White top breeds black bottom

White top breeds black bottom
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I'm a bastard. Well, kind of. When I was born, my birth mother left me in the hospital. She and my dad had screwed a few times before she got pregnant, and they knew each other so little that he never even had any photos of her around the house. They had fucked around as twenty-somethings, Beth got knocked up, and while he was not exactly rushing to the altar, she was even less interested.

So, after he showed up at the hospital to visit her and meet me, he got his name on the birth certificate and she snuck out of the hospital and disappeared. Dad raised me pretty well, and when I was five he married a very nice lady named Phyllis. I never called her Mom or anything, but the three of us did pretty well. When I was 12, they had a kid of their own, my little sister Denise. We were so far apart in age that we never got very close, but we always got along fine before I went off to college.

During junior high, while I watched Phyllis enjoying her new infant, I had some desire to track down my birth mother, but then I remembered that she'd already made her choice, and that I was probably much better off growing up as I had than if I'd been in her dubious custody. Life went on as normal is it does for any reasonably well-adjusted teenager, and I dabbled in girls. By age seventeen I finally got laid, albeit with one of the second-tier hotties at school.

But she was enough of a hottie for me, and we dated for a few weeks before we got it on, and then shagged like rabbits for six months, before a fiery breakup. I hit it once or twice after that before college. When I arrived at college, I spent the first two years concentrating on school and the last two concentrating on chicks. I came out with a B in each: not awful, not the best. After graduation, me and three of my college friends decided to take a trip to Las Vegas for two weeks.

It was time to do a little living. Only of us had a girlfriend when we left, and even they broke up when we got back. We took off from Milwaukee and landed four hours later at McCarran International Airport. You could see the Strip from the runway, and we were pumped.

It didn't take two hours before we were checked in, dressed up, and hitting the tables. Then it didn't take two more hours before one of us was nearly broke, and we were all drunk on the free cocktails. Those little cocktail waitresses and their pushup bras and well-muscled legs were killing me! After a bite, we got free tickets to one of those nude revue shows.

They weren't worth what we paid for them, but they did get us torqued up pretty hard. Justin and Paul wanted to get hookers, but I wanted a real woman. Tony wasn't really interested in either (what with his woman back home). So we decided to see if we still had our old college touch. We padded around the Bellagio for an hour, but it was clear that the folks there were a little higher class, and thereby not interested in fucking some young dudes with no money.

We tried the Monte Carlo, New York New York and Caesars, to no avail. By about 1 am we were way up on the north end of the Strip, and we sauntered into the venerable Riviera. It's vintage, and it's legendary, but it's tired and down-in-the-mouth. Everything glowed with this eerie fuchsia haze. And yet it felt like classic old Vegas, and was just cheesy enough that it had the right kind of ladies.

Sure enough, Paul struck gold with this big-haired, big-titted blonde who was no younger than 35, but wore it well. He bought her a few drinks and they soon had their hands all over each other.

The rest of us just smiled and moved along. I tried chatting up a pair of well-tanned SoCal hotties but got quickly shot down. Justin struck out repeatedly as well. Finally he discovered a svelte redhead (a little skinny, but cute), and while they weren't as heated as Paul and his new friend, they had no trouble getting acquainted over a few cocktails.

It was then that I noticed that Tony had vanished. I called his cell. He answered and said that he was bored of our pranks and was going to gamble elsewhere, and he'd see us back at the hotel later. Closing my cell, I turned and headed for Nickeltown, the five-cent area for cheapskates. The casino layout at the Riv is confusing as hell, and it didn't take long for me to get lost. I even walked past Paul again and STILL couldn't find my way to Nickeltown.

So I just wandered aimlessly for a while, playing a few machines here and there and keeping an ever-watchful eye out for ladies of interest. It's gauche and chauvinistic and I know it, but when in Rome… It was entirely by accident that I ran into Desiree. Literally. I rounded a row of quarter slots and almost ran over her as she came around the other side. I apologized quickly and stepped back to give her space. I took her in with a quick once-over and the world switched into slow motion.

This woman was curvaceous, with great legs, shapely hips, a thin waist and a great rack. Her raven-black hair fell in great sweeps about her neck and framed her lovely face.

Blood-red lipstick stood in stark contrast to her pale white skin, while her somewhat overdone eye makeup kept her eyes dark and mysterious. I was momentarily speechless. She wore a short black dress that hugged her torso tightly while showing off her fantastic legs.

