Babe in thongs got undressed and fucked

Babe in thongs got undressed and fucked
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With Dewayne heading to meet Kent in the bar, Bridget stepped into the shower thinking that if Kent is looking for girls for porn, she needed to strut her stuff. Taking a long shower and then drying her hair, Bridget had just picked up her make-up brush when someone knocked on her door. Wrapped only in a towel, she looked through the peephole to see who was on the other side of the door. It was Janelle, and she dressed to kill in an outfit that exposed a lot of flesh. On her way to the door, Bridget nearly stumbled on the platform heels she bought only a few hours earlier.

Quickly she put those on. "Hi sweetie, you ready yet?" Janelle asked with a big smile on her face and toting an extra large handbag. "I'm always ready baby but if we're going out in public, I've really got a lot of work to, as you can see. Sit down and talk to me.

Let's get better acquainted." In fact the two had barely met the first time in the breakfast room. Both had plenty of questions to ask each other. Janelle explained that Kent knew it would take at least an hour before the ladies got to the bar.

Janelle took Bridget's right hand and gently caressed her left leg. "Tell me about your day sweetie." Bridget didn't need any more encouragement. All day long she had fantasized about making it with this hottie. She moved very close to her new friend and looked into her eyes.

Both drew their lips near each other before passionately kissing and caressing each others her breasts. Janelle gently removed the towel from Bridget and began sucking her tits.

They continued running their hands on each other's bodies and looked at each other with lust. "You and Kent sounded pretty fucking hot through that wall. Is that how you like it sweetie?" asked Bridget when she emerged from another long, deep amorous kiss.

"I'm a nasty fucking slut sweetie. Treat me like one. Slap my face. Pull my hair. Spank my ass hard enough to make it red. Bite and squeeze and slap my tits. Choke me. Gag me. Spit on me the wetter and sloppier the better. Call me any name you fucking want bitch, slut, tramp, whore, dyke, lezzy, anything. I don't fucking care. I love to be denigrated. Spank my pussy. Bite my clit. Finger fuck me hard. I enjoy it rough.

I'm not one of those "goodie-two-shoe" high school girls that is looking for sweet love and romance. I'm a piece of fuck meat. I treat my sex partners like fuck meat too." As the rubbing continued along with tongue play, there was an emphatic "Fuck yeah," from Bridget as she removed Janelle's mini-skirt and stuck two fingers into her newfound friend's cunt.

"I'm the same way sweetie but I want you to fucking violate my fucking ass too. I'm a pussy eating ass whore. I really hope you fucking squirt too, because I want to learn how to do that." Asking Janelle to turn around and bend over, Bridget went straight for Janelle's pussy. It had been over four years since she tasted the sweetness. As Bridget inserted her tongue into her partner's hairless twat, Janelle breathed deeply in pleasure while feeling her own breasts.

"Eat my pussy you fucking horny slut. Eat that fucking pussy," Janelle said is a loud voice while Bridget also rubbed her owns tits and pelvic region.

Using long licking motions coupled with hot rapid tongue action, Bridget knew how to bring her partner on the edge of excitement. Her tongue also began teasing the piercing on Janelle's hood. "Oh shit, you really are fucking good pussy eater bitch. Let me taste my pussy." The two engaged in another long kiss. Bridget also enjoyed the feeling of Janelle's tongue ring and could only imagine what it would feel like somewhere else.

Breaking their kiss, Janelle began licking, sucking and then licking again Bridget's tongue. Janelle sucked on Bridget's tongue very hard so much so that Bridget felt she grew an extra inch of tongue. Bridget reciprocated. Then she spat directly into Janelle's mouth. Laughing, Janelle slapped Bridget in the face. Then Janelle began rapidly alternating sucking on each of Bridget's tits.

Every few seconds Janelle gently bit her partner's nipples and mixed in an occasional spit or slap. "Suck those fucking tits you nasty little bitch," Bridget moaned. Being on the verge of climax, Bridget did her best to control herself to maximize the pleasure.

