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Cele mai bune filme porno
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Hi, My name is Amishi (or Amiee as I am called by my loved one) I'm 38 years old and I lived with my boyfriend, Imraan and one of my best friends, Pam during my graduation at university in Baroda. I was a Hot and Horny brunette who is 5'2" and measured, 34-24-32. Pamela was 5'3" and 36-26-36. Imraan had shoulder length straight black hair, 5'11" and was hung about 8"-9". My friend Pamela was no doubt bi sexual but she was more into guys.

The three of us had a lot of threesomes, and even group sex with some other female friends of ours. This one night we had gone out for a girl's night at a bar and Pamela drifted off mid night because she had been picked up by 3 guys. The next morning she told me all about her night, she had always fantasized about 3 guys at once. Although she couldn't walk straight and said it was the best experience she had ever had but yet she said that the largest guy was only 5" which dint live up to her expectations.

It was Pam's birthday in a week and after she told me she was not fulfilled I knew I had to make it up for her. So I decided to set up a surprise 4some for her.

But since I had never been with any guy aside for Imraan and I could never imagine doing so I decided to call our friends Kiya and Farah into town. I planned that we would take Pam out and get her drunk after which Kiya, Farah and I would put on strap-ons for her and fulfill fantasy. So when the night came, we did get her hammered and she was out of control. We got home and we all were giggling away and Pam was thanking us for a great night.

After which we told her that her gift was waiting for her in her room. She was excited that she ran into her room but the lights were off. Meanwhile the girls and I grabbed a strap in each from my room and waited outside Pam's room. As Pam flipped the lights on, she saw Imraan wearing nothing but a gift box wrapped around his crotch and a ribbon on his head as he was lying down on her bed.Not knowing how to react she started giggling and asked if I he was serious.

With that note Kiya, Farah and I walked into the room wearing only the strap ons around our waists and our bras, singing happy birthday. Pam started blushing and I think she started to put the pieces together as she replied "you guys are the best" .

Still uncertain about whether we were serious or not, Pam did not begin to undress. So I walked to her and began to kiss her luscious lips. As she kissed me back and wrapped her hands around my waist, I started to unhook her dress from her shoulders and have it fall to the floor, and undid her bra as well and began to softly massage her breasts as my tongue entered her mouth. I pulled my face away and signaled Kiya and Farah to the bed as I led Pamela there. I lay down onto my bare back with Pamela lying over me and kissing my neck.

Pamela then reached to my back and unhooked my bra and threw it off to the side and rubbed my bare breasts up against hers as we started to kiss again. I reached down and positioned the rubber penis against her panties after which Pam slipped them off and handled the rubber penis over her exposed vagina, she then engulfed the rubber penis with her wet vagina and straddled me with her back upright.

She started to slide up and down the strap on as my hands were supporting her hips; she then cupped my breasts and soon leaned over and started to suckle my hard nipples. Pamela then stopped riding the rubber penis, so I looked behind her to see Imraan positioning his penis at the ass hole of Pamela.

As Imraan started to enter his huge penis inside Pamela's ass hole I could feel her body twitch and shake. Once he was comfortably inside Pam, he started to thrust. I could feel Pamela's entire body moving to the thrusts of Imraan, so I also began pumping my hips slowly and tried to co-ordinate my movements to that of Imraan.

Pamela was now biting her lips, letting out moans "uh, uh, uh, mmm yeah" and Imraan was smacking her ass which was followed by a cry from Pam asking for more.

Kiya and Farah were kissing each other with no clothes on and there hands were wrapped around one another, the strap ons were pressing up against each other. I grabbed into the perky tits of Pamela as I started to pump her faster.

Imraan was pounding her so hard from behind that I could hear his balls smacking against Pam. The sound of the pounding was starting to drown out by the moans of Pamela "Ohhhh yes, Imranan!! Baby ohhh pound meee! Ohhh yes Ashley pump me good. mmmm!" the grunts of Imraan got louder and louder. But before I knew it Pamela grabbed my arms and pierced her nails into them as her vagina clamped around the rubber penis and her juices started to drip down the rubber penis onto my thighs and she yet out a scream "I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming, and I'm coming&hellip.

Oh yeah".I pulled the strap on out and rolled to the side to give Pamela a break but Imraan was still pounding her ass and Farah was tired of waiting so she dived her face into the wet, dripping pussy of Pamela and started to suck on it as she lay under Pamela in between in her legs.

