Amateur teen hardfucked and jizzed in mouth

Amateur teen hardfucked and jizzed in mouth
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It had been an amazing couple of months since I'd first flashed my large boobs to a stranger in Germany on my webcam. In fact it had possibly even changed my life in a good way. Thankfully I'd managed to separate my two lives; although my dress sense at work had become a little bit more daring; with me wearing stockings or hold-ups most days and wearing bras that emphasised and exposed my cleavage.

Being lusted after by scores of men around the world had made me more self-confident and had put a spring into my step. I was soon genuinely hooked on the web-camming experience; I spent far too long in my working day thinking about what I'd done the previous night and what I might wear and do in my next session. I felt constantly turned on; occasionally having to disappear into the toilets for a quick flick of my clitty!

I'd been out on the town twice with a couple of married girlfriends but apart from some extra attention because I was wearing seamed stockings nothing had come of it; I still had to rely on my toys and webcam to get my jolly's. "That's him." Claudia whispered as I was making us a cup of coffee. "Who?" I replied as I teetered back into the main office on my new 3 inch heels. "Looking in the window. The one that looks a bit like the actor Colin Farrell." My young colleague subtly pointed at a young man that had been in the Estate Agent's office that we worked in earlier in the week.

"Oh; he's cute." I sarcastically chuckled as I squinted into the sunlight at the scruffily dressed young man.

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The next we knew he nervously entered the office and began looking at the details of some houses in a very upmarket part of town. Just as Claudia readied herself to approach him I squinted again. "Craig?" I asked the unkempt youth when I recognised him, "Craig Head?" He shuffled his feet and blushed.

"Yep, that's me." Craig looked out of place in our office dressed in scruffy Converse pumps, skinny black jeans, a variety of beads and chains around his neck and wrists plus a well worn white grand-dad shirt under a battered black leather jacket. His dark hair was shoulder length and swept back in a nonchalant manner plus he had a 7 day stubble on his chin. With Claudia glared at me I crossed the office floor; suddenly self-conscious that my boobs were wobbling in my latest ¾ cup bra.

When I reached him I wasn't sure how to greet one of my youngest daughters old school friends. Should I kiss him? Shake his hand? Hug him? "Have you won the lottery?" I asked and motioned towards the houses that he was looking at. "Sorry? Oh? No." Craig blushed again and mumbled something about looking for a flat. I manoeuvred him to the right area while asking what price he wanted to pay and which area he wanted to live in.

As I handed him various leaflets we caught up on a little bit of news and gossip. Craig had gone to College at the same time as my daughter; but had dropped out after a year because his band were becoming quite popular and he hated his course anyway.

I vaguely knew his parents who owned a hotel, restaurant and two pubs in town so I guessed that they were subsidising this venture. He took the details of a couple of flats but he seemed unclear as to what he really wanted. We bumped into each other around town a couple of times in the next few days; then on the Thursday evening I was surprised to find him standing next to me in the bus queue as I made my way home.

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The bus wasn't particularly busy but I still made my way towards the back. Craig sat next to me and we made small talk. He was quite chatty until the woman sitting directly in front got up and left her seat empty. He went very quiet and I had the feeling that there was something on his mind. I didn't know him as well as some of my daughters other friends so didn't feel that I should pry into his business.

About half way through the journey I'd run out of things to say when Craig anxiously looked around the bus then cocked his head; so he was looking at me sideways. "Why do you call yourself.Betty Boop?" He asked matter of factly. My blood ran cold. "That is you; isn't it?" Craig smirked as he now had the upper hand, "Betty know.when you do your.shows on the Internet." My hands were hot and clammy and I felt sick as I stared blankly out of the bus window.

"Don't worry," he chuckled as he moved the rucksack on his knee then stroked my thigh and rested his palm on my suspender strap, "I haven't told anyone.about your.secret." I didn't know what to say and just concentrated on staring out of the window into the darkness. He quickly became bolder and with his rucksack and my large handbag as cover he ran his long fingers up the inside of my thigh until he was gently tugging the suspender strap and stroking the diamond top of my 15 denier Levante Vanessa stockings.