"Is my little tit whore getting wet?" Janelle asked before inserting two fingers into her partner. "Is my little piece of nasty fuck meat getting turned on?" The finger fucking action was fast and hard.

Each began to moan. No longer did Bridget have the strength to stand on the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs to see the action. Janelle knelt on the floor, but kept her fingers firmly implanted inside the warmness of that very wet pussy.

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As Janelle continued to finger fuck her mate, she began sucking Bridget's clit. The feeling of the warm tongue and tiny steel ball brought Bridget to a new level of excitement. "Ohhhh fffuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk." Starting near the bottom of her partner's pussy and working her way in one long tongue stroke after another to her clit, Janelle never lost eye contact with Bridget.

Upon getting to the clit, Janelle snapped her tongue like a sassy whore that loved what was doing. She repeated this several times before finally spreading Bridget's pussy apart with her fingers and burying her tongue deep into her friend and smearing her tongue all over the pink flesh.

"Cum for me baby. Come for Janelle. Your perverted nasty pussy wants to cum for deranged Janelle, doesn't it?" "Bridget's dirty fucking pussy is cumming for my depraved sweetie. Ooohhh ffffuuuuccccckkkkk. Janelle is making Bridget's nasty pussy cum. Cum you fucking pussy. Oh my god. Oh fuck. Oh shit," Bridget repeated while moaning and playing with herself. When Janelle gaped and spat again on the excited love box, Bridget lost control. "Finger fuck my fucking wet pussy you fucking nasty perverted whore.

Harder. Ooohhhh fffuuuccckkk OOOOHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCKKK. Oh my fucking god. Ooohh shit. Oh fuck yeah!" At the release point, Janelle quickly drilled her tongue deeply into Bridget gaping whole grabbing the sweet fresh nectar.

The feel of Janelle's tongue ring coupled with her firm tit squeeze elongated the climax. "I want to taste my dirty pussy," Bridget pleaded, a request gladly granted. After another very long kiss it was Bridget's turn to bring off her new friend. Even though she had just cum hard, Bridget was far from satisfied. She knew it was just the first of multiple orgasms they would share before joining their husbands for supper.

When Janelle bent downward allowing Bridget to lick the twat from behind, Janelle reached into her purse and pulled out an 8-inch dildo.


Seeing it made Bridget even hotter. Janelle didn't waste any time inserting the toy into her mouth. Reaching again into the bag, Janelle pulled out another toy, this one even larger. She handed that one to Bridget. As Janelle took a seat on the edge of the bed, Bridget continued eating her pussy while holding the large toy. She gently inserted the 10-inch black object into her friend's moist pussy. "Open up that cunt for me you dirty little bitch," Bridget commanded as Janelle put down her toy and used her hands to expose her womanhood.

Fully exposed, Bridget spat repeatedly inside her friend and sloppily blew the toy. "I want to fuck my pussy with that black fucking cock." "Shut the fuck up you fucking nasty girl. I'll fuck you when I'm good and fucking ready." Rubbing the other toy over her breasts, neck and face, Janelle wanted rougher action. "Look at me and open your fucking mouth," she commanded. When Bridget did, Janelle spat into her open mouth.

Bridget spat the load into the exposed pussy before inserting the toy. "Finger fuck my ass when you're fucking my pussy. You're too much of a fucking goodie-two-shoes.

Treat me like fuck meat." This encouraged Bridget to become even more depraved. She violently inserted four fingers into her friend's asshole while her cunt took most of the 10-inch toy.

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When she withdrew the toy, Bridget lovingly bit Janelle's clit, bringing a moan. "Oh my fucking god!" Janelle said with pleasure as she continued blowing the other toy. "Come on you hot nasty little tramp. You're pussy is supposed to be fucking this toy, not the toy fucking your pussy. Get up on your fucking knees. I want to see your tits hanging down. You're such a fucking sexy bitch that way." Changing positions, Bridget continued talking to her partner and mixing in an occasional slap to her friend's ass cheek.

