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Rio Hamasaki Sexy Bunny Cosplay BJ
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It was the middle of September and the school dance was around the corner. The whole school was in a uproar talking about the event. For me it wasn't going to be my cup of tea.

Ever since what happened at David's party I wasn't to intrigued in social gatherings. Mina as been hanging out with me more since that night I got my ass handed to me.

Since David and his buddies took their frustration out on me. They have been either shoving me against my locker or against a wall. Trina she has been trying to talk one on one to me which I have pretty much avoiding her at all cost. Mina and Maxine help alot by staying next to me at lunch. Mina introduced Dusty to a friend of hers named Lina. Lina is our age 18, 5'9165 lbs with long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Dusty and Lina have hit it off since they were introduced a week ago. The week before the dance we all were at our normal table. Dusty, Lina, Maxine, Minaand I, all talking and eating when, I looked at Mina who was on my right and saw she had a questionable expression. "Mina is there something on your mind?" I asked in a wondering tone " Yes Alex, I was wondering if you would go to the school dance with me." Mina answered in a soft voice I give her a shocked look as I couldn't believe she asked me that.

I just sat there thinking if I should, even if it was a event I wanted to attend such a thing after the last event I went to. The thought was running in my mind when Mina nudged my side. " Well, will you be my date for the dance?" She asked in a wanting to know voice " Mina, I just don't knowI mean the last time there was a party I was the joke." I responded in a sad way " I know and this will be different no one can hurt you without people knowing." She replied in a calm tone Mina gives me a knowing smile as in letting me know everything will be alright.

I just stare into her green beautiful eyes and see something I never seen before.Caring. I give a deep sigh hoping this whole dance thing doesn't backfire on me. " Ok Mina I will be your date for the dance." I tell her with a small smile She is all happy because next I know she wraps her arms around me and gives me a kiss on my left cheek of my face. She tells me to pick her up at 7 p.m. Friday so we can hang out at her house. The lunch bell signals us it's time to go to class.

The rest of the day I am in my thoughts, but I still pay attention to my teachers. The next few days go by and everyday Mina reminds me to pick her up. She is so happy that she tells me what she will be wearing a blue dress with spaghetti straps and it comes a little above her knees.

I get a mental image of her in the dress and my heart beats fast. So I make it a point to get something blue and nice for the dance soon. When I told my mom about the dance she gave me a look of concern, but didn't talk me out of it.

All she said was be careful at the dance. The night comes and at 6:55 p.m. I am parked outside Mina's house.

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Her house is a two story and nice. I'm up at the door and knock I am standing there when the door opens and I see a man which I take it is Mina's dad. He stands about 6'0, 175 lbs, short black hair and looks like he works out. " May I help you young man?" Mina's dad asked in a calm manner " Yes sir, my name is Alex and I am Mina's date for the dance.

She asked me to come early to talk before the dance." I replied with a hint of confidence " Mina said you would be her early, come income in." He was smiling welcoming me in As I walked in a few steps he shut the door behind us.

He ushered me into the living room and had me sit on the couch. He in returned sat in a recliner chair. " It's nice to meet you finally Alex, My name is Zan Chou as you figured out I am Mina's father." He smiled telling me " Um.Finally?" I gave him a confused look " YesMina can't stop talking about you.

She has been walking around here excited lately." Mr.Chou explained to me grinning " Really, I never knew." I told him with a small smile We talked while waiting for Mina. He told me his wife was helping Mina get ready for the dance. He spoke a little about his self and his family. His wife was a stay at home mother and wife and her name was Helen.

He insisted I call him Zan and not to be shy. Mina told them some about me and what all that happened that weekend. Zan also said Mina has had a liking for mebut didn't want to say anything until we both felt the same. She was being considerate to my feelings and never wanted to hurt me in anyway. After what felt like forever Mina came into the living room and damn she looked beautiful.

Her hair was done up in a braid, the dress fit nice against her skin. She came up to where I was on the couch and stood a bit in front of me. " What do you think Alex?" She wondered asking " You look beautiful Mina." I replied with a smile " I'm glad you like and you look handsome." Mina exclaimed smiling at me A woman came down a few moments later.

