Thick natural busty shows her breasts

Thick natural busty shows her breasts
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Mommy's true passion- part one This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don't feel in mood for that stuff don't read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story.

If you like it I will write more parts. If you don't I will do, too. Have fun reading it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My dad was a US- Marine. He had died during "desert storm" so my mum and I lived alone since that day.

When my dad found his last sleep I was a child of only 2 years, so I do not really have any memory of relevance on him. All I know are the things mum told me about him. On photos they seem very lucky to me and as I grew up I more and more understood they really must have loved each other. In respect of that its understandable to me that mum never seriously dated any other man since my father's death. During my high school time my mum always supported me in all questions of life.

She was my address for questions about school stuff but also about friendships, girls and sex.

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Since dad had died I think I became some substitute for mum Early I realized that she was different to most of my friend's mums. Those who lived in relationships or were married treaded their children in a more familiarly way.

And another thing was interesting. Normally when you as a boy reach a certain age you don't like when your mum kisses you when others watch.


At home you might be the nicest son and the friendliest child but in public you feel embarrassed when your mom- well, acts like a mum. In my case this was different. I loved to show my friends how close our, my mums and mine, relationship was. Whenever she picked me from school or brought me in summer to the summer camp and left or just when she said "good night" at home I always insisted on her to kiss me.

Mom is in her late thirties. When she became pregnant she was a Marine, too. So it's no wonder she never really lost her shape. She cut her hair lately, so she wears a "bob". Her hair is dark brown.

She has a really sweet face. When you see her you would not think she's almost forty. Most of my friends said she was a MILF. Her breasts were small from all the hard work out she did. A few years ago, when I was in my last high school year, she had a breast enlargement.

Now she has a nice C- cup. She is not a tall women but she's not the short either. I would say she's a well formed package. And since I am a child of two sports parents I'm sporty, too.

One year ago I left my hometown near New York and went to the University. I'm studying medicine in Yale. During the summer I went home to visit my mom who I had missed terribly.

What frightened me a little was that in my whole studying time I missed my mom not only in a mother son way. I realized that I missed her like I once had missed a girlfriend who went to Europe for a year. First I fought the thought but it clarified more and more: I loved my own mother with deep intense. In the nights I thought about her in the kitchen and on her stepper. I thought about her in the pool in her nice little bikini and I thought about her showering.

Step by step she became my erotic fantasy number one.

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I saw it clear in my mind when the hot water touched her trained but soft body. I imagined my mom wrapped in a soft towel and I saw her drying her naked body in front of the mirror.

I tried to remember the touch of her lips on mine and in my head I stretched the quick kiss of a mother to a long and deep kiss between lovers. Our phone calls became different.

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I said often that I missed her and that the time without her was hard for me what really can be understood in two ways. So I couldn't wait for the summer to come. Since I had spent nights over nights fantasizing about me hot mother I had started to adore her. I couldn't wait to see and hug and kiss and feel her. The other thing that had happened in my first university year was that I had developed a strange and nasty obsession. One night, when I was working on my laptop I had clicked on a popup.

The link led to a page with pictures that showed girls taking a shit. There were men, obviously some kind of slaves, that were forced to eat the girls crap and they enjoyed the unbelievable treatment.

I knew, not only since I had sexual fantasies about my own mother, that I was prevent. But in fact I was surprised that I got turned on by what I saw.

Anyway I jerked off in front of those pictures and added it to my nightly fantasies about mommy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finally the last day was there.

I packed me things and locked the door of my college room for the next 2 month. My mom was waiting for me down the hall. She wore a nice little, white dress. A summer dress. Her hair was open and her bob looked really great on her. She has the right face for that haircut. She also wore nice heeled sandals; they fitted perfectly to her outfit.

I walked up the hall, carrying my bags. When I reached her my heart almost jumped out my breast. She smiled her motherly smile at me and hugged me and kissed my lips as usual- no not as usual I had the impression that the kiss was different to the hundreds and thousands before.

