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Kim Kardashian get fuck by Pablo escobar
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Chapter 3 : the Supanusaphones " Connie why you no practice violin you know that it only thing that separate you from hill billy wight trash neighbors that and your 4.0 GPA " Con screamed across the house at his daughter.

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" glesh dad I'm doing my ancient lateen homework ill practice later " Connie returned to her home work lately it felt that all she did was do homework and play the violin she had to practice three hours a day and the extreme piles of home work she was given meant that she was often forced to stay up till two and three A.M.

Most days.


The only thing that brought her some relief was playing blue grass of course she could never tell her parents they expected more of their daughter their prized token. More like slave girl she had grown to despise her over ruling parents obsessive force they placed on her academics. But she could never tell them they'd just tell her smart girls shut up and do math.

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She of course would just hang her head and walk to the her room. Connie sat their translating plays into English from ancient lateen she stared into the the text book wishing it would just disappear and she could go watch Cartoon Network like a normal kid her age.

"Connie why you talk back to your father " a high pitched sunny toned voice came from her door way she turned to see her mother standing in the entrance to her bed room. " he tell me about you telling him you were to busy to play your violin we not pay good money to send you to three different music schools so you can sit and here and pretend to work." Her mother nagged her incessantly Connie at this point had learned to shut up and do as they said at least they would leave her alone that way.

" yes ma ma i did but I " " no but Con Jr. you back talk father know you need punishment " her mother said as she pulled out a crude paddle made out of a sawed 2x4. " No mom please I was just trying to do my homework " Con Jr. Pleaded she hated being spanked her mother was various relentless she would just hit and hit her over and over again and when she was done shed make her sit on a heating pad to increase the burn.

Con jr would just sit their practice her violin until she fell asleep. " Con Jr.

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I wait no more " her mother said as she locked the door and sat on her bed. Con jr. Stood up walked over to her mother " know why are you being punished " minn asked her daughter with a stern look as.

A devilish smile in her face truth be told minn lie spanking her daughter.

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Beig the daughter of a dictator meant that she grew up in a abusive household minn had learned at a early age the physical punishment was the best way to control unruly children.

After her fathers empire fell she and Con had already moved in together in the beginning Con was a very different person he spent most of his time in Laos casinos and drug dens gambling what little money the couple had away or snorting it.

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Minn had to spend most of her time working three jobs just to make ends meet and when she came home Con and his buddies would rape her for hours beating her with what ever they had close to them when she finally blacked out she would awaken and go to her first job and return the night to repeat the cycle.

They lived this life for several years before Minn's father threatened Con with death if he didn't straiten out they spent the next few years drifting from job to job and town to town before landing in Arlen.

" I was a bad girl mommy and told daddy I was to busy to work on my violin and I disrespected him please give me a bare bottom spanking please make me cry mommy teach me to be a good girl " she said like a doll with a pull string " ok I will now pull your pants down and lay across my waist " minn said as she applied more electric tape to the handle of the paddle.

Connie pulled her red shorts down revealing her wight panties with a little red bow at the waist line and frilly pace around the legs she them laid her self across her mothers lap " you bad girl Connie know Mommy's going to beat your ass " Minn exclaimed as she pulled Connie's panties down with one hand and raised the paddle with the other SLAP SLAP SLAP the paddle came Down as hard as it could landing right in the middle of Connie's buttocks " aaaaaaaahhhhhhh " Connie screamed her mother never held back when she paddled her intact she was relentless WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK Minn slammed the raw wood against her child's bottom turning red " you such a bad girl Con jr.

This teach you to be a good girl " minn said as she planted 20 straight smacks to her daughter exposed rear. " mommy please it hurts so much AAAAAHHHHHH no more please I promise mommy il be good please " Con jr screamed and pleaded with her mother it would come to no Avila as her mother was in a deep trance truth be told her mother loved spanking her daughter and would do so on almost any occasion for any reason once he had spanked her for getting an A on her calculus exam instead of a A+.


Connie laid their screaming from the pain her mother had been hitting her for more then 20 minutes now her bottom was know a dark red and had faint scratches from the Ruth edge of the wood hitting her. " Con jr have you learned your lesson " her mother asked as she pushed the rough edge of the wooden paddle against her daughters raw ass " yes mommy ill be good it hurts so much please mommy stop " Connie pleaded as the wood scrapped against her Skin.

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" good don't make me come back in her and do it agian " her mother said as she stood up knocking Connie to the floor and walked out of the room slamming the door shut spilling the red punch all over Connie's home work she had been working on. Meanwhile Connie was hunched over on the floor crying in to much pain to even rub her sore behind she managed to crawl into the bed and pass out from the pain.

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Connie awoke several hours later it was obviously very late her bottom throbbed from her mothers spanking she had revived hours ago. Connie looked at her clock and I read 3:00 am. It was then she heard a knocking coming from her parents room she could just make out a faint voice " yes take it you faggot take it all " it was just barley audible but she instantly recognized it as her mother.

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Connie tiptoed out of her room covering her half naked body with the sheet from her bed as she silently crept trough the house to investigate the sounds coming from her parents room she slightly parted the door leading to parents bedroom.

Connie looked in and beheld a sight her young 14 year old eyes were not meant to behold. Connie gasped and ran back to her room quickly loosing the door.


" those perverts ill teach them " she said out loud as she paced through her room. It was then that she resided that her parents were no longer going to be running things around the house that job was now going to belong to Goddess Connie.