She looked like the older version of Mina. The woman stands at 5'9164 lbs, long black hair, just like Mina she has green eyes. She walks up to where Mina is standing and smiles. " You must be Alexit's nice to meet you I am Helen." Helen tells me shaking my hand " Nice to meet you also." I say shaking her hand back Mina suggests we sit down and hang for a little bit. I think what it is she wants her parents to get to know me and me get to know them. Zan is a jokerhe is telling us jokes and making every one laugh hard.

It gets to be around 7:45 p.m. and Mina and I are on our way to the dance. She is all smiles and happy. About 15 minutes later were at school and see Dusty and Lina both dressed up. I glance over and see Maxine and her date.

I see it's Will Jarvis he is average about 6'0, 187 lbs, short buzz cut. Maxine has her arm in his. Mina and I get out of my car after I park and walk to meet them all. We all greet and then go in through the double front doors. The music is blaring thru the hallway from the lunch room. There is a table that seats 6 people in which we grab before anyone else.

Mina takes the seat next to me and puts her arms in mine. We all talk and laugh for a bit until the d.j. starts playing a slow song. The song he plays is Everything I do I do it for you by Bryan Adams. I stand up and extend my hand, Mina looks up to me and takes it.

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I led us to a part of the dance floor and put my hand on her left hip and my other in her hand. She looks in my eyes and places her hand on my right hip. Were dancing with the slowness of the song. I don't know what comes over me and I start singing to her. You can't tell me it's not worth fighting for I can't help it if it's nothing I want more Everything I do I do it for you She just looks at me smiling as she next puts her head on my chest as we dance.

After about a hour and a few dances. Mina tells me she needs to go to the restroom and wants me to go with her and guard the door. I just give her a confused look and she gives me a look that says ' Come On'. I take her hand and follow her out the cafeteria.

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We walk down the hall and I notice she passes the ladies restroom. I start to ask what's upbut think I better not.

We get to a door and she opens it and looks in. I see it said 'Storage Room'. She pulls me in and shuts the door. She turns around and looks in my eyes. She comes up to me and puts her arms around my neck and starts kissing me.

At the same time she pushes me back against a table and has me get on my back and starts at my belt on my jeans. I look up at her and see that smile and that look in her eyes which says.desire. We are not a couple but the way we act around each other and hang out all the time you think we are. Maxine's POV I noticed Mina and Alex leave out the door. I tell my date Will that I have to go use the restroom also. He says he will be waiting and for me to return.

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I get out the door and notice down the hall Alex being pulled into a room. I walk down to see what is going on. I'm at the door with my ear against the door. I her muffled sounds and moans. I start to wonder what is really going on. I start turning the doorknob and quietly open it. The music is drowning out what noises that are being made. I stick my head in and at that moment my jaw drops. What I see shocks me to no end. Right there on the table is Alex on his backhis jeans down around his ankle's.

Mina is between his legs working on his dick. All these years I never thought my best friend was what the word.well endowed. Alex has is hands on her head, but not forcing her. Shes moving her head up and down and playing with his balls. I just stand there mystified. I then see something that really sets me over shocked. Mina stops what she is doing and hikes her dress up around her waist and pulls her panties down and off.

She hands them to Alex and he smiles. She gets on the table and straddles him and places her puffy looking pussy against his cock head and lowers her self. I am stunned that she doesn't scream or anything. She is riding him intently. Alex reached up and placed his hands on her covered breast.

Both of them are moaning to every smack of their hips. As all this is going on I am feeling my own body start to tingle. I lift the front of my dress and slide my left hand into the front of my panties. I feel myself getting wet from watching. I am rubbing my clit and biting my lower lip to keep from moaning. I want to cum when they do. Mina has her hands on his covered chest. She is really riding him now. " Oh Yessss.Alex." Mina moans loudly " Minaaaa.Oh shit." Alex groans placing his hands on her hips As i'm watching I get a sense they are both on the verge of release.

Watching this whole scene has me rubbing my clit faster. I have to grit my teeth so I don't moan. " Im cummmminggggggg.Alexxxx." Mina yells pushing down " Me toooooo." He exclaims loudly At that moment I feel my own orgasm wash over me. My juices flowing out of me. Some running down either side of my inner thighs. I notice Mina collapse onto Alex's chest.

