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Big black cock vs tight pussy big dick
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* * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 5 - All the Lurid Details * * * * * Cindy's rape experience with Rico in the bathroom of the hotel that night was much more traumatic than what she had described to her younger sister, Sally, over the phone. Here's what really happened that fateful night: Rico was awake, lying in bed, and secretly fondling himself through his boxer shorts, when he saw Cindy getting up off the floor, next to the bed, and then heading straight for the bathroom.

Rico hadn't been paying any attention to Carl's quick conversation with Jerry at the hotel room entry door, earlier that night. And so he had no idea that Cindy was Sally's sister. Rico assumed that Cindy was just someone that Jerry knew, and had brought over with him to the hotel room to have a little fun.

And of course, Rico had no idea who Jerry was, either. One thing that Sally didn't know about Rico was that he just happened to have "a thing" for gingers.

And fortunately for Rico, Sally was sound asleep beside him, and snoring away. So Rico grabbed his closed switchblade knife, and shoved it down inside the elastic waistband at the rear of his boxers. And then he curiously and very stealthily followed Sally's red-headed sister to the bathroom.

He was bound and determined to get him some of that ginger pussy, one way or another. When Cindy turned to close the bathroom door behind her, Rico put his finger across his pursed lips, and made a soft "Shhhhhhhhh" sound, as he was stepping into the bathroom with her, and forcing her to back up far enough, to let him in. And then he closed the bathroom door behind him, turning the little nipple on the door knob to lock the two of them in the bathroom together.

When Rico turned around, he pulled the closed switchblade out of waistband at the rear of his satin boxer shorts, and pushed the button on it to instantly release the long, thin, spring-loaded blade. It popped into position, and locked with a high-pitched, metallic-sounding click. Rico quietly said, "Say hello to my little friend." And then he slowly waved the knife from side-to-side as he added, "God, I loved that movie.

Have you seen it?" Cindy flipped out at the sight of the slender, double-edged, silver-colored knife blade. Her eyes were bugged wide-open, and her heart was racing and felt like was going to come right up her throat any second. She just quickly shook her head in response to Rico's unexpected question. "Please don't hurt me," Cindy pleaded. "I'll do whatever you want. But I really need to pee right now. Please let me pee first, okay?" "Sure. But you're gonna do it my way, esé," Rico said, as he pointed the tip of the knife right at her camel-toed panty-crotch.

"Or I can't be responsible for what my little friend here does to your 'panocha.' He's got a mind of his own, you know." "Whatever you say," Cindy quietly told Rico, and then moved over in front of the toilet, lifted up the toilet seat lid, turned around and quickly bent over to pull her panties down, so that she could sit down on the toilet seat ring, just like a woman would normally sit to urinate. "What are you doing?" Rico asked, the minute that he saw Cindy pulling her panties down her thighs.

"Pull your panties back up. You're gonna leave them on this time. And you're gonna pee standing over the toilet. So lift up the toilet seat." Cindy lifted up the toilet seat, and carefully straddled the porcelain toilet bowl, with one leg on each side.

And then she began urinating with her panties on. "Stop!" Rico ordered in a forced whisper, as he pushed the pointed tip of the switchblade against Cindy's left butt-cheek, which naturally caused her urine-stream to come to an abrupt halt. "I want you to turn around the other way, so I can see your 'panocha.' Not your butt." Cindy backed herself out, and turned around to face Rico.

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And then, while looking down toward the floor the whole time, she carefully shimmied backward, with one leg on each side of the toilet, until her vulva was positioned directly over the middle of the toilet bowl.

Then she started pissing her panties again, while she continued looking down at the front of her own crotch. The yellow-tinged urine from her soaked-through panty-crotch was steadily streaming down into the toilet boil.

But some of the urine was also leaking through the edges of the panty leg-holes, and dribbling down the insides of her thighs. Cindy saw the shiny knife blade, as Rico was rubbing the flat sides of it up and down the insides of her thighs to both tease and intimidate her. After Cindy had finally finished taking her much-needed piss, she asked Rico, "What do you want me to do now?" "Nothing. Just stand there," Rico said to her. And he proceeded to stick the blade of the sharp knife up inside one of Cindy's panty-leg-holes.

He made an upward motion to slice completely through the panty material, and separate the panties at the waistband. Then Rico did the same thing on the other side of panties, causing the front-panel of the panties to fall downward, totally exposing Cindy's red-haired pussy to him.

