Teen nerd threesome and big tit red head solo Dont Say You Love Me

Teen nerd threesome and big tit red head solo Dont Say You Love Me
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"When a Hardon Meets a Wet Pussy" This story is based on 'very' true events. * Author: I wrote at the start of another story: 'Based on a true story,' later I received a message from a couple. They called themselves 'Mary' and 'John'. They said they just had to tell me this&hellip.

* ---- Mary&hellip. __"We were in bed and had our lap top on. We were looking for a good hot porn story to read.

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We liked to read them out loud to each other. It gave them a 'real' feeling when we read it out loud to each other. We found this story of yours and started reading it. He read the guy parts, and I read the girl parts. It was like we were the guy and girl in the story. You said the story was based on a 'true' story. We felt all the feelings they were having in the story too. This story was about a mom, her son and his best friend. I started reading the girls part. I read for a while and got a chill&hellip.

I said to my self&hellip.this story seems so real." John…… Damn this story is strangely familiar, but I didn't recall reading it before. It was making us both very aroused, way beyond any other story. We were only 1/3 of the way into it when Mary finally closed the lid on the lap top and put it aside. She got on top of me and rested her head on my neck. "I want to save this for later.

Right now I want you, my John." she said. This was our 1st attempt at reading and making it through this story without&hellip. having to stop and have really hot sex. In case you don't remember the story, here it is…&hellip. ------------------------- "Mom was bound to get Caught" * Mom had a very private talk with her son about a rumor she heard from his school. * -------- Mom&hellip. __I had the jitters. I had to find out about this rumor I heard.

The rumor was that a kid at my son's school was having sex with his buddies mom. Sonny, my son, was my source to find out. I went in his room late one night and sat on his bed. I ask him about this rumor I heard.

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He said that he heard it too, but he hears lot's of crap like that. Girl talk, he called it. "They start crap like that stuff to get attention." he said. That was good news that no one paid much attention to all the talk at school.

I was still nervous about it though, of course I knew why because of what had happened a while back… Sonny's best friend was a kid named Trav.

He was a good looking kid with a great build and a sweet personality. He was over here all the time and one day he stopped me in the hallway. He said: "Mrs. Miller, you are the prettiest mom in the world. Then&hellip.he kissed me .right on the lips and walked away.

I stood there in shock smiling…wow…that was so hot. A young good looking kid who thinks I'm pretty and kisses me. It took me by surprise. I hadn't had a rush like that in a long time. I still stood there fantasizing about him and the feel of that kiss…then he came walking back.

Sonny was down stairs doing something. Trav came to a 'smiling' me, and he smiled. He whispered real sexy in my ear: ("…could I have another one of those kisses Mrs. Miller?


") I froze at first but then said to myself&hellip.'why not?'. That's when our passion was released&hellip.or I should say exploded…… He laid a kiss on me that took away my breath and my mind. We held that kiss and I found my arms going around him. I pushed my pussy into his erection and it rubbed right on my clit&hellip. I felt a wonderful wet spasm in my pussy and had a orgasm that shook my whole body. Nothing like that… had ever happened in my life before&hellip.

We just kept it going. It was crazy. I was kissing a kid and I was taking all of this I could get. My mind raced with thoughts I had about him. My passion for him just&hellip.burst wide open when he kissed me. I think it was the age factor, the taboo factor all the social 'no no's that contributed to it. The risk alone of someone finding out just made me want him even more.

I had always like and admired Trav&hellip.and&hellip.to be honest, I had thought&hellip. what would it like to have an affair with a handsome kid like that. It was just a quick passing thought…but those thoughts did start increasing. I had seen him with no shirt and just boxer shorts on before and he was a sexy kid to me. No one knew my thoughts but me, so what did it hurt&hellip.ok…I admit it, I started having a secret crush on Trav. Those smiling looks between us when we were alone, were I guess my tell-tale signs I liked him.

