He gets lures into sex by chubby mother in law

He gets lures into sex by chubby mother in law
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It Started On Skull Island - Chapter 1 It had all started out innocently enough; four friends out for an afternoon of sailing on Sparrow Lake.

But it ended up as a disaster. Brian Whatcom and Ted Campbell had always competed with each other, from the time they first met at age ten. Marsha Middleton, on the other hand, enjoyed more academic pursuits. She always got good marks in math and sciences. The domestics were the dominion of her best friend, Denise McCurdy.

Poor Dennie couldn't add two and two to save her soul, but give her a piece of fabric, and she'd turn out a designer-quality garment. Armed with basic ingredients, she could create a gourmet menu item.

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Show her a word processor, and she'd write a complete novel. Brian and Marsha had been assigned to each other as part of a school study mentoring program. Marsha tutored Brian in all the academic subjects, while he tried to help her understand the workings of the real world. It had been a frustrating endeavour for both of them, but they had discovered mutual interests, and the two had become close friends during the school year.

Ted had met Denise when she volunteered to create and sew the football team's uniforms. It was Denise that had created the designs, and orchestrated several sewing and fitting sessions. Eventually, the two teens had become a couple, as well. Now that summer was here, the boys had invited the girls for an afternoon sail on the lake. Marsha understood the principles of sailing, but Brian gloated that any dummy could sail, in his opinion.

He had a bet with Ted that Marsha would be skippering by the end of the day. He was also looking forward to spending time with her.

There was just something about the girl that he couldn't resist. Ted and Denise accepted the challenge of watching Marsha's attempts at seamanship. Denise envisioned an afternoon of leisurely cruising. She had accepted Ted's invitation immediately, both because it would allow them to be together, and because she was curious about how Marsha would fair as a sailor .

The skies were clear blue as the boys launched their boats. At fourteen feet long, the craft were just big enough to accommodate two people comfortably, yet small enough to be highly manoeuvrable in tight quarters, designed for light winds, yet capable of handling most weather conditions. Neither boy had decided on a particular destination, resulting in an instant competition to see which one could reach a given point first. Brian had suggested a race to Cormorant Island, and the first to round the channel buoy would also pick the next leg's marker.

It was Ted and Denise that arrived at the buoy first, but only by a little over a boat length. By the volume of their cheering, you'd have thought they'd won the America's Cup. Denise hugged her skipper joyously to celebrate their win, and Ted had returned her embrace with a quick kiss. Their feelings were of wanting more, but not knowing how to ask. Brian and Marsha hugged each other in consolation, commiserating their loss by offering each other a shoulder to lean on.

Even though their hug lasted much longer than necessary, neither teen was in any rush to let go. But there would be other opportunities to mourn their loss or celebrate their victory, as soon as Ted named their next marker.

"How about we race for Skull Island?" Ted ventured. "But let's make this a little more interesting. The winner will be the first one to land on the west side of the island, beach their boat, and erect a flagpole on the northwest bluff." Brian thought his friend had made the challenge more difficult than necessary. The bluff was solid rock. Planting a pole could prove difficult and maybe impossible.

From where they were, it was a good fifteen mile trip. At Ted's signal, they were off. Half-way between the two points, the sky darkened and the winds increased. The waves were getting higher, and both girls began to feel panic as their skippers fought to keep the small craft under control.

Both boys considered abandoning the contest and heading for a safe harbour, but from here, there wasn't one. They were within sight of Skull Island's beachhead when a strong gust swept in, almost overturning Brian's boat, snapping the mast. The broken spar flew with the wind, ripping Ted's sail and rendering it virtually useless. Without sails, both craft were at the mercy of the lake. Brian's boat finally capsized, while Ted's boat began to take on water, leaving him and Denise swamped.

Clambering onto the overturned hull, Brian and Marsha hung on for dear life, both of them feeling the cold draining the energy from their bodies. Ted and Denise attempted to bail his boat enough to remain afloat, with only limited success. Ted had the idea of trying to swim to Skull Island, then realized that while he had a chance, neither Marsha nor Denise were strong enough swimmers to cover the distance.

