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In our last chapter, the main events were the family gathered for the birth of Amanda and MJ, and the joyous reunion of Misty with her father Carl. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, after a threat to Daniel, their attempted precautions led to the school board deciding they needed precautions of their own. At the end of the school year, JJ will no longer be the self-defense instructor.

He only hopes he can convince the school board to continue the classes. Something he promised the student body at the prom, and if JJ is one thing, he is a man who lives by his promises. The other joyous thing that happened, Kathryn and JJ released from their medical celibacy, Kathryn's Doctor on the day of the prom gave her patient permission to resume their marital affairs. Kathryn had prepared a surprise for JJ that did not work out quite so well.

Instead of them getting to stay together until noon, Misty and Marshall interrupted the couple early. We now continue as JJ joins his best friend in the kitchen. The Ten of Them: Chapter 29 Is then that I notice it is actually light out and it must be seven in the morning if not later.

I find Marshall in the kitchen with his head in the refrigerator. Marshall usually eats if he is a little nervous. I call out to Marshall. He stands up so fast; he does not clear the door and bumps his head. I do my best to suppress my laughter. I know my best friend is very nervous when he behaves like this. Marshall rubs the back of his head. His face is a little red as he turns to me. I control the urge to put him on the spot; he is doing that well enough on his own. Marshall thinks I might be angry, but he could not control what Kathryn did.

I say, "We had a little bit of a surprise this morning. I do not think Kathryn was expecting anyone but Misty." Marshall says, "I am not sure what she was expecting, but oh my, I was not expecting that." He looks into my face and he tells me something that he has never told me before. "Back in our freshman year when we first met, I found out you were dating Kathryn. I had known Kathryn for a while through Coach Edwards; to me she was a child, a skinny little thing, all knees and elbows.

You were a freshman, and had to be one of the hottest boys our high school ever saw, half the girls in school walked around with wet panties daydreaming about you. I thought you were crazy not to take advantage of that. I could not see why you were infatuated with Kathryn, but man, you are a genius! She looks like a Playboy model. You are a lucky man!" Marshall begins to laugh thinking of the irony. I finally did not suppress my laughter and I laugh along with my best friend.

I just wish I could have seen his face when he saw Kathryn. I am not sure if I would have been jealous or not, but I trust my wife. My best friend, he is only human like the rest of us. I know how he feels, dammit I felt the same way yesterday.

Marshall looks at me and says, "JJ you are a damn lucky man, but why was Kathryn nude?" I feel for him because I can since that he has not been able to enjoy what I did last night.

I almost do not want to tell him, but Marshall and I have always been as honest with each other as we could. I say, "Kathryn's Doctor cleared her to resume our normal activities. After we made love, we both passed out last night. Kathryn was leaking on my chest, and I had to run to the bathroom or have a big mess to clean up. We were in the bathroom when the doorbell started ringing. Unfortunately, Kathryn's robe was in the bedroom." Marshall grumbles mostly to himself, "Damn lucky, Kathryn Doctor cleared her yesterday." I point out to Marshall, "Doesn't Misty have a Doctor's appointment later this morning.

I know Misty asked us to watch MJ, so it is not his appointment." Marshall brightens at the thought, he asks, "You really think that Misty's Doctor will clear her too." Now in a serious voice I say, "I really hope so, after all she did give birth on the same day.

However, everybody's body is slightly different. It might be another week if she did not heal as quickly." Marshall confesses, "Beating off really does not help, I just want or more because of it. JJ I am so horny the crack of dawn is not safe. That is why I had to run." I feel for Marshall I was there less than twelve hours ago.

I say to my best friend, "I know exactly what you mean. I was in love with Kathryn from her tenth birthday. We did not do anything for a very long time, but that did not stop me from wanting to. It has been five months for us too; I was exactly where you were yesterday. If the roles have been reversed I am sure I would be the one rubbing the back of his head." Marshall grins and says, you mean if you saw Misty walking down the hallway with a sway to her hips and tits, little drops of milk falling from them.

You would just about blow a load in your pants too." Chuckling I say, "No, no just about. I probably would have." Now laughing along with me Marshall says, "I do not believe you, but it is nice to hear you say that." After we laugh for a couple minutes, I ask him if he wants to play a game of pool and he shakes his head no. Curiosity must have gotten to him because he makes the mistake of asking, "JJ I know this is really personal, but how is sex with a woman who is nursing?" Jokingly I say, "Absolutely awesome, because sex is awesome.

If I told you how it really went, you would be trying to hide a second stain." Marshall looks down at his lap before he says, "I do not have a stain." With a straight face I say, "You would have two if I told you how good it is." I hold up two fingers, Marshall's confusion only lasted a second.

Marshall laughing so hard he nearly falls over, once he stops he asks, "So on the ten scale it is?" Not changing facial expressions I say, "Last night was a seventeen, but you have to not mind the taste of mother's milk." Laughing extremely hard for a few moments, wiping a tear away Marshall says, "I think I have gotten over that.

I have a confession. I did not spill Kathryn's milk. I got it confused because it was a normal milk bottle." I am laughing as hard as Marshall is because I understand.

