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Hungry pov amateur hot teen
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Party, Roman Style BY Will Buster Virgillia Matellus Had kept her beautiful dark brown eyes and her smoldering desires on young Marcus for quite some time. After a number of unsuccessful invitations the over sexed senator's wife finally enticed him to one of her more extravagant parties or perhaps it would be more accurate to say orgies.

Virgillia was a busty Roman matron whose husband occasionally let her invite some handsome man to satiate her almost inexhaustible lusts. Her husband was a senator and of course was a lot older than the youthful Virgillia. As a result the senator was unable to satisfy the rampant desires of his insatiable wife. However, if the whole truth were to be revealed by some aging Sibyl, even if senator Matellus had been twenty years younger, he probably would have had to have assistance to keep his wife carnally content.

After a superb supper, highlighted by the finest Thracian wine and further punctuated by a unique dessert of spiced peacock tongues, Virgillia got down to business, her cunt's business to be more exact.

For weeks her itching slot would give her no peace until it was stuffed with that young man's vital member. If indirection needed to be employed than so be it, the letcherous diva thought to herself.

She really got the juices flowing when she clapped her hands and the five completely naked dancing girls made their appearance.


As a matter of course, the slutty wife prepared the show right down to the smallest detail. Three of her other slaves performed the music. A drum kept the seductive beat while a flute and a lyre completed the ensemble. Each girl was well oiled, cleanly shaved at the groin and trained in the most seductive dance movements known to a very lascivious society.

Naturally, Marcus being a robust 19 years of age and susceptible to such enchanting entertainment quickly found himself at the mercy of Virgillia's designing wiles. The Roman matron had long, lustrous black hair that went down almost to her waist.

Her legs were long an shapely and her breasts were large and firm, rivaling the lush mounds of the goddess Venus if one compared virgillia's bust to the beautifully sculptured statues that could be seen in so many public places around Rome.

Virgillia wanted to insure that now when she had Marcus in her clutches; he would give her many hours of unsurpassed passion.

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She'd heard from other Roman ladies that Marcus was an accomplished lover and rarely disappointed the woman's urgent needs. In actual fact the only time he'd fallen short of the mark was at Lentulus Servanus's wild party and that unfortunate occurrence developed because Marcus had drunk himself into oblivion before the naughty Octavia had an opportunity to seduce him. Later she blamed it on the untimely coincidence that too many Roman officers from the twelfth legion had been in attendance and everyone had gotten into a drinking contest much to Octavia's chagrin.

Once Virgillia enticed Marcus to kiss her she knew she would entirely possess him. As there mouths opened and ensnared each other with flicking tongues, the lady Matellus guided his hand first to her now uncovered breasts and then to her wet slit.

Marcus quickly became more aggressive. With the moaning woman in his arms, he pulled off her robe and seconds later, he was greedily suckling on her luscious tits. Virgillia sighed and wiggled in excited anticipation. At last she was going to get her seeping slit serviced by this young stallion.

Marcus was watching the dancing girls as much as possible while he played with virgillia's plush mounds with lips, tongue and teeth.

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The little nymphs strutted and wiggled, sticking their tits out at weird angles and spreading their slender legs wide apart so he could se their little pink holes to advantage. In point of fact, the dancers were but a few feet away from Sirvillia's divan. At that close range, he could smell their perfumed bodies as they twirled and pranced during their seductive performance.

Virgillia finished a goblet of wine just moments after her new lover had. She spoke, "Before you taste of my pleasant fruits Marcus, I think your appetite would be best whetted by one of my tight little nymphs. So while you drink the sweet vintage from my succulent goblet where your hand is currently exploring, I'll have Percilla relieve your initial longings with her tiny talented cunt.

She really is a darling and I want to make sure that you last for hours once you embark on a total exploration of all the wonders of my devotion to Eros." Marcus knew from experience not to argue with a gracious hostess, especially when that hostess both craved and demanded thorough servicing of her burning sex from his more than adequate manhood.

Virgillia gave a signal and the smallest dancing girl smiled and joined the couple on the large divan. The dancing girl already knew what was expected. She removed the toga from Marcus. The diminutive slave-slut promptly lay with her back to him on her side. Expertly she plucked his prick with her gentle fingers and slid it deep into her very tight, wet pussy. The giglging little slave girl raised her leg just right to insure his full penetration.

At the same time, Marcus slurped Sirvillia's sopping fuck hole with his slithering tongue and smacking lips. He didn't know what Virgillia had put inside her slick, juicy pussy, but it sure tasted sweet and the smell was invitingly aromatic. He gazed into Virgillia's painted eyes as she smiled at him between those ripe, plush tits that he clutched firmly in his anxious hands.