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Brian slipped off the hull, coming up underneath the overturned craft, and retrieved three life jackets. Returning from under the hull, he passed one to Marsha, donned one himself, then set off to cover the distance between the two boats. When he arrived, he gave the last life preserver to Denise.

"Ted, you should have more jackets on board, right?" he asked his friend. "Any idea where you stowed it?" "Should be in the locker just fore of the mast" Ted directed. "That hatch can be a bitch to open, though. Here. Let me get it." "No, you stay there" Brian insisted. "I'll go. If I run into trouble, I'm gonna need you to rescue my ass. Besides, there's no sense both of us freezing our butts off." No sooner were the words out of his mouth than he propelled himself over the gunwale.

He managed to dig out the life preservers, and passed them back to Ted. A large wave smacked into the water-filled boat, throwing its occupants into the cold lake water. Ted came to the surface within a foot of the jacket, and struggled to put it on. Brian, in the meantime, had gone to Denise's rescue, assisting her as she fought to put on her life jacket. Once the two were fitted with the flotation devices, he struck out to his own boat, and back to Marsha.

Now with their life jackets on, their chances of making it to the island had improved, if the cold didn't get them first. "Come on! We'll have to swim for it!" Brian yelled. Turning to look for Marsha, he could see real fear on her face. "You two get started. I'll stay with Marsha, but keep each other in sight at all times. This squall isn't gonna let up any time soon, and if we lose track of one another, we'll be in deep shit!" With that, he covered the distance to his disabled craft, persuaded Marsha to slide off the hull, then both of them set off for the relative safety of dry land.

Brian estimated the distance to be about a mile, and he knew that with wet clothing, it would be a difficult journey. While they might need something to keep warm later, right now the garments were more of a liability than anything else. He removed his pants, shirt, and jacket, suggesting to Marsha that she do the same. As Marsha stripped down to her bra and panties, Brian couldn't help but admire her slim, trim, young body.

At five foot six, and one hundred and five pounds, she looked absolutely gorgeous, in his eyes, and her 34C breasts filled her bra nicely. "Here, pass me your clothes" Brian suggested. "I'll tie them up and stuff them into a life jacket, so we'll have something to wear later." He bundled their garments and found a way to tie them together.

"Brian, I'm freezing!" Marsha complained. "This water's cold!" "Swim, Girl" Brian commanded. "The exercise will help you get warm, and besides, that island isn't gonna come to us. I'm right behind you. Now go!" Ted had taken similar actions, encouraging Denise to remove much of her clothing. She struggled to remove her jeans, which were almost skin tight, then gave up in frustration.

"I can't get these things off, Ted! And I'm keeping my shirt, too. I didn't wear a bra, and, well. . ." Her excuse trailed off. Ted was quite well aware of her lack of a bra, and under normal circumstances, would have enjoyed the view of Denise's 36B breasts.

But these weren't normal circumstances, and the fabric of her shirt would wick up water, adding weight that Denise's muscles would have a hard time handling.

"Dennie, the shirt's gotta go!" he declared. "It's a really great-looking shirt, but it'll get too heavy with the water. If you don't get rid of it, there's a chance you might drown.

Is a little modesty worth the chance? Besides, who's gonna see your boobs, other than me, and maybe Brian? It's not like we haven't seen a girl's chest before." Peeling the soaked shirt off, Denise tried unsuccessfully to cover herself up while still treading water. Realizing the absurdity of it, she gave up, returning to her struggle with the tight jeans.

Ted saw her frustration, and offered to help, receiving a cold stare for his trouble. "Dennie, we're talking survival here. Forget the modesty, okay?

Hell, I'm down to just a pair of briefs, and you don't see me fighting to cover myself up, do you? Now let's get those jeans off, before you drown! If you need help, swallow your damned pride!" Ted instructed. Denise gave him a pleading look, and he swam over to assist her.

Despite her earlier discomfort, Denise was thankful for her boyfriend's help. .

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until she felt her panties sliding over her hips with her jeans. "Ted!" she hollered, "Stop ! My butt's cold enough without you pulling all my clothes off! Now smarten up, would you?" Ted almost ignored her, but stopped long enough to disentangle the two garments and give Denise time to pull her panties back up. Her lightly-covered pussy, however, had been right in front of his eyes, and the sight wasn't lost on him, or his manhood.