I started to warn Kathryn about reusing glass milk bottles.

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I tell him, "I nearly did the same thing when Kathryn started using those bottles." Marshall gives me a pleading look again, he asks, "I know Kathryn needed expressed because she did not nurse Amanda yesterday evening.

I have been your best friend for as long as I have known you. We are as close as any brothers that I know. I just need to know, what I want to do is not abnormal.

I want to nurse and fuck my wife." I do not go into every detail, but I do tell Marshall about last night and it takes a little while because I have to pause to allow him to cool down several times.

By this time, I know for sure Kathryn has finished nursing Amanda. I can feel the love and contentment from both of them, from this distance, I really do not get Kathryn's thoughts but I still get a since of her stronger emotions.

Marshall finally shakes his head, he states, "I wish I had known about the bottles we were going to watch Amanda until ten. That way you two could had a little more fun." The elevator opens, and Misty steps out with a look on her face like the one I saw on Kathryn's last night, Misty says, "Oh My God, your elevator smells like a dozen people had sex in it.

If my doctor does not let me have sex after today, I am getting a different doctor." Marshall says, "It is a good thing I only used the stairs, if that elevator ride made you that horny." Misty bites her bottom lip and says, "Right now I almost want to forget the Doctor's appointment, and just pull you back into that elevator for ten minutes." I laugh saying, "I was in the same predicament Marshall is in last night, ten minutes is enough for two sessions." Misty still biting her bottom lip says, "I know.

Marshall is a bit quick on the trigger, but he recovers fast and takes his time on the second." Marshall chuckling says, "Honey it has been so long, it will probably be the third or fourth before I even slow down." Misty holding the same expression says, "Promises Marshall promises." Kathryn coming down the stairs, dressed thankfully, even after last night I would not be able to withstand the vision of her a second time this morning.

I would really feel for Marshall, it was probably all he could do to retreat. Mentally I tell my wife, (you should not torture a man like that. Poor Marshall has been without sex for months. A weaker man would have broken.) Kathryn giggles aloud then she whispers to Misty. I could eavesdrop on my wife's thoughts but eavesdropping is impolite, and telepathy takes a little mental push either to hear or to say. Without that mental push, a thought is like a whisper from across the room.

Sure if I am touching Kathryn, it is like a whisper in my ear. The two of us are discovering all this as we go along. Most people do not think very loudly, the energy for your inner voice. I am beginning to believe telepathy is like when you think of a word or sentence for dictation, for it to work Kathryn and I have to put a little more energy and instead of saying the word or sentence thinking it louder. Misty begins giggling at whatever Kathryn had whispered, after a moment Misty whisper something back.

Kathryn again whispers back, Misty's eyes get large, and suddenly her giggles fall silent. Then Kathryn asks in a normal voice, "JJ, do you think we can mark off the elevator?" Thinking for a moment I say, "Living room yes, elevator no, you were in orgasm as we rode it up to the bedroom." Now it is Misty's turn to roll with laughter, Marshall, Kathryn and I laugh along with her.

Once we recovered a little Kathryn says, "Apparently women store it up too." Misty says, "If I have that much stored up, Marshall you are going to live up to those promises, probably twice over." Marshall smiles and ask, "Promise Misty?" Misty again bites her bottom lip and gives her head a shake. The look on Marshall's face makes me wonder if he is making a stain. After five months and this conversation, I would not blame him if he had. However, his expression has the three of us laughing again, his expression changes to a smile and he begins to laugh as well.

Marshall and Misty excuse themselves. We know Marshall needs a cold shower to make it through the doctor's appointment. It would not surprise me if Misty needs one too. Smiling I ask my wife, "Where are the babies?" Kathryn displays a sexy grin and says, "They are both asleep, Misty asked if I could take care of MJ through this evening. She wants me to try to give him formula. She brought it over in the diaper bag for him.

The only problem she has is she does not produce enough milk for MJ." Stepping closer to me, Kathryn begins to rub my chest, "I think will have time while the baby sleep for a quickie." Kathryn flashes me a mental image of herself, on the bed with her ass in the air face down and biting a pillow, as I am behind her giving her in orgasm. She asks, "Can you make that happen?" With a smile I say, "I am pretty sure I can do that for you.

Are you sure, you can hang onto the pillow? We do not want to wake the babies." Giggling Kathryn says, "You worry about your part, I will worry about not biting through the pillow." Kathryn and I run halfway up the stairs, and tiptoe the other half not wanting to wake the babies. We close our door, and I look at the sleeping babies cuddled together in Amanda's crib. I know the two of them will be happy together, best friends until their sexual urges alters their relationship, them becoming lovers, then husband and wife.

Then Marshall and I become father in-laws, grandparents to the same grandchildren, and best friends through it all. Kathryn clears her throat, waggles her ass at me, I get a devilish idea and grabbed my camera from my desk, Kathryn's eyes are wide until I turn to the crib, not wanting to use a flash I turn it off, and take a picture of the two babes as they sleep.