The little slave dancer turned out to be of exceptional quality in both her dancing and her expressive, vaginal service. She jerked and squirmed all over his surging shaft, swiveling and squeezing him during his slow, appreciative strokes. She gripped him and sucked him with her molten tunnel getting him rock hard and extremely itchy.

From time to time he saw the dancers still twisting and gyrating in the most provocative positions while Percilla fucked his cock with expert depravity. Marcus sank his tongue deeper into Virgillia's urgently juicing cunt. The black haired siren cried out when she reached her first, sensual plateau. The lusty matron grabbed his hair and forced his face hard against her as she ground her sex on his sucking mouth. "Yes Marcus! Lick me deeper! Ooooo yes! Suck! Taste! Drink!" Percilla's naked girlish shape and youthful carnal vigor soon had Marcus on the brink.

With a loud moan he released his essence. Streams of seminal fluids burst from his clenched balls and he filled the little dancer's twat totally full.

Virgillia felt his body jerk as each jolt of lust shot into the sexy slave slut. "Ooooo Marcus! Isn't she a naughty little temptress? Percilla, suck him hard and then get Paulia over here." "Yes Domina!" Percilla dutifully got on her bare knees and pulled Marcus's still dripping penis into her small, moist mouth.

She expertly sucked Marcus's dick, having been thoroughly trained by a few of the older male slaves in Virgillia's vast household. The petite dancer engulfed his cock easily at first because it was almost limp but as she tantalized him into tingling hardness, she had trouble keeping him inside her throat. Virgillia giggled a little when she heard the slave girl gag and almost choke on that tangy meat.

"I think you're almost ready my young stud. Lie on your back. We have a surprise for you." Percilla was permitted to take a break and another silky smooth dancing girl with reddish-brown hair sat on Marcus's face.

Virgillia was now grinning from ear to ear. She was about to have her aching cunt fucked from her slit opening down to her very core. Gradually, as if savoring a rare wine, the over sexed matron enveloped him, squeezing his freshly restored cock with a hungry urgency that certainly let Marcus's manhood know that Virgillia was a carnal connoisseur who was about to embark on a wildly satisfying fuck feast. The youthful red head, Paulia held Marcus's head fast while she ground her cunt and anal opening on his lips and probing tongue.

She'd been excellently prepared. There was some sweet and spicy substance inside both her holes and it made his oral penetrations of this young harlot's body much more pleasant.

He moved his tongue from hole to hole, licking, tasting and slurping while Paulia moaned louder as her groin was exquisitely stimulated. All the while her tits were groped, pinched and clutched as the passion inside Marcus grew.

They young slave could feel the impacting force of Sirvillia's down thrusts as the power of the great lady's fucking increased to a unbridled frenzy! Virgillia by now was rampaging up and down with her head thrown back and howling as she achieved climax after climax quickly and wantonly. She'd deliberately ordered petite Percilla to service him to completion so she would be able to fuck herself silly for a much longer period of time. She'd wated a long time for this and she was greedy for this young, verile stud.

Between bouts of unspeakable passion Virgillia told Marcus what she expected. "Marcus you're such a hot stallion inside my cunt! Just keep lunging up inside me until you feel yourself about to release.

Finish it inside Paulia's cunt. Oooooo! Marcus! You're such a big stud! Does Paulia taste nice? Eat her holes! Fuck my cunt! Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Paulia soon lost control to. She liked how Marcus was playing with her cup cake shape tits and his mouth was driving her wild. She slammed down on his face, eager for that wicked tongue that slid and slipped inside her like a satiny serpent.

She especially enjoyed his slurping movements inside her tiny anus. He was better than those two animals that Virgillia had trained her with. This Roman noble was gentle and yet so naughty as he hungrily lapped her itching holes.

She wasn't supposed to say anything but finally she couldn't hold back. " "Oh Marcus!


Marcus! Eat my fucking cunt! Suck my shit! Ooooooo! Oooooo!" Fortunately for Paulia Virgillia was hollering from her own eruptive climax as she rammed her g spot hard onto Marcus, triggering a gush of hot, pungent lust that drenched her groin and his prick, balls and pubic mound.

In desperation Marcus yelled, "Virgillia I need Paulia fast!" Virgillia understood and she somehow got off his twitching rod. Marcus grabbed Paulia and pushed her down on her back before mounting her. The graceful little dancing girl moved her legs apart and up and a split second later, Marcus slid his bone into her writhing cunt hole. Paulia squealed, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!

