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Mumm spioniert 4
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Fbailey story number 254 How Much Can I get Away With? When my fourteen-year-old daughter Carol tried to go out of the house in a ridiculously short dress I stopped her. I explained to her that she was just looking for trouble by wearing that out.

I was dumbfounded when Carol asked, "So how much can I get away with then?" I just looked at her and then at my wife. My wife just smiled at me because I certainly like to see her in dresses just as short and I proudly take her out to display her. After a brief discussion I told Carol that I would allow her out on a couple of test runs if her mother and I could tag alone to watch over her.

Carol was willing to agree to anything as long as she could go out of the house in that dress. I looked at my sexy wife and told her to put on a dress just as short as her daughter was wearing but not to put on a bra or panties. I looked over at Carol and told her to remove her bra and panties too. That was new to her since she had never been allowed to go out without a bra or panties on before. I told her that things had changed and that if she wanted to act grown up then grown up was the way she was going to dress too.

A few minutes later both of my girls came back down the stairs and into the living room where I had been waiting. My wife did a slow turn so that I could check her out.


At thirty-six she was incredibly beautiful and even better looking than when I had first married her. I asked my wife to show me that she had nothing extra on underneath.

She simply lifted her dress up to her neck and stood there as I took in her naked beauty. After a good thirty seconds or more I told her that she could lower her dress. Then I asked Carol to prove to me that she too was braless and pantyless. Reluctantly she grabbed her hemline, closed her eyes, and lifted. My wife and I stared at our daughter's beautiful naked body.

Her breasts were very nice, her tummy was slightly rounded, and her pussy was shaved bald and quite puffy. About a minute later I told her that she could lower her dress. Carol lowered her dress and then used her hand to smooth it out. My wife asked, "Was it very embarrassing to let your father see you naked?" Carol replied, "A little bit.

Will this happen every time that I leave the house from now on?" My wife answered, "Probable. It does to me." I then stepped in and said, "Yes it will, and from now on you will only wear what I approve.

Is that clear?" Carol answered; "Yes perfectly clear. May I wear some makeup?" I laughed and said, "Yes you may. From now on you can wear as much makeup as your mother allows.

I am only interested in your clothing." Carol smiled and went up to apply some makeup. When Carol was gone my wife said, "Well, now you've got what you have wanted since she started developing." I just smiled and waited for Carol to return to us. Then of course she had to lift her dress to show me than she was still naked underneath.

She did so with a smile and with her eyes open that time. I took my girls to one of the larger shopping malls in our area and had them walk along and sit down on some of the benches. They were not to keep their knees together and they were not to sit on their dresses, only their bare ass was to touch the bench. They were to talk for two or three minutes then move on to another bench. In between each bench they were to bend over and pick something up from the floor without bending their knees to do it.

Meanwhile I was off in the distance watching them. My wife had been through that same scenario on several occasions before but that was a first for Carol. Afterwards she said that she loved every minute of it. Then I told Carol to pretend to look at some dresses as she masturbated for me. I got to not only watch her as she masturbated practically in the middle of the floor but I got to smell and lick her fingers moments afterwards.

I also had Carol try on a pair of shoes while her mother and I watched from outside the store. I instructed her to make sure that the male clerk got a really good look at her pussy too.

After several minutes my wife went in to get Carol and to check out how big the lump in his pants was. Then my wife offered the sales clerk a blowjob in exchange for Carol's shoes. He turned red but eventually he took my wife through a doorway. About two or three minutes later she came out with a smile on her face and he followed her. He put Carol's shoes in a bag and the girls walked out to me. It was time to go home. Carol talked about how sexy it had been to walk around with almost nothing on.

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Masturbating in public had been one of her favorite fantasies. Letting the clerk see her pussy had given her an orgasm. At home I told the girls to go up to their bedrooms and remove their dresses.

