Gay clip of Conner Bradley is one fortunate guy in this threway with

Gay clip of Conner Bradley is one fortunate guy in this threway with
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One day I was in the entertainment room with Tommy and another friend Jacob watching a movie. I heard someone at the door and looked back to see MrH signaling me then walking down the hall. I waited a minute, "be right back." "Oh we'll pause the movie for you," Jacob said. "No it's ok, I've seen it enough times with Tommy." True enough he loved this movie and any time it was his turn he'd pick it.

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Really it bored me. I walked out and down the hall as I reached for MrH's bedroom door he whispered my name from the other side of the hall. I walked up to him and he pulled me into the garage. "Uh, what's going on?" I asked. "Oh my wife is sleeping off her jet lag in there." He put an exercise mat down in front of him and pulled down his pants. "Come on sweetie I need your mouth." His huge dick was hard already. I felt weird kneeling down in front of him here. Maybe it was the mention of his wife or the gasoline smell of a garage but I wasn't really in the mood.

His hands grabbed the back of my head and yanked me the rest of the way to him. I instinctively grabbed his cock and started pumping it. "Oh yeah, let me fuck your teen mouth!" Tommy's dad moaned as I slowly lowered myself into the blue mat. His hands gripped my hair and pulled my head back. I opened my mouth to complain and he shoved his dick in.

Ok, fine. I can make this good and we'll be done sooner. I worked my newly learned skills. I sucked him and pumped him. When his hands pulled his cock into my throat I opened wider and swallowed him in deep.

Pulling at his saggy balls. He began ramming forcefully into my throat. It hurt and it didn't always go down the right way. He didn't seem to care one way or another. He just kept going.

Even as I gagged around his shaft. It seemed like an eternity but maybe it was fifteen minutes before he began pouring cum down my sore throat. I knew how to handle it all now and took my time swallowing it. I sucked him a little more for good measure and popped his long penis out of my mouth. I got up and checked my clothes for any semen.

None. I smiled at him and turned to leave. He grabbed me from behind. "Not, yet" he said. Pulling me back with both hands. "Again? Two blow jobs in one night?" I said shocked. This would be a first for him. He answered with his hands. One hand grabbed at my breast the other he worked in the front of my pants. "How about we use one of those condoms I gave you?" Diving a hand down the top of my shirt. "MrH, I'm still only fourteen. I'm not ready to go that far yet." I said timidly. Trying to pull his arms out of my clothes.

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"There are other things we can do beside fuck," he said one hand gripping my panties and trying to dig into them. "Oww! No! Not tonight." I cried out. Still pulling at his arms and trying to get away from him. He let go all at once and I stumbled forward away from him just short of hitting the ground. "Then next time for sure." He demanded. "Sure, that sounds good." I tried not to run out. I was so scared.

He wasn't going to take no for an answer. Next time he saw me he'd take what he wanted no matter what I said.

The next day after school he was calling my cell phone to get me to come over. I had five missed calls from him since I started color guard practice.

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I was really tired today and scared of what he'd want to do. Besides I felt like Tommy was starting to get suspicious. He had seen his dad making a weird gesture to me a week ago and wouldn't stop asking me what it was about.

I tried to explain I didn't know but he wouldn't believe me. I called MrH to tell him that it was over. I wouldn't do it anymore. He was mad and started yelling at me calling me a tease and a slut. He threatened to tell Tommy and show him the pictures of me if I didn't fuck him next time. He said I better be at his house tonight. I was scared.

I didn't want to lose my virginity to Tommy's dad, a week ago I might have done it. Now he was something else. A monster that wanted more and more. I wanted to cry I had to tell Tommy. He would never forgive me. I got Jacob to walk me home.

It wasn't easy since he lived the other way. But, he was sort of a good friend. I'm sure he was hoping my parents weren't home. They were but not for long. They were both traveling out of town for three or four days and the flight out was at 9:00 tonight.