Harder! Aaaaahhh! Eeeeeee!! Marcus viciously slammed deep inside Paulia with all his strength. Then he pulled out to where just his cock head was inside her wiggling, oozing box. With a ferocious thrust he repeated the piercing of the whimpering young slut. One, two, three, four, five strokes and his cock sent messages of searing sex pain to his besotted mind. He had to have this little bitch! He had to fill her cunt with his essence because he had to have her and Virgillia wanted to use his cock for another long period of time.

"You hot bitch! Fuck! Fuck my cock!" Paulia was desperately jerking on his pile driving dick, shuddering with a series of short, staccato orgasms as her pussy was totally ravished from lips to hilt. Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen strokes and Marcus reached Euphoria. He was a God. He was immortal! His seed exploded into the dancing girl slave! Her tight cunt wiggled and clutched him so hard that he thought the orgasm would never end.

He kept pumping more and more warm liquids into the hot slave's churning cunt hole. Then Virgillia called for Cynthia and Tulia to service Marcus with their cock sucking while Paulia went to another divan to rest. Virgillia lay back on the floor. Percilla and Lilia, the last dancing girl, rapidly grabbed several pillows and placed them under Sirvillia's head.

The matron's hair was a mess now and her face was flushed with passion. She grabbed Percilla and pulled the squealing youngster down on her face so she could suck Marcus's warm seed from Percilla's oozing pussy.

Percilla already knew what to do and she opened her labia wide with her fingers and tilted her body just right so Virgillia could lick and swallow that thirst quenching cum more easily. From long experience,the other slave slut, lovely little Lillia knew precisely how to stimulate Virgillia's swollen clit.

Soon Virgillia was crying out into Percilla's cunt and her hips and groin lunged onto Lillia's hot mouth, greedy for much more of Lillia's sucking and licking.

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Marcus lifted a delectable beauty onto his face. She had long, dark brown hair and intense blue eyes. Her lips were red and very sensual. Her tits were a little larger than the other dancers and her skin was a darker shade of brown as well.

Perhaps she was a few years older than the others. It was hard to tell. "I'm Cynthia Dominus. I'm Virgillia's finest quality whore and she's ordered me to please you. You may squirt your seed down my throat and fuck both of my holes if you wish. I'm the most experienced of all the dancers.

Tulia will stimulate you with her mouth until you're ready to take us in whatever manner pleases you. You've spent so much time inside Virgillia tonight I do believe she needs to rest awhile and she wants to make sure that her new stallion is well pampered. Is Tulia sucking your cock properly, Dominus?" Marcus grinned up at the lovely, exotic sex servant, Cynthia. He moved her holes close to his mouth.

"Yes my sweet, She's performing her duties quite well. Now, what do we have here? You look delectable." With that he sank his tongue into Cynthia's spiced richness. She tasted salty and sweet. Obviously her holes had been prepared for oral delights as the others had been. Her aroma was musky and powerful. Cynthia spread her legs much further apart and angled her groin just right so that he could enter either hole with his sliding, velvety tongue.

He could see Cynthia's face blushing with lust and shame as he triggered her hot blood to start racing through her veins. His hands groped and felt her up, squeezing her firm, shapely tits and pinching the stiff nipples gently. He'd climaxed a lot already and it took along time for him to revive. However, the lengthy process of rejouvenation was very pleasant indeed. While Marcus was being revived by the two wanton, slave wenches, Paulia moved off the divan and replaced Percilla so that Virgillia could continue nourishing herself on Marcus's previously released juices.

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This gave Percilla a rest as Lillia continued to service Sirvillia's throbbing pussy hole. The young slut used her tongue and little fingers to lick and provocatively probe both of her mistress's orifices, driving the lovely matron into spasms of sheer delight as she greedily gulped down the leavings from her new male toy, straight out of Paulia's seeping slit. Marcus decided to save Cynthia for last. "I'll take Tulia now." He mounted Tulia. She was slender and smaller than any of the other dancers except for Percilla.

Cynthia sat on her face and held back Tulia's silky legs so Marcus could use Tulia's body to full advantage. The youthful slaves hair was very light brown, nearly fair and her small green eyes invited Marcus with a wanton glance. Marcus entered Tulia's tightness and that wet, hot channel instantly gripped him hard, increasing his itching tingles as he stroked deep and hard.

