Suck and Fuck on the Stairs

Suck and Fuck on the Stairs
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Gabby 2 I woke up, still naked from the night before, and headed over to my brothers room. He was still sound asleep, though I could see his cock tenting the sheets. I walked over and sat lightly on the edge of his bed and started rubbing him. He moaned softly and shifted, but didn't wake up.

I wrapped my hand around it a bit more and stroked harder. An "oh yeah," escaped his lips and his eyes fluttered open. He looked at me and smiled. "Whatcha doin?" he asked, eying my naked body. "Being a good girl," I answered, sliding the covers down his body. Soon they revealed that, unlike me, he had not slept naked.

His cock caused his boxers to protrude greatly from his body. I began rubbing it once more, but he sat up, pulling his cock out of reach. I looked at him and frowned. "Aw, what's wrong," he said in mock sympathy, sliding his boxers down so they just barely covered his cock. "I want to do what I did yesterday," I told him, "I want to put it in my mouth." "Maybe if you ask nicely," he said smiling, interlacing his hands behind his head while his cock sat there beneath his boxers, yearning to be touched.

"Please can I suck your cock?" I asked, batting my eyelashes at him. He laughed, "ah, ah, ah, you didn't call me sir. Get on your knees." I slid off the bed and onto the floor, resting my palms on my thighs, thinking he was finally going to give in.

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"Now I want you to beg for it. Oh, and spread your legs a bit further apart and put your hands on your head." I slid my knees outward, lowering my shaved and dripping pussy towards the ground then intertwined my fingers behind my head causing my breasts to rise. My nipples hardened in anticipation, and I took a minute to find the words. "Please sir, may I suck your cock?" He slid to the edge of the bed, closer to me, but still out of reach.

I continued, "I would love to pleasure you again." I meant every word of it. He stood and slid his boxers off, exposing his rock hard dick. I drooled in anticipation, but he sat back down. "Continue," he said. "Please sir, I would love to swallow your…your…" "Cum," he finished for me. "I would love to swallow your cum again sir." "Are you going to follow my rules?" he asked me. "Yes sir." "All of them?" "Yes sir." "What if I ask you to put all your clothes in my room, so you can wear them only when I say?" I immediately got up to do what he said, but he stopped me before I could leave.

"I didn't tell you it was ok to get up. You have a lot to learn about following rules." "Yes sir." "Now you may bring your clothes into my room." I got up and left. One by one, I brought my dresser drawers into his room and stacked them neatly in front of his bed. "Dump them in my closet and put them back." One by one, I did as I was told.

When I got to the last drawer, my underwear drawer, something made a jingling noise into the pile. "What was that?" he asked. "I don't know sir," I replied, somewhat curious myself, before remembering just what I'd stashed away there.

"Go get it," he said. It was a gift that a friend of mine had given me a few years back. Her dad was a cop and always on the go, so it wasn't strange for me to go over to her house and see him in uniform often.

Never one with much experience around police, I used to stare goggle-eyed at his badge and the things on his belt, so for my last birthday, she'd given me a pair of handcuffs. I pulled them out of the pile and held them up to my brother. The keys were on a lanyard that was wrapped around one of the cuffs. "Interesting," he said with an evil smile.

"Becky gave them to me," I explained. "Nice. Put them on." I dropped the key in front of me and resumed my kneeling position. I maneuvered the cuffs around behind my back, like I'd always seen cops subdue criminals and ratcheted them into place around my wrists until I couldn't slip my hands through.

They weren't regulation cuffs, but they didn't have a safety on them.

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They were separated by a mere two lengths of chain providing quite the restraint. He stared at my breasts which were now jutting forward slightly due to the position of my arms, beckoning wandering hands to touch. I stared at his cock, fantasizing about drooling on it, and sliding it between my lips.

"How good of a job do you think you did last night?" he asked, breaking my reverie. "Um, pretty good…sir," I answered, remembering the salty taste of his cum on my tongue. "You couldn't take it all," he reminded me. I stayed silent. "Do you want me to train you to do a better job?" I nodded emphatically and grinned, relishing the thought of many more blowjobs.


