Raper big faty butt xxx

Raper big faty butt xxx
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It all started innocently enough when my husband stumbled across the sex site on the internet. "Hey Yvonne, come and look at this," he had called out. Together we'd looked at the stories and read the bizarre personals. There was no doubt that it made us both feel very sexy and we had a super fucking and sucking session later on. After that Rob and I would often look at that same sex site together, not with any intention to become involved but purely because we found it exciting to read the perverted ramblings of the people who posted there.

There were three sections of the sex site: a standard section, a section for gays and lesbians, and a third section for people interested in bdsm. Goodness!

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Before seeing that I didn't even know what bdsm was, but it was that section that we always seemed to be attracted to. I must say that my eyes were really opened and my sexual boundaries expanded by what we found on that sex site. We would read the stories and the personals and then go to bed and fuck like crazy while urging each other on by talking about what we had seen. We'd been doing this for quite some months when Rob suggested that we write to some of the men who had posted personal adds.

We had no intent of getting involved in any way; it was just sexy fun to pretend that we were interested in meeting and I had no hesitation in agreeing. The responses from the men that we wrote to varied from some simply wanting to fuck, right through to some talking of me as just something for them to use and abuse, and with an urge to really hurt me. The latter type of responses really shocked me at first, but after a while we both found that the more vanilla guys were somewhat boring, but that the more extreme ones excited us.

This sort of thing went on sporadically for many months. Mostly we intentionally picked on guys who lived overseas, so that there was never any real pressure from them for us to come good. During the months and months that this game went on, a gradual change came about in our attitude towards it. Our talk, while previously just all fantasy, gradually changed until we talked as if it really would happen one day. This change was not a conscious one, nor was it a sudden step, it just seemed to happen without any thought being put into it.

We really should have kept our messaging to those men who were safely at a distance overseas, but we began to look for men who had more extreme views and not worry about whether they lived within reasonable travelling distance. It was because of this change that we found ourselves talking to a guy, Gary, who lived some five hour's drive away.

It started with Rob sending a simple message saying that he was interested in letting his wife be used for the sort of things mentioned in Gary's posting, and that I was willing. Gary immediately wrote back asking about our previous experience and how much punishment I would be able to take. I noted that in Gary's message, he referred to me only as "the whore" and "the slut." That night Rob and I talked all about Gary while we were fucking and sucking together and we found ourselves, as always happened, so worked up and excited about me being spoken of in the way that he did.

Many messages went back and forth over the next couple of weeks. Gary detailed how he would love to abuse and hurt me while Rob watched on. For our part, we encouraged him, telling him that I was excited at the prospect and that Rob was very happy to have him treat me as he described. Of course with this sort of encouragement Gary soon was asking when and where we could arrange to meet.

Never before had our game taken us this far and it was really time to opt out.

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In the bedroom we were so excited as we fucked and sucked and talked about what Gary expected. We got more and more excited. "he wants to lash you till you're screaming," Rob said excitedly. "Yes," I panted, "he sounds so cruel doesn't he." "He certainly does," Rob agreed, "I think that I'd need to hold you down for him to be able to do that to you." "Yes, you'd either have to hold me down or tie me to the bed for him," I agreed.

We were both getting more and more worked up and as you well know, things are often said at these times that wouldn't normally be mentioned. There was a pause in our talk and then I asked, "you'd really like to see me being beaten like that?" "I would if you wanted to do it," Rob replied. I gave a laugh, "you're supposed to look after your wife, not seek out men to hurt me." Rob gave an embarrassed laugh in turn.

"I think that you'd like to have Gary hurt you," he said. My heart was pounding. I paused and then simply whispered the word "Yes." We were soon both racing towards a climax. Orgasm is like a truth drug and under its influence one is more or less out of control.

Rob gasped out, "you want Gary to hurt you don't you darling?" "Yes, yes," I gasped in between my groans and moans of lust.

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" . thrash you?" Rob gasped, obviously encouraged to go a step further by my ready agreement. "Yes . thrash me," I gasped as my senses raced out of control. "Really fucking flog you . ahhhhhh! Oooooooooooorrrr!" Rob groaned as his body stiffened and his cock heaved as far as it could go into my body to deliver his cum. It was a good five hour's drive, and after stopping for lunch and again for a coffee it was getting late in the afternoon before we reached our destination.

We booked into a motel and soon had showered and freshened up. Rob got a line out on the phone and dialled the number. Brr, brrr . brr, brrr . brr, brrr . brr, b . I stood next to him listening to the ring tone. My mouth was dry and I could feel my pulse racing as we waited. The ring tone suddenly stopped and I shivered as I heard Rob speak, "Hello, Gary?" The thought raced through my mind that it wasn't too late to pull out of this arrangement.