They are both panting and breathing hard. Alex wraps his arms around her back and neither says anything while catching their breath. I quietly ease the door shut and just stand there for a few moments. My legs feel wobblybut I stay still. I hear a few female voices that knock me back to reality. I decide to go ahead to the restroom to clean myself between my legs.

I get in the end stall and pull my panties down and see they are so wet I can't leave them on. I take them off and place them in my purse. I wipe my pussy and clit and the sides of my legs. It takes a few more wipes then I am clean. I am sitting on the toilet thinking.

Should I tell them I saw? Should I come clean with my feelings? Both of them are my friends and I don't want to hurt them. I have to be honest to myself at this point, I have always had a deep crush for Alex. I don't know how to think.

All I can do is wait and see what happens. I never know what the future may bring. I am laying on my back holding Mina in my arms when I think I heard something.

I look over Mina's right shoulder and don't see any thing. " Did you just.hear.something.Mina?" I asked Mina catching my breath "" She tells me smiling After a moments of catching our breathes we compose ourselves. I ask her about her panties and she gives me a sly smile and takes them out of my hand.

She reaches under her dress and pushes them into her pussy. I just stand there in awe as she gives me a sexy wink.

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I pull her into a close embrace and lean in for a deep passionate kiss.She returns it with more desire. I break the kiss and stare in her eyes. " Mina. I need to ask you something." I give her a serious look telling her She gave me a worry look and sighed. " What Alex did I do something wrong, am I going over the line?" She asked me with worried eyes " No Mina you haven'tThat the thing I am not sure what just happened, I am not complaining just wondering what all this makes us." I was in suspense over what we did and wanted to know " AlexThe day after what David did to you really pissed me off, how that bitch treated you wrong made it worse." Mina paused then added " Alex I truly care for you and want to be there for you." " I know what happened to me made you mad, but what are we.

We aren't boyfriend or girlfriend and this the 3rd time we been intimate." I said with concern " Alex, I am not saying we never will be, and if we were I would never hurt you as I plan to never hurt you." She exclaimed with a grin " OkI think i'm more confused now." with a confused statement I told She stepped up closer to me and put her head on my chest and her arms around my waist.

She gave out a sigh then looked in my eyes. " AlexI am not going to lie, I have liked you since our first kiss all those years ago under the shade tree." Mina tells me smiling with a pause then she adds " Alex the day you ask me to be your girlfriend I will say yes, But for now I want us to take things slow though as they areI want our hearts to be sure it's love and not lust." I looked in her eyes and say a spark of something hopeful.

I gave her a passionate kiss that lingered on. It was about two minutes later we broke the kiss and went back to the dance. We danced a few more dances. Maxine kept looking at us oddly. Mina even noticed the way Maxine was eyeing us both. Mina and I looked at each other and just shrug our shoulders. The dance started to end and Mina suggested we take off. We said our goodbyes to our friends and left. I drove Mina home and walked her to the door.

She gave me a hug and a passionate kiss. I returned the kiss back and pulled her closer to me. After about five minutes she broke the kiss and we smiled at each other.

" Alex I really enjoyed tonight, I always wanted to have a night like tonight with you over the years." Mina in a willing voice told me " I enjoyed it to, especially with someone that really cares for me." I gave her a smile telling her " I meant what I said Alex the day you ask me is the day I'll say yes." She told me with a smile so big " And that day I'll make it romantic and special." I told her sweetly We kissed a few more minutes then we said our good nights and good byes.

She made sure I was in my car before going in her house. I got home about 20 minutes later and walked in. I noticed it was 11:30 p.m. Mom was in bed already asleep. I locked up the house and went up stairs to my room. I pulled my clothes off and got in bed. I laid there thinking of what the evening brought and smiled.

Mina was nothing like Trina. Mina actually wanted to spend time with me, and be there for me. And her declaring she would say yes on any given day I asked her to be my girlfriend.

I know she wants to make sure our feelings was the same and our hearts were aligned. To tell the truth I felt the same. I don't want either of us hurt or regretting where we reached in our friendship. All I knew before sleep took me was she was a beautiful, sexy, amazing young woman. Since the dance Mina and I were always hanging together. I think everyone thought we were a itembut we weren't not yet anyway.

Maxine every so often would give us looks as if she was hiding something. The first Saturday in October at 7 p.m. I was on the couch had a big bowl of popcorn made for mom and I to share. I had one of her favorite movies in the VCR for our mother and son bonding time.