I had five more missed calls from Tommy's house. I tried to tell myself it was just Tommy but I knew it wasn't. Tommy might call once maybe even twice. That meant at least three calls were his dad. The next day he called me again and threatened me again. This time he said he was going to pick me up from practice. I was so tired I didn't change out of my uniform.

Our uniforms were basically short red dresses covered in sequins with sheer black tulle that flared out down to our feet. The tulle had slits down the front and back so we could kick our legs out without tearing it.

I started walking home by myself. I saw his car by the front of the school. Oh no. I turned and hoped he wouldn't see me. Idiot, I thought to myself, your dress sparkles! "Hey! Jeanette! Get over here!" He yelled. I turned and ran into the school. I was running and didn't know where to go. The school was almost empty I ran to the end of the hall and never saw another person.

Fear had made me run to the safest place I could, geometry class. MrC's room. I ran in and sighed heavily at the sight of him behind his desk. "Jennette? Are you ok?" He asked getting up. I looked out the door down the hall, no one there. Maybe he never even tried chasing me.

"Yeah, just got a little spooked that's all." I walked in closer to my math teacher. "What are you working on?" "Just grading some papers, not yours." He laughed as I tried to look. I wrapped my arms around him, "MrC can I stay here for a little while." I pleaded. I could feel his bulge against my waist. It was hard and unmoving.

Oh MrC what could we do? What wouldn't I do for my savior. My crush. "Uh yeah if you let go," he said shocked. I let him go then sat down. "Sorry, guess I'm still shaken up at feeling like someone was chasing me." He sat back at his desk and worked for 30 minutes. I watched the door then took a break to look out the windows. I couldn't see Tommy's dad anywhere. It was starting to get dark.

"Ok, well time for us to go now." I turned from the window just in time to catch MrC's eyes looking at my butt. "Could you give me a ride home?" I asked. Inside I was beaming! MrC just checked me out. "Well, that's probably not a good idea." I walked back over to him and hugged him again. Sure to press my breasts against his arms and fell his manhood against my side. "Please, I'm scared something bad will happen. I was sure someone was chasing me earlier." I said softly "Of course," he said letting me go.

I hugged him tighter, "thank you, thank you so much." I said making sure to press my flat stomach harder against his bulge before I let go. He finished putting papers in his bag and walked me to his car. I gave him directions to my house. He smiled with each instruction. "What's so funny?" I asked. "I have been to your house before.

I know the way." He replied laughing. "Your family throws the best parties!" "Well I know you've been I just didn't know you were a creaper!" I said. "A what?" He asked. "A creaper, you know it's like a stalker." I laughed. "You alway remember where your students live?" "Only the pretty ones-" he winced. "I'm sorry, that's inappropriate of me to say." I sat quietly, bursting inside.

I could feel my heart pounding again only his time my hands weren't the only part of me getting wet. He didn't say anything else as we drove. He turned onto my street and I stared out the window looking at Tommy's house. When we passed it I exhaled. His dad's car wasn't there. "You ok?" He asked. "Sorry, it's just that guy scared me," I told MrC, I didn't want him to know who it was. He might turn him in to the police then the whole story about me might come out. We pulled into the driveway, "can you stay with me for a little bit?" "Oh uh, I don't think that would be-" he started to say.

"-please? My parents went out of town, I'll be alone. At least go with me to check no one is waiting in there?" I pleaded. That seemed to worry him.


"Ok I'll walk through the house to make sure it's clear." He said. We went in and checked the main rooms together, I held his hand the whole time. Then down the hall to my room. He checked my windows, bathroom and closet.

"I'll be back" he said when he saw I wasn't following anymore. "Ok." After he left I picked out some clothes to wear to bed, stripped off my uniform and realized how dirty I was. I went into my restroom and took a fast shower. I had forgotten my clothes in my room out of habit.

I wrapped the towel around me and walked out. The room was empty so I took off my towel to get dressed. I heard a noise outside and ran to the window to look. There was another car in the driveway. Then it backed out and took off down the street. It was dark I couldn't tell if it was MrH. The door to my room flew open, "who was that?" MrC froze there halfway in my room. I had turned around at the sound of my door. He had a full frontal view of me. I just stood there shocked and pleased.