"Sorry, Dennie" Ted apologized, keeping his voice down, hoping they were the only two who knew of the incident. "You sure are pretty, even down there. In spite of the cold, however, I think I have a problem now" he confessed, and felt his face warming.

Denise took a minute to figure out what he was talking about, then giggled in amusement. "Oh shut up!" Ted growled. "You're not the one with a hard-on!" Marsha's giggles could be heard over the wind.

Brian loudly suggested to his buddy that he might want to keep the news quiet, as his voice had carried with the wind. Ted snarled at Brian's comment, and began to swim towards land, calling back to the others that they'd better join him before everyone got too cold. It took the better part of an hour to swim to the beach. Both girls were exhausted, and even the boys felt tired. The distance covered wasn't the problem so much as the struggle to fight the wind-driven current and the cold.

Crawling onto the beach and into the shelter of the island's trees, all four teens passed out from exertion. By the time Brian woke several hours later, the winds had died down. By the angle of the sun, he estimated that it was between five and six o'clock. Their chances of being rescued tonight weren't high, meaning that they'd have to build a shelter before sunset. Shaking Ted awake, he told the other boy of his conclusions. "Come on, Ted," he spoke softly, so as not to wake the girls, "we're gonna have to figure out some kind of shelter, and maybe think about a fire for warmth.

I've got our clothes spread out to dry, but I don't think they'll be ready before the sun goes down. We're not out of the woods yet, Buddy." "Shit, how are we supposed to keep the girls from getting cold?" Ted inquired.

"Oh, there are ways. . !" Brian replied, a twinkle in his eye, and a smirk on his face. Ted understood what his pal was trying to say, and grinned at the idea.

While the girls slept, the boys scrounged materials to build and construct a shelter. Each time they looked, both girls were laying face up, Marsha wearing just her bra and panties, and Denise still without anything covering her chest. The sight definitely slowed down completion, yet neither boy had the heart to wake the girls. It wasn't until they were almost finished that Marsha and Denise finally woke.

Brian had to chuckle to himself, wondering if they had slept through all the construction on purpose. "Good timing," he welcomed Marsha, "because we're just about finished. How long have you two really been awake? Were you waiting for us to finish before you got up?" "I just woke," Marsha told him, "and I'm freezing. Did our clothes dry yet?" Denise was busy checking their garments, a sour look on her face.

"Nope. They're still pretty damp" Denise informed everyone.

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"We're gonna be awfully cold later tonight. Damn!" "Oh, quit being such a woosey" Ted piped in. "We'll get a fire going just as soon as we get this shelter finished. Then you can warm up, and we can dry our clothes, too. Running around in these briefs isn't exactly the best way to stay warm. . but moving sure helps.

Maybe you two should go for a short run down the beach, and get the circulation flowing again" he suggested. The girls looked at each other, then started jogging. Ted noticed Denise's breasts swaying and bouncing as she ran, and the vision of her body's movements was etched in his brain. Even wearing her bra, Marsha's breasts swayed almost as much as her friend's did.

As Brian watched, he felt himself begin to harden to a state of semi-erection. Damn, but those two had gorgeous bodies, he thought to himself. The girls returned about twenty minutes later, a light sheen of sweat evident on their soft, silky skin. Stopping to catch their breath, they surveyed the boy's handiwork, uttering their reserved approval of the shelter. "Well," Denise volunteered, "it'll keep the wind off us, but I don't know about anything else.

And how are we supposed to keep warm through the night?" "Girl, if you haven't figured that out by now, there's no hope for you whatsoever!" Ted chortled.

"Maybe your shirt might be dry by the time we're ready to sleep, and if it isn't, there's always. . me!" It was then that Denise realized that she was still bare-breasted, and instinctively tried to cover herself up. Ted and Brian burst into gales of laughter at her futile actions. "Dennie," Ted finally regained his voice, "you've been half-naked all afternoon. Don't you think it's a little late to be self-conscious now?