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Day after day, week after week it built up in me and I didn't really realize it. Trav&hellip. I had the hots for Sonny's mom. She had a killer body and face, big tits and beautiful long hair.

I had seen her walk around his house in her skimpy night gowns and night clothes. It was getting to me. It built up to where I wanted to take a chance and doing a quick kiss on her. I wanted to see what she would do. When I saw her beautiful sexy smile…I thought&hellip. I may…have a chance to kiss her, or&hellip.

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she would put the brakes on and stop it. I was ready for a stern warning and to not do that again. I was all ready to play innocent of any lusty thoughts. Well&hellip.that didn't happen.

She reacted big time and kissed me like a boyfriend in high school. I got an instant boner. I eased it between her legs as she pushed her pussy forward. She jumped as I pushed my boner on her pussy firm as she gasp for a load of air… God…I wanted to fuck her so bad. I had to have her. I whispered to her: ("…oh god Mrs. Miller…I love you so much and have for so long. I can't stop kissing and feeling you.

I have to have you. When can we be alone together.?") Mrs. Miller,…(Lynn)… All hell was breaking loose in me. I wanted Trav to keep kissing me forever&hellip.and a lot more. I felt hot animal lust for him. Something in me was on fire with passion and I just let it go. We leaned against the wall and he drove his erection in tight against my pussy more.

I liked the savage lusty feeling I was having and squeezed his young butt cheeks. I whispered in his ear out of breath: ("…I want you too Trav,&hellip. we'll plan a time and place for sure.") I grabbed the back of his head, took a handful of his sexy hair and let my tongue go wild in his mouth. He gasp …and pushed his erection back and forth against my pussy and right on my clit.

Within minutes we had become two wild people releasing our stored up feelings for each other. He then felt my tits so firm and I reached down inside his shorts and felt his stiff erection. It was so hot and erect as I felt it and his warm balls. I wanted to kiss them right now…but we couldn't take that chance.

His hand felt my bare nipples and he leaned down and kissed them inside my night gown. I 'was'…going to have him…we would find a time and place to keep this going. It all happened that fast. We heard noises down stairs and had to quickly stop. He ran to the bathroom and me to my bedroom.

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My panties were wonderfully wet as I lay back on my bed to let it all sink in to what had just happened. I felt so good and alive, and like a woman should feel with a new hot lover now.

Trav…… I locked the bathroom door as I had to wait for get my big boner to go down. I looked at it, so ready to fuck her. Lynn&hellip. I was racking my brain to find a place and time to get with Trav. I formed a plan and time. Sonny and Trav were close and I sure didn't want my own son finding out what was going on.

I searched for a window of time and a place for us to let our love happen as it will naturally. We waited, but it was hard.


If Sonny went out to the garage for a few minutes, Trav and I were in each others arms kissing and I was grabbing his crouch and him my tits and pussy.

He would instantly get me so hot, I would feel like I would faint. He was all I thought about and I couldn't wait to get us naked in bed and fucking like animals.

His young body drove me crazy. I would flash him when Sonny wasn't looking. Showing a nice big tit or my pussy with no panties on.

He would smile so sexy at me and quick grab his crouch. All this just drove the sexual tension up and up. I just wanted to drag him by the hair into my bed and smother his face with my pussy while I sucked him until he would cum deep in my mouth.

Sonny thought&hellip. Mom and Trav must think I'm stupid. Something is going on between them. She jittery around him and he's always trying to hide his boner around her. I see the lusty looks they give each other.

They have the hots for each other so let them have at it if it makes them happy. I'll just observe and enjoy this. She's messing with a young teen and he's into a grown woman. That gossip at school seem to make her nervous about that mom who 'supposedly' was fucking her son's buddy&hellip.or&hellip.are her and Trav getting it on?

If they get caught, they'll make school for me a living hell. Lynn…… There was something about the 'risk' of messing with Trav that really excited me. My heart would speed up just thinking about a close call of getting caught. I was never like this before about any guy, but he did something to bring the savage lust out in me. My past boyfriends were lacking in that certain passion that lit the fire in me.