"Now get your fucking pussy into gear. Fuck that fucking black cock. Oh my god, that is so fucking hot, seeing that black cock fucking your pussy.

Do you like having a black cock fuck your fucking twat?" "Oh fuck yeah," Janelle moaned as loudly sucked on her toy that was standing upright on the bedspread. Bridget then inserted her four left fingers into Janelle's ass while the right hand continued rapidly working with a sex toy. "Oh my fucking god, that is so fucking hot. You like getting your ass pounded at the same time your getting fucked with a cock? Taste your fucking ass." Quickly turning around, Bridget jammed those four fingers into Janelle's mouth.

She sucked them before Bridget withdrew them so they could both lick and suck the fingers. Then she inserted the black toy into Janelle's mouth. At first she let Janelle suck the cock before going deep down her throat to the point of chocking.

With the toy full of spit, both women began licking and sucking the juices as their tongues often met and played with each other too. Unexpectedly Bridget spat directly into Janelle's face and then slapped it hard. "Fuck yeah," Janelle shouted back. "That's what I fucking want. Treat me like I deserve to be treated." Hard slaps to Janelle's tits and face took both women to another level of ecstasy.

"Fuck," Janelle yelled when Bridget yanked those long bleached blonde blocks of hair that Janelle had. "If the little bitch wants to fucking cum, she's going to have to work for it.

Finger fuck yourself," Bridget said with a hard slap to Janelle's tits. Upon command, Bridget took control of Janelle's wrist to force a very hard self-fuck. "Fuck yourself harder slut. Show me what a nasty little whore you are. Fuck your fucking pussy." Mixing in those words with spitting action, Janelle was getting moist.

"Let me taste your fucking pussy," Bridget asked. Joining her friend on the floor, Janelle knelt facing Bridget. She inserted her fingers into the waiting mouth. Very loudly Bridget cleaned her friends moist fingers before Janelle shoved her fingers to the very back of Bridget's throat. "You better not gag on that shit yet. You're going to take it even deeper. Open up that fucking whore throat of yours for my fucking fingers." Pinching her nose with one hand so that Bridget could not breathe, Janelle pushed Bridget's head forward forcing her friend to take another half inch of finger before finally withdrawing.

When Bridget spat up, Janelle was there to catch the slobber. "Oh fuck," is all Bridget could muster as she gasped for air.

At this point, Bridget was not sure she was pleasing Janelle or if Janelle had reversed roles. But Bridget was determined to get her friend to climax. Picking up the black toy, Bridget wet it before teasing Janelle's inner thighs. She then pushed Janelle down onto the floor. Once there Bridget reverse mounted her. She began to rapidly fuck the pussy below her, while Janelle ate the pussy above her head. "You like getting fucked while you eat pussy," Bridget asked before spitting into her friend's twat.

"That is so fucking hot seeing that black cock go in an out of your hot wet pussy. Oh my god. You are a fucking whore fucking that cock like that." Meanwhile on the other end, Janelle had open season on Bridget's womanhood.

Completely exposed, Janelle not only ran her tongue into the pussy but also teased Bridget's ass. The combination finally brought Janelle to the edge. "Of my fucking god. You're going to make me fucking cum little bitch. Keep fucking me hard. Keep fucking me. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" For her part, Bridget offered no rest or relief. She wanted to bring off her new friend. Licking and sucking the clit while letting the toy do the deep work; Bridget could see Janelle's pussy begin to contract.

The end was near. That meant increased activity at the other end too. "Oh" Bridget moaned as her friend's tongue ring brought her to the edge of another climax.