He started to back away not looking away from me. "I think it was the same guy from the school," I told him. I sat down on the floor next to the window. I tried to look sad and scared. I didn't want to seem desperate or needy. He came over to me knelt beside me and hugged me.


"It's ok Jeanette. I will stay with you as long as you need me to." I hugged him back. "'MrC you're a great guy. Thank you." He put his arms under me and carried me to my bed. As his arms lowered me I shifted so my bare breast brushed his arm.He put me on the covers and pulled the other side up around my naked body. He walked over to my sitting chair and sat down. "MrC take this blanket I have an extra one underneath it." I told him.

He nodded then walked to my bed. I pulled the blanket back and crawled under it. I'm sure he got an eye full because I saw his bulge shift. Guess the fear had left him again. As he pulled the top blanket away I wrapped the bottom one over me.

It wasn't as thick. He curled up on the chair again. For several minutes I heard the chair creak as he shifted different ways. "MrC, I can't sleep." "Me either." "Can you bring me my clothes? I think I dropped them by the window." I asked. "Oh uh sure" he sounded a little disappointed. He looked around in the dark then came over to me. "Here you go." He said handing them to me. I pulled only my shirt on and turned on the lamp by my bed.

I let the blanket fall just low enough that he would know I still wasn't dressed below my waist. I could feel my nipples getting hard are trying desperately to break back out of my top. "Why can't you sleep?" I asked making conversation. He sat on the edge of my bed.

"Besides the fact I'm curled in a tiny chair made for a tiny girl?" He asked, we both laughed. "Yeah besides that?" I asked. "I don't know maybe it's this blanket. It smells like a very pretty girl." He said.

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The second time he's called me that. "Well maybe you'd sleep better in a bed that smells like a pretty girl." I told him. "I don't know if that's a good idea," he replied weakly. His grin told me he wanted too. "Well there's a guest room down the far side of the hall of you want." I offered, hoping he would't take it. He was quiet for a long time just looking into my eyes.

He looked away from me and said, "I should probably just." Headlights shone through my window again then moved away. But for that moment he looked ready to fight. I put my hand on his arm. "Stay with me," I pleaded. "Of course." He said climbing into my bed. I shared my blanket with him. I felt cold. He wrapped his arm around my hips. My shirt barely reached my waist so his hand was touching my bare skin. We lay like that for several minutes only his hand touching me. I wanted to feel more of him.

I rolled face down toward him, his hand now on my upper butt. I rolled closer to him again so my butt was against his groin. He didn't pull away. He left his bulge on my butt. I held his hand on my hip then moved it up to my waist. His breathing was heavy. I turned and unfastened his belt, I couldn't pull it off. I tugged but it wouldn't budge. "Damn thing." "What are you doing?" He asked. "Your belt was cutting into my back I'm trying to get it off you!" I acted frustrated.

"Take your jeans off too." I instructed. He didn't question me just did what I told him to do. I turned back around and pressed my naked ass against his boxes. He put his hand back on my bare waists. I put my hand over his and slid it over to my toned stomach. Then moved it up, under my shirt to my breast. He began rubbing my breasts. After a few minutes of that I felt his dick growing against my firm teen ass.

I moved my butt in little circles against his hard staff. I turned over and he pulled at my shirt until he worked if off of me. He kissed me. His tongue rolled into my mouth and around my tongue. I reached down to the front of his boxers. They had a slit that opened in front, my hand slid in and I felt his warm meat. It was firm and smooth. I felt along his shaft up, there it was, the ridge I liked to feel between the shaft and top. I played with it. It wasn't long before I felt moisture on his tip.

I rubbed it off and he quickly pulled off his boxers and climbed on top of me. I opened my legs for him. "Oh yes." I purred. He slid his cock down my slit. I wasn't gigantic like Tommy or his dad. MrC's was a nice size. I felt him slip slowly teasingly between my lips. "Are you ready?" He asked. "I've been ready since the beginning of the year," i told him. I felt my heart racing! This was going to happen. MrC was going to take my cherry!

