Marito y Rocio a mi amiga le encanta sacarme la lechita chupandome la pija

Marito y Rocio a mi amiga le encanta sacarme la lechita chupandome la pija
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My Name is Karen. I am 42 years old and this is my story about how my curiosity concerning my 24 year old daughter's drug use led to a much bigger secret. Michelle had been living with me and her father, Ronald, ever since she was kicked out of college for illicit drug use. She has been arrested by the police for public intoxication and possession after being found passed out on campus in the University Library. She swore to both me and Ronald that she would go back to school and quit using drugs.

But deep down, I knew she was lying and wanted no more in life but to drink and drug. It has been six months since Michelle moved back home and got a part time job at a beauty salon.

Michelle promised me she would not bring cocaine into the home. Even though I have not caught her, I suspect she's been using being that she comes home at midnight more than five hours after the shop closes.

She did not make a lot of money, so God knows what she was doing to support her addiction. I had had enough of supporting her. She never held up her end of the bargain to help pay the bills or do some of the work around the house. I was determined to find a reason to get rid of her. Early one Saturday afternoon, after Michelle had went to work and Ronald went bowling, I decided to search Michelle's room for cocaine.

I told her if I ever found any she would be kicked out the house. I opened the door to Michelle's room and to my surprise, found it clean and well organized.


Something she always took pride in as a little girl. The first place I looked in was the dresser. Her little white and pink panties were folded on top of one another; nothing out of the ordinary except an open box of condoms and a half empty bottle of lube. I closed her dresser and looked under her bed. Nothing. I opened her nightstand and found a used condom and some oral stimulants. My suspicion about Michelle trading sexual favors for drugs was growing stronger.

As long as I could remember, I had never seen her with a boyfriend. Why she never dated was beyond me. She was pretty attractive for her age. 5'6, 150 pounds, long brown hair and stunning brown eyes. She took a lot of her looks after me. I was becoming fruitless in my search as I probed around my daughters room.

The last place I decided to look was in the closet. I opened the door to the walk in closet and pushed back her clothes rack. I started searching in a book bag but only found some loose change and an envelope. Opening up the envelope, I found two one hundred dollar bills and four fifty dollar bills. Where had she been getting all this money from? I continued to search until I heard the front door open, catching me off guard. That's when I heard footsteps coming towards the room. As the footsteps got closer, I could hear Michelle talking on her phone.

I couldn't let my daughter see me going through her things but I knew if I stepped outside into the hallway she would become outraged. Not knowing what to do, I stepped into the closet and quietly closed the door.

I heard Michelle come into the room and close the door. She said goodbye to whomever it was she was talking to and hung up the phone. I forgot Michelle was getting off work early and was expecting Ronald to take her grocery shopping. I told her I was attending a bridal shower that morning, so I knew she wouldn't expect me to be at home. I was terrified she would open the closet and start cursing me out for being in her room.

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I didn't know how long I would been in there so I decided to take off my sweater and just leave on the small black tank top I was wearing. I sat there on the floor ashamed at myself and pondering what had become of my daughter. Looking at my watch forty-five minutes had passed. I could hear Michelle typing away on her laptop when the bedroom door opened. I figured it was one of her druggy friends that she told I wouldn't be at home, until I heard the voice.

"Hey sweet heart, how was your day?" It was her father. I figured Ronald was just there to take Michelle to store and was relieved I would soon be able to leave the closet undetected. After I heard the door close, I got myself together and stood up. Just before I reached for the door handle, they started talking again. "Hi, dad. It was ok. Same old bullshit. How was bowling?" said Michelle. "Not bad. Couldn't concentrate though. Been thinking about you all day and couldn't wait to get back here so we could spend some time alone," replied Ronald.

I could not believe what I was hearing. Part of me wanted to burst out the closet and confront the two of them but I maintained my reserve and continued to listen.

I then heard what sounded like the unbuckling of a belt and ruffling of pants being thrown on the floor. All was silent for about one minute until I heard a moan come from Ronald.


My heart had sunk into my stomach and I felt a chill run down my spine. I knew what was going on. A strange sense of curiosity had come over me. I was deeply disgusted by what was happening but I needed to see it with my own eyes to confirm my suspicion. Twisting the door handle slowly being sure not to make any noise, I opened the door to a crack. Just enough to see inside the room.