I discounted that idea immediately. My God! Were we really doing this! I had feelings of trepidation and even of fear, but I also had feelings of excitement and lust. Rob's conversation was very brief.

"He'll be here in ten minutes and then we'll go to his place," he told me. I drank a mouthful of water. I suddenly wondered if I looked alright and hurried to the bathroom mirror. I had an urge for the toilet. I sat down then immediately stood up again and busied myself with tidying the room. I was a bundle of nerves and Rob laughed about it. Suddenly there was the sound of a car outside.

I gave an involuntary little cry but Rob looking out of the window said that it was only some other guests at the motel. I again checked my appearance in the mirror and then it occurred to me that maybe I should be naked rather than dressed.

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Rob considered the idea and thought that it would be a good idea for me to be stark naked and to open the door when Gary arrived. We had no time to think further on this idea as there was a crunch of footsteps outside and a knock on the door.

Again I gave an involuntary little cry and was frozen to the spot. Rob went to the door and opened it wide. "Have I got the right unit - you're Rob?" the guy asked. "Yes Gary, come in," Rob greeted him cheerily as they shook hands.

Even as he was asking if he had the right unit Gary was looking past Rob at me standing waiting. I could feel myself blushing profusely from embarrassment and shame. Gary came into the room and stepped up to me smiling. "Nice looking slut," he said admiringly as he took my hands and looked me up and down.

He seemed so at ease with the situation, and with his compliment I began to relax a little and I smiled at him. Rob must have been feeling a bit nervous too, because he then said to Gary, "this is Yvonne," an introduction which seemed quite superfluous as Gary was already running his hands over my breasts.

Gary mentioned that he lived just ten minutes away and asked if we wanted to go straight there. Rob agreed that we should so we locked up the unit and went to our car. "You drive," Gary told Rob, "I can't wait to get my hands on your wife. I'll molest her in the back seat while you're driving," he laughed. We hadn't even driven out of the motel park before Gary was undoing my blouse. "Get your skirt off", he told me authoritatively.

I undid the catch and zipper and, lifting myself off the seat, wriggled my skirt down. "The slut's good and obedient," Gary said to Rob. "looks like the bitch is really ready for this." "Off with the panties and stockings too slut," Gary then said to me as he pulled my blouse off and started fumbling with my bra. My face felt so hot and flushed and I was so excited and ready for this that I didn't hesitate in working my pants and panti-hose down.

I had liked being called an obedient slut and I wanted to elicit similar comments. I was now stark naked in the back seat and although it was now beginning to get dark, Gary seemed to have no concern at all about me possibly being seen.

"Kneel up on the seat and spread your legs apart," I was told. In doing this I looked at Rob and could see that he'd adjusted the rear view mirror and was trying to watch and drive at the same time.

"Wooh - hooo!" Gary laughed sneeringly, "the slut's cunt is already nice and fucking juicy." There was now a pause in Gary's explorations as he gave directions to Rob as to where to turn off. We turned up a side road and after passing a few houses found that there were only a few others spaced out along the road. Gary told Rob to stop the car and he then climbed out and started to pull me after him.

"Wait till I get some clothes back on," I giggled, "what if someone sees me like this." "No," Gary laughed, "you're a slut and you're going to be treated like a slut." He pulled me out of the car then pointed out his house further on down the road, and laughingly told me that I had to walk the rest of the way. Gary then got into the car alongside Rob and they drove off leaving me stark naked at the side of the road.

I was in a panic and nervously glanced around and started hurrying along towards where I could see the car disappearing into the driveway of the house. What if a car comes! What if there's someone to see me when I'm passing those houses! Fortunately there were just two houses to pass, the rest of the land being empty allotments. I shivered in the chill night air but I wasn't really cold as I felt flushed with excitement.

I felt so crude being stark naked in the public road as I hurried along the path. I was ready to leap into the long grass if anyone appeared or if a car came. Fortunately for me nothing happened and I finally came up to where Gary and Rob were waiting. I was so relieved that I was giggling and laughing so that I must have seemed to have really enjoyed the exposure.

"The little slut won't be laughing like that when I start whipping her," I heard Gary half whisper to my husband. Gary took us into the house and led the way to the bedroom. He then stripped off revealing his lovely, big, hard cock. I was told to kneel down and to suck him which I unhesitatingly did, sliding my mouth lovingly over his gorgeous cock and working my tongue along its underside. "Now then slut, get up on the bed and I'll see how much flogging you can take," Gary excitedly told me.

After a minute or so sucking Gary I was made to lay face down with pillows under my hips and with my legs in a frog position.

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I was scared but also excited. At least I knew that Rob was there and that he would stop anything that got too extreme. Gary had several whips and paddles and I could hear him showing them to Rob. The one that he now chose was a simple piece of flat, whippy plastic with a handle. I heard him telling Rob that it "stung nicely without marking 'the meat' too much." Now it started; that first swish through the air of the whip and the impact of it on my bum with the sharp stinging pain as it hit hard.