Imraan was pumping Pamela hard in the ass and she was in complete ecstasy as she yelled out "Just like that Imraan, give it to me, just like that, Ohhh Imranan fill me up with your hot cum. give it to me, Uh yeaahh!" Imraan was started to moan as well "Ohhh yeah… oh fuck… aaahh.

PAM!!! Of fuck yeah!" and by the look on his face I could tell he was about to blow his load. Just as Imraan was going to cum he yelled "Paam, ahhhh. I'm gonna cum… ohhhhh fuck… I'm Cum!" I then kneel in on the side of them and placed my right hand on Pamela's bent over back and my left hand on Imraan's sweaty, tight chest. A few pumps later his body was shaking and he pulled out and his cum sprayed a lil on Pam's back, all over the ass crack and even in her hole, some cum flew onto Farah's Stomach and bush who was lying under Pam.

But Imraan continued to cum and he turned towards me, so I opened my mouth wide and he sprayed me from forehead to chin. After I licked the cum off my face I saw that Imraan had moved beside me and now Farah face was being splattered by Pamela's juices as she came hard by Farah's tongue.

Pamela Rolled over and laid down on her back. He body was still twitching but Kiya was relentless and she lay over Pamela and inserted the strap-on into Pam's now throbbing and probably sore pussy. But Pamela could not resist and she flipped Kiya onto her back and began to straddle and rode Kiya. Pamela's hands where pinching her own nipple and grabbing the base of Kiya's rubber penis.

I undid my strap on and sat with my legs spread wide over Kiya's face while I faced Pamela. I leaned in and kissed her breasts while Kiya started to lick me.

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It felt so good I could barely balance myself, so I wrapped my arms around Pamela's waists and then we locked lips. Kiya then began thrusting harder and Pamela was bouncing on Kiya's strap-on, Kiya also began to nibble on my clit and my body was shaking so much as I was starting to feel my body ready to explode and I just could help myself but cry out mmm! ohhh!yes. Ooohhh yes." Pamela was yelling out as well "uhhhh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahh, ohhhh yeahh".

After which Pamela starting lean forward and pushing me back and behind her I saw Farah positioning her strap-on at Pamela's ass hole, she then began slowly thrusting her hips. Pamela was moaning as we kissed and ended up biting my lips as she was being trusted from behind by Farah who had picked up the pace and was smacking Pamela's ass so hard with every thrust she moved forward and her entire body would shake.

All of a sudden I noticed that Kiya was still eating me and thrusting Pamela but Farah had stopped thrusting, even though she was still inserted inside Pamela, so as I looked past Pamela I saw Farah's neck turned around and her lips locked with Imraan's who was also entering his hard penis into Farah's ass hole from behind as she was still inside Pamela with her strap-on. Imraan's hips started to thrust himself inside Farah was in turn would thrust her strap-on into Pamela.

Pamela's lips were locked with mine while Kiya's tongue was in me and her strap-on was pierced inside Pamela's pussy. Suddenly my body started twitching and I found myself ready to climax, so I bit the lips of Pamela and grabbed my breasts firmly.

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I could not control any longer and I felt my body ready to explode so I began to squirmed and screamed. aaahhh yeah! and then I squirted my juices on the face of Kiya and got off her face.

I watched on as Pamela awkwardly rode Kiya's strap-on because she was begin penetrated from behind by Farah who was also being pounded by Imraan.

As Imraan was slamming Farah from behind he reached around with one hand and caressed her beautiful breast and he was fingering her dripping wet, tight pussy as their lips were locked. Farah's hands were gripping onto Pamela's firm ass cheeks as she was thrusting Pamela along with every thrust of Imraan inside her. I could hear the moans getting louder, more frequent and more violent as the pounding got faster. I could hear the sound of their bodies slamming against each other.

All of a sudden Pamela grabs Kiya's breasts very firmly and climaxed while cry out "ohhhh baby uhhh&hellip. Mmm&hellip. Yeaah ya screamed " with the tight grip of Pamela on her breast.

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After which Kiya unhooked the strap-on puts it off to the side and remains under Pamela who is still getting banged from behind by Farah who was thrusting by Imraan thrusting her.

Farah finally takes her lips off Imraan's and lets out moans while biting her lip "oooohh…my… ohhhh nooo… ohh shit. ohhh fuck me!