"Do you think you can learn?" I thought about sucking him again, how I could only get just past halfway, and how hard it was to fit any more of him in my mouth. "Yes sir, I can try." "It won't be easy, will it?" I shook my head hard, causing my breasts to jiggle. I noticed him staring again. "What do I get for my hard work?" I shrugged, difficult work with my hands bound, it made me jut my boobs out towards him more and made them bounce again. "Are you saying I get your boobs?

He asked with a laugh. I started to shake my head, but then changed my mind and nodded, feeling my pussy tingle with arousal. "What else?" he asked.

"I'll do all your chores for you, naked if you want, except when mom and dad are around." "Well that goes without saying," he responded. "So you'll be my slave then?" I just stared at him, not quite processing what he'd said.

He started to slide his boxers back up his legs. "No---I mean yes sir." "What?" he asked, pausing. "I'll be your slave," I said quickly. "You'll be my…slavemaster," I said, searching for the right word. He dropped his boxers again. "I definitely like the sound of that, slave." "Yes master," I said trying the word out. It rolled nicely off my tongue.

I looked towards the floor, then raised my eyes, inevitably landing them on his still hard cock. "We'll have to draw up a contract---" he started then paused, noticing me still staring at him. "But we can do that later, I guess." "Please may I suck it master?" I asked hungrily. He nodded and sat down on the edge of his bed, beckoning me over with a finger. I crawled on my knees until I was kneeling between his legs. From here I could smell the erotic aroma of his cock and balls.

"You need to learn to deepthroat slave." I nodded and took him in my mouth. Without my hands, it was a bit harder getting into a good rhythm for him. He took my head in his hands and guided me along.

After a few minutes, his cock was nice and wet and I didn't need his help, but his hands remained, guiding me down further and further. After four inches, his cock touched the back of my throat and I began to choke once more.

I concentrated hard on not gagging as he brought me down further. After a little while, he'd coaxed another half inch out of me, but that meant I was still about two inches away. Finally he held me so that just his head was in my mouth.

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I stared up at him. "This time, you're going all the way, whether you like it or not." I nodded at him, and he began to slowly guide me down. I soon felt the tip hit the back of my throat. I tried to straighten my windpipe and focus hard on not gagging. I felt it slide further down, pushing the folds of my throat apart. My eyes began to water, but I didn't choke. After several seconds, he held me down with my nose touching his stomach and my chin hitting his balls.

My eyes had watered badly to the point of barely being able to see, but I silently celebrated in my head at having taken him all the way. He let go and let me work from then on, his dick now completely covered in my spit. I worked on going all the way down by myself. It took several tries, but after a while, I could take it all and only gag some of the time. After a half hour of practice, I could feel him getting closer to cumming. I worked my tongue over his head as fast as I could, but this time, as his dick was starting to stiffen, he pulled out of my mouth.

I was confused at what he was trying to do and recoiled slightly in shock as the first stream hit me in the face. I moved back close to him quickly and shut my eyes as he shot several more ropes of cum onto me. By the end of his orgasm he'd covered my face and gotten some on my neck, boobs and stomach and probably in my hair. "That looks absolutely gorgeous," he said of my cum covered face, prompting a smile from me.

"Now, about your contract," he said. I stayed there on my knees as he walked over to his desk and began typing after a few minutes, he printed it and handed it to me. It was simple and straightforward. I, Gabby, hereby agree to be the slave of Tim, thus handing over sole possession of my body and my activities to him, fulfilling his any and every desire.

It had places for the both of us to sign. After reading it, I nodded. He put it back on the desk and signed it, then grabbed the keys to the cuffs. "Wait," I blurted out. "Aren't there supposed to be witnesses? In the movies whenever someone signs something there are always witnesses." "So what do you propose then, to make it more official," he said.

I just stared, I had no answer to that question. "I'll call a friend," he said. I nodded blankly. He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hey, Justin, I need you to help me out with something, something with my sister. Just come over man." My heart leapt in my chest. Justin was tall, tan and gorgeous, and I'd always had a crush on him. "Justin's always telling me how hot you are for a 14 year old," he said with a grin.

