Busty milf showing her tits and pussy

Busty milf showing her tits and pussy
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The rules are simple. No hands. You sit quietly in the chair and cannot touch my cock or balls with your hands. I will do all the work. You can touch yourself all you want, but not my cock or balls. You can touch my ass or my legs or my chest or my nipples, just not my cock or balls. Oh yeah, and no talking. OK? Let's get started.

I like the office chair because the height is adjustable. We can lower it all the way down so your face is at the level of my cock when I stand in front of you. You can sit comfortably and not have to be down on your knees. You have on a set of a white see-through lace bra and matching panties. I'm in blue nylon spandex type boxers. Tight, silky and very stretchy. We are both fresh from the shower and smelling nice.

You have a hint of fine perfume and I have dabbed just a bit of Stetson cologne on my thighs and stomach. That's where your face will be so I want to smell nice for you.

My cock is not fully erect but is still bulging in my shorts. The fabric is thin and you can see my cock through the nylon.

As you sit there I move closer until the bulge is just in front of your face. You start to reach up to touch it but I stop you. No touching, remember the rules. I ease a little closer and let my cock barely touch your cheek. You feel its warmth coming through my shorts. I rub against your cheek then pull back.

Then I move to your other cheek and rub my cock there. I'm starting to get hard. You press your cheek toward my cock. That's OK.

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Just, no hands. I let you rub your cheek against me. I feel your warmth now. I move my cock across to your mouth and let you press your lips on it. I pull back again so you can see my growing erection. Your mouth is open just a bit as if you were inviting me in. My cock is fully erect now and my underwear can no longer contain it.

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The head starts to peek out of the elastic waist band. I move back to your face and let the tip caress one cheek, then the other. Your hands come off your lap and slide up my thighs. You try to pull me closer but I hold back.

Not yet. Again, I rub my erect cock over your cheeks. I ease down some and rub it under your chin. The exposed head is pointed up at your mouth.

You try to pull me to you again but I resist. We have all night. No need to rush. I'm so hard now the waistband of my underwear is digging in. I slowly ease my shorts down and my cock comes out right in front of your face. Inches away but not touching. Your hands come toward it again and I grab them. No touching! I put your hands back on my hips. You dig your fingernails in to show your frustration.

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I slide my shorts down and step out of them. My erection bounces up and down as I move to remove the underwear. I am now completely nude standing in front of you with my legs slightly spread apart. My hard cock is now sticking straight out, pointing at your face. I tighten my sphincter muscles which makes my cock wag up and down. I move toward you again and wag it against your cheeks. Your eyes are closed and you savor the sensations.

But I want you to watch me so I tell you to open your eyes. I grab my cock with my hand and as you watch me I start to stroke it. Slowly, up and down the full shaft. It is less than an inch from your face as I stroke it. Your mouth is open just a little. I can see the tip of your tongue at your lips like you are trying to taste the air. I rub it on your soft cheek again.

Then across your mouth just lightly touching your lips. Your hands are on my ass now and you try to pull me in to your open mouth. I push back.

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Not yet. But soon. I know you want to take me into your hungry mouth so I let you get a taste. With one hand on my shaft and the other behind your head, I stand up tall and bring my scrotum up to your mouth.

Now I let you pull me to you. Your hands are on my ass cheeks and you pull me close. Your tongue comes out and you lick my balls. Your nose is alongside my cock as your tongue draws circles around my balls.

I feel the cool air pass my cock as you inhale deeply. You exhale and breathe deeply in again. I know you love my musk. The pheromones are working their magic. "Are you getting turned on?" I ask. You can't talk so you nod your head up and down as you continue to lick my balls. "Good, now I want you to touch yourself." "Spread your legs and rub your pussy for me". Your hands drop from my ass and go between your legs. With your palms outward touching the insides of your thighs, you caress your silky legs.