We've all seen your boobs, and not just a quick glance, either. If you'd had a shirt on, Brian and I would have been finished hours ago. But how the hell do you expect two guys like us to ignore beautiful girls like you two?" "You two are a couple of perverts!" Marsha declared loudly.

"I suppose you've been staring at me, too. God what a couple of creeps you two can be!" "Oh, don't get your boobs in a knot, Marsha" Brian admonished. "If it was us sprawled all over the beach, you two would be checking us out, too, and we both know it. Both of you have bodies that you should be proud of.

But we were busy at the time, trying to get this shelter put up, and for your benefit, too. All we had time for was looking. But, now that we're finished the shelter. . ." "Actually, I am kind of flattered," Denise spoke up as she let her arms drop, presenting her breasts for all to see, "but if you guys ever tell anyone, I'll kick you both in the nuts, so hard!" In a mock challenge, she started to run towards Ted, with an implied threat of what she'd do if she caught him.

Laughing with care-free abandon, the two raced down the beach. Brian stepped towards Marsha, reaching out his hand towards hers, and was rewarded as she happily took it. "I think they may have a good idea," he commented, " and it helps to get the warmth back into our bodies." "Umm, I can think of other things that would do the same, without having to chase up and down this beach" Marsha said softly with a demur tone to her voice. Brian's eyes shot up as the impact of her comment hit him.

"Yeah, so can I," he added, "if you're willing to take a chance with a pervert." Marsha giggled at his comment as she closed the distance between them. She gazed into Brian's eyes, then softly let her lids close as she lifted her lips to her rescuer. There was no way Brian could refuse her offer, and he kissed her protruding and pouty lips, softly at first, then more demandingly as Marsha pressed closer to him.

He tentatively probed her lips with his tongue, feeling her yield to his touch as she granted him access. He wrapped an arm around her waist, which she returned by encircling his neck and pulling him as tightly to her as she could.

In the throws of their rising excitement, the cold of the wind-swept island magically disappeared from their consciousness. The two teens held their kiss for several minutes before Brian finally unlocked their lips.

He had kissed Marsha a couple of times on the cheek before, but this had been their first real kiss. He allowed his eyelids to ease open, the vison of Marsha's inquiring eyes his first point of focus.

"Wow!" he whispered to her. "I think I could spend the whole night kissing you. You're something else, Marsha Middleton. Did you know that?" "Did I know? Not really, but I think you are" Marsha informed him.

"I thought maybe you didn't like me, or something, because I've wanted you to kiss me since before Easter. What took you so long?" Brian felt the blood rush to his face, accompanied by warmth as he blushed. "Good question" he answered. "Too bad I don't have a good answer, huh?" He locked his lips with hers once more, savouring the taste and texture of her as he explored her lips, her teeth and the roof of her mouth. Marsha moaned approvingly, then tangled her tongue with his, her heartbeat beginning to race at the welcomed attention that he gave her.

"Would you two get a room?" Ted broke into their solitude. "Sheesh, we leave you two alone for a couple of minutes, and you're all over each other! What the hell do you two thing this is. . Fantasy Island?" There was a friendly tone of happiness in Ted's voice, and as Brian and Marsha broke their kiss, both noted that Ted and Denise were holding hands as well.

"We'd thought about it," Brian joked, "but the desk clerk said you two had the last one. We're just waiting our turn." Both Ted and Denise laughed at the remark, while Marsha pressed as close to Brian as she could. "Come on, you two," Brian added, "let's get back to work.

We still have to find some firewood, and get a fire going. How about you girls collect wood, and Ted and I will build a fire-pit. Oh, and if you can find some really dry grass or moss, we can use that as starter." "And just what are you going to start it with?" Marsha wanted to know. "Here we have the best science brain in the school," Brian pointed out as he shook his head, "and she can't even figure out the concept of friction?

Kids, I think we're in big trouble!" With that, he kissed her inviting lips one more time, then pushed her lightly towards Denise, and the driftwood-covered beach, patting her softly on her behind as she passed him. As the girls swayed down towards the beach, Brian swore they were accentuating that delicious feminine swagger of hips, their firm asses teasing both boys.