I got myself comfortable and waited for my mother to come down to watch the movie. Only a few minutes later do I look up and see my mom coming down the stairs in what looks like a nice party dress.

Her hair is done up all nice and she has very little makeup on. She comes into the living room and gets seated in her chair and puts on some high heels. I give her a look and then speak. " Where you going mom." In a confused look I ask her She gives me a small smile. " I have a date with a fellow Co-worker." She notified me with a small grin I gave her a shocked look and looked at the popcorn.

She herself glanced at the big bowl of popcorn then made a surprised expression. " DamnI am so sorry with work and being asked on a date I forgot tonight was our bonding movie night." She in a sorrowful tone tells me I didn't say nothing as she stood to look over in the mirror on the wall by the kitchen/living room doorway.

Mom notices I haven't moved from my spot I was at. She came over and stood to the side of the couch and just looked at me and then the clock on the wall and said she was going to be late if she didn't get going.

She gave me a kiss on my forehead and got to the foyer of the living room to get her purse and keys off the stand. She glanced at me and with a concerned smile spoke. " I'll make it up to you next Saturday sweetie I promise." Mom informed me as she went out the door I heard the door shut and all I heard was silence. I was alone in my thoughts and felt a hurt that I never thought would come from my mother. Staring at the big bowl of popcorn I let out a burst of anger and kick the bowl off the coffee table.

The bowl goes flying across and lands on the floor, The popcorn goes everywhere and I just sit there staring at it all. After awhile feeling hurt I get up and start cleaning it up and putting it all back in the bowl. It takes some time and I stand with bowl in hand In the kitchen the bowl gets emptied in the trash can and the bowl placed in the sink.

I am up against the sink counter and I feel that burning hurt again. After reentering the living room I don't take the place on the couch. The clock on the wall shows 8 p.m. I make a choice at that moment to just go to bed and forget this night ever happened. As I get on the edge of the bed I reach for my head phones and place them on my head. Going through the music in my cassette holder I pull one out and put it in the stereo by my bed. I fast forward to a song that should fit the mood i'm in.

I push play and lay down. The song starts and I close my eyes and just empty my mind of thoughts and listen as the words take me. Exit Light Enter Night Take my hand Off to never never land Now I lay me down to sleep Pray the lord my soul to keep If I die before I wake Pray the lord my soul to take Hush little babydon't say a word And never mind that noise you heard It's just the beast under your bed In your closetin your head Exit Light Enter Night Take my hand Off to never never land As those words are sung I drift off to sleep not wanting to remember the hurt I felt earlier.

And the way it comes given to me by my mother. That week mom informed me we were going to have a Halloween party which was something new. She already told our family and told me to tell my friends. I told her I would when I saw them at school the next day.

I did tell my friends and they were all excited. Mina wanted her and I to go costume hunting and try and get matching outfits for the party. I said ok and I guess Maxine overheard us and she asked if she could tag along. Mina gave her a odd expression and then shrugged saying ok. Yeah shopping for costumes with to young ladies was going to be interesting. The weekend came and again you guessed it my mom had another date and like the last weekend I went to bed listening to music.

The next two weeks went by consisting of me shopping for costumes with Mina and Maxine. Mina wanted the best costumes that we could match. And just like at the dance Maxine is looking at us both weird a odd expression on her face.

Mina found a few costumes for her and I. A sexy female warrior for her and a warrior costume for me. I had a chest plate like from Steel Dawn. And Mina's reminded me from Red Sonja. Maxine chose a costume that would make her dress as the sexy Elvira. I just glanced at it and thought oh boy Halloween was going to be interesting. It was the Monday before Halloween. I was hanging out at Mina's house and it was getting late. Her parents were thinking of me as a family member already since the dance.

They were cool and nice people to hang with. It was about 8 p.m. When I left giving Mina a hug and a friendly kiss on her cheek. She watched me drive off before going in her house. I got home and saw moms car gone which wasn't new as of late.