It was longer. If only a blink of an eye, and it was more intensive. Her lips were softer and her lower lip was a little higher. It was on its way between my lips and I could swear if the kiss had taken a few moments longer it would have went there.

We put my stuff in the trunk. I said good bye to my college colleges and sat in the car. Mom sat there, too. She turned the key and smiled at me and then she took my hand and pressed it. She had had a manicure. I wondered because I had never realized her nails before. She said "I love you".

Then she pressed the pedal and the car was on its way home.


On the trip we talked very much and I told her everything about my college and the professors. I knew I had told her all this before on the phone but I didn't know what else to talk about.

Ok, I knew something but I thought I might sound strange to my mommy if her son said "mom would you let me eat your shit and let me fuck you?" So we did only a little small talk.

When I didn't know what else to tell her I told her about the page I had found and how disgusting I found that and that those people were so sick- I did everything to not tell her that I was much into that stuff. Mum and I always had a open relationship in those things. Honestly I must say that during the whole drive but especially when I talked to my mother about the shit slaves my cock was like a rock. In times I was afraid it might rip my jeans (which in fact never ever happened to anybody).

I hoped that she wouldn't realize it. I don't know if she did, but if, she didn't say a word. After two hours we reached a little dinner. Mom asked me if I was hungry and we went in for a quick lunch. I ordered a burger and a coke. Mum excused herself and went to the restrooms.

When she came back I had me food and she told the waitress that she wouldn't eat anything and told her to get a coffee. When I had finished my meal, I went to the restrooms. I looked for the gentleman restroom and found it out of order, "damn" I thought. But as I really needed to go to the toilet I went to the ladies room and hoped it was empty. It was. I opened the door to the only toilet in there. I opened the top. And then I saw something I will never forget in my whole life: there was a huge brown piece of shit in there.

In it was a little envelope with my name on it. I couldn't belief it. It walked back off the door and breathed in and out three times. I needed a clear mind. Then I walked back in. it was still there. From that point I felt like in a strange movie. I felt myself reaching in the toilet and pulling the envelope out of the brown crap. I saw my fingers opening it and I realized my eyes reading the letter in it. Dear my son, I knew you would find this because since 15 years you always order a burger in every dinner we go to and then you go to the toilet.

I realized that today you were very different from usual.


I also noticed your hard cock the whole drive and I noticed that you in fact really liked what you saw on that page. Mothers know things like that.

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I don't know what happened in this year to you but honestly I'm lucky you developed that way. When I saw the gentlemen restrooms were closed I took me chance. My beloved son I love you and this year was the hell for me. With all my love, your horny mommy. Bon appetite I couldn't belief what I red there.

I twisted my skin to check if I was dreaming. I was awake. But this couldn't be.

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It was simply impossible. My mom couldn't be a prevent like me. Did my own mother, who I loved more than anything, really just offer me to fulfill all the dreams that had kept me alive in the last year? Obviously. Slowly my pulse normalized. I read the letter again. Then I locked the door behind me.

I didn't need to pee anymore. I had forgotten everything, time, place, guilt, everything had lost its relevance by now. I slowly stacked one finger in the brown surprise.

It felt warm and soft. I felt my finger hit some pieces as I stack it in deeper. Then I put it out. It was barely covered with a thin line of mommy's poop. I watched my covered finger and turned it in front of my face.

Then I sniffed on it. The odor was unique.

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Finally I put it in my mouth and licked it clean. I felt my mommy's warm ass crap in my mouth. I sucked it down. I felt like the luckiest man alive. Then, as I had tasted a few more fingers and had decided that I not only theoretically but also practically was into the shit and incest thing, I got up. I peed in the bowl and flushed the whole load down. When I came out of the toilet my mom was still on the table. She drank the last coffee as she saw me and payed the bill.

She gave me a little look she had never given me before. And I knew that from now our whole relation would be a different one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of part one, if you want more please let me know.