"Time for me to get cleaned up," Tim said, grabbing some clothes and heading to the bathroom. "What about me…master?" I asked him innocently. He went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, and tossed it to me. I used it to wipe the cum off myself, and wrapped it around my body.


It was small, I had to hold it to get it to stay up, and holding it as low as possible over my breasts, it just barely covered my butt. "Go downstairs and wait for the witness," he told me. I went into the living room and paced back and forth nervously. After a few minutes, the doorbell rang. I went over and opened it. It was Justin. He did a double take at seeing me in the skimpy towel, but recovered quickly to enough to stand there nonchalantly while trying not to stare.

'Come on in and sit down," I told him. "Tim's in the shower, I just got out," I told him, quickly shutting the door behind him and holding the towel closed by my breasts and pussy.

He walked in and sat at the dining room table, still staring. "Can I get something to drink?" he asked. I nodded and grabbed some spring water from the fridge. I reached up into the cupboards for a glass and heard him gasp behind me. Reaching upwards had caused the towel to come up. I grabbed both the glass and the water and carried them to the table while trying to keep my towel on.

There was a line of skin down the middle of me where the ends came apart, but I didn't think I'd revealed anything. I poured it for him and returned the water to the fridge. He sat there drinking, trying to still look at me without having me notice. I walked over and, to his surprise, had a seat on his lap. The towel rode up as I sat down so my wet pussy was planted right on his hard cock. We both gasped at the same time, him in shock, and me at the sensation of it slightly parting my pussy lips.

I started to slip, and shifted on him to get a better seat, in doing so pushing my pussy harder against his cock. I started to grind against him, slowly at first, hoping he wouldn't notice, but then threw caution to the wind in favor of pleasure. I held the towel over me with one hand, and braced myself against the table with the other while grinding him. I felt myself get very aroused, very quickly. Justin sat there, thrusting minutely as I gave him the lapdance.

He put the glass down and slid his hands to my hips, guiding them forwards and back over his cock. My hair started to fall into my face. I reached up to fix it, in doing so allowing the towel to fall. Before I could grab it, Justin had slid it to the floor. My hands raced from my hair to cover myself, but Justin's got there first, firmly groping and massaging my breasts. I let out a long low moan and used both hands on the table for leverage.

His large, warm hands, kneading my soft skin, pinching my nipples was all it took as I felt my kegel muscles tighten once more. This time the sensation blew away what I'd done in the shower, and I started to moan and scream.

Justin's hand flew to my mouth, keeping me quiet as I had my second orgasm. As I wound down, he let his hand off my mouth. I sat there for a moment on his throbbing cock, trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes, I slid off him, wobbly kneed and grabbed the towel, again covering myself.

At that time, I heard footsteps on the stairs. I quickly did what I could to fix my hair, and sat down on another chair. Tim eyed me suspiciously and put the paper on the table. "I see you two have been having some fun," he said. Justin started to stammer out excuses, but Tim cut him off. "It's ok; it's actually why you're here." Justin looked confused, but stayed silent. Tim slid the paper over, allowing Justin to read. His confusion grew to bewilderment, and a slight grin came across his lips.

"I'm…uh…not sure I should sign this," he said uncomfortably. "Please?" I asked him. Justin's mouth moved silently as he tried to find more words. He looked surprised that I was the one to speak next.

"I'll return the favor you gave me," I said, eyeing his cock and licking my lips. "If its ok," I said glancing quickly to my brother. "A handjob?" he nodded and left to go back upstairs. A few seconds later we heard his bedroom door shut. Justin and I stared at each other for a few seconds, before he pushed the contract in my direction and unzipped his pants.

I readily signed it, and stood up, leaving the towel behind. With some difficulty, I slid his five and a half inch cock out through the slit in his boxers and pulled his track pants down enough so it hung free.

I started stroking him slowly, intending to give him a nice long moment of pleasure, but after a few minutes, he was starting to moan and writhe. I started going faster, prompting an increase in volume from him.

When I thought he was about to blow, I held his cock on my cheek, and stroked him half with my hand, half with my face. He did not disappoint me as he shot a thick, white load all over my face. I smiled up at him, letting him enjoy the view for a few moments, before grabbing a box of tissues.