Ted's eyes seemed to be glued to Denise's retreating form, and Brian had a hard time to not follow Marsha. When the girls were far enough away, he suggested to Ted that they get on with picking up enough rocks to build a decent fire-pit. In a way, Ted almost resented the verbal intrusion.

"Damn, but that girl's hot!" Ted declared. "You have any idea how tough it is to ignore a girl that's rubbing her tits against your chest? Buddy, that girl wants to fuck!

She's been all over me like a used condom, ever since we left! I'm not sure which one of us wants to have sex more; her or me. I'll be surprised if Marsha doesn't fuck your ass off before we get out of here, too. And don't tell me you wouldn't fuck her if you had the chance. Shit, we both saw the tent in your shorts when we got back. I'm surprised Marsha didn't have her hands in your pants!

I was hoping Denise would give me a handjob, at least, but she did hump her pussy against my hard-on. Damn, it felt so fucking good, too." He glanced down, and found a wet spot on the front of his briefs where his pre-cum had made its mark. Brian checked out the front of his own briefs, and noted the"shot spots". He wondered if Marsha had seen the evidence of his arousal. More importantly, he wondered whether she had been as aroused as he had.

He promised himself that he'd have to take this as far as she'd let him. After all, she really was a beautiful girl. Being with her made Brian feel like he was ten feet tall, especially when she wanted not just anyone's kiss, but his kiss.

By the time the girls returned with arms full of driftwood, the boys had completed the fire-pit. Ted arranged the wood as Brian made a starter mound from dried lichen the girls had retrieved. Finding suitable sticks, he began to fashion a friction bow, then looked for something to use as a bow-string.

Denise ran to the lean-to and pulled a tie chord from one of the life jackets when she understood Brian's plan. Soon, he had the beginning of a small flame, which he used to light the fire. It took almost ten minutes to get the fire going properly, but soon, they all basked in the heat of the flames as it drove out the cold of the early evening from their tired bodies.

Sitting around the fire, Marsha leaned against Brian's shoulder, while Denise let her head rest on Ted's. The dancing of the flame and the radiating heat almost hypnotized all four of them.

Ted wound his arm around Denise's shoulders, and she pulled his hand to cover her exposed breast. Seeing that, Marsha reached behind her and undid her bra, letting it drop as her firm and perky breasts revealed themselves for all to see. "Oh hell, if she can go topless, so can I!" she whispered to Brian. "I doubt the sight of my boobs is gonna upset you much. By the size of that boner you were sporting this afternoon, taking my panties off wouldn't break your heart either, would it?" She stood up, hooked her fingers in the waistband, and sensuously slid her panties over her hips and down her slender legs.

Brian inhaled sharply at the delicious sight before his eyes, and he felt his cock hardening. "Take them off, Brian" Marsha invited. "Let me see that beautiful cock of yours for myself." Brian stood up slowly, his courage building as he accepted her challenge.

With deliberate, almost teasing movements, he began to remove his briefs, letting them fall slowly to his ankles, then stepping out of them. His erection stood straight and proud of his groin, and as Marsha stared at it in lustful appreciation, he noted that her nipples had begun to harden right before his eyes. Marsha's mound was covered with a light skiff of downy pubic hair, its colour the same dirty blond as her soft, silky hair.

She moved to stand before Brian, wrapping her arms around his neck, and pulling him to her waiting lips.


He moved his hands to encircle her invitingly firm orbs, feeling the hardness of her nipples as they pressed into his palms. Slowly squeezing her soft flesh, Brian grasped those nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, gently twisting and pulling on them until they were like hard little diamonds in his grip. Marsha moaned lustfully from the attention. Ted and Denise found themselves in the throes of their own lust.

He'd started kissing her luscious lips while running his fingers over her erect nipples, then leaned down to pull them with his lips, running his tongue over and around each one, alternating between one breast and the other.

Denise grabbed his head and pulled him tighter to her chest, hissing her approval as he teased her more and more. Slumping onto her back, she felt him move on top of her, his hardness pressing against her thigh, driving her want and desire to deliciously higher levels of lust. Ted's hand moved down her naked belly and under the waistband of her panties, seeking the pleasures of her pussy as he started on the knotted button that was her clit.

