Busty bbw milf sucks fucks and have a

Busty bbw milf sucks fucks and have a
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Her hair fell to her shoulders, sleek and black with a slight glimmer in the candlelight.

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The night air was cool and wonderfully calm outside. We sat out beside the fire holding each other close. Our cabin was far away from the stresses of the city, just the way we wanted. At night the stars lit up our ranch with such a beauty you couldn't find anywhere else, the mountains gave it that closeness. The fire gave it warmth; our bodies close brought security of a love burning with a deeper passion of desire.

Teasing she rubbed against me, almost slithering her way across my body.

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Smiles set deep in our eyes as I lay there enjoying the tease, teasing her as my tongue slipped back and forth across my lips taunting her with that knowledge of where I wanted to put it, and she knew, she had learned my tease and reached up to kiss me deeply as our desire overflowed us and turned from teasing into a raging torrent of passion that had to be fulfilled.

We stumbled our way into the bedroom laughing and caressing each other as cloths fell of all through the house.

Landing on the bed with her underneath me our naked bodies were warmer than before and our kisses were passionate. Our hands felt the edges of humanity before us, pure and wonderful as we wrestled each other on the bed vying for control of the other.

I reached my hand down and brushed against her vagina as she gripped at my back.


Her moan of desire arousing me even more as my cock started to grow with my own desire taking over, lust breaking the bonds of control as desire transpired into a deep need. Our breathing quickened as we started groping each other.

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With my hand well placed I slid two fingers slowly inside of her, my love, my beauty, my Jessie. She tensed at first unprepared for the intrusion, but then relaxing into ecstasy as I slowly moved my fingers in and out while holding her tongue against mine, brushing it lightly, tickling her tongue and moving one hand slowly against her thigh as my other explored with two fingers within. My fingers slid out only to slide against her vaginal lips as I started kissing a trail down her chin and a light bite to the neck as I moved lower to kiss her breasts and bite the nipples gently all while keeping my fingers massaging her opening and her clit as I worked my way down her body.

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She rocked and moaned as she knew what was coming next. Slowly, taking my time I went down lower and lower until I reached her pubic area and gave it a light suck as if to give her a hickey, it would be my intention later.

For now she needed something and I wanted it. I moved my tongue over her clit and as I wrapped my tongue around it creating a sheath with my tongue she bucked and I held her still with my hand against her stomach.

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She let loose a moan of pleasure that made me shiver a moment with a chill at my own work for pleasuring her. My tongue moved back and forth on her clit moving it in and out for a few moments as she rocked from side to side with overstimulation. I removed my tongue and moved it down each side of her vaginal lips tasting her and teasing her senses. I moved up one of my hands to gentle rub and circle her clit as I slid my tongue just across her vagina teasing her before I entered fully.

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I exhaled against her skin and could see the Goosebumps form on her wonderfully smooth skin. I closed my eyes enjoying myself pleasuring her. My tongue slipped inside her vagina, taunting her as I moved my tongue in every gentle and slow way I could, taking my time to test certain areas and apply pressure at just the right moment.


I moved my tongue against the start of her G spot and she bucked pressing against my face and I greedily pushed back pushing my tongue deeper and flicking it within her. She moaned and clamped her legs against my head keeping me at my place and my tongue within her. Her moist warmth tasted good to me and I greedily pleased her. I removed my tongue from her vagina and licked the lips again and then went back to fingering her.

I moved my fingers in circles and pressed against her G spot, then moved to a gentle circle tickling her while I reached my face back into her as I slide my tongue back onto her clit moving it in and out of my rolled up tongue. I could tell she was getting close for her first orgasm as her breath quickened and I could feel her pulse within her as her body was drawing ever closer to that fine line where the body gets pushed over the edge into that spiral of wonderful bliss.

I doubled my efforts as she began to drip heavily and I lapped it up as much as I could, drinking from her the wonderful juices of pure love. She climbed the mountain of climax as I replaced my fingers with my tongue once more putting pressure and picking up my pace of flicking the inside of her vagina.

My mouth was probing her hole deeper and deeper as I pressed my face into her as if trying to draw out her orgasm with a light bite with my teeth.

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Her movements became more thrashing as she climaxed and I was rewarded with a wonderful ejaculation from her vagina coating me with her wonderful aroma and juices. I got a mouthful and what I didn't swallow dripped down my chest and onto my fully erect penis and awaiting balls.

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She continued to orgasm as I pressed my tongue back for more, tickling her thighs and pressing my tongue back into her dark depths. She tasted sweet and the aroma was doing a wonderful number on us both as the pheromones were in the air. The candle light flickered as she rested for a moment in her brilliance of bliss. I sat before her on the floor as she lay on the bed.

I waited for my turn, eagerly knowing that I would get to please her even more when my own turn was done.