Then he grabbed hold of the hanging front-panel, and yanked downward on it to completely remove her urine-soaked panties, and drop them into the toilet bowl, directly underneath. Rico looked down at Cindy's bare feet, and while staring at them, remarked to her, "You've got very nice-looking feet, Chica.


I like how you painted little flowers on your toe nails. That really turns me on." "Well, thank you," Cindy replied, not really knowing how to take Rico's comment about her feet. The next thing Cindy saw was the flat side of Rico's knife being placed directly up against the left side of her bare vulva.

"Does this turn you on, esé?" Cindy didn't respond to Rico's question. "Well, it better," Rico said, "'Cuz you're gonna make love to my little friend right now." "Rico, please don't hurt me," Cindy pleaded. "I'm not here to hurt you, Chica. I'm here to make you cum," Rico stated, as he carefully used the sharp blade of the knife to spread her inner labia apart. And when Rico saw the glans of Cindy's clitoris peaking out from under its hood, he said to her, "You know, in the Middle East, I hear they cut this part off their women." Then Rico carefully touched the very tip of the knife blade to the pea-size head of Cindy's clit, which made her fidget around nervously.

"Careful, Chica, or I might accidentally cut yours off, esé. And you definitely wouldn't want that, would you?" At this point Cindy was shaking her head from side-to-side, and begged, "No. Please don't cut my clit off. I'll be a good girl. I promise. I'll go ahead and cum for you. Okay?" "Don't cum for me," Rico said.

"Cum for my little friend here. He's gonna fuck you right now." "Oh God, help me!" Cindy remarked under her breath, as she was visualizing the long, sharp blade of Rico's knife being inserted up deep into her vagina, and then being shoved in and out, possibly slicing up her insides, and causing her to bleed to death from her vaginal-opening, while standing over a toilet in the bathroom at a hotel.

Cindy closed her eyes, and the tears began streaming down the sides of her face, as she was bracing herself for the worst.


But Rico really didn't have any intention of physically hurting Cindy. He pushed the button on the switchblade handle to cause the blade to automatically retract back into the handle.

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Then he flipped the handle around, and while holding the part of the handle where the blade would pop out, he inserted the smooth oval end of the handle up into Cindy's vaginal-opening, and began frigging her pussy with it, thrusting away at her vagina, as if the knife handle were a skinny hard penis. "Doesn't that feel good, Chica?" Rico asked.

"Uh-huh," Cindy hummed back, nodding her head rapidly. And then she realized, that the knife handle didn't feel bad to her vagina at all.

In fact, it actually felt good to her. Not that much different from a hairbrush handle, or a hard-plastic vibrator, whenever she would frig herself with those types of things during her own masturbation. "Well, that's good. 'Cuz my little friend here is gonna keep on fucking you, until he makes you cum." Rico didn't have to worry about that. His relentless and energetic frigging of her vagina with the handle of his switchblade was automatically causing Cindy's level of sexual excitement to skyrocket, until she found herself involuntarily rocking her pelvis back and forth, to intentionally meet each inward thrust of Rico's knife handle.

And at that point, Cindy also found herself not wanting Rico to stop, because it just felt too good to her, and she was on the verge of not just cumming, but orgasming her ass off. And that's exactly what happened next.

Cindy closed her eyes, threw her head back, started to cry out as her orgasm hit with a vengeance. Rico quickly reacted by throwing the curved palm of his left hand over Cindy's mouth and nose, which caused her eyes to pop wide-open in surprise, as he sternly warned her in a strong whisper, "What the fuck are you doing, Chica?

Shut up, God damn it! Or you'll wake everyone up." Meanwhile, Rico's right hand was still pistoning the handle of the switchblade in and out of Cindy's vagina, at a rapid-but-steady pace.

Then a toothy grin broke out on Rico's face, as he added, "You're cumming right now, aren't you, Chica?" Cindy quickly nodded her head, shut her eyes again, and her whole body shuddered, as one orgasmic wave after another washed over her, turning her legs into jelly underneath her.

And she started to fall over to one-side, against the edge of the bathroom vanity. "You should be proud of yourself, esé. You made my little friend very happy," Rico said, and then finally removed the knife handle from Cindy's vagina, and stuck it back down inside the waistband at the rear of his boxers. "Now, its time for you to make me happy." "Okay," Cindy said, "What do you want me to do?" "Move over here, and bend over, and spread your legs apart." Cindy didn't say a word.