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Imraan ahh! and then I saw her juice splash past Imraan's fingers that were massaging her clit and they splashed on Pamela's thighs and ass cheeks. Imraan was grunting and stammering as he was ready to blow his cum "Shhhhittt… I'm gonna blow… fuck… Farah, Faraaah. You ready baby!" Imraan was starting to remove himself from Farah but she reached around and pulled him back into herself as he then blew his load in her and exclaiming "uhhhhh&hellip.


Ohhhh fuck me! per into Farah's ass hole and he leaned over her and lay on her back as his load emptied into Farah from behind whose hands were firmly gripped on his ass cheeks to keep him inside her. It was almost a minute after came that he pulled out of her with his cum hanging from inside her to the tip of his huge penis head.

I gladly went and slurped it off his penis head and Kiya got out from under Pam and drank the cum from Farah's ass crack. Pam was now laying flat on the bed as though she was drained, at Farah next to her but I just couldn't help myself so I put the strap-on back on and hovered over Pamela who's ass whose red but I could not resist so I arch her buttocks upwards and entered the rubber penis yet again into her red, beaten and sore ass.

Pam moaned with a sigh of discomfort "uuhhhhh…" which was followed by "deeper. Deeper baby… go all the way" so I listened and pushed as far as I could go to which Pam exclaimed fuck me yeah! " Pamela was moving upwards and she rolled me onto my back with her now riding me through her ass hole. Now to my surprise I thought Farah would be exhausted but she kneel over Pamela and without warning drove her strap-on into Pamela's shocking still wet pussy which splashed as Farah was thrusting in and out of Pamela who could not help but moan ahhhh yeahh!

fuck me! The biggest surprise to me was that Imraan was still hard and ready to go once more and in order to fully satisfy Pamela's Fantasy, he stood over my head with my face in between his legs looking up at his dangling balls as Pamela rode me with he back fully arched on top of me and then he drove his huge 9" cock into her screaming mouth that only muffled her screaming at first but eventually turned into sounds of slurping and a few gags as he drove it all the way in.

Then to my complete disbelief Kiya stood over mine and Pamela's bodies on the bed in between Imraan and Farah. But since Kiya was on the bed her crotch was inline with Imraan's face, who wasted no time before diving in and eating her.

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Farah and I continued to double penetrate Pamela as she gagged on Imraan whose mouth with deep inside Kiya's dripping cunt. Aside from Kiya all that could be heard were grunts and moans. But shortly Kiya began to start shaking and I could see her knees beginning to get weak and heard her scream "yes&hellip. Yes. right there. oh god. oh shit&hellip. Ohhh fuck… mmm… yes!. im Cumming. I'm." after a flow on juices onto Pamela's body she lay down on the side, but Pamela could not react to this as she left her hands from the side of the bed and from Imraan's cock and onto Farah's waist and her clit.

She pulled her mouth away from Imraan's cock and bit her lip and leaned forward and pulled Farah and I out of her as well and screamed loudly ooohhh fuck me! as she squirted her juices over Farah's leg, her strap on and my thigh.

I then got out from under her and sat beside Farah and Kiya. We watched as Imraan re positioned himself over Pamela but facing each other as Pam was on her back and Imraan kneeled with legs apart over her and she raised her head to his huge penis and engulfed it as she bobbed her head I could see the ecstasy on Imraan's face and his eyes were shut and not before long he grabbed Pamela by her head and force fed her his cock and then suddenly pulled himself out and all the slurping, gagging and moaning noises were replaced by Imraan's grunts aahhhh!.

Pam&hellip. Ahhhhh fuck… yeahh… I'm going to cum… ahhh! and then with a final stroke my the hand of Pamela, Imraan's eyes opened and his cum flew into Pam's still open mouth and hit her throat, thus startled and gagged after which Imraan's cum flew on her hair and nose, Pam leaned away and the next spurts flew on her chest, belly, pubes and even her pussy.

Imraan finally stopped cumming and apologized for the mess. Pamela after gapping her breathe and clearing her throat said "thank you" and rubbed Imraan's cum over her body. Kiya, Farah and I looked on and then went over and the girls held Pam and cleaned her.

I put my mouth on Imraan's finally limp penis and slurped the remaining cum of it and swallowed it and it was absolutely glorious! Pamela thanked me for giving her the best night she had ever had and said shed repay me someday.