Wanting to be sure that she did her job of bringing off Janelle, Bridget concentrated more on the pussy directly below her body. In and out the black dildo went at one point nearly disappearing from view. Bridget thought about how she had Janelle stretch but still wondered if she would squirt. The answer didn't take long. Sensing that Janelle wanted to sit up, Bridget got off her friend.

Janelle sat back on the edge of the bed and rapidly rubbed her clit. Bridget sat inches away from her friend's pussy but continued rubbing her legs with one hand while the other moved higher on her torso to run Janelle's breasts.

"OOOOOHHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK" Janelle shouted while she gushed a large stream of cum onto Bridget's waiting face. Bridget did not back away one bit, catching what she could with her mouth. With puckered lips, Bridget slowly spit the love product back to her friend who enjoyed catching it in her mouth.

The two repeated the puckered cum swap several times before Bridget swallowed the remainder. "You are such a fucking slut," Bridget said.

"I've wanted to have a girl squirt on me for a long time. You have to teach me how to do that." "We'll talk about that later. Reach into my bag and get something.

I think you'll fucking like whatever you pull out." Without looking, Bridget put her had inside the bag. She felt at least four more sex toys. She kept her hand in the bag feeling each toy. She knew there was at least one strap-on, maybe two but kept feeling until she found a double-headed toy.

That is what she pulled out. Holding the toy between them, each began to blow their end.

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Once they had plenty of moisture on the toy, Janelle wanted to swap ends, where they again continued the prolonged blowjob. They each engulfed their end so that their noses where only inches apart.

They licked the toy like a real cock. Janelle stood on the bed and turned around before returning to the kneeling position. Bridget took the opportunity to again eat ass. Janelle put additional moisture on one end of the toy before inserting it into her ass. Bridget took control of the toy and gently fucked her friend's ass for a few minutes before turning around.

Janelle held the toy in place until Bridget got into position. Janelle even turned momentarily to spit into her friend's ass rubbing the slime for additional lubricant. She backed in as Bridget found the cock and slipped it into her own anal cavity. The two women had engulfed the fake cock so their bare behinds rubbed against each other. While Janelle maintained initial control of the cock with her hand, they talked to each other and often massaged each other's ass. "So you're an ass whore, huh?" "Fuck!

Fuck my fucking ass slut!" "Move your nasty whore fucking ass faster slut." "You're the one that needs to get your shit into fucking gear. What the fuck are you doing, just jerking off? That's not doing anything for me you nasty piece of fuck meat. Get your head on the fucking bed and point your ass up in the air." "Yeah, that's it, wiggle your fucking ass." About that time, Janelle withdrew and began tasting the residue of her ass on her end of the toy while giving her friend's ass a hard slap.

Janelle began blowing her end of the toy again while forcing the other end deeper into Bridget's ass. Bridget looked back at the action and moaned as she felt the warmth of air coming Janelle's nose near her crack.

"Oh that is so fucking hot seeing you fuck my ass and blowing that cock at the same time. Oh my god. You really are a fucking nasty girl." Janelle then withdrew the cock from her friend. As Bridget turned to taste her own ass on the cock, Janelle stuck out her tongue and continued licking her end.

She then inserted the other end into Bridget's waiting mouth. The two kept sucking their end before exchanging ends. Bridget began to lay back with her legs spread wide open. Janelle gave that moist pussy even more wetness with a combination of spit and slobber. "Oh fuck," Bridget moaned as Janelle looked at her eyes. Continuing to moan in delight, Bridget began playing with her breasts as Janelle brought her to the edge of another orgasm.

With a tongue full of pre-cum, Janelle kissed Bridget passionately. Inserting the toy into Bridget's pussy, Janelle then relaxed on her back as Bridget put the other end of the toy into Janelle's hole.

Again their naked asses bumped each other as both took as much of the toy as possible. Bridget began rubbing her own clit and massaging her breasts. When Janelle began rubbing her clit, Bridget moved her hand from her breast to Janelle's hand and pussy. When Bridget repositioned her leg, Janelle took the leg and began sucking Bridget's large toe. Each woman moaned in pleasure not only for herself but to excite her partner.