In the meantime Cynthia ground her bum hole onto Tulia's experienced tongue and while holding Tulia's ankles, the hot, brown, skinned whore leaned back against the back of the divan giving her greater purchase. In this way, Cynthia was able to grind her tingling groin even harder onto the little cunt lappers face.

"Dominus, please eat my cunt as you fuck Tulia. It will give you great pleasure. When you are through filling us with your seed, Virgillia will want you to service her pussy for the rest of the evening." Marcus lay forward and while banging all the way into little Tulia he gratefully drank from Cynthia's hot honey pot.

He sucked and drank, penetrating Cynthia with his fucking tongue. Only an inch away he saw and sometimes licked Tulia's tongue which was slipping into Cynthia's shit hole. It was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.

He cupped Cynthia's perky tits and kept right on slurping her sizzling slit. She smiled at him and spoke again. "Ooooooo!

Oooooo! Dominus~! Stick your tongue into me further. Lick it! Move it around and suck it back and forth! Oh God! By Herod's bloody balls! Oh Tulia suck my shit! Eat me out! Oh Marcus! Fuck Tulia and fill her cunt with your cum!


I need your cock so much! Eeeeeee! Yyyyeeesss! Your two tongues are driving me wild! Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Marcus was finding out quickly that this hot slut from the eats had fire in her blood. The young slave slut was having multiple orgasms just from the two tongues slithering inside her two orifices.

Over on the floor he heard Virgillia yelping as Lillia did things to the Roman matron's cunt that he could only guess at. Paulia was slamming her cunt down on Virgillia's mouth when her own passions rose to blazing heights. Marcus was getting his second wind because it wasn't all that long before he felt his shaft bulge and his balls burst. He plowed his spurting cock into Tulia, drenching her cunt and cervix full of his warm essence. The little bitch knew just how to fuck all right.

Her carnal tightness coupled with her wicked vaginal techniques had done the trick. He kept fucking into Tulia hard, determined to remain hard if possible. He was still very young and full of life so he was able to stay erect even though it was a close thing. He was ready to take every inch of Cynthia. This time Lillia switched with Tulia and it was Cynthia's tongue that entered Lillia's ass hole while Marcus sucked the new comer's cunt.

By this time Virgillia had drained Marcus's sperm from Paulia's hole and she was ready for the warm, flowing lust that quickly rolled out of Tulia's freshly plowed cunt hole.

Virgillia hungrily sucked and swallowed more of that rich, salty mix of Tulia and Marcus's juices. Paulia was now licking Sirvillia's cunt while Percilla finally got a rest.

Marcus suddenly realized that there was something dramatically different about this new slut, Cynthia. Her cunt rippled and clutched him in a series of rhythmic, staccato jerks that made each of his carnal penetrations an individual adventure. Her vaginal expressiveness was so visceral and exquisite that soon he moved his hands from Lillia's plush tits to Cynthia's jutting, firm mounds. After a few more slicing thrusts, he'd pushed Lillia away and captured Cynthia's tongue sucking mouth.

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He rimmed her writhing lips with his while his cock savagely explored her viciously jolting pussy. This little vixen was even better than virgillia! He couldn't believe it! He ordered Lillia to pull Cynthia's legs all the way back, insuring an increase of that thrilling tension where their bodies joined.

His chest wedged his hands down hard on her crushed tits and he drove harder and harder into the now squealing girl. He had to have every carnal bit of Cynthia's vibrating vortex! It was an an exquisite romp of unrestrained vice. The little bitch was fucking him just as hard as he was fucking her.

Cynthia too was surprised. She hated Romans because of what they'd done to her village so long ago. She just been a small girl then but she remembered the dead bodies in the street and the burning houses and the screams of mortal pain.

But somehow this roman was different. Although he'd taken her in the middle of an orgy, his kiss was unusually gentle. Even his forceful penetrations weren't painful. In fact his cock was driving her lusts off the carnal map.

She finally got to speak. "Fuck me Dominus! Yes! Ooooooo! Ooooooo! Damnation! Fuck my hole hard! Like that!" Yyyyeeeessss!" Another blazing burst of rapture seared Cynthia's soul.

In that split second she knew there was something very special about this intense man. She'd heard Virgillia talk about him for weeks. No doubt about it. He was handsome, strong and definitely virile. Marcus whispered in her ear. "What's your name again you lovely tart?" Cynthia was jerking harder on his pounding dick.

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It was with difficulty she could even talk now. "Cynthia!" He licked her ear lobe very seductively, even as his manhood stretched her wide open. "Well, Cynthia, in my opinion, you fuck much better than any of the other dancing girls. In fact, you fuck better than Virgillia, herself, and she's damned good. I've got to have you. I've got to own you, every part of you.