She quit straddling the toilet bowl, and moved over in front of the bathroom vanity. Then she leaned over the sink, and spread her legs apart, just as Rico had "requested." Cindy's face was now just inches away from the mirror that was mounted over the sink, and she could see every move that Rico was making behind her.

She watched him pull his fully-erect penis out of his left boxer leg-hole, and then saw him move right up behind her butt.

She felt him press the tip of his firm dick-head against her ass-hole, and she knew exactly what he was getting ready to do next. And the last thing she wanted was for Rico to hurt her--or worse yet, rip up her anal sphincter muscle--while he was attempting to butt-fuck her with his bone-dry penis. "Wait a minute!" Cindy barked out at Rico, in a exaggerated forced whisper that made him stop his "forward progress" for just a moment.

And she immediately reached down between her spread legs, grabbed hold of Rico's dick-shaft, quickly rubbed the end of his dick back and forth along her wet pussy crack a few times (in all-out effort to get the tip of Rico's uncircumcised penis well-lubricated), before she placed the tip of Rico's dick back up against her anus, and told him, "Okay.

Go ahead, Sweetie." Cindy couldn't believe that she had just called Rico "Sweetie." She had no idea why that word had so naturally flowed out of her mouth, while she was talking to a man who was getting ready to forcibly rape her in the ass. Rico shoved his dick all the way up to the hilt, in a single strong thrust, which made Cindy suck in bunch of air, during one quick inhale, with her mouth wide-open. And Rico assumed that he was now punishing the hell out of Cindy, by butt-fucking her.

The irony was that nothing could have been further from the truth. Cindy was one of those rare women who just happened to have an anal fixation. And she had been that way throughout her entire life. During her masturbations, she would inevitably end up inserting something up into her own rectum, even if that "something" turned out to be her own fingers.

And over the years, she had stuck just about every type of cylindrical object imaginable up into her own poop-chute, and actively used that foreign object as a masturbation aid.


Sometimes, if Cindy just happened to be feeling exceptionally horny, these cylindrical anal masturbation objects could include some pretty weird things, like wooden bed posts and chair legs.

But of course, Rico didn't know that Cindy was an "anal queen" who had an affinity for butt plugs. And so once he got into a rhythm, and was steadily humping away at her rectum, her reaction came as a total surprise to him.

She didn't start freaking out and crying, or beg Rico to stop, or anything like he had expected her to do. Instead, Cindy seemed to enjoy getting butt-fucked by him.

In fact, while Rico was humping away at her butt-hole, Cindy reached down between her legs with her right hand, and began fingering her own clit. And as a result, it didn't take long at all before she felt herself on the verge of another orgasm. But just as she was getting ready to "go over the top," Rico abruptly pulled out of her ass-hole, and told her, "Turn around, and spread your legs apart." It took a few moments for Cindy to mentally come back down to earth from her orgasmic near-miss.

But once she did, she pushed her torso up off of the vanity, turned around to face Rico, and then spread her legs apart. She was now in a standing position, leaning slightly back, with her butt right up against the edge of the vanity counter top, and with her pelvis intentionally rocked all the way forward, in a teasing "come and get it" kind of pose.

"Now, pull it open for me, Chica," Rico ordered, gesturing towards her pussy, as he was closing in on her, face-to-face. And of course, Cindy knew exactly what Rico was wanting her to do.

While she was staring down at her own crotch the entire time, Cindy carefully placed a hand on each side of her vulva, slowly pulled her pussy crack as wide-open as it would go, and then just held it that way.

Rico guided his dick up under her pussy mound, and stuck the end of it into her held-open pussy crack, while Cindy was watching this all take place down between her spread-apart thighs.

She could see that Rico's entire penis was smattered with little brownish flecks here and there. And she could only assume that these flecks were her own fecal matter.

At this point, any "normal" woman would have been scared that she might get a serious vaginal infection from Rico's shit-covered dick. But not Cindy. The fact that Rico was now intentionally contaminating her pussy, only served to mentally turn her on even more than she already was.

Cindy had done the exact same thing to herself on numerous occasions in the past, and had never suffered any consequences from her having done so, other than making her pussy a little bit stinky. As she felt the end of Rico's penis being rubbed back and forth against her pussy crack and her clit, Cindy was still turned-on by Rico's anal intercourse with her that had brought her to the very brink of orgasm, just before he had unexpectedly pulled out of her.