"It's so fucking hot to fuck your pussy as you're fucking mine," Bridget moaned in an even higher pitch than before. Meanwhile Janelle was moaning as she inhaled and exhaled. Both began spanking their own pussy's as they continued to fuck the other the harder. Bridget began raising her hips and stomach with each inward stroke to get whatever advantage she could. "You're enjoying me fucking your nasty pussy aren't you, you fucking dirty slut.

Fuck that goddamn cock you mother fucking whore," Janelle shouted in between her own pleasurable moans. As Janelle began playing with her friend's clit, Bridget finally closed her eyes and began massaging her own breasts.

"Open those fucking eyes, you nasty slut." Janelle shouted. "Take it like the dirty pussy lover you are." "Fucking squirt on me like this you fucking bitch," Bridget moaned back. As she said this Janelle began spanking her pussy. Bridget then withdrew the cock from her twat. Janelle did the same. Both turned the toy around so each could suck the other's juices.

"You like being a fucking squirt whore too, huh?" "Um-hum." "You're going to have to cum for me first." As soon as Janelle said that she pushed Bridget back on the mattress and violently violated her pussy." "Fuck me harder," Bridget screamed with pleasure.

"Fuck my pussy. Force me to cum. Fucking force me to fucking cum." "You like to cum don't you?" "Fuck yeah. I'm a worthless piece of fuck meat that just wants my pussy to fucking cum for my sexy bitch. And then I'm gonna let her squirt all over my fucking slut face." Janelle knew Bridget could not stand the rapid action much longer without releasing a load.

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"You're not to fucking cum, until I tell you to fucking cum." "Please let me cum. Please let me fucking cum," Bridget pleaded.


"Don't cum just yet. Hold yourself. Do not cum yet whore." "I've got to fucking cum. Please let me fucking cum." "Not yet," Janelle said in a very strict voice while fingering her friend all the harder. "Please let me cum. Why won't you let me fucking cum?

I have to cum. I can't hold it any longer." As Bridget began arching her back, with her pussy tightening, it was impossible to maintain her self-control. She let out with a loud moan as Janelle yelled "PUSH." Bridget saw the new moisture explode from between her thighs.


"Oh my fucking god. Oh shit," Bridget moaned as Janelle lapped the cum like a thirst-starved vixen. "Save some for me. I have to taste myself." After the two swapped the love juices, Bridget still wanted another taste of a squirt.

Again reaching into her bag, Janelle pulled out a vibrator. Bridget knelt in anticipation as Janelle spread her legs and began playing with herself. "I want you to fucking squirt on me," Bridget kept whispering as she got even closer to Janelle's pussy.

"I want to feel your warm stream all over my fucking face." Janelle found her G-spot and turned the toy on high. "Keep fucking begging you mother fucking squirt whore." "Squirt on me slut. Splash your fuck juice all over my fucking face." "You want me to squirt in your whore mouth?" "Fuck yeah, that's what I want. Squirt you shit in my fucking mouth. Cum on me sweetie. That's what I want. I want your fucking cum squirted all over me baby." At the first sign of expulsion, Bridget began eating the moisture as it left.

"Fucking back up," Janelle moaned as she covered her friend with girl goo. "Oh my god," Janelle moaned while Bridget swallowed what she could and then filled her mouth until it ran down her chin. She again gave Janelle the load in puckered spits.

Both women thoroughly drenched and completely satisfied decided they had better take a quick shower before meeting their husbands. Janelle made a quick call to explain it would be about 20 more minutes. "You must not be hungry anymore," Kent said. "As long as it took you, both of you must have had plenty to eat." "We had plenty to eat and drink but I don't think it will give us the nourishment we need for a long night of fucking.

I've got an idea that will get this little bitch so fucking hot that that she'll think what we just did was fucking nothing."