"There's more where that came from, tonight hun" Katie whispered into his ear. "Now come on, let's get these last few dances in. And with that, Katie went to join her friend on the dance floor as the lights dimmed in the room.

Jake quickly reached his hands underneath the table and secured his erection before jumping up and joining his girls on the dance floor. He glanced back momentarily to see who was underneath his table, but couldn't make out any identifying details in the darkness. He relegated himself to grinding with Katie and Chloe for the next few songs until he was able to get them back to the hotel room they had all chipped in on.

Before they knew it, the last song had finished, and Jake's senior prom was complete. The girls quickly ushered their boy toy out of the building, and jumped in their waiting limo.

Jake sat in the middle of the two teenage girls. "Traffic shouldn't be too bad tonight. Relax and enjoy the ride, should only be about 20 minutes" The limo driver called out before raising his partition.