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I got into the house and went to my bedroom and found a note on my bed. Mom wrote me saying she be home later and was on a date. I crumbled the note and went to bed. I didn't know what to think anymorebut I knew at least one person never has let me down and that was Mina. She has always stood by me and never hurt me. My face broke out in a smile when Mina's face flashed into my mind I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Halloween came and at 5 p.m. everyone started showing up. My Uncle Gus,Aunt Cindy, Trace, and Beth. To describe my relatives its like this. Uncle Gus is 51, 6'3, 205 lbs, short brown hair, Aunt Cindy is 43, 5'9 165 lbs, Long red hair, Trace is 20, 6'2194 lbs short auburn hair, And Beth is 20, 6'0175 lbs, long auburn brown hair.

Uncle Gus was dressed as FrankensteinAunt Cindy was dressed as a Sexy Witch, Trace and Beth well they were dressed as the Wonder Twins from the DC universe. You know the twins that say ' Wonder Twins powers activate', yep they did that to. Mom was dressed as a sexy Maid. About 5:30 p.m. Mina, Maxine, Dusty, and Lina showed up and wow they all looked cool.

Mina was Red Sonja, Maxine was sexy Elvira, Dusty was a Viking, and Lina was a sexy Vampress. Mina came up to me and gave me a smile. " There's my sexy Warrior." She smiled saying " And your my Beautiful Red Sonja." I stood looking tough telling her We all took places and sat.

I was in my chair listening to everyone catch up on the past month's. Mina went to the kitchen to return with to cans of Dr.pepper. She sat in my lap and I gave her a confused look. I asked her why she was sitting in my lap. She answered saying it would be my comfortable then the couch and floor. I glanced into her eyes and just shrugged my shoulders as I accepted the soft drink and opened it and took a sip.

My cousins and friends gave us quizzical expressions in which we just shrugged off and enjoyed the conversations. It was around 7 p.m. that there came a knock on the front door. Mom got up and answered it. After just a few minutes later she walked back into the living.

Following behind her was the guy that has been coming around the past weeks. He stood maybe 6'2205 lbsshort brown hair and dressed as a Doctor.

They were followed by two people I never wanted to see.

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Mom got everyones attention and introduced her mystery guy. " Everyone I would like to introduce Russ boyfriend." She applied with a smile Everyone gave glances and expressions that I couldn't even figure out if they were upset or stunned.

Then I got the shock of my life. My family got up to shake Russ's hand and greet him. I sat there for a moment then had Mina stand up for a second so I could go talk to my mother. I went and pulled her to the side and asked her something that had to be dealt with. " Mom why is Trina and David here?" In a unhappy way I asked " Alex it's been two months I am sure one night isn't going to hurt for them to be here and besides David is Russ's son." She said in a informative tone I just gave her a unbelievable expression that I guess she seen.

She just gave me a small smile and went back over to Russ and everyone else.

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I started back to my chair when Trina comes up to me saying she wants to be friends. I give her a not so nice glare in which she backs away. I noticed Russ and Mom see my face and Russ has David go get Trina. Finally in my chair and Mina in my lap we are listening to the music thats playing. Mina asked what we are going to do tonight and I tell her anything she would like to do.

She at that moment gives me a undeniable sexy smile. After everyone gets settled the older adults go into the kitchen and talk. A few moments later we all hear them laughing. I notice David is dressed as a Devil and Trina as a angel. Her dressed as a angel leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They both notice Mina in my lap and David puts his two cents in. " Mina why don't you come sit by Trina and I it be more comfortable then sitting on a lump." He in a smart ass way asked She gave him a look and answered.

" No thanks I am fine where I am." She told him as she snuggled up to me " Suit yourselfdon't see why you over there on a lumpy chair anyway." David replied with a hint of sarcasm She just shrugged her shoulders and made sure I was calm. Trace and Beth just gave him a cold look.

While the others just sat there not saying anything. David starts in telling jokes and making everyone in the room laugh except Mina and I. It wasn't long that I had to use the bathroom. I let Mina know and she got up and I stood and went. I did my business and went back to my chair where Mina was at. She gave me a smile and got up to let me get seated and then she got back onto my lap. Everyone was having fun except me at times. All I could do was keep my guard up.

Why of all the people in the world did David and Trina have to be in my house. After a while I was in the kitchen getting Mina and I something to drink. My mom asked me if I was ok and I just gave her a shrug and went back to my chair.