Spindly high heels of a delightfully trashy sort capped those legs, and she stood there staring at me curiously. "Do you always run over little old ladies?" she joked coyly. I forgot to mention, she's not my age. In fact, she looked probably 45 or more. But she looked so good I didn't think twice.

"No, and I haven't yet," I rejoined, trying to apologize and compliment her at the same time. It worked. Her eyes sparkled mischievously and she shot me a warm smile. "Well, my darling, buy me a drink and I won't sue for your whiplash," she purred. I offered her my arm, and she took it.

"Name's Jay," I professed. "Mmm, sounds yummy. I'm Desiree." My heart nearly exploded in my chest. "What are you drinking?" I asked her as we reached the tacky aged bar.

"Strawberry daiquiri, for starters," she said sexily. She was being so forward that I started to worry that she was a hooker herself, but there was something rather sincere about her playfulness, and I gave in to the fantasy that she just liked me and put the thought out of my mind.

"I'll take a Scotch, neat," I ventured, not entirely sure what the 'neat' part actually meant. We got our drinks and sipped at them while we walked the casino floor. We made casual small talk, never venturing too much by way of questions or responses.

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The electricity between us was startling, and I couldn't wait to see where this was headed. We found a couple of chairs and a cocktail table and sat down. She pulled her chair quite near to mine and placed a hand casually on my thigh. I kept my cool and smiled at her equally casually. "So, Jay," Desiree purred, "what's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" "Well, I'll be honest. I'm no high roller. Just looking for Lady Luck." Her mouth opened in a huge smile.

"Mmmm, do you consider me the Lady or the Luck?" I immediately realized the double entendre of my Lady Luck reference and felt awful. "Oh Desiree, I didn't mean it like that!" I stammered like an amateur. "Hmm. Too bad," she answered and then laughed girlishly. I laughed with relief and put my hand on hers. She put her fingernails against my leg and pressed lightly. I winked at her and leaned closer to her. "Well, Desiree, what's a gal like you doing in a—" I was cut off when she leaned in fast and put her pouty lips to mine.

Her warm mouth pressed against me and her tongue was against my lips. I parted them and her wet tongue slithered inside my mouth.

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My heart pounded loudly in my chest and my cock stiffened in my pants. I boldly sent my tongue into her mouth. She moaned softly at the intrusion, then moved her other arm onto my shoulder.

We sat there for several minutes, exploring each other's mouths. She gently stroked my shoulder with one hand and my thigh with the other. Finally we broke the kiss. She leaned back and examined me with her sparkling eyes.


"Well, Jay, you're a hell of a kisser. What else can you do?" Her hand slid to my groin, where my erection pressed hard against my khakis. "Anything legal," I croaked weakly. She winked at me. "Is that all? Mmm, too bad again, Jay. I had something else in mind." I swallowed hard. Did this mean that she was a hooker? Damn, and I had really started to enjoy this. "No, not that, silly," Desiree cooed, as if knowing what I was thinking.

"You'll see. Shall we walk?" I was in a trance now, following her like a puppy dog on a leash. She led me by the hand through the casino to a bank of elevators.

The doors opened and we entered with another couple that was clearly having a rough night. They were trying to continue their argument about how much money he had lost without being loud. Instead they just hissed quietly but angrily at each other. Desiree and I were in the back. She pressed her ass against my crotch and grinded slowly against me.

I pressed back. I almost put my hand on her tit when the elevator doors opened and the couple leapt out and resumed their argument at full volume. The doors slid closed and we continued to ascend. Her grinding resumed for a moment, and then she spun around and kissed me hotly. We embraced until the elevator chimed again and the doors opened at her floor. She led me by the hand down a corridor, each step driving my lust higher with anticipation.

Her hand squeezed mine as if knowing my thoughts. Finally we reached her door, and she produced a keycard from her cleavage. I laughed softly and she shot me a clever grin. Desiree slipped the card in silently and the green light flashed agreeably. She pushed the door open and I followed her in.

Only the bedside lamp that hung garishly from the wall, complete with dangling cord, lighted the room. She threw her small hand purse on the bed and stood close to me in the half-darkened entryway. "Well, Jay? What's a girl gotta do to get fucked by you?" I was shocked by her language, but eager to please. "Depends on how you like it. How do you like it?" Desiree purred again.