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Sitting the camera aside quickly, I strip almost in the two steps it takes me to get onto the bed. Kathryn grins at me, not wanting to disturb our children she thinks, (for a moment there, I thought you are going to take a picture of me.) As I rub, my drooling cock up and down Kathryn's labia ensuring that I bump her clit gently. Kathryn is as wet as she was last night. She grabs the pillow and moans into it, in her mind I hear her think, (stop teasing me I need it now.) My mental reply, (yes my love, I need you too.) I find her opening and it is already grasping as I begin slowly pushing into her, halfway in, and Kathryn pushes back hard taking me all the way to her cervix.

Kathryn moans into the pillow, her mind screams, (fuck me now, hard and deep I want to cum fast.) I pull out and push back and quickly, but not quick enough for Kathryn she pushes back meeting my thrust and speeding the rhythm.

The rhythm is so fast I know I will not last very long, I feed my sensations into Kathryn and she immediately quivers. Giving Kathryn my body's pleasure connects our minds and our bodies. I can feel how my cock stretches her, how good that feels to her, how her G spot tingles, how her cervix needs to be bumped and rubbed. Now with each stroke I rotate my hips at the bottom, Kathryn's pleasure nearly doubled. I almost come from feeling how good it feels for her. Less than a hundred strokes later Kathryn is screaming into the pillow, I pushed my energy into her G spot, and cervix each time I make contact.

Even though the rhythm is very fast I found that I could hold back wanting to heighten her pleasure. However, it has been a good five minutes and Kathryn has been in orgasm nearly three of that. By this time, sweat drops from our bodies, the sound of us slapping together encompasses the room, Kathryn is howling into the pillow that is doing an adequate job of muffling her. I cannot hold back any longer and I give Kathryn all the sensations of me having my orgasm, Kathryn quivers falls forward thrusting into the mattress, I follow her not wanting to be pulled out.

Even though her hips now are in the wrong position, I still managed to stay within my wife. I explode as we both thrust forward with each pulse I produce, Kathryn spurting with each of my spurts. I am supporting my weight on my elbows, still wanting to linger inside my wife as her cunt milks the last of my cum from my cock, it twitches with each pulse Kathryn gives it. Kathryn's breathing is hard and fast too, we have just took first place for the sprint in our sexual Olympics.

Once our breathing normalizes, I kiss her neck and shoulders, before I reluctantly pull away. Kathryn rolls so she can face me giggles and whispers.

"So that is what it is like for a man to have sex. No wonder you love it. It is like my orgasms all at once, each spurt of your come feels like one of my orgasms." She reaches her hand up to my face, a devilish grin place a crossed her beautiful face. In her mind, she shows me a fantasy. Kathryn holds me tight as she lays on her back, we are in the missionary position with her legs wrapped around me, and her hands play across my back.

We are making love slow and gently just feeling each other close. Whispering she asks, "Could you do that with me even when were old and gray?" Her mind again flashes an image much like the first, except her hair is white and mine very gray, our skin is covered in wrinkles and it looks like were in our eighties. I kiss her and whispered her my answer, "I do not think they will ever be a day when I am actually tired of you.

I do not think they will ever be a day when I do not want you more than I want to breathe, even when were older than that." Kathryn giggles, and whispers again, "Of course, you are right my husband." Moving over Kathryn, she throws her legs wide as I settle between them. This time we make love slower, with lots of passionate kissing, we do not need to cum it is just about filling completed, the sensation of each other so close, to enjoy the touch of the other.

After about fifteen minutes, we realized that Amanda and MJ would probably wake in less than an hour. Kathryn pulls me back to our bathroom, in the shower she jumps into my arms and we finish our lovemaking session bringing each other to orgasm before we wash.

When we do not smell like sex, we can smell where and how strongly the house smells from our activities. The odors in the elevator nearly had Kathryn and I snatching our clothing off again, if it was not for the fact we were very sated from our activities so far this morning and last night.

We bring down the bed clothing, which smells so strongly Kathryn was biting her bottom lip again. In the laundry room I pull her close, and warn, "If were not careful will have those twins and nine months. I want to enjoy you for at least another year before we think of knocking you up again. I love our kids, I will love making them, but I want to practice a little while okay?" Kathryn smiles into my face and says, "The Doctor says there is a minuscule chance of me getting pregnant for another month or so, but we took the precaution of using the injected birth control.

I will have to go back every two months for another injection." I pull Kathryn back up into our bedroom, and we cuddle on our couch waiting for the laundry. We watch Amanda and MJ sleep; even at two months old, they seem to sleep more than anything else. As Grandpa Charles, Charles Sampson, says, "The more they sleep the faster they grow." I can tell Amanda is growing very fast right now.

When she is awake, she seems to have a little better control of her arms, and her legs, I see her sucking on her toes, and marvel at how flexible she is. She is getting stronger too; she can set up with a little help, she can grab onto my fingers and hold on to them until she is setting up right. Although she is still unstable, her core muscles are getting stronger by the day. Certain things about her personality are already developing.

She does not like to wear yellow, when Kathryn dressed her into a yellow dress Amanda would cry, we knew she was not hungry or wet she just did not like the dress. Most every other color she seems to like, although she does prefer blue.