And the more she thought about what he had done, and about how he had just denied her the one thing that was helping her to deal with this whole situation, the more pissed off she got at him. And then, her anger just came bubbling up out of her mouth, in a single sarcastic question to Rico, "You think you can make me cum this time, before you pull out?" Cindy couldn't believe she had just said that to her attacker.

She had just questioned his very manhood, which is something that one should never do to a Hispanic man, thanks to the existence of the whole "Machismo" thing. But it was too late now. Cindy couldn't take back what she had said. "Oh, so you wanna cum, huh?" Rico said, obviously very pissed-off by Cindy's tongue-lashing. "Tell you what. Maybe my little friend will help you cum better, Bitch!" "No, Rico.

Please don't. I'll cooperate," Cindy pleaded. And Rico reacted to Cindy's pleas by reaching around his back, pulling his switchblade out of his boxer shorts, punching the little button to extend the knife blade, and then pressing the tip of the blade against her sternum, right between and below her two bra cups.

Then, he inserted the long blade up under the material between her two bra cups, and between the crack in her ample cleavage. And he made an upward sawing motion, as he cut the two bra cups apart, so that they fell to each side, exposing Cindy's large breasts, with their barely-visible, super-pale, drastically puffed-out aureolas. And Rico said to Cindy, "You're damn right, you're gonna cooperate!

Now play with your big, milk cow titties, while I'm fucking you." Cindy couldn't believe that she had just made matters even worse than they already were. Now Rico had that damn knife out again, waving it all around.

And now she was being forced to fondle her own breasts in front of Rico, while she was letting him fuck her pussy with his filthy, shit-covered dick. And letting Rico see her bare breasts was something that Cindy really didn't want to do. Let's just say that she was less than thrilled with the weird-nippled breasts that God had chosen to bless her with.

And so Cindy had always preferred to leave her top--or at least her bra--on whenever she was having sex with another person. Cindy thought to herself, Don't say another fucking word, you stupid idiot! What were you thinking? Just shut up and ride it out.

Rico shoved his dick up into Cindy's baby-making hole, and he began humping away at it. They were both still standing up, face-to-face.

And she had one hand on each of her breasts, repeatedly squeezing and manipulating them both; while at the same time, trying to keep her overly-large nipples covered up with her hands, as much as possible, so that Rico wouldn't stare at them so much.

But all her efforts were truly in vain, because Rico still kept staring at her bare boobs anyway. Cindy couldn't help but smile, as she thought about the fact that Rico was actually getting "sloppy seconds" right now, because she already had a couple of wads of Carl's semen deep inside her vagina, from her earlier lovemaking this evening.

After about a minute or so, Rico looked upward from her tits, to lock his eyes on hers, and he told Cindy, "Well, cum God damn it! What the fuck are you waitin' for? And don't try to fake it, either. I can tell when it's real, and when it's not." "I'm almost there, Baby," Cindy said truthfully, as she was looking deep into Rico's eyes, returning his steady gaze, just like two lovers might do.

And then she added, "I just need you to do one more thing for me, okay?" "What's that?" Rico asked. "I need your little friend to fuck me in the ass, while you're fucking my pussy.

Do you think he'd like that?" "Oh, fuck yes!" Rico agreed, and retracted the blade of the knife back into the handle, so that he could flip the handle around, and stick up into Cindy's ass-hole, and then begin frigging her rectum with it, while he continued to thrust away at her vagina with his dick.

And that did the trick for Cindy. It took her right over the top, and she began to orgasm strongly. "Oh, fuck yes, Rico!


That's it. You're makin' me cum!" Cindy announced in a breathy, excited whisper right into Rico's left ear. And Rico could tell that Cindy wasn't lying about her orgasm either. Because he could feel the walls of her vagina become noticeably wetter all around his penis, and he could also feel the muscles at the entrance of her vagina, as they repeatedly gripped and then released the base of his dick-shaft.

"Come on, Rico. Give me your sperm, God damn it!" Cindy cheered him on. "What fuck are you waitin' for?" she added, egging him on, using his own words against him. And the next thing she knew, Cindy breathed a big sigh of relief when she felt Rico's pulsating penis, as it took on a life of its own, and was busy ejaculating his Hispanic man-seed inside her vagina. And she realized this whole ordeal was nearly over with. But, unfortunately for Cindy, Rico had one last surprise for her.

