Gay twinks on daddy Aiden Tyler William and Neo were all lying in

Gay twinks on daddy Aiden  Tyler  William and Neo were all lying in
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This is Ellie's second day. A short introduction to it at least. I am looking for ways to develop it, so leave me ideas in the comments section and I will choose my favourite to finish the story. Ellie and the Octopus Blinking slightly eyes adjusting to the dim light, Ellie took in her surroundings.

Warm, wet and naked were her first thoughts. And she was right. Submerged up to her shoulders in warm water, in what looked to be a very large pool, vast even, she couldn't quite make out where the other side was.

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Her arms it seemed were restrained at the elbow, more it seems for support in the water as her feet weren't on the bottom and her ankles were restrained with her legs apart. It felt like she was laying against a wall, but maybe more like a ramp, she couldn't quite tell.

She felt very comfortable really and warm in the water. The water rippled slightly and lapped at her neck. She didn't take any notice and close her eyes again thinking about the plants and the being from yesterday.The water rippled more and lapped further up her neck.

Ellie realised suddenly that something was moving towards her in the water. She could feel the water moving all around her now. Squinting her eyes she could just about make out a large shape in the water but nothing defined. It halted in front of her and the water settled. Slowly out of the water two large tentacles emerged, grey and glistening with pulsating purple and pink suckers.


Ellie squealed but felt her eyes grow wide as the tentacles moved towards her. Moving back under the water as they came at her Ellie scrunched her eyes up to see them then suddenly they were on her.

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Suckers pulling at her flesh like lots of fish sucking at her. Finding her nipples a sucker settled on each and started to pulse hard stretching and pulling at them. She gasped, her breath catching in her throat just as another tentacle found its way to her pussy and clamped itself over her lips. One of the suckers nestled it self between her lips and sucked hard at her clit, pulling it and making it swell.

The tentacles on her body sucked at her flesh hard and her eyes rolled with the pleasure. As they did so the one on her pussy leg go, leaving her clit engorged and protruding from her pussy lips, the water making it tingle. A light flickered to the right of her and Ellie looked over to see her audience again from yesterday, all looking on intently. She tried to look at them again and make out their faces more but as she looked at them a tentacle thrust at her and pushed her lips apart entering her pussy hard, she jumped and screamed.

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The tentacle pulled out of her and proceeded to flick at her clit, up and down, side to side, over and over and over. Ellie's eyes rolled back again. The tentacles pulled away from her. She opened her eyes and looked on wide eyed the creature lifted itself up out of the water.

Large black eyes stared at her but her attention was distracted by something moving to the left and right of it. The water rippled the surface broken but 6 or so smaller creatures, all with tentacles and all racing towards her. Two of them came up to her face and wrapped tentacles around her neck, the suckers pulling at her flesh were not as harsh as the large creature but relentless in their attack. One tentacles pushed her lips open and attached itself to her tongue, as two more creatures move towards her.

Attaching themselves to her breasts. Wrapping their tentacles around her swollen breasts and pulsing and squeezing them hard, hernipples swelling even more. It was like they were trying to milk her.

One of them them clamped it's beak like mouth onto her nipples and began to nibble and suck hard, again she squealed but it didn't stop.

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The one on her other breasts followed suit and clamped down hard on her nipples trying to milk her. Another small creature made its way up the inside of her leg it's tentacles squirming all over her flesh.

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Probing at her swollen clit and into her pussy lips. Two tentacles made they way into her wriggling around inside her, another feeling between her arse cheeks for her tight hole. A sucker attached to her hole and began to pulse. The feeling was immense. She wanted to scream, wanted to get away from what on the face of it should repulse her but she was overwhelmed at the sensations.

The little beaks on her nipples bit at her over and over and she wished she had milk to feed them with. The one on her pussy pulled it's tentacles out of her and positioned itself on her pussy, the tips of its tentacles parted her lips and she realised it was about to go for her clit. It's little beak nipped at her and then settled over her clit, clamping down like the other and sucking so hard she thought she would explode. The creature kept at it, pulling off now and then to nip at her.


Suddenly the large creature moved and one of its tentacles moved toward her pussy lips. . Don't forget to leave comments about what you would to happen to Ellie. More creatures different types ones etc.

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It's up to you. I will pick my favourite and biggest turn on! Thank you for reading