"What do you want?" I quietly croaked as my throat was as dry as stone. "I want to fuck you and spunk on your massive tits," His warm breath stunk of beer and tobacco as he whispered into my ear and his fingers ran across the front of my knickers.

"Just like you asked me to do. on Sunday." Shocked; I turned to see his grinning face. I scrunched my face in disbelief, "Like I asked you?" Craig pulled back the sleeve of his jacket to reveal a heavily tattooed arm. I instantly recognised the one of Betty Boop sitting in a champagne glass. My blood ran cold again. This was Young Muttley. One of my 'friends' on messenger. He'd been on a lot in the last month and was, in fact, the one who could cum two or three times in a session and could make it shoot upwards and arc onto his desk; which had always impressed me.

"Oh Craig.that's just.oh can't mean that.oh shit." I mumbled for a minute or two as his hand tried to part my thighs. "Open your legs for me." He huskily whispered as he tried in vain to get his hand inside my knickers. "I can't.oh shit.what if someone sees us?" I garbled as my eyes flashed around to see if anyone was watching. "Like you would care if anyone could see us; after everything I've seen you do!" The young lad sniggered and persevered with his hand between my legs.

There were only two teenagers sitting three seats behind us and they seemed too engrossed in their i-pods to even notice if the world exploded and an old man two seats in front who was reading a newspaper. "Be quick then." I snapped and parted my thighs by a couple of inches. Craig pulled my skirt a little bit further up so he could see my stocking tops and knickers. He deftly pulled my knickers to one side and pressed his thumb against my long labia then ran it along my bald slit making me sigh; then he easily slid a finger inside my pussy on a public bus.

"You're fucking soaking!" He looked mesmerised as he twisted it until it was all inside my hole and his thumb was pressed against my clit. The motion of the bus and thrill of being fingered in public quickly had me on the brink of an orgasm.

I closed my thighs which jammed his hand; still with the finger in my pussy. It was a mistake. My body began to tremble and in seconds I tightly gripped my bag and bit my bottom lip to stop myself making a noise as I came on a bus. Craig was silent during all of this and probably couldn't believe what was happening.

I know that I didn't. He eventually pulled his finger out and was licking it clean when the bus approached the stop at the end of my street. Craig got up first then followed me off the bus.

As we stood motionless at the bus stop; in the cold dark night air I hoped that he would walk off in the opposite direction; but he didn't. "Come on then." Craig told me with no emotion in his voice. I meekly walked silently by his side to my house.

At no stage did he threaten me or even speak, and I guess with hindsight I could have just told him to 'Piss off' and worry later about him telling his friends or my daughter about my Internet shows. Craig followed me into the warm house. Still without a word passing between us I dropped my bag onto the hall table and hung my coat and scarf up. I turned to see Craig grinning at me. He tentatively stepped forwards and roughly grabbed my tits through my blouse. I flinched but didn't stop him.

He pawed them like the inexperienced young boy that he was. I stood motionless. Craig's eyes were fixed on the shapes that he was making with my boobs. Then he bent forward and kissed the exposed flesh. Feeling ever more confident Craig unbuttoned my blouse and groped my tits through my bra. I was now pressed against the wall as Craig roughly shoved his hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my knickers. The braver he got the heavier and louder his breathing became.

I offered no encouragement as his fingers finally found their way inside my pants and my cunt and he popped my tits out of the shallow bra cup and began suckling on my rubbery pink teats. I don't know why but; being used like this was soon turning me on; especially as he twisted two thin fingers around my wet cunt.

Craig quickly became very aroused and his fingering and sucking became rougher and his erection was soon rubbing against my thigh.