I was trying to get a picture, of my three girls on Amanda's one-month birthday. Sam wanted to wear her favorite yellow dress, and Kathryn wanted all the girls to match. Unfortunately, Amanda had other ideas, it took a while but we figured it out.

Although in different colors, the three dresses were alike enough that the photo is one of my favorites of the girls so far. Sam and Crystal love their sister, and if we would let them, they would try to take care of her all by themselves. However, it does not go to changing diapers, especially when it is stinky diapers as the girls call them. Other than that, the three sisters love to spend time together.

It is fun watching Amanda get excited when she sees Sam or Crystal looking down at her. I am not certain if Amanda recognizes her sisters, or just realized they will pick her up. Amanda seems to be in someone's arms more than in the crib, awake or asleep.

I knew if Mom would be here, Amanda would be in her arms. Mom was taking care of Amanda as much as she does Sam and Crystal. She spoils my three girls every chance she gets, as do Helen and Michael senior. Occasionally it is hard to keep track of where my children are, Helen and Michael senior will occasionally take them home with them.

Feeding Sam and Crystal is not a problem for Helen, and she will take Kathryn's milk from the fridge for Amanda. Come home to find all three of my girls cuddled against Helen and their aunts along with Cindy, with Amanda in her arms in the Edwards living room. Alternatively, their Aunt Kara's home would usually be the second-place I would check to find all the girls, along with her grandmother and aunts.

Helen would smile up at me, but the four girls would be sound asleep. Occasionally Michael senior and I would take the opportunity, to work on a project together.

With us moving, we decided to hold off on the purchase of the horses, but we did finish the horse barn. The main thing we worked on together was a playbook to give to the new coach taking over for Michael senior. We will share with the new coach what we practiced with the football players he will have to work with.

If the teams new coach, will use some of the same plays it may make it an easier transition for him and the team. That will be our last act as educators, the transfer of the team and the playbook. Michael senior, coach Edwards was only six years short of reaching his thirty-year retirement with the school system. He said to me he would not miss some of the aspects of dealing with the Board of Education, and he really does not need the difference the six years will make in his retirement.

What he will miss is working with the players, more than a few of his players have gone off to college, and at least six on into the pros. I am thinking of all this, as the time I spend with Kathryn has to be the best part of my day.

I realized one thing I have hated about being an educator is the time I spend away from Kathryn, and my girls.

At least I will never have to do that again, I still can help with the charities, and the other activities around town. Today is a Saturday, and Misty's Doctor must be a little overworked having to work Saturdays, but her appointment could be the last for today. I guess it is common for a doctor to work half days on Saturday. That is why they usually take Wednesday or Thursday and Sundays off. Only five weeks left for the school year from this Monday, a week long later than usual we had to make up for the snow days.

That would take us into the end of June, I know attendance will be down during that last week June is a busy time for the few farmers in the area. Some vacations start during June, more than a few families will be away trying to enjoy time together.

Watching my three girls grow I can really understand, Sam and Crystal changed, more than just the physical in the time they have spent with us. I know they are stronger physically and emotionally they are more secure now. Both girls have not had a nightmare and quite a while. They have gotten into the habit of sleeping with Kathryn and I, it is not for the need for security now. They just enjoy being near us, and us being near them. I hear the girls running up the stairs.

They dive over the couch and into our arms. For a pair of four-year-old girls they can be rough. Actually, Sam will point out that she has four and three quarters, followed quickly by Crystal saying I am four and a half. At those ages, the fractions seem to be very important. My daughters do seem to change by the month, a little taller physically in a little more mature.

Cindy help support Kara as she catches up. Kara says, "I tried to tell them that you needed a couple more hours together but they insisted on coming almost as soon as they woke up." Kathryn petting on our girls, "You knew I was missing you, didn't you my princesses?" They bury their faces into Kathryn's embrace and we hear a muffled Sam and Crystal say, "Yes Mommy.

We missed you too." Kara giggles saying, "I half expected you two to be nude and entangled." Cindy giggles, "Like you and Daddy were last night?" Kathryn giggles and Kara blushes heavily and says, "I guess I will have to make sure the bedroom door is locked from now on." The three girls giggle followed by their mothers.

Sam says, "We know you guys love making funny noises. It is just something adults do. We really do not care, when we need to be with you." Kara and Kathryn both have shocked expressions, chuckling I ask, "You mean you would just lay down in bed and let us keep making those funny noises." Cindy, Sam and Crystal step away to whisper to each other, they giggle and whisper a little more.

Then Sam asks, "Mommy, there is not anything wrong with you and Daddy making funny noises? If it is not wrong, why can't we watch?" Kara and Kathryn both nearly faint, I do not think it is a question they were ready for especially from a child not five years old yet.

As I have always asserted Sam is a little more than her years. While my wife and sister recover, I do my best to explain. "First Sam is perfectly acceptable for a married couple to make love, funny noises when they are alone. Someone your age is not supposed to watch, it does happen occasionally that children see their parents making love. However, it is not something the parents normally allow.

Most people would say is wrong for a parent to allow a child to watch them make love. Some people would be highly upset, and want to take you away if we let you watch." The three girls whisper back and forth although this time very seriously, Sam asks, "Nobody is going to take us away because we saw you and Mommy?" I shake my head no and say, "We did not let you watch, it was an accident that you saw.