She felt him touch her there, and instinctively raised her hips as a further invitation. His finger slipped down the valley of her slit, lightly probing her entrance as it explored the warm wetness inside her. She responded with a groan that begged for more.

Ted could feel the strain in his briefs as they tented and his manhood attempted to release itself from confinement. His heat induced Denise to slide her hand inside his briefs so that she could wrap her soft and delicate fingers around his organ.

He was hard from excitement, but the texture of his skin felt soft and smooth to her. The pre-cum that had accumulated at the tip called to her, inviting further exploration. With a slow and soft stroke, Denise began to run her hand up and down his shaft, causing Ted to groan as her touch drew out sensuous feelings. She felt his shaft twitch at her grasp, and she wanted nothing more than to fully pleasure him. As he moved further down Denise's body, Ted left a trail of soft kisses that wound over her belly, through the silky fuzz of her pubic hair, and arrived at the top of her panties.

He began to ease them down as she lifted her hips to make his job easier. Once they were off, he continued his explorations. His tongue gently explored the top of that valley, re-acquainting him with her knotted nub, which he flicked over until she mewled with lust and want. Denise spread her taut-skinned thighs, encouraging him to seek the very depths of her femininity.

She sensed his tongue, rather than felt it, as it tentatively eased between her engorged outer lips and into the heated depths of her sex. Denise's grasp on his head as she pushed him tighter to her pussy gave him all the incentive he needed to slide his flattened tongue from the base of her gash so that it opened her labia.

The touch of him on her entrance had her mewling louder, and he tickled the opening's walls with the curled tip, then carried on up that trench until he once again arrived at her clit. Flicking her nub once more, he returned back the way he'd come, until after several passes, he felt her vagina begin to flutter. Probing deeper into her, he became aware of a soft but insistent trembling of her body. She gasped sharply, pushed his head as tightly to her pussy as she could, and let out a lustful scream of passionate pleasure, the electric tingling that he had started now enveloping every part of her.

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At first, Ted wasn't certain what was happening to Denise, but he felt powerless to break from her grip on him. Almost instinctively, he continued to lap at her crotch, until she finally began to relax as the afterglow of her orgasm settled all around her. Finally, she encouraged his head to ease off the pressure it exerted on her sex, as her arms pleaded for him to return to her lips.

He moved up to accommodate her wishes. His throbbing manhood brushed the inside of her thigh as he did so, and Denise lifted her legs wide, exposing her opening to him. As the tip of his cock found her entrance, he began to slide it into her heated canal. Denise felt herself stretching to accommodate his massive girth, and groaned at the delirious fullness of his filling of her cunt. Ted began to stroke himself in the slippery wetness of her, going deeper and deeper, until he felt the resistance of her maidenhead.

She recoiled instinctively at the intrusion, then held him as she prepared herself for his onslaught into her depths. "Do it, Baby," she cooed softly, "take my cherry. Make me a woman.

Now!" Without needing further encouragement, Ted withdrew just enough to allow him the momentum he needed to open her up fully, pushing his hardness through and past her hymen. God, she was wet, and the heat of her pulsed all along his length. Now fully buried inside her, he stopped his movements, savouring the sensation of his first experience inside a woman.

"O-w-w-w-w-w!" screamed Denise as the pain of being deflowered ran rampant in her lower abdomen. "Damn, but that hurts, Baby. Please, just lay with me until it passes. Let me get used to having that gorgeous cock inside my pussy." Her words of encouragement were all Ted needed to relieve his fears that he might have hurt her too much. Brian and Marsha, meanwhile, had been revelling in the pleasuring of each other. Marsha had taken Brian's hard cock in her mouth, kissing and licking the tip as she sampled the salty sweetness of his pre-cum.

He had groaned in delight as she slid her lips over his cockhead and down his shaft until she had taken as much of him inside her mouth as she could. With all but a couple of inches of him inside, she had started to slide her tongue up and down the underside of his cock, then continued by doing the same with her lips.