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I felt the juices erupting from my loins onto his ready top. He moved it down my slit and when he reached my hole he thrust in hard. "Sssaa," I called out. Deep inside me he waited, "are you ok?" "Hmm, yeah. It just hurts a little," I told him. "But I like having you in me." He began to move in and out. A small spark of pain shot up from my hole with each thrust. He dove in deeper and began riding me faster. I couldn't keep up with the tiny sparks of discomfort, and I lost myself in his love making.

I noticed his balls beating against me as he was thrusting me. It was so hot. His cock was slamming in my teen hole. "Oh yes!" I called. "I want you." He responded with grunts of pleasure. MrC bent his head down to my breasts and sucked my hardening nipples into his mouth. The pain and discomfort were gone.

Now I only felt his dick inside my love tunnel. I was making love to MrC! This is exactly how I wanted to lose my virginity. I put my arms around him and held him. He pumped me even deeper and began to slow a little. "I'm getting close," he warned. I remembered Tommy cumming on my pussy. I wondered what it would feel like for MrC to cum on my pussy.

Tommy's cum went inside me, but if anyone's cum was in me I wanted it to be MrC. I moved my hands down his back and pulled him in me. "I'm going to cum." He warned again.

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"Yes! Yes!" I wanted to make him cum. He was my dream come true. "Ahhhh fuck!" He said as his balls heaved, blasting his sperm up his pole and deep into my hole. He left it all inside me, slowly pulling his dream out of my fantasy. MrC lay on top of me for a little while catching his breath. He began playing with my breasts. I wanted more of him. He rolled off and sighed. I turned over to look at him.

He was perfect. I wanted all my experiences with him. I gave Tommy's dad so many blow jobs but had never put MrC in my mouth. I went for it and sucked his wet shaft in and down my throat. It took a little more work to get his rod hot and hard.

I pumped my hands on his cock as I licked his top. I wanted so bad to taste his cum. I tasted something different, was that me? I was working his pole in my mouth and swallowing it whole. I wanted only him. After the one time with Tommy I knew I'd never do anything with him. And his dad, I knew that had been temporary. But MrC was my teacher, he was MY teacher and I was his!

"Oh yeah Jeanette that's so good!" He was getting close I could feel it in his cock. It began to twitch. I sucked up to his tip, rolled my tongue around his cock ridge and milked his pole.

"I want to taste you," I told him between slurps and licks. It only took another minute of that and I was rewarded with his sweet cream blasts. I was ready for it and swallowed my teachers seed into my teen belly. His hot cock swelled one more time for my mouth and I squeezed every last drop out of him for my throat. I watched his eyes close with a smile. I lay naked curled up with him all night.

As the sky turned from black to blue and orange I woke my favorite teacher with my pussy sliding on his cock. "Mmm, good morning beautiful," he said drowsily. As I rode him. He fondled my small breasts as I bounced on his wood. It didn't take me long to get him calling out, "oh damn your tight!" "MrC you're my favorite teacher!" "Oh yeah. Fuck you're homework is perfect," he said his hands caressing my a-cup breast.

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Tweaking my little nipples as I bounced on his ruler. A little longer and it was as much of me as he could take. "Jeanette I want to cum inside you again!" "Yes! Oh yes!" I begged. "Let me feel your seed in me! Cum in me MrC! Tell me I'm your best student!" "Ugh! Ahhhh! Fuck your so good Jeanette." He said unloading more of his spunk in me. I laid down on top of him for a little while.

"You look so pretty in this light-" he complimented. "-what time is it?" When He realized what time it was he jumped into his clothes and rushed out the door to go home.

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He had less than an hour before school started. Plenty of time for me. "I'll see you after class!" I called to him as he was getting in his car. I went back in to fix my hair. I felt dirty again even though I showered last night. But, I wanted to leave his mess down there. It was sexy knowing that sticky wet feeling was his cum between my legs.