"Owww!" I exclaimed as the pain hurt me. Now again, and again, and again, and on, and on, and on, with Gary whipping my bum consistently with firm, hard blows. "Owww! Ooooo! Owww! Arrrrh!" . on and on and on the whipping went.

I was crying out in pain at each blow and the pain began to build up as it consistently went on and on without any respite. I was panting now with my breaths coming in gasps between each stinging blow. I was writhing on the bed, my arms stretched out and grasping the sides of the mattress as I endeavoured to take all of the punishment that Gary was dishing out to me.

Gary's blows hit my bum in ever varying positions, now one side, now the other, now full on, now to the side, blows coming from ever varying angles, but always stinging and hurting, hurting, hurting. My mind wasn't working as the constant stinging pain of the whip biting into my flesh every ten seconds or so, completely precluded being able to consciously think.

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My entire bum was stinging painfully and I realized that I was now whimpering in between my involuntary cries of pain each time that the whip struck me. Gary must have been beating me for quite some minutes when I couldn't take the pain anymore. "No more! no more!" I cried out. "That's enough!" I started to get up from my prone position on the bed but had hardly moved when I heard Gary call out urgently to Rob, "hold the bitch down, hold the bitch down!" Rob immediately grasped my arms and caused me to flop back into position on the bed.

"I've had enough love," I pleaded to my husband in a plaintive voice. "No darling, you need to really suffer," he replied in a voice that sounded sympathetic and loving but didn't match his words. I momentarily relaxed but then Gary began to flog my bum in a fury of rapid, stinging blows that had me shrieking and writhing in a paroxysm of terrible pain. "Fuck! That's fucking incredible!" I heard Rob exclaiming, but he kept leaning on my shoulders keeping me pinned down as Gary thrashed and thrashed and thrashed the whip all over my bum.

Finally the flogging ceased and I lay there sobbing miserably. Between my sobbing I could hear Gary panting and gasping and I realized that he'd only stopped because he'd run out of breath from his furious efforts. "Fucking fabulous," he panted in a voice that really showed his enthusiasm.

They now threw a long length of cord over my back and under the bed, around and around several times so that I was securely tied down. I was pleading with them to let me go but Gary mockingly told me that I was just a toy for him to abuse. He teased and mocked me, alternately describing me as a utensil and an appliance to be used for his amusement.

He took delight in telling me that I was going to be beaten senseless before he'd be finished with me. I was now terrified and was crying and pleading for mercy.

Gary only laughed and seemed to really enjoy listening to my pitiful sobbing, while Rob simply told me that this is what we'd both wanted. Gary now sadistically showed me a short, multi-stranded leather lash, and moments later the lashing had recommenced and I was literally screaming in agony. I now not only felt the lash thrashing my bum but my thighs as well. I heard Gary telling Rob to lift my legs so that he could get onto the insides of my thighs, and the pain of the lash in that tender area was hideous.

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The lashing went on and on and on. My brain was numb and my entire world was one of horrible, ghastly, agonising pain that filled every nerve fibre of my body. I was screaming and screaming and screaming with the terrible, terrible pain. Tears poured from my eyes and my voice began to grow hoarse from my uncontrollable screaming. It went on and on and on and I slowly sank into a half senseless state.

Finally the agony stopped. I lay there a sobbing, beaten wreck. I had not an ounce of energy to move or even to speak as they undid the cord that had held me down, rolled me over and fastened leather cuffs to my ankles.


It was too late to resist when I realized that I was being pulled up by my legs so that I was almost suspended upside down. Next my hands were tied behind my back. In my dazed state I realized that I was being told that my breasts were now to be thrashed.

This realization suddenly jerked me from my state of semi-stupor and in absolute terror I began pleading to be released.

All to no avail; the first lash thrashed cruelly across my breasts. Now the agonies of Hell recommenced and my breasts where thrashed and beaten violently with occasional stray lashes biting into my arms and across my waist.

Again I was shrieking and screaming and screaming and screaming. The noise that I must have been making would have been nearly deafening but Gary seemed to love it.

I was semi-senseless by the time that they finished with me. I was lowered onto the bed and was only half aware of Gary fucking me. After that I was aware that there was some talk about electrocution but it seems that Rob had decided that I'd had enough. In my dazed state I was aware of being helped out to the car. "You were fabulous Yvonne," Gary said as he kissed me on my mouth.

There was some mention of "next time," but I vowed to myself that there never would be a next time, and then we drove back to the motel for the night. Well my dear readers, I'm going to leave the story at that for the moment. I'll just tease you with the information that after a week or so I began to look at my experience in a different light and that after a month or so I was in half a mind that we should again visit Gary . but that can be my next story.