There is no way my little sister can ride this much Uncensored】

There is no way my little sister can ride this much Uncensored】
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We're standing in on the platform of the railway station, 'I can't believe you booked us on a train trip" you say, stepping up into the car. "You'll love it…" I respond. We're just outside of Denver, boarding a train that takes us through the Rocky Mountains. One of those trains with the scenic cars. Luxurious, with a staff that waits on you hand and foot. We find our way to our room, and as we settle in the cozy surroundings we understand why they call them 'compartments'.

It has everything we need though, a small sofa, bed, bath with a shower, no tub, sorry. The sudden lurch of the train takes us by surprise and you fall backwards knocking both of us onto the sofa.

You're in my lap as we laugh at the surprise. Your body feels good and I enjoy holding you as I lean forward and plant a kiss on your cheek. You turn and look at me and kiss me back, lightly on the lips, letting you tongue ever so lightly brush across my lips……as we pull out of the station and the scenery starts to flow by.

It's weird moving along while standing still.

We laugh at how it's going to take some getting used to the motion as we make our way to one of the scenic cars with all the windows overhead. We spend the rest of the afternoon there, admiring the scenery and enjoying each others company.

The day is beautiful, not a cloud in the sky which a deep blue up here in the mountains. As the evening starts to close we head for the dining car. We order our meals and continue to marvel at the scenery as the train climbs into the mountains. The sun is setting and the view is breathtaking. We share some dessert and our talk turns from the scenery to one of a more personal nature.

It's dark outside now and the lights in the car aren't bright but nice and subdued.

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We enjoy a drink as we explore our fantasies, our likes and dislikes, our desires. I notice that you have one hand under the table and I ask you what you're up to. "Nothing" you say, with a devilish look on your face. I lean across the table and whisper, "Are you stroking your pussy?" You lean forward and whisper "Yes".

"Can I see" I ask. Again you whisper "Yes".

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There's a short tablecloth that covers our laps and as I lean down I pull it up and look across to you. You look soooo good. You fingers are stroking your pussy through your skirt.

As I watch I see you lift your skirt, exposing a pair of panties as your hand travels back up and resumes it position at your pussy. You stroke through the fabric and it's all I can do to raise back up.

There is a huge smile on your face and I know I'm grinning from ear to ear. I lean across and whisper "that looks wonderful. I can help you with that, you know" "By all means, please do." You respond. I stand up, barely able to conceal the bulge in my pants and take your hand as we head back to our car.


Once in the room with the door shut it's all I can do to control myself. At the sound of the lock clicking shut I turn and pull you into me, kissing you long and deep, our lips crushing together passionately, our tongues seeking each other.

My hands slide from your waist around to your ass.

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I squeeze and pull you into me, against my cock… I love the feeling of your body against my cock and I thrust upward ever so slightly. Letting go of your ass I take your hands and lead you over to the couch. Sitting you down I say&hellip."I liked what I saw… I'd like to see some more" "Oh you would?" you playfully respond. Reaching down grasp the hem of your skirt, lifting it up exposing your panties to me once again.

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I notice a wet spot on them this time and it excites me even more… "You like it when I do this?" you say as your hand starts rubbing your pussy through your panties. "I love it!" I say. My eyes are fixed on your hand as it travels up and down your pussy.

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The fabric is starting to get caught up in the folds of your lips forming a crease that runs the whole length of your pussy from top to bottom.

I'm stroking my cock lightly through my pants and you point to my hand and say "It would probably be more fun if you were to let that out so it could get some air." No sooner are the words our of your mouth then I've undone my pants and have pulled my underwear down.

I step out of my clothes, my cock dancing with my movements, hard, rigid, there's a drop of pre-cum shining on the tip. I take off my shirt and am completely naked as I stand in front of you. As I take my cock in my hand you lick your lips and close your eyes as you're fingers stroke with more firmness. I kneel down, between your legs and grab the sides of your panties. You lift up as I slide them down and toss them to the side. As you spread your legs apart your moistness makes your pussy glisten.

I'm mesmerized by what I see and again I'm staring at your pussy, watching your fingers slide up and down the length of it, circling your clit and going back down.

Your other hand has been playing with your nipple through your dress. Your nipple is hard, poking through the fabric, raising it up&hellip. you look so good, so hot&hellip.I want to fuck you so bad…… "can I help?" I ask as I move around onto the couch beside you.


I'm on the couch on my knees, facing you, my cock is sticking straight out towards you. "be my guest' you say. I take your right hand, the side I'm on, and move it to where you're cupping my balls. You instinctively take over, lightly running your fingers around my balls and up and down my shaft.

I reach down and lightly stroke the outside of your pussy. Down my hand goes until I'm cupping your pussy, I squeeze and then bring it back up until the tips of my fingers are above your clit. I do this a couple of times and then when I go back down I insert my middle finger into your hole……WOW!!! Talk about hot, and wet!! Not moist; WET!! Slick with your juice I run my finger back up, the rest of my hand stroking the outside of your pussy while my finger travels along your inner lips to your clit.

I stroke it a few times, marveling at it's own hardness. I love your clit. I can feel your grip tighten on my cock as I touch it. I like that.

Back down my hand goes, this time there are two fingers in your hole, this time two fingers slide back up and stroke your clit.

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Back down a third time. Three fingers this time, and then before sliding my hand back up I stick my pinky in your pussy and pull it out and run it down across your ass. I can feel your ass tighten for a moment and then loosen as I run my pinky, first, then my other fingers across you ass, then back up my fingers go. I move a little closer and lick the fingers of my left hand. Then use it to stroke your pussy instead of using the hand I started with.

This helps make my hand wet and slick. I want that so I can use both hands on your pussy. I want to stroke it with both hands, from top to bottom, all at once.

With my left hand slick I move it up to your clit and start going over it in light slow circles. My other hand returns our hole, going in with two fingers I go deep and forward, looking for that spot on the inside. You push your hips up, seeking my touch. Your hand has stopped stroking my cock and is just holding it, firmly I might add. I love your touch. As I find the edge of that spot I hear your breath catch. I start increasing the rhythm on your clit. I place the palm of my hand slightly above your clit and pull upward, causing your clit to be exposed to my fingers.

In this position I can strum your clit any way I want. As I quicken my pace you spread your legs wider to allow me better access. You let go of my cock and reach down with both hands, one on either side of your pussy, and pull, spreading your pussy even wider.

I insert the third finger and start thrusting in and out as I start going from side to side with my fingers on your clit. Your hips thrust up and I can hear the moans of pleasure escaping form your lips. This goes on for some minutes as I increase the pace. Soon my hand is flying across your clit.

Strumming it from one side to the other as I press down on it. My hand is thrusting in and out of your pussy, your juice is running down across your ass as I let my pinky extend and start touching your ass as I come forward with each thrust. You raise your hips even higher, pushing your ass up, exposing it to my finger. Your breath is coming quickly as I press down on your clit so hard, strumming so quick, my hand is a blur. I thrust in and forward with all I can. As I do my pinky slides into your ass.

You feel sooooo good. Three fingers in your puss, a finger in your ass, all thrusting in and out so quickly, Your mouth is open as you gasp for breath, your hips are bucking as you cum with such ferocity, your juices squirt everywhere as you let go in a torrent of orgasms that sweep you away againand againand again……& eternity later, as the convulsions subside, your hips slowly lower down as I remove my hands, covered in you, I look down and take you in. You look wonderfully content.


Your pussy is wet and swollen and I am happy……&hellip.