That makes it different. Therefore, no one is going to take you away from us my Princess." With a giggle, Kara says, "Do not go around telling the entire world what you saw, some people still might not understand." Cindy says, "Yes Mommy." Sam and Crystal shake their head yes without saying a word.

To ease the girls' worries, I say, "We will not let anybody take you from our family. We love you too much to let that happen." The three girls hug me tightly and I get a course of I love you from them. Kathryn and Kara both have tears of joy at seeing how deeply I care for my girls. We go back to cuddling on the couch, Kathryn, Sam and Crystal cuddle to me, while Kara cuddles with Kathryn and Cindy.

The feeling of joy pervades the room and that seems to draw family members like moths to a flame. Mom is the first to arrive. She was simply hiding in her room while Kathryn and I had our fun. Her hands caresses our shoulders one on Kathryn's and the other on my shoulder. Kathryn turned she gives her a warm smile welcoming and appreciating her presence.

Karen, Helen and Michael senior arrive followed by Michelle, MC with Rosy, Joan, Johnny along with Janet wearing some of Joan's clothing. The elevator doors open, Alyssa is kissing George passionately, Anna and Allen giggle as they hold their noses.

The children cannot escape fast enough from the elevator, but their parents reluctantly leave. I whisper to Kathryn, "We had better clean up that elevator or the family is going to be quite a bit larger shortly." Kara giggles, overhearing. A flushed Alyssa comments, "You two must have broken in the elevator last night." Kathryn and I burst out laughing, quickly followed by the rest of the family.

Mom finally says, "JJ you had better get a mop before it causes something to happen." Alyssa bites her lip and says, "Come on George I think it is a little too late I cannot wait. Can you guys watch the kids?" We end up sending the kids out to the playhouse, as we started Saturday brunch. Alyssa and George are in her old room, reliving their first encounter together.

Janet bites her lip seductively as she looks at Johnny she asked, "Is everyone around here so liberal about sex?" There is more than a few giggles from the women. I chuckle along for a moment and say, "To a point we are.

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We understand that a couple making love is a very normal and healthy part of their relationship. It helps couples become closer. To enjoy the comfort you find in your spouse's arms is a true paradise. Anyone, who would deny that, really does not know love at all." Janet giggles and says, "I think I would like to look onto paradise." Uncle George and Alyssa had just returned Alyssa is running a brush through her hair; both have that afterglow you can only get from making love to one you truly love.

Johnny lifts Janet from the floor carrying her back to the bedroom his parents just left. Janet is giggling merrily. Alyssa warns, "Johnny the sheets." Johnny cutting her off saying "are getting messier." As they step around the corner and disappear from view. There is more than a few laughs at Johnny's comment. Mom points out saying, "I hope that young lady's on birth control or the family just got larger by two." Alyssa's eyes go wide hearing that.

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She gets the expression that Helen had eleven months ago. Joan asked, "Not ready to be a grandmother yet Mom?" Not really thinking it through Alyssa says, "I am not done being a mother yet, I am not sure if I am ready to have a grandchild only two months younger than my own child." Joan understanding what her mother just said is slightly shocked before she wraps her mother into a hug giggling.

George has a dumbfounded look stutters, "I am, I am,, I am going to be a dad! Again!" Alyssa shakes her head yes, and George rushes to them hugging both Alyssa and Joan, he kisses Alyssa until Joan kisses him on the cheek. After Joan has his attention, he allows her to step back. He steps back in holding his wife tight to him. Alyssa says, "I was going to wait until I could tell the entire family, after I told you George. I was not feeling so good so I went to the doctor.

I did not think I could still get pregnant but I am." George picks up Alyssa, spends her around a couple times and crashes into the couch landing in it as they both giggle.

Alyssa still in George's lap snuggles into her husband, and I think the two would start making love right there if it was not for the rest of us in the room and they had just finished less than ten minutes earlier.

We can hear Janet screaming, all the way from the bedroom Alyssa used to use when she still lived here. George chuckles, "It sounds like he is doing a great job for Janet. I had better watch out, or I will have to get the justice of peace out here to marry them. Since I adopted Johnny and Joan, I cannot marry them it is a conflict of interest." Joan throws her arms around George, looking into his face she says, "I love you Daddy." George says happily, "That made it worth everything." Carl and Sarah show up, just as MJ awakes, I hand him to Sarah who has a brilliant smile and then sticks her tongue out at her husband.

Sarah says, "I am going to hold MJ all afternoon just like you do." Carl chuckles and playfully says, "It is about time you pay some attention to our grandson." Sarah looking at her husband coldly, but is just an act, says, "I finally get to hold him, just doing what you do. I swear JJ is the first to hand me the baby, I have been waiting almost two months to hold him." Sarah seeing her husband's expression, bumps him with her hip says, "You know I was just playing, but I do not get to hold my grandson as much as I like.

I know you always wanted a son. So the next best thing is a grandson." Carl chuckles, "I confess I would love to have a son too, but I would not give up my girl for anything." Sarah hears the commotion coming from one of the bedrooms, Carl looks amused and asks, "Did someone leave their speakers too loud or is that live." George answers, "That is my Son Johnny and his new girlfriend Janet.