"Mmm, uncomplicated." "I can do uncomplicated." I grabbed her firmly around the waist and brought her mouth to mine. I kissed her deeply, almost violently. She moaned and pressed her shapely body against mine. I slid my hands down onto her ass and pushed her hard against my cock. She squealed with delight into my mouth as I ran my hands up under her little dress and onto the back of her panties. They were satin, and a narrow strip of naked flesh ran between them and the thigh-high pantyhose that encased her slender legs.

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I tugged at her panties, and on the third pull they slid from her hips and fell effortlessly down her legs. She moaned enthusiastically as her hands found my cock still trapped in my trousers. Desiree unzipped my fly and quickly liberated me. Her hands felt warm on my pecker as she pulled it free and into the cool air of her hotel room. "Mmmm, Jay, so far, so good," she panted as she tugged on my cock. I grasped her hips and squeezed her. "How's this for uncomplicated?" I breathed, and spun her around so her back was to me.

Her hands had lost contact with my hard-on, and they groped to find it again. I pushed her hands away, pulled up the back of her little dress. She gasped softly. I slid a hand between her impossibly shapely ass cheeks and felt the hot, warm fire of her slit. She groaned loudly and pushed herself against my probing fingers. My other hand reached around the front and discovered her bare, hairless pubis.

She put both hands on my front hand and pushed it down into her slit. I quickly found her clit and gave it a tweak. She shuddered and giggled loudly. I toyed with her for a moment, enjoying the feel of her reactions against my body. Finally she muttered, "Uncomplicated, Jay." Back to work. I let go of her pussy and walked her forward so she faced the wall.

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I took her wrists, lifted her hands up and placed them against the textured wallpaper. She whimpered seductively. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back slightly.

I hiked her dress up over her hips and exposed her perfectly curved ass. I pulled off my belt, unhitched my pants and pulled the whole mess down to my ankles. "Uncomplicated, Desiree," I whispered. Then I grabbed my aching erection and guided it between her perfect legs until I found her pussy. I slid it easily into her tight, hot hole and she grunted primitively. I immediately started thrusting into her. Desiree pushed herself back from the wall and established new hand positions, apparently not having anticipated the fervor of my 'uncomplicated' stand-up sex idea.

For the next ten minutes, no words were exchanged, just grunts, groans and moans, while I plied her with my rod and drove her to orgasm. She pushed back to meet me. I put my hands on hers as I thrust into her from behind. Finally she squealed into an orgasm, pressing her firm buttocks against my hips, pushing me further into her. When my heaving breathing turned into shallow grunts indicating my impending orgasm, she pushed back so hard that I lost balance.

I fell back across the hallway against the opposite wall. Desiree flew at me and dropped her to her knees. She popped my engorged phallus into her mouth and pumped it furiously with her hand. Still recovering from my near-fall, I was all the more vulnerable to her efforts, and I began quaking in climax. She groaned throatily as the first pulses of my cum barreled violently into her hot mouth.

I looked down and watched her pumping my cock. She pulled it from her mouth and my jizz oozed from her mouth and down her chin. The next spurt flew high and into her mussed hair, dangling like a thick spider web in her dark black mane. I groaned in orgasm and she groaned sympathetically. The next spurt arched onto the front of her black dress, and the last big load onto her face. She cooed and slipped my gooey pecker back into her mouth, milking out the last drops of my cum.

When all had subsided, she released my cock and cleaned the sticky mess from her mouth and chin with her hand, wiping it on her dress. I fought to catch my breath. Desiree stood and stroked my cheek with her slimy hand. "Not a bad uncomplicated, Jay. You'd better shower." She undressed me, then undressed herself.

She led me to the bathroom and we bathed together, soaping and lathering and exploring our bodies together. Her tits were fantastic, and her middle-aged body was outstanding for her age.

I played with her erogenous areas, and resisted her attempts to get me hard again. I wanted to build up a little stamina first. Finally we rinsed off and toweled off. I wrapped her in the terry cloth robe that hung behind the door. We moved to the bed, which we cleared off and turned down. We lay in bed together, kissing and touching most of the night.

Finally I felt ready for more direct sex play and put her hand on my growing peter. She smiled aloud and massaged it gently. I reached for her crotch and found her legs parted for my hand. I touched her soft, hairless mound and brushed her cleft.

She breathed in sharply as I found her clit again, and began to fondle her gently. We lay there, half-facing each other, fondling each other's genitals.