I now had my hands behind his head holding his face against my big soft tits as he tried to chew a nipple. It had been a really long time since I'd been in a position like this with a man of any age and all I could think about was Craig ripping my knickers off and shoving his young cock up my middle-aged cunt.

'Yes' I thought, 'a knee trembler would be good.very fucking good'; but should I tell him what I wanted? Craig suddenly stopped and stepped away from me and looked furtively around the hall. I took the opportunity to tidy myself up and put my tits back into their holder. His eyes were twinkling and he was licking his lips when he took my hand and led me into my living room. "Get on there," He forcefully told me and pointed to the velour sofa, "get on your knees and pull your skirt up for me." I did as I was told and pulled my skirt up around my hips exposing my stocking tops, red see- through knickers and matching suspender belt before I clung onto the back of the sofa.

The silence crackled as Craig stared at my arse and legs. The next I knew, Craig was kneeling behind me stroking my arse cheeks through my knickers then slowly pulling the cheeks apart and closing them again.

I felt absolutely helpless and more turned on than at any time in the last two months. I shuffled forward and rested my shoulder against the arm of the sofa to take the strain. As I did this I could feel Craig's hot breath on my arse then when he pulled the cheeks apart on my pussy. Craig's hands were surprisingly soft and gentle as he caressed my stockings and knickers and his warm breath on my arse and pussy made my pussy bubble with anticipation. For a young lad he was incredibly sensitive as he teased and stroked and blew on my tingling pussy through the nylon of my knickers.

I was trembling as I sensed his face getting closer and closer to my backside; then it happened. Craig began kissing my arse then pulled my cheeks apart and kissed my pussy through my panties. I instinctively moved my legs further apart. Craig took advantage and buried his face into my sopping minge making me gasp. With my arse cheeks held wide apart the young lad kissed and lapped at my pussy through my knickers for what seemed an eternity.


After a minute or two he began slapping my arse cheeks against his face as he pulled my panties to one side and began sucking and licking my dripping honey-pot. My finger nails were now digging into the sofa and I was biting a cushion as I pressed my hot cunt against his stubbled face. Craig's tongue was lashing my gash and his nose was accidentally pressing against my arse hole which was now sending me delirious. Fuck! I needed something inside me.NOW! Sensing my desperation Craig slid two fingers into my cunt as he continued licking and sucking and nudging his nose against my puckering anus.

I was shaking with excitement now and tried as best I could to rub my clit against his face in my quest for an orgasm.

Just as I got oh so close to cumming Craig stopped licking me and pulled his fingers out; which made a sloppy farting noise. Still with my eyes closed and face buried into a cushion I recognised the sounds of him unclipping his belt and pulling his jeans down.

At last! He seemed to be taking an age; so I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at the view in front of him and tugging at his fat cock. Our eyes met for a second so I nodded and smiled for him to do what he wanted with me.

He didn't reply but edged forward pulled my knickers down to my knees and ran his knob along my slit. My body stiffened as I willed him to shove his cock deep inside my cunt. His breathing became louder and shallower.

then he did it. With a gentle push his cock was inside. I sighed and instantly relaxed.


It felt wonderful. Nothing and I repeat nothing on Earth beats a real flesh blood and gristle cock! I had longer and fatter dildos; but Craig's hot cock sent tremors through my body as he gripped on my hips and began thrusting his cock into me doggy style. He soon began to get rough with me and spanked my arse as he fucked me so hard the sofa began moving. I was in Heaven as a real life cock speared my cunt. Craig was grunting now as he slapped my arse and filled my cunt with his young cock.

I was desperate to rub my clit but was afraid to move in case it broke the spell that I was in so I just gripped ever tighter onto my cushions. Then; all too soon for my liking, he pulled my hips back onto his cock and stiffened in that way guys do just before their cock explodes.

With a huge sigh Craig filled my old cunt with his young seed. Jet after jet splattered against my cervix and my pussy got hotter and hotter and there was so much spunk it oozed back out as he withdrew his magnificent cock from my battered cunt and dripped onto my carpet.