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I told them that they could wear a pair of thong panties for the rest of the night if they wanted too. Both girls came back downstairs naked. I was pleased. I asked my wife to tell Carol about some of the things that I had her do over the past few years. Carol was astounded that her mother would pose nude for me in so many public places while I took pictures of her.

She was shocked by the blowjob that day for a pair of shoes but she was even more shocked by some of the other sexual activities that her mother had performed over the years at my request.

I requested that Carol tell us everything about her sex life. Well at fourteen and being a virgin she did not really have much of a sex life at all. She had made out with her best friend Jill during their last few sleepovers.

They had kissed, sucked each other's nipples, and even ate each other's pussies a few times. Carol had let Jill's brother feel her up a few times too at their house because Jill had let her own brother feel her up too. He had kissed her, played with her breasts, and fingered her pussy along with his sister's. However when Jill sucked her brother's cock Carol wouldn't. She wouldn't let him fuck her either but she watched him fuck Jill twice. Then Carol admitted that she did eat Jill's pussy after he had cum in her once.

She was not really impressed with the taste of his cum. Her mother told her that guys cum tasted different and that some are really bitter while other's are pretty tasty.

She told Carol that I was definitely one of the more tasty guys that she sucked off. Then she proceeded to suck my cock in front of our daughter. She then started to teach Carol to suck my cock too. I watched as they talked and sucked my cock as if I weren't even there. It was like a sex education class.

When my wife finally got me right to the brink of exploding she took the first shot but got Carol in there for the rest of them. Carol agreed that my cum tasted better than Jill's brother had but that she might have to try it a few more times before she really got to like it.

My wife smiled at her and told her that I would be available any time that she wanted to practice. Surprisingly my wife tried to get Carol to let Jill's brother take her virginity. She was all against that.

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Then she told us why. He had raped Jill one night when their parents were not home. He had beaten her up a little and had threatened her not to tell on him. After that he raped her every night until she just finally gave up and let him do it to her whenever he wanted too. That was why Carol would not ever let him fuck her. However Carol said that she would let me take her virginity if I wanted it.

Carol confessed that she had watched her mother and I make love once on the living room rug and that it had seemed so nice and loving and tender.


It was nothing like what she had seen Jill's brother do to Jill. He was rough and not at all concerned with Jill's pleasure. We took Carol up to our bedroom. She took a nice long shower with me so that I could feel of her body and excite her.

After the shower her mother and I took turns eating her pussy to get her even more excited.

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She had a couple of orgasms before I got between her legs. My wife lubricated Carol's pussy and my cock pretty well before she placed the head of it against Carol's opening. After she told me it was all right I pressed and the head popped just inside her vagina.

Carol said that it felt okay so I pressed a little harder and more of my cock slipped into her. I watched as she felt her love tunnel being stretch and her mouth formed an O. When she had recovered and told me to continue, I did. I pressed the rest of my cock into my daughter causing her mouth to form another O.

Her mother was massaging her breasts until she once again told me that she was okay and that I could continue.

Since I had been all the way in her I just started pulling back an inch or so and then slip it back into her. In another minute or so she seemed to be enjoying it. Before I had cum, Carol was humping up at me.

She said that she had seen her mother do that to me and that it really did feel good.

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Cumming in my daughter was the best feeling that I had had in years. I was so pleased that she allowed me to take her virginity. I kissed her in a new way, like a lover. As we lay in our bed the three of us talked about what the future held for us. That was when Carol said that I should fuck Jill the next time she slept over just to show her what an asshole her brother really was.

I just lay there in the dark and smiled. I liked Jill and that thought had crossed my mind before. My wife knew it too but told Carol that it sounded like a good idea.

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The next morning Jill was invited over to spend the night. She hadn't been there ten minutes when both girls came downstairs and stood naked before me. Jill told me that I could fuck her all that I wanted too. I told her that I didn't fuck my women, that I made love to them. My wife stood behind them also naked and confirmed that there really was a difference between getting fucked and having someone make love to you.

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The End How Much Can I get Away With? 254