I don't know how yet but I have to possess every part of you. Now don't say anything, just sport!" His mouth smothered hers and his thrusting went on a rampage. He ached and strained for release! Again and again, he drove deep with circular thrusts into her molten depths.

when that piercing, soul splitting moment camehe jolted a flood of semen into Cynthia's violently churning and jerking cunt hole until every drop had been milked out of him by her unbridled pussy play.

Once he'd filled Cynthia she had to drain the contents of lust in her cunt down Virgillia's sucking mouth allowing Tulia to rest at last. Lillia had to give Marcus a long sixty-nine adventure.

She had strawberry blonde hair with placid brown eyes and freckles on her cherub looking face. She was expert at cock sucking, belying her angelic looks. She rubbed her clit and cunt over his lips and tongue, urging him to eat her out.

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She liked to be softened up before fucking. When Marcus eventually took Lillia it was a bit of a let down after the wildly seductive Cynthia. It took a long time for him to eventually pour his diminishing seed into the last dancing girl. Like all the others, Lillia straddled Virgillia's face, providing the sex addicted matron a long and tasty drink from her freshly fucked hole.

Marcus rested, waiting for Virgillia to take him once again. His head was swimming from all the drinking and carousing but such minor inconveniences were a very tiny price to pay for such exceptional visceral pleasure. This time it was different. Once Virgillia had slaked her thirst she dismissed the girls and at last Marcus and his luscious hostess were alone.

Even the musicians were gone. She lay under him, guiding his meat into her. She new he was drained and almost spent but she also knew that he could fuck her cunt for many hours now without respite. "Marcus, did you like my naughty little dancing girls? Aren't they sweet to fuck with?" "They are but the appetizers for the main course my lovely servant of Venus." "Until dawn, I will be your insatiable mare my dear Marcus.

Be my lusty stallion and shower my hungry pussy with your all powerful love. Stud me until I faint from very ecstasy. Ooooo, Marcus! Marcus! Don't hold back! Ram it in hard! Harder! Oooooo! You were worth the wait!" An hour became two and then three and Marcus continued supplying his paramour unsurpassed pleasure.

His strokes were long, deep and unhurried as he forced Virgillia to reach climax again and again. She screamed and cursed him. She hollered and whimpered. Still his driving staff, brought her cunt back to life, time and time again. Occasionally she was on top of him, fucking him furiously with her boiling cunt or very talented, rimming ass hole. Virgillia was exceptionally greedy for climax. She yearned for it like some men yearn for strong drink. She was addicted to the ecstasy of carnal rapture.

"Oooooo my lusty stallion! You're such a powerful stud Marcus! You're so strong! You hold your lust so well. Oooooo! Get on top of me again and ram my two passages of joy!" Although Marcus was tiring and his brain careened from the wine and the utter debauchery, he kept slicing into Virgillia, slamming her from one passionate release to another.

He wanted to cum but he couldn't. His cock was in the dry heaves stage as he pounded into her sloppy, mushy cunt hole. Although it was Virgillia he was fucking, however, it was Cynthia's body that he was seeing in front of his blurred, drunken eyes. It was the brown skinned bewitching eastern slave bitch that had suddenly and unexpectedly made an impression on his besotted mind.

Each time, Virgillia cramped hard on his twitching member, he imagined it was Cynthia's more intense vaginal tricks he was enjoying. Each time Virgillia promised him the most depraved pleasures in the most vulgar ways, he fantasized it was Cynthia's sultry voice he was hearing.

At last he felt his balls tense and his cock tingle in that special way that indicates the soon arrival of a creamy burst. Virgillia's legs were wrapped around his backside, urging him on with her volcanic body and watery kisses. He stabbed his tongue further into her tongue darting mouth, crushed her tits harder and screamed with triumph at the instant of his pulsing release! Virgilia was an enchanting witch! She clamped on his spurting member even harder with her cum drenched slit, preventing him from escaping her until every drop of semen was draining from his squirming cokc and deposited deep into her milking pussy.

Then she held him there, reluctant to let him go. "I do believe Marcus, I will have to invite you over here for more delightful folly. Only next time, I won't have as many dancing girls. I want more of you for myself." He grinned down at her, is heart still beating as if trying to explode from his chest.

"You are greedy, you incomparable priestess of Venus. I needs must rest now or they'll have to carry me home." If you'd like to read more of my novels or use this site to make money with your writing, just go to