I stood off to the side as I cleaned off his dick, giving him a few more moments to touch what he pleased. Once I'd wiped the last of it off my face, he slid his hands off my body and pulled up his pants.

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"Thanks for letting me do that," I told him. "Let's hope we can do it again," he said with a grin, and left. I went back upstairs and into my brother's room. "Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked me.

I nodded. He smiled, "good. If you can get all the way down on my dick and stay there for a minute, I'll give you a reward for being such a good girl." "And if not?" I asked him. "Then I'll punish you." I dropped to my knees, and crawled across the floor to him. He was sitting in his desk chair, wearing jeans, boxers and a T shirt. He slid his dick out through his fly, and I impaled my head on it. I worked down slowly, inch by inch until my nose touched his stomach.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw him grab a stop watch and start it. I focused on breathing through my nose, and not thinking about the intrusion in my throat. It seemed like an eternity before a minute passed, but I managed to keep from choking.

I slid off his now wet dick with drool running down my chin and a big grin on my face. "Good girl," he said, tucking himself away. Before I knew what was happening, he'd grabbed me, hauled me to my feet and pinned me face down against his bed. I felt the cuffs lock into place. He hoisted me up onto the bed. "Kneel, legs apart, breasts jutting out." I did as he told me, wondering what he had in store.

He grabbed a roll of gauze and wrapped it over my eyes, blinding me, and tied it off. A tingle ran through my body as I knelt there, exposed and cut off from the world. He left me there to wonder what was going to happen for several moments. I thought I heard him leave the room, but I couldn't be sure. Then, I jumped a mile as I felt his finger brush lightly across my pussy.

He barely touched me, and it felt ten times better than grinding Justin. "That's your clit," a disembodied voice jumped out at me. "I can use it to make you feel very, very good, or torture you horribly." I jumped again as he touched me, harder this time, almost falling over. "Stay still," he warned me.

I flinched slightly less this time as his hand touched my pussy, and stayed there, massing my lips and clit. I moaned in ecstasy, I'd never felt anything this good. My own touch didn't even compare. I grinded against his hand as he massaged, working his way up to my clit and back down again, prompting a rise in my heartbeat each time he did so. Then, I felt It draw away. I whimpered disappointedly, only answered by the silent room. All of a sudden, I was pushed, hard from behind.

I screamed as I fell forward onto the bed. I scrambled to my knees once more, but his hand held my upper body down, pushing my face into the bed. I stayed in that position, ass up in the air, waiting for his next move.

It came suddenly, and I almost fell forward once more with the shock. He slid a finger deep into my pussy from behind. "Oh god," I moaned as he thrusted it in and out, working my clit at the same time with the palm of his hand. Each time his hand hit my clit, I felt another orgasm draw nearer and nearer. "What?" he asked, not understanding my mumble through the bed. "Another finger please master," I said, turning my head to the side so he could hear me.

He responded by filling my tight pussy up with the next thrust. I opened my mouth wide, but no sound came out. He thrusted harder and faster, still working my clit. "Oh god, I'm gonna! I'm gonna." I screamed. "Ask permission," he demanded. "Wha---" "Ask permission to cum," he answered. "Please may I cum?" I rasped. "No." "Oh shi---" I started, the rest of it obscured by gasps and moans as he started paying special attention to my clit. "Please, please, please," I begged, only able to manage one word.

"Yes you may," I breathed a sigh of relief. "If you yell 'I'm a slut,' while you do." "I'm a slut, I'm a slut, I'm a fucking slut," I barely had time to yell as another orgasm seized my body. From then on it was only unintelligible screams with the occasional distinguishable "slut," thrown in. I spasmed on the bed as my pussy made every effort to break Tim's fingers. After almost a minute, I lay in a tired, wet, sweaty, handcuffed heap on Tim's bed.

He removed the blindfold and let me rest for a while. When I finally rolled over, I saw him walking back into the room. "You have laundry to do," he told me, pointing to his sheets and a pile of clothes in the corner, then left, leaving me to struggle with the task while restrained.

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