You know how young love is, we can try to deny or stop them only for them to hide it. That can be very dangerous, not too far from here; a young couple caught in a park. Six men beat the young man and raped his girlfriend. The trial just begun, but the couple's life is ruined.

The boy disfigured badly, and the girl is an emotional wreck." Carl gets a faraway look, and shakily he says, "Think God, that is not Misty and Marshall too." George looks at me warmly and says, "We should really think JJ too.

He took them in, taught them how to trade stocks, if it was not for him our children could have been victims just like that other couple." Carl looks at me and says, "I am glad you were there to teach us a lesson, I wish I was as wise.

I nearly lost Misty forever, because I did not do what a father should. Love first, counsel second, and accept your child for who they are. If I had done that." Misty overhearing cuts her father off, "You would had a new truck on Christmas." I look at Marshall and wonder why they are back so early, they only left a couple hours ago for the doctor's appointment.


Once I get a good look I can tell the Doctor had good news, Marshall is the most relaxed I seen him in the last five months. His hand plays on Misty shoulder, and Misty's hand plays a crossed Marshall's stomach as they stand side-by-side.

They both have the afterglow. Marshall asks, "What is for lunch I am starved." Joan walks up to Marshall and gives him a big hug, confusing Marshall for a moment. Joan steps back and says, "It is official, you are my brother, Dad has adopted Johnny and me." Misty and Marshall throw Joan into a big hug holding her close to them, Marshall says, "Dad only made official what our hearts it already done." Joan has tears of joy as she hugs her brother and sister-in-law.

When she finally, steps back she informs the two, "Johnny wants Janet to marry him. They are back in Mom's old bedroom. You know how young couples are." Misty tickles Marshall causing him to jump. Laughing Misty says, "Yeah I cannot get his hands off me unless he is hungry." Marshall teasing Misty says, "You are the one asked what do you want to do for lunch, because I worked an appetite up in you." Misty giggles, "You did satisfy one appetite as you created another, but I do not think the first is going to stay satisfied all afternoon." Sarah holds the baby who tries to nurse, she is giggling at his attempts as she walks to Misty.

She hands Misty MJ giggling she says, "You better feed that boy, before he starves to death. He must take that after his Dad." Misty begins giggling almost uncontrollably. She finally gets herself under control and asks Kathryn where her diaper back is. The two go off, and they mix a bottle for MJ. MJ drinks the four ounces that they made, and is still nuzzling trying to get more milk from his mother.

Misty finally makes another bottle He drinks another two ounces before he is satisfied. Kathryn feeds Amanda as MJ reluctantly drinks from the bottle.

My mind speaks to my wife. (See MJ does not like the taste of that stuff either.) Kathryn begins giggling as she looks at MJ. Misty confused asks, "What is funny?" Kathryn explains, "JJ believes that MJ is not enjoying the taste of the formula." Misty looks suspiciously between the two of us, she finally asks, "Have you two finally learned how to read each other's minds?" After a momentary mental discussion between Kathryn and me, we decide to share the fact that we can use telepathy with one of our best friends.

Kathryn explains, "Yes, we have learned how to use telepathy. Misty you knew that JJ could stimulate my body with just a touch. Our connection has been getting stronger the more we work on it." Misty has a thousand questions, and Kathryn and I answered them truthfully. She even asked how we got started, I got Marshall and I showed them, a simple exercise that might trigger their ability to do the same.

I warned that once they start eventually they would not be able to hold a secret from the other. Misty giggles and says, "Marshall cannot keep a secret anyway." Chuckling Marshall says, "Nothing I want to keep secret from you anyway." Kathryn giggles and says, "I even know when he has gas, and if I have to remind him to go excuse himself, the best part is I do not have to say that out loud embarrassing him." I stick my tongue out as I walked out onto our patio.

Marshal follows me, and is a few feet away when I release my first fart. Marshall starts chuckling, and he fires a return shot in a few seconds. He says, "Apparently, milk gives us gas." I ask Marshall if he is confessing jokingly, "Are you saying you are a mother fucking milk drinker?" Looking at me somewhat shocked for an instant until wide smile crosses his face.

Marshall then says, "Just like my best friend." We both began to laugh, which causes us to both fart.

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Fortunately, our laughter covers the noise, but Kathryn informs Misty what Marshall and I call each other. It is a good thing MJ has finished eating, and now lies in the crib falling asleep. Misty covers her mouth, but she is laughing so hard she rolls onto the carpet. Kathryn barely controls herself allowing Amanda to finish nursing, but she still is laughing heartily, both as our new club nicknamed the MFMD club begins. To be a member, you must be a father who drinks the milk your wife produces.

This requires your wife's participation, so your wife is automatically a member. After Marshall and I release enough pressure, we rejoin our wives. We bring the two fully into our discussion, and they caution us, not to make this a national club. They do not want many people to know what we do in our bedrooms. I tell my wife, Misty and Marshall, "It is just that, Marshall and I needed to know that we were not weird for wanting to make love to you and nurse.

