Gostosa Novinha Bunda GG cavalgando no novinho

Gostosa Novinha Bunda GG cavalgando no novinho
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Christina Taken 2 Christina was sitting at her desk. She had managed to avoid Jordan all morning. Now it was time for him to leave and he was standing in front of her. "Five minutes," was all he said before leaving the department. Christina was torn about going to meet him, but she knew she really had no choice.

After five minutes had passed, she got up and went down the hall to the shower room. Jordan was waiting for her and closed the door after she entered. "Take off her top and jeans and let's see if you followed instructions," he told her. She thought briefly about asking him not to do this but realized it would be useless. Christina slowly complied.

She dropped her top on the bench and then sat to remove her jeans. "Stand up," he said. She did and he could see that see had indeed worn sexier underwear. She had on a VS bra and panties set.

The dark blue bra had lacey trim as did the matching thong. They stood out vividly against her white skin. He took a couple of pictures with his phone. "Very nice. Give me a Christina smile," He ordered. Although she didn't feel like it, she did as instructed. "That's my little slut," taking more pictures. "Now take off your bra." Christina reached beyond herself and unsnapped the bra, dropping it on top of her other clothes.

"Your tits are so beautiful. Pinch them for me and act like you're enjoying it." She began playing with her nipples as Jordan videoed her actions.

Despite her reluctance to perform for him and the embarrassment in doing so, she could feel herself getting wet. "Now let's see if you followed my last order and shaved your pussy." Christina put her thumbs into the thong's waistband an pushed them down, letting them fall to the floor and stepping out of them.

Jordan stepped forward and put his finger into her cunt. "Oh yes. Wet already. You really want my black cock to fuck you again don't you slut." "Yes," Christina whispered softly. "Play with yourself." Christina leaned against the counter and did as she was told. She closed her eyes and get feel the wetness increasing as she probed with first one finger and then two.

She caressed her clit feeling the tension in her body building. Jordan lifted her up and sat her on the sink counter. He unbelted his pants and pulled them and his briefs down. Stepping towards her, he put the tip of his cock at her pussy opening. "Guide it in," he instructed. Christina reached out and pulled his cock into her, scooting forward to make it easier.

A moan escaped her lips as he entered her. She moved forward some more to give him full access. Jordan started thrusting deeply in and out. Waves of passion were starting to build in Christina's body. She needed more. She reached up and put her arms around his neck, pulling herself against him and wrapping her legs around him. Their lips met and their tongues intertwined. Christina knew it was wrong but sexual desire overrode all other thought. She needed to be roughly fucked so badly.

Christina couldn't restrain herself. She was bouncing up and down on Jordan's cock to get him as deep as possible. The sounds of sloppy sex filled the small room as his huge cock repeatedly slammed into her wet pussy.

Her clit was rubbing against him stoking an inner fire that had to be quenched. Suddenly her juices were gushing out, covering his cock. She was gasping and moaning as her orgasm shook her entire body. She collapsed in his arms as he continues fucking her. Abruptly, he tensed up and shot his cum up into her hole. After a few more strokes, he set her back down on the counter. His cock was still in her but it was softening quickly. When it fell out, he had her move back to the bench so she could suck him clean.

Then he pulled his underwear and pants back up. "Very good Christina. What are you?" he asked. "I'm your whore." she said. She knew he was taping her words but she didn't care.

It was true. She loved the feel of his cock in her and wanted it again. "Sit on the counter and spread your legs to show my seed dripping from your cunt and describe the scene." he told her.

She got on the counter as he said. "I'm Jordan's slut.


This is his cum dripping from my cunt. I love the feeling his big black cock in me. He makes me cum like no man ever has" "Very good. But these sessions are way to short. We need more time so we're going to need to meet outside work. What day next week does your husband have his 24 hour firefighter shift?" Christina replied "He'll be working all day next Tuesday." "Good.

Then I will come over to your house then after the kids go to school." "My house?" she asked surprised. "Yes. I want to fuck you in your marital bed and really cuckold Noah. You don't have a problem with that, do you slut?" "No sir," she answered. "Good. By the way. Is it still possible for you to get pregnant?" She nodded yes and said "But I'm on the pill." "Stop as of today.