He yanked the switchblade handle out of her ass-hole, and backed away from her, to pull his penis out of her vagina, and then away from her vulva entirely. "Get down on your knees, and clean up my dick with your mouth, Puta!" Rico ordered, calling Cindy a "whore" in Spanish. "Do I have to?" Cindy automatically balked at what Rico was asking her to do. "God, that's just so gross!" "No, of course you don't have to do what I say. But if you decide not to cooperate with me, then I might decide to call my homie, and arrange for a not so small accident to happen to someone you love.

Maybe a relative, or a good friend of yours. Who knows? So what's it gonna be, Chica? Are you gonna cooperate with Rico, or not?" Cindy hesitantly knelt down in front of Rico, and stuck the head of his stinky dick in her mouth, which grossed her out so much that it triggered her gag reflex. "Oh, by the way, my little friend here needs his dick cleaned too," Rico said, rubbing the end of the knife handle up against Cindy's cheek, and then inserting it into one corner of her mouth, along side his own dick, which she was already sucking away on.

Cindy thought to herself, My God! When is this ever going to end? If I had a gun right now, I'd shoot this son of a bitch! After Cindy had finished licking Rico's dick clean--as well as the handle of his precious switchblade--she looked up at Rico and asked, "Are you finished with me yet?

Can I leave this fucking bathroom now?" "Yes, Chica. You've been a good girl tonight. But don't you go telling anyone else about what just happened here, or I might have to arrange an accident for one of your loved ones, like I told you." "Don't worry, Rico.

Your secret's safe with me." Rico turned around, unlocked and opened the bathroom door, and walked straight to the bed, to lie down next to Sally, who was still fast asleep. Cindy just stayed in the bathroom for several minutes. She was shaking from the whole experience, and felt like she was going to puke at any moment. But she didn't. Instead, she slowly regained her composure, and then finally walked out into the hotel room to find and gather up her clothing.

She walked back into the bathroom, pulled her emergency travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste out of her purse, and thoroughly brushed her teeth. Then she stuffed her destroyed bra down into her purse, along with her toothbrush and toothpaste. Finally, she flushed her panties and her urine down the toilet, and then put her blouse, her pants, and her sandals back on, so that she could sneak out of the hotel room.

It was a horrible ending for a night that had started out so wonderfully. And Cindy felt really bad about leaving Carl like that, without even telling him goodbye. But she just couldn't bring herself to stay in the same hotel room with Rico any longer than she had to. And if that meant that Carl would end up becoming a one-night stand for her, then so be it.

But most of all, Cindy worried about her kid sister being "in lust" with a vicious rapist like Rico. Once Cindy finally got back to her Uncle Jerry's apartment, she went straight to the guest room, threw herself down on top of the bed, and cried like a little baby.

But she wasn't crying for the reasons that one would normally assume. Cindy was crying because she finally realized what a true slut she really was, deep down inside. She realized that she had actually enjoyed getting forcibly raped by Rico in that bathroom--except for that very last "stinky dick-sucking" part, that is. She had even gotten turned-on while peeing her panties in front of him, which most women would have found to be a degrading experience.

However, Cindy was not "most women." Just like many other gingers out there in the real world, Cindy had been bullied throughout her entire life, thanks to her reddish-orange hair and her pale, freckled skin. The girls at school used to call her a "freak" behind her back, and were always putting her down every chance they got, and treating her like a second-class citizen.

And Cindy had always just quietly sat there--or stood there--and taken her classmates' abuse, because she didn't have a mean bone in her body. In fact, Cindy had always felt sorry for her attackers. And after being subjected to so much bullying and verbal abuse over the course of many years, Cindy eventually became a full-blown masochist. And so when it came to boyfriends, she found herself naturally gravitating towards guys who were sadistic and cruel to her.

And the real truth of the matter was that Rico wasn't Cindy's "first rodeo." In other words, he wasn't the first guy to ever forcibly rape her. Cindy lost her virginity when her very first true boyfriend in high school raped her in the back seat of his car, while they were making out at the drive-in movies. It was only their second date together, and Cindy had begged and pleaded with Sam not to fuck her that night.

But all her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Sam went ahead and shoved his fully-erect dick up inside her virgin baby-making hole, and then came inside her within less than 30 seconds after his initial penetration. The ironic part was that when Sam started ejaculating inside her, Cindy began orgasming right along with him. And afterwards, she begged him to stay coupled-up with her, and to not pull out. And that was because Sam had managed to unintentionally give Cindy one of the strongest orgasms that Cindy had ever experienced in her young life.