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I leaned in and took one of her small nipples into my mouth, sucking gently but fervently. She moaned softly and parted her legs even more. I slid down under the covers and pulled her hips to me. She adjusted and pulled her knees up. I moved down and kissed her bare mound. Then I moved in for more. I probed tenderly at her slit, lubricating as I went.

She responded positively, drawing her legs up further and shifting her hips upwards. I became more deliberate and was again rewarded. I lapped at her clit and dragged my tongue up her long narrow cleft. She put her hands on my head and pulled me closer. Soon I was fucking her with my tongue.

Desiree grinded herself nastily against me face, entreating me with all manner of lewd advice and invitations. Within moments, her words turned to gibberish and she reached another orgasm. She lifted her hips right off the bed and into the air, and I followed. She put one leg at a time onto my shoulders and hung there suspended while she fucked my face. She was a dirty girl, and I loved it. Desiree's orgasmic humping subsided and she eased herself from my shoulders.

She collapsed onto the bed with a flourish and I sat upright between her legs, my cock pointing straight up in the air. I presumed I would just slip into her and start to fuck her all over again. But she had something else in mind.

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"Not so fast, cowboy," she teased. "I think my saddle is all worn out!" She laughed her throaty, sexy laugh. "Hmm, so what do we do now?" "No, we can't have poor Jay's big hard cock just sitting there having no fun, can we?" "Whatever shall we do about it, Desiree darling?" I really didn't know what she had planned. She didn't answer. Instead she reached her hand down to her hairless cunt and slipped three fingers in.

I watched with excitement as she masturbated for a brief moment. But she didn't linger. Instead, her three slippery fingers slipped silently from her pussy, glistening with her wetness.

She then threw her legs up in the air and reached her sticky hand from behind her leg and pressed it to her anus. She smeared her wet fingers against her asshole before slipping one, then two, into her tight puckered rosebud. The sight of her fingers pumping into her ass blew my mind. My cock ached instantly.

"Mmmm, Momma needs it back here, baby. Now fuck Desiree in the trunk, won't you?" I gulped. And froze. She continued to work her fingers in and out of her butt. She rested her feet on my shoulders for support as she continued to probe. Her eyes were locked onto mine, while mine stared unwaveringly at her fingers. "Come on, honey. Get me back here. I need it.

Fuck me here, baby." Finally her fingers popped loose from her ass, and she reached for my throbbing cock. She found it, and pulled it towards her butt. I was in puppy dog mode again, and I leaned up and forward to meet her demand. She placed the head of my cock to her butthole and pushed against me. She cooed softly as she stared piercingly into my eyes.

"Yeah, baby, Momma needs you in her ass. Unnh, put it in. Put it in!" The last words were almost a yell, and I responded by pushing hard against her. My cock began to slip into her butt, though she was so tight that the process was not instantaneous. She begged and pleaded, and slowly I worked my entire length into her ass. She squealed delightedly and moved against me. Desiree put her feet against my shoulders again and I shifted to improve the angle and depth of my strokes.

I filled her ass, and the friction was incredible. I nearly came right there. But I forced myself to relax and enjoy. I found that watching her eyes, watching her enjoyment of her anal penetration, was as thrilling as the sensations being wreaked on my cock by her rectum. "Yes, daddy. Yeah, Jay. Right there in Desiree's ass. Pump it. Fill it up. Shit yes," she muttered nastily. "Fuck Momma's butt." I stroked faster and harder, trying to imagine how she could possibly orgasm from this kind of sex, and trying to imagine how I had managed not to so far.

Her thrusting became more violent, and soon she was pushing harder than I was. I couldn't contain myself anymore, and I muttered something about coming. "Yes, baby. Fill me up. Fill my ass with it. Dump your muck into my filthy butt, Jay. Fuck!" I started to come, and she squeezed her asshole closed, contracting around the base of my cock, prohibiting my load from emerging. "Yes, I'm ready for your cum, Jay. Fill up my ass with it.

Flood me." She released her ass-grip and my cum emptied furiously into her anal cavity. "Oh yes, I can feel the hot rush of your salty cum, Jay. Fill my shithole!" she taunted as the waves of orgasm crushed me. "Yes, Momma wants your hot cum in her filthy butt." If I hadn't been swept away by perhaps one of my most amazing orgasms, I might have been creeped out by her dirty talk. But as it was, I was emptying my load into the hungry ass of a hot female, and couldn't be bothered.