The weekend couldn't get here fast enough…but I had a plan now. Sonny spent weekends at the auto races with a bunch of guys. Trav didn't always go with him. I picked this as our time to be together. This Saturday Sonny would ride with the race team to another town close by, and be back late.

I told Trav to tell him something to not go this time. Saturday evening came and here came Trav. He was doing a 'fake' sleepover here with Sonny. He just entered the door and closed it when we attacked each other. In went his hand to my robe and on my pussy as we kissed and dropped to the living room rug.

He was mine now and we jerked at our clothes getting us naked.

I saw what I wanted…his nice big erection. I turned as I moaned my tension to now have him. My pussy went on top of his face and his tongue. His hot erection went in my mouth as I jacked it fast. The passion between us was at it's peak. His fingers were in my pussy fast and his tongue sucking on my clit. This kid knew just what to do and he had me humping his face fast and hard. I wanted to taste his cum hot filling my mouth. He didn't disappoint me. He groaned and lifted his hips up and I felt it.

Hot cum at the back of my mouth, blasting away, filling my mouth to overflow. I climaxed instantly as I dug my pussy tight to his face. Oh yes!…that's what I wanted, the raw passion of having a young guy. The forbidden act. The pure taboo of fucking a young teen guy.

I must have had it stored up in me for a long time as I just kept fucking his face and swallowing all his cum down. I was blacking out with the pleasure I was feeling. Him rubbing my body kept me from passing out&hellip.

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What a lover I had under me, and the night was early. We held and felt each other as it got dark. We were our sex toys as we played with our bodies. He got me in my bed somehow. Trav… I got me a real woman. She is way hotter than the young girls I had fucked before. I love her and she love's me. I've been dreaming about having sex with her for a long time now, and now it's going to happen.

I got her in her bed and we saw the wildness in our eyes. She pulled at me to get me on top of her, her legs were twitching and wide open. She held me tight to her tits and squirmed as she felt my butt cheeks. We gasp for air as I stuck my boner in her wet fuzzy pussy.

We kissed as we let our tongues go wild. She had a warm beautiful pussy, just waiting for me. She had a hot pulsing moan as I fucked her deep with each stroke. She was my woman candy and It was all here to take us to heaven. "&hellip.oh yes&hellip.oh my…Trav&hellip.I'm gonna cum hard baby&hellip.real hard." She said.

Lynn…… Finally he was in me and we were going crazy with wild lust. Nothing else mattered to us now. My pussy was being satisfied beyond my dreams. I felt his smooth young back and body…I was almost there…higher and higher. He pushed his erection deep in me and groaned. An explosion of his hot cum shot in me like a rocket. I raised my hips to meet it and climaxed beyond words…"Oh my God Yesssss!

…there!" I yelled as the room began to spin with his pumping his cum in me. Oh&hellip. my lover was so good to me, making me so happy. I held him tight and squirmed every last drop of euphoric pleasure out of us&hellip. we just couldn't stop fucking us…&hellip.

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--------------- Today, my son Sonny has moved away, Trav pretends to rent a room here…so far…no one knows anything about Trav and I as wild lovers&hellip. we've even had sex in the back yard at night, in the back seat of my car, back alleys, the mall parking lot and many more great places. The 'risk' is exciting and makes us so hot. To have your pussy licked in the school parking lot is a real turn on to us.

Giving him a blow job in the school elevator was awesome!…(we almost got caught!) ----- * John and Mary asked&hellip. "We feel this 'based on a true story' is about us.

Can you tell us the 'real' names of these people?, you seem to have written so many details that fit us perfectly.… " * Now I had to tell them the truth&hellip.I wrote back to 'Mary' and 'John': "Hi Mom, Hi Trav, how did you like my story?&hellip.(signed) "Sonny."