And naturally, she wanted those awesome after-glow sensations to last as long as possible. But Sam unceremoniously pulled out of her anyway. And then he called her a filthy slut, and laughed right in her face, telling her that a guy would be crazy to have a "freak" like her (there was that horrible word again) for a girlfriend, and that he was only going out with her so that he could get some "easy pussy." And Cindy realized that Sam had been truthful with her, for the most part.

Being a ginger, she had a super-high libido, and was always ready and willing to make out with just about any guy who would have her. And she was always game to make out with a guy just about anywhere that the two of them could get some privacy for just a few moments. But once Sam had taken her virginity, and unexpectedly plunged her into the world of adult-style sexual intercourse, Cindy was hooked. And she was no longer content to just make out with guys. Instead, she was always secretly wanting them to forcefully "take her" and "have their way" with her.

And Cindy became a true cock-tease after that, always hoping that her next "boyfriend" would finally get pissed-off at her, and frustrated enough to go ahead and date-rape her. And that was primarily because Cindy thought of herself as basically being "a good girl," and that was the only way that she could justify to herself the idea of letting a guy have sexual intercourse with her.

And that date-rape stuff ended up happening to Cindy more often than one would think. Usually in the back seat of the guy's car. And always with Cindy intentionally using no form of birth control, other than sheer luck. And that was the way that Cindy liked it. She loved playing the role of the innocent victim. And she was literally addicted to the danger that she always put herself in. And in the end, she had ended up paying for that addiction with her uterus and her ovaries.

It happened during the summer after Cindy's high school graduation, when she picked up this good-looking stranger at a night club one evening.

She intentionally cock-teased the shit out of him all night long, while he was dancing with her and buying her drinks.

Of course, Cindy was underage, and wasn't supposed to be in that nightclub that night. But her authentic-looking fake ID card had gotten her through the front door of the club, just like it always did. Right before closing time, her handsome, young stranger ended up raping Cindy on the concrete floor of the deserted ladies restroom at the night club, all the while holding the jagged end of a broken beer bottle up to her throat.

Cindy was so drunk at the time that she didn't remember much about the rape itself, other than the fact that, for some strange reason, she couldn't help but say the phrase "Fuck me!" over and over again to herself, while that good-looking stranger was force-fertilizing her totally-unprotected vagina and uterus.

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She didn't even know the man's name, but that didn't stop him from giving her one hell of a vaginal infection that just wouldn't go away, no matter how many trips to the doctor that Cindy later took. And so she was eventually left with no other choice but to get a hysterectomy. And that's how Cindy's cock-teasing was quickly "cured." That, and having to explain to her young husband at the time exactly how she had gotten that vaginal infection from hell!

She really couldn't blame her husband for walking out on her, like he did. She had been cheating on him regularly anyway, for quite some time. After all, once she had gotten married to him, Cindy had realized pretty quickly that one man's dick would never be enough to keep a slutty, over-sexed nymph like her sexually satisfied. And now, she couldn't have kids anymore, and so she was no longer "wife material," as far as her husband was concerned.

But for Cindy, that was all water under the bridge now. It was another lifetime ago. And so while she was lying in bed in Uncle Jerry's guest room, crying her heart out, Cindy was wondering what the fuck was wrong with her?

Why she was so fucked up in the head to think that it was "okay" for men to use her like that? And why she had used terms of endearment with Rico, like "Sweetie" and "Baby," while he was raping her against her will? Or was it really against her will? Cindy wasn't completely sure of that either, because she knew she would have most-likely gone ahead and allowed Rico to secretly have sex with her in that bathroom, without him ever having to pull out his switchblade, and threaten her with it.

After all, Rico was a pretty good-looking young guy. And he had a nice, long dick on him too. And a real six-pack of abs to go along with it. What more could a girl want in a sex partner? Before Cindy knew it, her tears were all gone. And she started getting turned-on again, while thinking about--and mentally reliving--everything that had just happened to her in that hotel room bathroom. She thought about Rico's large biceps, and his toned abdominal muscles, and his sexy-looking dick, and his pendulous ball-sack.