Eventually, I pried myself loose from her tight grip. My shrinking pecker popped out loudly and cum began to ooze from her stretched anus. She breathed in quickly, and in so doing sucked the cum back into her rectum. I fell back across the bed, and she sprung up and ran for the toilet. I heard embarrassingly wet farting noises as she expelled my gooey load from her body.

I think I even heard her giggle at the sounds she was emitting.

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I crawled back under the covers and became very tired. Desiree finally emerged from the bathroom looking fantastic and sexy, and if I had an ounce left in me, I would have jumped her again, but I was exhausted and spent.

"Get some rest, Jay. I want more out of you later." With that I slipped into unconsciousness. I think I woke up a few times.

Once she was washing my cock with a washcloth, as it was crusty with my cum and her shit. Another time I thought I heard her crying, but I couldn't be sure before sleep retook me.

I woke up again and found her sucking my half-hard cock, trying to blow some life into it. I put a hand on her head and enjoyed for a moment or two, but I think she stopped and I fell back asleep.

The final time I awoke, Desiree was fucking me. I was still on my back, and she straddled me, facing away, grinding her hips against me, my cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy. I quickly awoke fully and put my hands on her shapely hips. She turned and looked back at me with a sad smile before turning away and redoubling her efforts.

Her fucking became more fevered, and soon she was slamming herself hard onto me. She reached a hand down and cupped my balls and touched her fingers to the base of my cock, feeling it slide in and out of her. "Slap my ass, baby." I gave her a playful slap across her perfect cheeks. "I've been bad, baby.

Slap me." I slapped her more firmly, playing along with her enjoyably disgusting sex play. "Harder, baby.

Pull Momma's hair." Her voice tone changed. I smacked her hard and she yelped. I felt bad, but she kept riding, even harder. "I said pull my hair, Jay!" I grabbed her black mane and tugged.

She groaned. I pulled again, harder this time. I'm not a S&M guy, so I hoped she wasn't hardcore. But I wanted to make her happy. "Slap me, Jay. Smack it hard. Pull it hard!" She was sounding upset now. I smacked her ass as hard as I dared and yanked her hair with some vigor. She fucked me even harder. "Oh God, Jay. What have I done?" she mumbled.

"Fuck me, baby. Make me come!" I pistoned my cock hard into her cunt, lifting her off the bed. She gasped. At this point she started sobbing. I stopped, thinking I'd hurt her, but she continued to hump me hard.

"No, Jay, don't stop. Fuck me, baby. Make me come, and come inside me." I was getting close, again. I hoped she'd get there soon, or I'd fail to get her off in time. "Oh God, Jay. I'm coming. Momma's coming." Desiree came hard, sobbing as she shook from the waves of orgasm that washed over her. I smacked her ass one last time for good measure, and she yelped as she worked through her orgasm.

Seconds later, it was my turn. "Unnhh, Desiree, I'm gonna come," I grunted lamely. "Come inside me, baby. Fill me up. Give Momma your cum," she sobbed. I grunted and groaned as my body spasmed, wracked with orgasm. She pushed hard against me, her pussy fucked so hard it offered no resistance. "Oh God, Desiree! Fuck, I'm coming!" "Yes, give it to me. Give me your come. Come inside me. Put your come inside Momma. Come inside your mother," Desiree sobbed as she milked the last of my cum.

The words fell on me like a slow gray rain cloud. The whole "Momma" think was just kinky talk. Did she just say "mother"? That's not kinky, that's sick! As if to read my mind again, Desiree turned and looked at me over her shoulder. Here eyes were swollen red and her cheeks streamed with tears and running makeup.

She continued to rock her hips against my still-hard phallus. "That's right. I'm your mother, baby. It's me, Beth.

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Your momma." I was instantly nauseated. The words were heavy, leaden and crazy. Yet she said them with such finality. I wanted to move, but found I couldn't. Slowly her hips came to a stop, and all the blood rushed out of my cock in a heartbeat. I tried to speak, but had no words. I wanted to throw up, or cry. Mostly I wanted her to get off of me. Finally I put my hands on her torso and pushed her off of me. She landed on the bed, sobbing.

I flew from the bed and stumbled for the bathroom. I got there just in time and vomited into the toilet. I was sickened beyond words. I stopped puking and looked down at my shriveling cock. I had just fucked my own mother. Oh God. I puked again. I heard her pad barefoot to the bathroom doorway. I turned and saw her standing there, naked, her face a wreck of anguish and tears. I sobbed and rested my head on the toilet seat.