Craig nonchalantly flopped exhausted onto the end of the sofa. My legs and back were aching as I rolled onto my thigh with my other leg curled beneath me.

We had hardly spoken a word since entering the house. My daughters' young friend now started to look a little guilty as the beer and adrenalin began to wear off. I looked down to see that his spunk smeared cock was still quite stiff oh the joys of young studs! I ran my hand up his hairy thigh and cupped his big hairy bollocks. "Do you think that you can get it up again?" I asked with a mischievous grin as I increased the pressure.

His face was a picture as I gently squeezed his balls and tickled his cock with my thumb. "Well?" I asked again, "can you?" Craig shrugged his shoulders then made his cock twitch which surprised me and made me jump a little. "You bugger!" I chastised him and slapped his shoulder. Not wishing to 'look a gift horse and all of that', I leaned forward and kissed his floppy foreskin then ran my tongue along the sticky shaft. It had been a long time since I'd tasted spunk and only when a boyfriend had 'accidentally' cum in my mouth.

I was annoyed a the time but from the shock than the taste. Men cumming in my mouth and on my face had recently become a bit of a fantasy for me so the chance to taste Craig's cum was too good to miss.

As I licked his cream off his cock it began twitching of its own accord and rapidly stiffened again when I took the end in my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could. I'd soon sucked the knob out of its hood and even if I do say so myself gave him a fucking good blow job!

I hadn't had much practice over the years but I'd watched enough porn recently to know what to do and how to do it. I was in Heaven as I licked and slurped and sucked his big young dick as the arrogant young sod just lay back stroking my hair and dangling tits.

When it was nice and hard again I moved off the sofa and stood up. Craig looked puzzled and disappointed at first then his face lit up with a cheeky grin when I took my blouse off and unhooked my bra throwing it at him; then sensuously unzipping my skirt and wriggling out of it; leaving me just wearing my heals stockings and suspenders.

His hand was automatically wanking his cock for me; which was flattering. I stepped forward and put my hands on the back of the sofa either side of his head until my tits were brushing against his hairy face. Craig moved his hands to touch me but I just said 'No'. Slowly I swayed from side to side gently slapping his face with my melons.

My nipples were soon as hard as his cock as he stuck his tongue out to try to catch them to suck on. He couldn't keep his hands to himself and was soon stroking my nylon clad legs and then my arse. Ooh; that was good; especially when he dug his fingers in my soft flesh and gave me a couple of hard slaps that made my cheeks wobble. Still with his face stuffed between my boobs I wriggled until I was straddling his lap. We were both breathing very slowly as I felt his cock against my hot slit.

I'd stopped teasing him with my tits and he was now sucking contentedly on a thick rubbery teat as I guided his cock back into my sloppy cunt with a few rolls of my hips; then I sat down on it. Fucking Hell! I threw my head back and I swear my eyes rolled into my head as Craig's powerful young cock filled my hole to the brim.

I quickly regained my senses and lifted my weight until his knob had nearly come out; then with a flourish I dropped back down on it. Fucking Hell!

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I was going to make the most of this and enjoy every single minute God alone knew when I was going to get my next fuck. Still with my hands gripping the back of the sofa and my large tits nearly suffocating the poor boy I fucked the living daylights out of him for nearly five minutes giving myself two nice small orgasms on the way.

After the second one I flopped forward panting for air. Craig grabbed my arse again and began thrusting his hips making his cock go deep and fast into my very sloppy cunt making it make swooshing noises as he fucked me. "Oh God!" I gasped as he fucked me harder than any other man in my life. His cock was like a battering ram as it was now his turn to fuck the living daylights out of me. This must have gone on for two or three minutes he was like a machine the way he just lay there but kept up a furious rhythm with his hips.

"I need to cum." Craig eventually panted.