And don't fuck your husband during your fertile time. Let's see if we can breed you with a nigger baby." With that, he left, leaving her to get dressed and to contemplate the demand he had given her. How would she ever explain a Black baby if she did get pregnant? Christen Taken 3 Christina was pacing in her kitchen.

She was wearing a short sleeved top and shorts over the sexy underwear Jordan required her to wear. She had taken a vacation day from her job at the library. But she had told her children that she was calling in sick before sending them off to school. Her husband wouldn't be home until after midnight from his firefighter shift.

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Now she was nervously waiting for Jordan to arrive. She wasn't sure what he had planned, but her pussy was damp just thinking about it.

The doorbell rang and she hurried to open the door.

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She was surprised to not only see Jordan, but three other black men with 2 of them carrying bags. They all entered the house.

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"Give me a kiss, slut," Jordan said. Christina quickly did so, her tongue meshing with his. As the kiss ended, Jordan said "Sign this form." Why she asked. "We're going to make you a movie star and we need this to make it legal. Sign it or I'll wait here and show your kids the scenes I filmed in the shower room." Christina couldn't have that, so she quickly signed the form.

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"Those clothes are atrocious," Jordan told her. "Take them off." She was embarassed to be undressing in front of total strangers, but did as he ordered. She was wearing matching red bra and panties. "Very nice,": Jordan said. "Now go put on that slutty black dress you wear to work and some heels while the guys set up the equipment.

She went to her bedroom with Jordan following. She went to the closet and pulled out the dress and put it on and then rummaged in the closet and found a pair of black heels that would match. Meanwhile, Jordan was pawing through her underwear drawer, pulling out a few things. Then he did a search of her closet looking for some sexy things. Very little met his liking.

"For a slut, you sure don't have the wardrobe to match. That will have to change starting now. After we finish today, we will go out and buy more sexy underwear. Also short shirts and dresses which you will start wearing all the time instead of jeans and shorts.

Especially to work. I need to be able to reach up and finger your cunt and fuck you easier when I want. Now we're going back to the living room to film the first scene. Me and 2 of the others will go back out and when you answer the door this time, you will rush into my arms and give me a passionate kiss. All you have to do after that is act the slut put and respond appropriately to whatever they and I do and say Look happy and act like you're enjoying everything.

Understood?" Christina nodded. They returned to the living room where one of the other men waited with the camera. Christina stood were directed as the other three men went outside and closed the door. When the doorbell rang, she went to it and stepped into Jordan's arms when he entered.

He pulled her close and their tongues wrapped around each other. He lifted her dress, exposing her ass to the camera. Kneading her ass cheeks, he made sure the camera got a good look. Breaking the kiss, he said "These are my friends Cal and Rufus. I told them all about you and they want some white MILF pussy too. Give them kisses too." Internally Christina was shaking but she put on a smile and went to the other 2 and give them both long kisses while they fondled her body.

It was a strange sensation being intimate with total strangers but sexually arousing as well. She could feel her pussy getting wetter. "Show us to your bedroom," Jordan said, reaching out for her hand to lead him. Christina took it and started down the hall to the bedroom.

"Cut," said the cameraman. "Let me go ahead and set up in the bedroom and then start filming again with you all entering the bedroom." He got his gear and went ahead. "Now, when we get to the bedroom, the 3 of us will undress and sit on the foot of the bed.

You will take off your dress and get down and suck my cock until I say stop. Then we'll switch places and first Cal and then Rufus will take the middle spot. You suck until we stop you. The other two will be playing with your cute little tits. After that, just follow instructions." Jordan told her. When the cameraman called them in, Christina led Jordan and the other into her bedroom, which she had shared with no one other than her husband.

Everything went as Jordan had described. After they sat on the bed, she unhooked the neck clasp and let the dress fall to the floor.

Kneeling down, she took Jordan's cock into her mouth alternating with licking it and his balls. She noticed out of the corner of her eye, that the cameraman had moved to the side to better record her head bobbing up and down on Jordan's cock. This continued for a few minutes with him occasionally grabbing her head and forcing his cock deeper into her throat.

While this caused her some breathing difficulties, they weren't long enough to cause her distress.