We remained like that for some time. It felt like hours. Finally she spoke. "Oh Jay, I'm so sorry. I had no idea it was you. How could I? While you were asleep, I looked through you wallet. I figured I'd better learn a little more about the man who I'd let fuck me in the…well, anyway, I looked through your wallet.

I saw your last name, Jacoby. I thought of your father and laughed to myself. Then I looked further and found those photos of you and that same man, and I realized who you were." I almost puked again. The urge receded and I spat the bitter acid into the bowl.

"So why did you fuck me again, Desiree? Or Beth? Who are you?" I asked angrily. "Oh God, Jay, I don't know. I've never felt like that with anyone else, and when I found out and realized how horrible it was, I don't know. I wanted it again, wanted you again, before I gave into the fact that you were my son, and before I told you." "Fuck you!" I shouted.

"I don't know you. Beth was my mother, not Desiree. And mother in name only." "Jay, try to understand. When I left the hospital, I left my old life behind. Desiree is who I am. Beth is who I was." "It doesn't matter. I never knew you as Beth anyway." I flushed the toilet and its putrid contents. "Yes, I know. I had my reasons, but those don't matter now.

They won't matter to you either. You didn't have me as Beth, and I'm sorry." I laughed out loud, almost enjoying the irony. "But now I've had you as Desiree. Who'd have thought?" She bit her lip and stifled tears.

"Yes, I guess you did. More than anyone else ever has." "Oh God, Desiree, don't go there." "Don't go there? You fucked your mother in the ass, and you don't want me to go there? Jesus, Jay, It's dumb fucking luck that got us together.

Not some conspiracy on my part." I winced at the recent and fantastic memory of fucking her ass. "You're right, of course. I'm sorry. I just can't get over it." I looked over at her. She still stood there, naked, her soft lines and full hips and breasts, a picture of natural beauty. Her hairless mound was swollen and red from all the aggressive contact of the past 12 hours.

She watched me watching her. "Do I disgust you, Jay? Should I put a robe on?" I thought a minute. My head was spinning, trying to put the pieces together, trying to make sense of it all.

And then I spoke. "No. No, don't. Don't cover up. Not unless you want to. We can't undo the past." She wiped at her mascara-stained cheeks, and put on a brave smile. "No we can't. Where do we stand, Jay?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, where does this leave us?

Will you just go away and pretend we never met? Do we try to start over?" "As what?" At that she paused.


She looked at the floor and chewed on her lower lip. After a minute she answered. "Jay, I'm a miserable mother. I already failed at that with you. I know this will sound crazy, but I think I'd be better as a lover." My tongue throbbed in my mouth.

I couldn't believe the words I was hearing. "What does that mean?" "Can we just forget what we found out? Can I be a lover to you? Can I be Desiree?" I almost puked again, but I also felt my cock twinge. I looked down at it again.

It was still crusted with her pussy juices mingled with my cum. Then I looked up at her again. She stood there, sweetly.

Her natural beauty was radiant, and her sad face made it even more so. I wept for a few minutes. She stood there sliently, chewing on her lower lip and running her hands through her hair. I stopped crying and looked at her again. I stood up and walked to the sink. I washed my hands and my face, and rinsed the taste of bile from my mouth.

I grabbed a washcloth and wiped my cock clean. Finally I walked over to her in the doorway. "Then you'd better give me a kiss, Desiree." Her shoulders slumped in relief and she sighed loudly. She looked at me and put her slender arms around my neck.

She brought her face up to mine and looked into my eyes. She then slowly moved her mouth to mine and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. "You'd better call your friends," Desiree whispered softly. "What should I tell them?" "Tell them you ran into an old friend and you have a lot of catching up to do." With that she dropped slowly to her knees and gently touched my cock. I was still fighting my conscience, but it responded of its own accord. It grew in her hand and she placed it still soft into her mouth.

I could feel her jerk occasionally with a sob of grief or confusion, and I wept a bit myself. And so Desiree blew me, her own son, as she knelt naked on her knees on the cold hard tile of the bathroom floor.

And when I came in her mouth, she coughed and sputtered, but she choked it all down before collapsing in tears. I carried her to the bed, tucked her in, and soon heard her heaving breathing of sleep. I phoned my friends at the hotel to let them know I'd meet them at the airport in two weeks.