I knew it. My fucking daughter was sucking her own Father's dick. Ronald was standing while Michelle was sitting on the bed taking Ronald's seven inch cock into her mouth. I could not believe my eyes. The whole thing seemed so surreal. She had one hand on her father's stomach with the other at the base of his hard cock while she moved her head back and forth in a slow rhythmic manner.

She took the dick out her mouth and repeatedly slid her tongue up and down while flickering it slightly at the head. She then turned her head to the side and moved her lips up and down on the bottom of his shaft. Her technique was amazing. Michelle stuck Ronald's dick back into her mouth and used one hand to slowly stroke his cock while the other caressed his sack. "Shit baby. That's it. Suck my dick," said Ronald as he placed his hand on the back of her head, keeping in rhythm.

A small amount of drool dripped from Michelle's lips onto the floor as she increased her speed. The sounds of cock being sucked filled the small closet space I was in. "Fuck girl! Keep at it.

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Fuck&hellip. Uggh…uggh shit!" Michelle took his cock out her mouth and jerked it with one hand leaving her mouth wide open. A large shot of cum burst from Ronald's swollen dick into Michelle's mouth with a little hitting her on the chin.

She put the cock back into her mouth and pumped her lips rapidly to drain the rest of the cum from her father's hard throbbing shaft. Taking her sticky hand, she licked the rest of the cum off her fingers and swallowed it. "What the hell just happened!?" I thought to myself. My daughter just gave my husband a blowjob, with me watching. Still looking through the crack, I saw Ronald pull two fifty dollar bills out his pocket and hand it to Michelle.

Well, at least now I knew where she was getting the money. Michelle then grabbed her jacket off the chair and they both left the room leaving the door open behind them. I heard the front door open and close. I waited for about five minutes to leave the closet just to make sure they both left. When I stepped out the closet I felt a burst of cool air against my skin.

I was soaking wet with sweat everywhere. I knew I was sweating because of the closed in space of the hot closet but also seeing my daughter suck her father's dick got me hot as well. The sweat had left me a little musty so I decided to take a shower.

After the shower I put on a pair of small shorts and a white tank top. I laid on the family couch exhausted from fingering myself, at the thought seeing my daughter give my husband such a tasty blowjob. I was satisfied a little but something in me wanted a real juicy cock to suck on. My mouth had been salivating like a bitch in heat ever since I saw my daughter slob on one.

I laid there on the couch and imagined myself going down on my exceptionally cute next door neighbor. I had a cyber-skin dildo I could have retrieved at the time but was too comfortable laying on the couch. I felt at ease being replenished by a cool springtime breeze just before sunset coming through the window, while I fantasized about licking a nice dick to satisfy my primitive cravings.

Five minutes into my lustful fantasy, my cellphone hand rang. It was Ronald. "Hey, Karen. We are going into the city to see a movie. Michelle has some things she wants to tell me. I figured if I treat her, maybe she'd come forward about her drug addiction. "Oh, that's fine with me," I said. "OK, the movie starts at seven. We should be home just before midnight," said Ronald. Suddenly a wild idea had come to me. "I'm gonna be spending the night at Rebecca's house.

Me and a few of the girls figured we would help her get dressed in the morning before her wedding, just to get a head start" I told Ronald. "Ok, talk to ya later," replied Ronald as he hung up the phone.

I got off the couch and went to make myself a light dinner. While I ate, I thought of how sick I had become in my thinking but I didn't care. I had no real excitement in my life since I quit my job on the city police force. Shortly before midnight, Ronald gave me a call saying everything went well, Michelle had agreed to return to school in the fall and if she didn't she would be kicked out the house.

They were on their way home. Rushing to make last minute preparations, I turned off the lights in the house. I grabbed my dildo out of our bedroom and went back into my daughter's closet. After twenty minutes of waiting, I heard the front door open again. I could hear them talking as they made their way towards the bedroom. As before the door opened and closed.

Peeking through the small crack, I saw my husband and daughter embrace each other and start to kiss with a noticeably deep passion. Robert started to take off his shirt and pants, while Michelle helped him. He let his clothes drop to the floor and laid on the bed on his back.


My daughter undressed herself down to her panties and climbed on top of her father. Grabbing her ass, Ronald slowly rocked Michelle back and forth on his dick while they kissed. I had a perfect view of the bed from the side. Even though the room was dark, the street lights provided enough illumination for me to see.