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She wasn't a deep throat master yet, but it was getting easier. Jordan switched places with Cal and she repeated her performance.He was a little smaller, so it was somewhat easier to handle when he shoved it deep. Finally, it was Rufus's turn and she did the same for him. His cock was the largest of the three being about 10' long and 3.5" around.

She came close to gagging twice when he pushed deep into her throat but managed to recover. It seemed surreal to her that a week ago she had not been with another man since her marriage to Noah, let alone with a Black one. Now she was in her own bedroom servicing 3 of them. Rufus pulled her head from his cock and Jordan had her stand up and turn around.

"Drop your bra and panties, Christina" he instructed her. As she did so, she realized he had used her real name for the movie.

She unhooked her bra and let it slip off her shoulders to the floor. Her panties quickly followed. She looked up and looked right into the camera. Her womanhood was now being recorded for a paying audience. She felt Jordan stand up behind. His rigid tool probed against her ass. His hands reached around and cupped her fit 36N breasts.

He began to alternately caress them and pinch her nipples They began to harden under his manipulation. "Spread your pussy lips for the camera," he whispered in her ear. Christina reached down and pulled her lips apart revealing her glistening pussy.

In the next instant, Cal was on his knees between her legs. His tongue flicked out and probed into her opening. It brushed over her clit bringing a spark of electricity.

Her body was tingling. Rufus arose and stood beside her. He titled her head towards himself and penetrated her mouth with his tongue. She responded hungrily. The sexual stimulation from her tits, cuntand mouth was lighting a fire in her body. Again Jordan whispered in her ear. "Tell the camera you want us to fuck your white body with our black cocks and cuckold Noah. Mad with lust, she parroted his words to the camera. "Oh God.

Please fuck my white cunt with your big black cock. Use my marital bed to cuckold my wimpy dick husband, Noah." Jordan scooted up the bed and got comfortable.

He had Christina climb on top of him and insert his cock into her pussy. and then start riding him. Moans of pleasure escaped from her mouth as her clit rubbed against his penetrating cock. Cal approached with a tube of lubricant in her hand. He put a large glop on his index finger and poked it into Christina's ass. Christina stiffened as his finger entered her ass. She was an anal virgin and wasn't prepared to be fucked there. She started to get off Jordan, but he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

She pulled her lips from his and begged "Jordan, please no. I've never done that." "I wish I'd known that. I'd have liked to be your first.

But that's the way it goes. It's going to happen, Christina. Relax and you'll come to enjoy it." Given how tightly her was holding her, she had no alternative.

Cal slowly penetrated her ass with his finger, working it in and out. Then two fingers. And finally 3 fingers. She lay there inert. She could feel Jordan's cock deep into her and Cal's fingers rubbing against each other.

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The cameraman was moving, getting shots from all angles. Cal pulled his fingers out and then she could feel him climbing on the bed. She felt his cock poking her ass. Rufus reached between them and helped pulled her ass cheeks apart so Cal could more easily find her hole. He lined his lubed cock up against her hole and said, "Just relax your sphincter, Christina, and this will be a lot less painful." Christina tried to relax but it was still painful and she screamed when he shoved the first 3 inches of his cock into her.

"Stop. Oh please stop." she begged. "Shh. It will get better baby. Just relax." Cal told her. He waited a minute to give her a chance to get adjusted to the sensation and then pushed in another third of his cock. Again Christina screamed and begged.

He just waited again and then forced the last of his cock into her. By this time, Christina could only whimper. The cameraman was catching it all thinking what a great DVD this was going to make.

After waiting another minute, Cal began stroking in and out of her ass. Her anus was now stretched enough that he could get some nice action. Christina even starting groaning as he reached maximum penetration.

Soon Jordan resumed fucking her cunt, matching Cal stroke for stroke. Christina had never felt so full. So tried to speak but only unintelligible sounds came out of her open mouth.

Rufus took this chance to fill up her last remaining hole. Climbing onto the bed, He squatted and pushed his cock into her mouth.

Each thrust from Cal and Jordan would drive her forward onto Rufus's cock Her holes were so tight, that the guys could not keep up this pace long. The friction between their cocks and the walls of her cunt and ass hardened them to the point that ejaculation could not be put off. Cal and Jordan got eye contact and nodded to each other. Both stiffened and shot their seed into her holes. Christina felt them emptying their cum into her and pushed herself to her own orgasm.