I was almost wondering if Kathryn was sensing my desire and then allowing me to act on it. It is actually somewhat nice to know it is more common." Marshall holding Misty says, "I love you, but I still needed to know what I wanted to do would not freak you out. I never want to do anything that would hurt our love." Misty laughs and then confesses, "Over the past couple months, when MJ would nurse it reminded me so much of you when we made love.

I find myself turned on and wishing it was you. I thought I was a pervert, but I guess it is just because breasts are both used to feed the child and erogenous zones." Kathryn shakes her head yes smiles and says, "JJ loves to bring me to orgasm just playing with my tits. It is no wonder I am aroused as Amanda nursed.

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It makes my milk flow easier for her, if I relax and allow myself to enjoy the stimulation caused by her nursing." Misty asks, "Does Amanda ever give you an orgasm?" It was all I could do to keep from chuckling because I knew but allowed Kathryn to answer. Before she says anything, she mentally scolds me, (that is right keep your mouth shut.) Kathryn says, "Almost all the time, just little ones and they always cause my milk to let down." Marshall and I get the sense we really do not need to be here for the rest of their conversation.

Although they still hold to our hands tightly and we know, we are not going to be able to escape this very womanly conversation. Misty ask Kathryn, "You think if I let myself enjoy MJ nursing it would be easier for me to feed him." Kathryn says, "Misty have you noticed, when you have an orgasm even a small one you seem to produce more milk." Marshall and I chuckle until a cold look from our wives silences us. I state, "From my limited experience I would say yes.

I wish to do further experimentation on that theory." This causes the other three to chuckle. Finally, Misty looks into Marshall's eyes saying, "When lunch is over, we will go and experiment too." The look on Marshall's face has the rest of us laughing again, and Marshall quickly joins in.

Fortunately, we did not wake the sleeping babies and Mom calls us down to brunch. Marshall and Misty excuse themselves right after dessert, we did not see them again until eleven at night when they came to get MJ.

The rest of the weekend went by quickly, Kathryn and I did some additional experimentation, but she had to keep enough milk to feed Amanda. Monday, I found out that Rachel had the petition ready. Coach Edwards had signed the one Rachel had handed for me to sign. Rachel informed me that most of the faculty declined signing. They feared for their jobs, they did not want to go against the Board of Education.

By the end of the week, most of the students had signed, their parents, some of the former students from school, our local Sheriff, Ms.

Clark and several community leaders not on the board had added their names to the petition. Our local newspaper runs as front-page story about the petition. The reporter had asked, "What reason the school board has to dismiss me?" The Board of Education did not answer any of their questions. When they asked me, "I simply stated, "It was for the best of the students. Although nothing on my part had occurred to cause me to lose my position." I think the reporter was smart enough to derive a conclusion.

After all, he was the one who reported about my wealth initially. If it had not been for us bringing the fact out during the hearing to grant Kathryn and me permission to wed, I think not many people in this County would ever know about my wealth.

Fortunately, he was also wise enough, not to bring up the fact my wealth my play in his column again. After the story ran, the Board of Education agreed that the self-defense classes would continue, although with a different instructor one capable of giving belts. That satisfied the student body, and most everybody concerned, including myself. The threats I mentioned that Daniel had received actually targeted Kara. Daniel did not want to make that open knowledge, so the children did not know.

As the days and weeks past, Reese and Ron seem to spend as much time with Kara as they could.


Daniel had asked the adults in the family if we could help. Daniel felt having the two former Rangers around made Kara safer. I am sure it certainly did, even Charles Sampson and his wife would watch over Kara if Ron and Reese were not available.

Kara and Reese seem to bond, they both have a lot in common. Ron and Reese's house was completed, and Kara spent a lot of time there along with a lot of the family. Kara helping Reese ready her home for her parents and her baby. Kara a natural at interior decorating it seemed her skill was choosing the perfect furnishings for any room. It was not until Reese's mother and father were due, that we found out they adopted her when she was nearly ten years old.

She had come to the state as an infant, and placed in a foster home. Reese had decided to do some digging now that she had the means.

She had a lawyer petition the courts for all information about her birth parents, and the early records of her time in the system. I knew my father had grown up in foster homes, which is actually, where he met Mom.

She had lost my grandparents when she was sixteen and she met my father as they were in the same foster home. As was our tradition at Saturday morning breakfast, we would allow anyone to discuss something important to him or her. Reese finally brought it up, what she was doing. She had asked Mom if she thought her mother would be upset at finding out that she was looking for her birth parents.

Mom insured Reese that she should not be too upset, as long as she still knew that Reese loves her. Reese confesses, "All I really want to do is find out why. I understand about some women not having the means to take care of their child.

I do not even know anything about my birth mother, I do not know if she gave me up, or died. I have always wondered. It is not something that I thought I could ever afford to find out. That has changed, now that I can afford it I really want to know." Two weeks later, we have all the documentation and found out that Reese is parents died, that was the reason she was in the custody of the state. The amazing thing about it was that Reese have an older brother.