I knew my daughter loved sucking dick; by the way she savored every lick of her father's cock. I could feel the sweat start to form on my head and breast. I was only wearing a small night gown with no panties since I didn't want to make any noise by removing clothes. Michelle was making small moans as she pleasured my husband's shaft with her cock hungry mouth. The sounds of her sucking his dick had me hot. She took his shaft out her mouth and kissed the head. She then quickly gave it a series of small licks before she puckered her lips and sucked the pre-cum oozing out the top of his hard shaft.

Licking the cock from bottom to top, she placed it back into her mouth and went to work. "Oh my god Michelle. Do it baby…Suck daddy's dick," said Ronald, as he arched his back up forcing his dick deep into Michelle's throat and held it there.

"Mmmm, mmm.

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Taste so good daddy. Give it to me…feed me.Mmm mmm," moaned Michelle, with Ronald cock still in her mouth. Ronald lowered his hips releasing his dick from Michelle's mouth as she tightened her lips to make a popping sound.

"Fuck yeah. Feed me you mother fucker," said Michelle, while she jerked his dick with her right hand. My pussy was dripping wet as hell, as the rest of my body. I grabbed my dildo and placed it in my mouth, while I fingered my pussy. "Uggh, fuck me daddy, fuck me," moaned Michelle as she road Ronald's cock back and forth. The smell of sweat and sex seeped into the small closet sending my sexual urges into overdrive.

Michelle placed her hands on the wall and rode Ronald's cock like the crack whore she was.

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The bed was shaking loudly as they both fucked in the night like wild animals. Pulling his cock from her hot pussy, Michelle got on her hands and knees while Ronald got behind and started to fuck her. The sound of sex intensified. Ronald was fucking his daughter with a fierceness I had never seen him do before. He slapped her ass a few times only to put both hands back on it and continue to ravage her tight pussy. That's when something happened that sent shivers down my spine. While, I was fucking myself with the dildo, Michelle smiled in my direction at the closet.

"Oh no," I thought. Did she know I was there the whole time? Michelle placed her head back down, while Ronald savagely pounded her from behind. "Shit you feel good. This time it's going in your pussy. You dirty fucking bitch. You hear me? You're gonna feel this?" said Ronald as he continued to fuck his daughter, slapping his balls against her wet pussy. Michelle then got on her back while Ronald placed himself between her legs.

I could see Ronald's ass go up and down as he slammed his shaft into my daughter. I put my dildo between my legs, into my pussy and slid it in and out. It slid quite smoothly from the wetness. I took it out and licked my juices, tasting myself.

I sucked it like a mad woman. Ronald had tired himself and was now on his back. Michelle had positioned her pussy over his face and straddled back and forth.

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My lust had gotten the best of me and I was way too fucking horny. Without making a sound I opened the closet door and stepped into the room. They had their backs to me, as I made my way to the bed.

I found myself staring down at Ronald's hard dick glistened from my daughter's pussy. I got on my knees on the side of the bed and took Ronald's dick in my hand.

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They had not stopped. Somehow they knew I had been watching them fuck. I then put Ronald's dick into my mouth and went to town. I was cock crazy. It tasted so good. I had been waiting all day to suck his dick and now I was fulfilling my desire.

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While pumping Ronald's dick in and out of my mouth, I used the dildo to continue to pleasure myself. I worked that dick like there was no tomorrow.

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Licking, sucking, spitting, jerking, I was doing it all, while my daughter rode his face. I knew he was about to cum when he let out a loud moan. The sound was a little muffled being that he had pussy lips on his mouth. Not wanting to waste a drop I continued to lick his dick, while I sucked on it draining his cum. I could feel the hot explosion of thick cum shoot in my mouth and it felt good.

Tasted good. I took his dick out my mouth, swallowed the cum and slowly licked his shaft up and down. Michelle had cum as well, shooting her young juices into her father's mouth. This was the best sex I had in a long time. All three of us collapsed on the side of the bed in a lustful state of sexual confusion.

My body and hair was drenched in sweat and a mixture of juices from my husband and daughter. I could still taste the wonderful saltiness of thick cum in my mouth. As I begin to come to my sense, to my surprise, Michelle sat up on the bed and said "Save some for me next time, mom.

Don't be so god damn greedy." Needless to say, Michelle was allowed to stay with us as long as she liked. The end.