"Ok." I sighed; slightly relieved. "I want to," he took in a huge mouthful of air, "shoot on your tits. Can I.please?" "Yes." I whispered as I rolled off him and onto my knees on the carpet in front of my young lover. I was covered in sweat; it was running off my forehead and my tits were soaking. Craig sat on the edge of the sofa and began wanking his cock inches away from my face. After watching scores of guys wank for me on webcam actually having a 20 year old guy rubbing his six inches so close to me I could feel the breeze was nearly overwhelming.

The angle he was sitting at was obviously stopping him from ejaculating. "Stand up." I suggested. "It'll be easier." He did as he was told and resumed his wanking. He was still rock hard but I could see that he was becoming frustrated at not being able to cum. Time for Plan B. Dirty talk. "Cum on me." I mock pleaded.

"That's it.faster.cum Betty's big I'll hold them out for you!" I then squashed them together and made a platform for his spunk.

"Ugh.uggh.uuuggghhh!" My daughters friend grunted as his wrist became a blur. "Oh.shhhiiiittttt!" Just as I'd seen him do many times on his webcam the goo shot straight up in the air for about 9 inches then arced towards me. I inadvertently closed my eyes and got the shock of my life as; instead of landing on my tits, it landed, splat; on my face.

Then a second blob and a third. I could have and should have moved but the warm wet sensation was so erotic as three globs of young spunk slid down my round cheeks. The smell was amazing as some stopped next to my nose. My breathing was now so hard I was nearly sucking it up into my nostril at one stage.

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I opened my eyes to see Craig's hand trembling as he squeezed one last pearl onto my tits. He suddenly looked terrified when I ran my finger across my cheek to touch the warm spunk. I couldn't resist and scooped it into my mouth.

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It tasted nothing like it smelled, in fact it virtually had no taste but the action of actually pushing his cum into my mouth must have looked as erotic as it felt doing it.

Without thinking I edged forward and automatically swallowed his still pulsing cock so I could suck out every last drop. "Fucking hell!" Craig gasped as his balls touched my chin and I theatrically sucked the last dregs out of his love tube. I planted a kiss on the purple tip and let him flop exhausted onto the sofa.

But I wasn't finished! I rolled onto my back with my shaved cunt facing the boy and raised my knees and parted my legs; then proceeded to give myself a good fingering. First one finger; but that was never going to be enough after the fucking I'd just had. Then a second and a third. It felt so deliciously naughty and indulgent masturbating in front of Craig. I couldn't stop myself and I forced a fourth finger in and stretched my cunt as wide as possible as Craig watched open mouthed.

My arse was now off the carpet and I was taking my weight on my shoulders as I tried to squeeze my thumb in my cunt as well! As I thrashed at my clit I had all four fingers and my thumb up to the knuckles in my sloppy cunt.

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Some guys on the webcam had pleaded with me to fist myself but I'd always preferred to use my toys and here I was fisting myself just for the delight of one young man.and myself. Then it happened.Yeeeesssssss! An orgasm that came up from my toes and made my whole body including my hair tingle. I slumped to the floor; my body instantly racked with aches and pains as the adrenaline evaporated into the ether.

I don't know if the orgasm made me feint or I dropped off into a slight sleep but when I opened my eyes Craig was standing over me fully clothed. "Ahem." he nervously coughed, "I'll getting off now.if that's ok." I smiled a thin smile and nodded. He walked out of the room. A second later his head reappeared. "Oh." He cheekily grinned, "Thanks." Later that night I logged on to Messenger anonymously as I wasn't in the mood for going on my webcam as my lusts had been sated for one day!

Among my messages was one from Craig. It was very sweet and even a little bit apologetic for his behaviour at the beginning. I replied that I'd enjoyed every minute no every second of the adventure; including the part on the bus and.would like to do it again! Sure enough he jumped at the chance and we became torrid lovers over the next few weeks with me teaching him how to please a lady and him living out all.and I mean ALL of his wildest fantasies; but they will keep for another day.

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