He was in the system too, and her lawyer had gotten the records. Her brother's name is John Joseph Mayfield, and Mom heard that she passed out. It was surreal; she acted the same way the day I told her about my wealth. When she come to, she had a short story to tell us. Mom begins, "Back when I was sixteen, I lost my parents and was placed in a foster home. That is where I met my Joseph, JJ's father. We were both placed in the Meyer home, and Joseph had been there for most of his life.

John Mayer became my foster father for the two years I lived at the home. When Joseph turned eighteen, the Meyers adopted him. Financially they needed the money the state granted for him, but once he was eighteen that ended.

At that point, he took the name Meyer, no longer using his birth name of Mayfield. Reese am very sorry, but I am sure I am your sister-in-law. Joseph told me he had a little sister, the courts would not allow us any information on her. You would have been about eleven when Joseph started his search." Reese is shaking as she pulls my mother into a hug. It is only a few seconds before Reese begins to sob. Mom, Ron and I attempt to console her.

It must be hard finding out you have a brother only to lose him in ninety-three seconds. That was way too quick to find out you have a brother, and he is dead. Reese actually cried for quite a long time, Sam and Crystal have tears and begin trying to comfort their Aunt Reese. Sam says, "It is okay Aunt Reese, you got us." Reese takes a ragged breath; leaning back just a little to look into my Mom's face.

Pleadingly Reese says, "I want to know everything about him. Please tell me about my brother." Mom smiles and says, "You want to know what your brother was like, simply look at his son. JJ looks just like he did, they act the same, and he is his father through and through." Reese's reaction was a little bit more than what I expected. She rushes into me so fast that she knocks me over the arm of the couch and lands on top of me.

She squeals, "Nephew." Then she begin to kiss me, on my forehead and my cheeks all the time holding me down. The room feels with laughter at how Reese is treating her nephew. I cannot help myself, I am laughing as Reese plants kiss after kiss on my cheeks or forehead. Ron is a little bit more practical about the whole situation and he suggest after everyone calms down a little, that we do DNA tests to determine if Reese and I are actually related.

Ron insists, and we do have one done. It takes about two weeks and is 1 June Reese's actual birthday when we get the results back. Reese opens the paperwork and looks through it, I cannot figure out exactly what her expression is saying. Reese finally says, "JJ there is only an 80% chance that you are my nephew by the test." I smile and say, "Aunt Reese when you add in that fact, with all the other information we have.

The odds that I am not your nephew drops significantly, you have to remember Mom's DNA accounts for half of mine. I would say without a shadow of a doubt that you are my aunt." Reese smiles and hugs me, "Your mother said you would say that, the test actually says there is only a 7% chance that you are not my nephew." I smile and shake Ron's hand saying, "That makes you my Uncle Ron." Ron smiles and with the hand, he has a hold of, he pulls me into a hug then says, "I am damn lucky to have you as my nephew." Sam giggles and teases Ron by saying, "That is why I could not call you uncle, you are my Great Uncle Ron." Ron's face turns red, that starts Reese laughing and her laughter proves contagious.

Ron like Uncle George says, "I think I am a little too young to be called great uncle, and Reese definitely is too young to be called great aunt." Sam giggles still teasing she says, "I like great uncle, because it is great that you are my uncle." Ron Davis scoops her up, and Sam takes the opportunity before he can stop her gives him a kiss. After a moment Ron recovers from his shock, "I love you Sam. Now I do get to be part of your family for real." Reese hugs the two, and Sam takes the opportunity giving her great aunt a kiss too.

In a happy tone Reese says, "I love you too Sam. It is great to have you as my niece." Crystal tugs on Ron's leg and he lifts her into their embrace. She quickly gives a kiss to her uncle and aunt. I cannot help but wonder what is bringing the family together, could it be my great-great-grandfather John J. Thurgood, or perhaps the spirit of my father. My father had wanted to reunite with his sister before his death. Maybe the universe granted that wish. I know my own wish for a large family came true.

First, I added the ten of them, the Edwards become my family as the love Kathryn and I have grew. Marshall become like a brother to me, although he is only my fourth cousin we are closer than many brothers are. Alyssa, the woman my father saved has become like an aunt, a sister to my Mom.


George Thurgood, a wise uncle whose advice and counsel I trust. Michael senior, the Coach, Kathryn's father, my father-in-law is like a second Dad to me. Helen my mother-in-law, like a sister to Mom, and is a second mother to me. Now my father's lost sister, my Aunt Reese returned to us. My two adopted daughters, along with Amanda make me a lucky father. My two adopted daughters Samantha and Crystal needed us, and apparently, the family needed them, they are the magnets that pulls the rest of us together.

Author notes: Before you professors, get all upset because the usage of two instead of too early in the story, be aware it is not a mistake.

It is part of the joke and indicating that Marshall would have two stains. Although is not rather funny, but I figure the joke really is on those who have OCD about it. I really trying to say is we need to lighten up on a few things. Remember if it is not going to kill you, how serious is it?

Is it worth raising your blood pressure over a misused word, especially since the story is free? The story contains 9393 words, and is not an English paper. I hope you can enjoy it even if it has a few errors, because life always has a few errors.

If we can get over them, life will be more enjoyable. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it.