Your thumbs are rubbing against your panty covered pussy. As a reward for your obedience, I let my cock slide down so the tip is at your lips. You open your mouth and try to take me in. I back up some so you just get the tip. Your lips wrap around just below the head and I feel your tongue flicking the tip. That's enough for now. I pull out of your mouth and again rub my hard shaft across your cheeks, nose, eyes and chin. My hand guides it all over your face letting you feel its pulse and warmth.

Then I bring my balls back up and tell you suck them. You open your mouth and a ball is sucked in. The pressure is almost painful.

But you are gentle. You work your lips around my balls and suck them in and out rhythmically. "Are you getting wet?" I ask. You nod yes. The extra movement gives my captured ball a twinge. My knees buckle a little. But the pain is exquisite. "Put your hand in your panties and make sure." Your right hand eases under your elastic waistband and slides down into your crotch. I can't see down there from my position but I feel you reposition yourself for better access to your pussy.

"So, is it wet?" You nod again. "Let me taste it". As you slide your fingers deep into your pussy, gathering some nectar. I pull away from your hungry mouth.


As you bring your hand out of your panties, I take your wrist and I bring your hand up to my mouth. I suck two fingers in. I wrap my tongue around them and lick them clean. I love the taste of your pussy. The sensation goes straight to my cock and it gets even harder. "Now play with yourself and I will let you have what you want". With one hand, you pull the crotch of your panties aside and slide two fingers of your other hand back into your pussy.

With your fingers nice and wet, you bring them out and up to your clit. As you start to play with yourself, I bring my cock back to your mouth. Still teasing, I let it hover just out of reach of your open mouth. "Damn you …! ", you start. "No talking!" Finally, I let you have your reward.

With one hand stroking it, I enter your mouth with my cock. I slowly thrust my hips forward and back and stroke my shaft at the same time. I love the sight of my cock disappearing into your mouth and then coming back out again. Your mouth is watering now and I gather some saliva to lubricate my cock.

I'm thrusting more now and jacking off with my hand as fuck your mouth. You don't like to deep throat so I try to be careful.

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I thrust in as far as I know you can take it then all the way out. Then back in. Your hand is very busy on your clit and your hips are gyrating.

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With the other hand that is holding your panties aside, you use two fingers to finger fuck yourself. Moans escape from your mouth around my cock. No talking, but I suppose moaning will be alright. "Make yourself cum", I tell you. I don't think you needed any of my direction there. Your hands are working feverously and I continue to fuck your mouth. I can see that you are about to cum so I pull my cock out of your mouth.

"Cum for me Baby, let me see you cum." Your eyes are wide and staring at my cock as I continue to stroke it right in front of your face. My other hand is cupping my balls. "Cum for my, Baby", I encourage. Your climax builds and your fingers do their magic. Spasms course through your body and you tense up and jerk around in the chair.

Then you clamp your legs together with your hands still pressed tightly against your crotch.


Your entire body jerks involuntarily as the orgasm takes control. The last waves of passion run through you as you slowly start to relax.

"That was very nice", I say as I present my cock back to your mouth. "Now it's my turn". You open wide and I slide my cock back into your hot mouth. Your hands come back up and grab my ass again. I let you set the pace as you pull and push me in and out of your mouth. I feel my scrotum tighten up and the warmth builds from deep inside me.

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I am close to cumming now. "Where do you want me to cum?" Then I remember that you aren't allowed to talk. So I say, "You want it in your mouth?" Your "yes" nod is almost frantic as you increase the pace of pulling me in. I'm at the point of no return as I stiffen my leg muscles and thrust my hips forward. I grab my shaft and start jacking off furiously.

Your spit makes great lubrication and I stroke myself into your mouth. My cum gushes out of my cock into your eager mouth.

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You try to swallow as fast as you can but you can't take it all. Globs of white semen run out of your mouth and down your chin as you try to suck me in. My thrusting slows as the last drops ease out of my cock. I milk myself to get all of it out for you. You lick up and down my shaft making sure you get all the juice. I lower myself down so my face is level with yours. There is cum dripping down your chin. With my tongue, I lick it up and savory my own taste.

Then I kiss you and your tongue collects the semen from mine. We make a great clean-up team.


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