And it didn't take long before she had stripped off all her clothing, and was lying on top of the guest bed on her back, with her legs spread apart, as she was busy diddling away at her creampied pussy. The same pussy that had a fresh wad of Rico's sperm inside it. And that last thought really got her super-excited, despite the fact that Cindy had undergone that supra-cervical hysterectomy years before, and no longer had any eggs for Rico's sperm to fertilize.

Heck, she didn't even have a womb anymore. Just a cervix poking through into her vaginal canal. But the upside to all this was that Cindy could fuck whenever she wanted to--since she also didn't have menstrual periods anymore--and she never had to worry about getting pregnant. Eventually, Cindy stopped masturbating just long enough to frantically search through the drawers of the two night stands on either side of the bed. And then she finally said out-loud to herself, "Damn it! Where's my fucking butt plug at?" "I'm using it right now," Uncle Jerry's voice unexpectedly called out loudly from his bedroom.

And after pausing a beat, Jerry added, "On Henry." "I didn't know you were home," Cindy yelled back, as she was envisioning her Uncle Jerry inserting her 3-inch-wide butt plug up into his young black friend's rectum. "You guys are really quiet." "Yeah, I guess we are. Aren't we?" Jerry called back. "So do you wanna join us?" "Sure. But you gotta let me use the butt plug. Okay?" "How 'bout I just plug your butt with my fat dick?" Uncle Jerry replied, and Cindy heard the two men laughing in the other room.

"That'll work too," Cindy called back, with a big smile on her face, as she got up out of the bed to start heading down the hall towards Jerry's bedroom. Using the sexiest-sounding voice she could muster, Cindy called out down the hall, "Hey Henry, have you ever fucked a ginger before?" "No," Henry called to her, as she was approaching the wide-open doorway of Jerry's bedroom, and then walking right in on the two men who were both naked from the waist down, and busy jacking off each other's penises, while they were sitting beside each other at the edge of Jerry's bed.

"Good! Well, I've never fucked a black man, either," Cindy said to Henry, lying through her teeth. "And I'm not using any birth control right now," she added, telling him the absolute truth. "So how would you like to try to make a cute, little mulatto baby with me?" "Oh shit!' Henry cried out, "You're making me cum, Girl!" "That's the idea!" Cindy coyly replied, as she spread her legs slightly apart, reached down into her own bare crotch, and began actively fingering her pussy and diddling her clit, right in front of Henry.

And then she saw the thick, milk-white sperm immediately start shooting out of the end of Henry's large black penis, in 2 to 3-foot-long streamers, that seemed like they were never going to stop. Even though Cindy couldn't see it, she knew that Henry had to be sitting on her butt plug, with it inserted all the way up into his rectum.

And thanks to the direct stimulation that it was providing to his prostate gland and his anal sphincter muscle, which was able to squeeze down around the more-narrow end of the butt plug to firmly hold it in place, Henry's orgasm and ejaculation was quite a bit stronger and more intense than it would have been, without the butt plug inserted up his ass. "Wow!" was all Cindy to say, in response to this almost-surreal sight that she was witnessing with her own eyes.

"God damn it, Cindy!" her Uncle Jerry remarked, right on top her her "Wow!" exclamation. "You're makin' me cum too!" And that made Cindy look away from Henry's still-ejaculating penis, to look over into her uncle's lap, just in time to see the sperm start freely flowing out of her Uncle Jerry's short, fat dick.

Jerry's sperm didn't squirt out forcefully, like Henry's did. It just kind of flowed out of his freakishly-large piss-hole slit, in thick, yellowish-tinged globs at first; until it finally changed into a nearly-transparent seminal fluid, that looked to Cindy just like Jerry was ejaculating pre-cum.

And Cindy thought to herself, slowly shaking her head from side-to-side, Yeah, that's what happens when you get older, I guess. But it's still my Uncle Jerry's sperm, and that's a real turn-on!

"Shit! I can't leave you two boys alone. Can I?" Cindy said out loud, still slowly shaking her head. "Now I've got to get you both hard again, before we can do anything," Cindy complained sarcastically, and then let out a big, fake sigh. "The least you can do is give me the God damn butt plug, so I can make myself cum, just like you guys did!" "Only if you promise to masturbate in front of us," Jerry insisted to Cindy.

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"Of course! I'm already doing it, aren't I?" Cindy stated, briefly glancing down at her own pussy-diddling hand, and then back up at the two spent men sitting on the bed. "And I wouldn't want it any other way." * * * * *