Mina said she be right back saying bathroom. I gave her a grin and sat back into my chair. I noticed David and Trina were gone. I asked Trace and Beth if they saw where they went and they both shrugged their shoulders and went back to talking and listening to the music playing. Mina came back and got where she been in my lap. I am not going to lie it felt nice Mina in my lap. I think she was enjoying it to. We all could her the grown ups talking and laughing as they have been. I kept wondering where David and Trina went, It was not long that I noticed them coming down the stairs.

He had a smile on his face and she looked like she was wore out. He came by my chair and leaned over and thanked me for not be a downer about the whole thing. I looked at him coldly. I don't know what it wasbut I asked Mina to get up and she did.

I stood up and stared at David as he took a few steps towards the couch. I noticed everyone that was in the living room looking at me. David I guess saw Trina looking behind him that he turned and saw I was standing. My eyes were staring into his.

He took a few steps towards me, I just kept standing not backing up or leaving. " What." David in a unbelieving tone asked " You think you can come in MY house and do what you want and think I will be cool with it." I asked in a stern voice " Will yeah duh." He exclaimed smirking " Will I hate to burst your bubble your so wrong asshole." I responded with venom " What you say?" David replied in a un be knowned tone " You heard me, you don't live here, you are not a member of this family and never will be." I yelled with coldness " Wimp you need to know your place." David in a upset mood said Everyone watched us and heard my words.


I guess they never seen or heard me talk like I was. Mom and the others came in the living room and saw us standing. I noticed my mom giving me a look of concern and fear. Uncle Gus and Aunt Cindy were probably wondering what was going on. And Russ had a uncertain expression. He started to come into the living room before mom stopped him and shook her head no.

I just kept looking at David. Mina stayed by my side she saw my fist shaking. " My place, my place, David sorry to tell you thisyou don't own me. You don't tell me what to do. I have my own life. And I don't give a shit who you are or if my mom is dating your dad.


You are nothing to me so do me a favor take this whole fucking party and shove it up yours and Trina's ass." I stood there saying with venom and anger At that moment one of my favorite songs starts to play.

The music almost fits but I still listen to the words. Who cares, I'm in a trance I got no hopeI don't stand a chance But it's alright, yes it's alright Who knows, well I don't care Cause I don't fit in anywhere But its alright, yes its alright Well, I'm numb but that's my style I've been numb for a little while And it's alright, yes its alright I checked out yesterday Well there's nothing left to say But its alright, yes its alright He just stood there not saying a word.

He may be stronger then mebut my words cut like a knife. Mina put her arms around my right one and suggested her and I go up to my room. before I turned I saw Russ go over to his son. He gave me a dirty look comforting his son. Mom tried to come towards me, but I took off towards the stairs with Mina by me. I turned my head a bit and noticed my helping Russ with David. That left a sick feeling in my stomach. Mina pulled on my arm and the both of us kept walking up the stairs.We got to my room and when we did I didn't like what I saw.

I just stood at the foot of the bed while Mina shut the door, she came by me and saw my face. " That bastard and that bitch." I spoke angerly " Alex please calm down I know your way upset, for me calm down." Mina in a solemn voice asked I took a few breathes and calmed myself down. She suggested we change the sheets and pillow cases. She asked me where extras sheets and pillow cases were.

I told her in the hall closet. I took the sheets off and the pillow cases off the pillows while she went for extras. I threw the sheets and pillow cases over by the door against the wall.

Mina came back in the room with the clean extra sheet and pillow cases. After the bed was made and pillows Mina came over to me and hugged me close to her. " Alex what you said down there really was a eye opener to everyone. I have never seen you speak like that." Mina said with concern " Sorry Mina I didn't mean to scare you." I held her saying " You didn't scare me, you worried me, If he came at you to hurt you that would of scared me." She was holding me tight explaining I just looked in her face and thought she was right.

If David did start after me she would of been scared. " Lets go to bed and forget this night ever happened." She told me smiling We took off our costumes and went to bed in our underwear. She said tonight was for comfort so she pulled me to her and held me tight and gave me a kiss. She pulled the cover over us and we just looked into each others eyes.

We talked for a few more moments still hearing music coming from downstairs. As I was falling asleep I listened to Mina's breathing it was soft and warm on my neck. Mina was such an amazing young woman. At that moment I knew I was lucky to have her as my best friend, she has never in two months left my side.