An explosion of pleasure ripped through body and she collapsed on Jordan. Rufus took his cock in one hand and pulled her head up with the other. He jerked off onto her face and glasses leaving a creamy mess.

Christina collapsed on top of Jordan, her cum splattered face smearing the pillowcase. She realized she'd have to wash the bedding before Noah got home. Jordan pushed her off onto her back.

"No rest for you, little slut." smacking her on the leg. " Now clean our cocks for the next round. The next round, Christina thought. My God, they're going to fuck me again!


Jordan moved aside so Rufus could scrunch over to Christina. She got up on one elbow and took his cock in her mouth. Using her tongue and lips, sucked his cum off and swallowed.

When she finished, Jordan sat her up and stood by the bed for his turn. Gripping his cock with one hand, she pulled back his foreskin and licked his head and shaft. She noticed another taste besides his cum and realized she was getting not only his cum but her own as well. She had never tasted herself before and found it pleasant.

When she finished him, it was Cal's turn. She though she would throw-up when his shit covered cock entered her mouth. Only by focusing on something else and swallowing rapidly was she able to avoid that. By the time she had done with Cal, all three men were ready to go again.

"OK Rufus. Since you haven't fucked her yet, get on the bed and she'll mount you this time. He did and Christina climbed on him and settled his cock into her cunt.

Rufus pulled her close and began kissing her. Jordan used more lube on both her asshole and his cock to prepare for his turn at her cornhole. He climbed on the bed and positioned himself. This time, her hole was more stretched and she was more prepared for his entry. Jordan pushed in and managed to get about half his cock in before it tightened. Waiting a bit, he pulled back some and then forced all the way in. Christina gave a scream at that, but he was all the way in.

Now Rufus and Jordan timed their thrusts in her holes. She could feel them rubbing against each other through the thin piece of skin separating the. The sensation was incredible Christina felt like she was being used as a fuck toy. But she didn't care. She had never dreamed that pain and pleasure could be so exquisite. If her mouth was not full of Cal's cock, she would have been screaming.

"Fuck me with your black cocks Make me your whore. Fill me with your cum. Breed me with your baby. God Fuck me! FUCK ME!" There was no way she could go back to being just a wife and mother.

She needed to be used like a filthy slut by huge Black cocks. To have her holes filled by multiple fuckers. Everyone was nearing a climax. The room was filled with the smell of sex. Christina tensed as her orgasm came in an explosion. Jordan and Rufus emptied their sacs into her holes. Cal filled her mouth with loads of cum which she swallowed joyfully. The 3 bodies lay compressed together like an Oreo cookie.

Gradually the men's hardons deflated and they slipped out of her holes. Christina kissed Rufus passionately. It no longer mattered that he was a total stranger. She was his to use whenever he wanted. They all were. Plus anyone they wanted to bring. "One last thing," Jordan said as they uncoupled. Harold's been getting a hardon filming all this action.

Now it's his turn." Harold had been undressing while Jordan was talking. As Christina laid back, he hauled himself on top of her and shoved his cock in her sloppy cunt. Christina wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him in tight so he could get as deep as possible. "Fuck me Harold! Shoot your seed in me. I'm your white whore." she yelled. She met him thrust for thrust and the grunts of her passion filled the room. "Now Harold, she cried as her orgasm hit.

Harold obliged, shooting strings of his cum into her already saturated pussy. "OK Bitch. We need to get cleaned up so we can go out and you can buy a wardrobe suitable for the slut you are.

You guys go ahead and I'll see you tomorrow." Jordan said. The guys dressed and then left. Christina and Jordan retires to the master shower where they bathed each other. Christina had not showered with anyone for quite some time and she found his touch erotic.

She loved how his hands felt as they washed her breasts and between her legs. She returned the favor and lathered his body particularly caring for the hunk of meat between his legs.

They occasionally kissed. As they dried off, Jordan asked. "Whose slut are you Christina?' To which she replied "Yours Jordan and anyone you want to share me with." "Very right. Now put on your dress, no underwear, and let's go shopping."