Sucking his manhood as she eased it back out then in again, her head bobbed up and down as she pleasured Brian as much as she could. His groans of ecstasy told her that she was having the desired effect on him.

Both the taste and the texture of his cock excited her more and more, and she longed to feel him explode between her lips, filling her belly with his hot, sticky cream. She'd allowed his cockhead to tickle her tonsils, fighting the urge to gag as it did so. God, he felt so good inside her, and she wanted more of him. Inhaling deeply, she held her breath, then impaled herself until his cock slipped into her throat, causing her esophageal muscles to contract and pull on his manhood.

She held him there for as long as she could, then pulled back until only the tip of him remained inside her. Looking up at his face, she could see that Brian had thrown his head back, and was bathing in the sensations that she had drawn from him. Inhaling again, she once more took his entire length, swallowing his meat and letting her muscles pull on his cockhead. With one hand, she began to massage his testicles, feeling the weight of his balls that were full of his boiling spunk, wanting to taste and swallow all he could give her.

Several minutes later, as she continued to take his full length deep into her throat, she felt a twitching at the base of his shaft, then the first stringy rope of his cum burst from his hole as it rushed to her demanding belly. She held him there for as long as she could, as spurt after spurt of his salty goo flowed down her throat.

His groans of lustful release reverberated through the air. He was still cumming when her lungs demanded a chance to exhale. As she pulled Brian's cock back from the stimulations of her esophagus, his last bursts filled her mouth with sizzling semen. His overflow seeped past her lips and began dribbling down her chin. Swallowing his sperm, she lovingly began to lick his cock until she was sure she'd gotten every last drop. As Brian began to soften, it was then that they heard Denise cry out in pain as Ted ruptured her hymen.

Without letting Brian's cock slip past her lips, Marsha gazed up into his eyes with a knowing expression on her face. He returned her stare with a confirming look of his own. Extending his hands to her, Brian helped Marsha to her feet and kissed her deeply, the taste of his cum still on her lips.

He began to lick and kiss her ear, running his tongue around the edge, then dipping inside, sending shivers of desire down her spine and through her whole body. His lips traced a path down her neck along her shoulder and over the erect nipple of one breast.

She moaned lustfully as he clasped her between his lips, then tugged at her gently but insistently. His other hand squeezed and stroked the smooth skin of her other breast, his fingers lightly brushing across the turgid nipple.

Marsha held Brian's head to her chest, encouraging him to pleasure her some more. Sinking down on his haunches, he traced kisses down her belly, then slid his tongue softly through her pubic patch and over her clit.

Her knotted nub stood high and proud, and Brian captured her between his lips, tugging and teasing that hard button of sensitivity. Marsha groaned with delight, then gasped deeply and loudly as she felt her whole pussy begin to tingle from the manipulations. Brian's hands reached behind her, cupping her ass as he held her tightly to his mouth, squeezing her cheeks, then pulling them apart as his fingers traced up and down her crack.

Her groans escalated into stronger mewls when his fingers began to tickle and tease her puckered rosebud. When he started to push one finger against her hole, she inhaled sharply, then howled loud enough that Ted and Denise heard the sounds of her lust. Ted had held himself deep inside Denise, not moving until she got used to the pain of losing her virginity. As the discomfort subsided, she began slowly rocking her hips, causing her cunt to slide along the length of Ted's hard cock.

He matched her rhythm, burying himself to the hilt, then easing back out until only his cockhead remained inside her velvety passageway. He pushed himself back inside her, filling her up again with his full length. With each stroke, she rocked a little faster, and he maintained her tempo, until they were pistoning against each other at breakneck speed, Ted's balls slapping against Denise's ass.

She had insured her possession of him by wrapping her legs around his waist and clamping him deep inside her steaming cunt. Ted had never felt anything so soft, yet so tight on his cock before, and he knew that he wouldn't last long. He ground himself against Denise's clit, driving her closer and closer to her orgasm. His balls began to lift, and he felt his shaft fill with that life-giving spunk that was destined to fill Denise's womb.

As the pressure built up in his cock, he felt Denise begin to flutter and twitch on his shaft, the convulsions of her vaginal muscles pulling him deeper inside her.

His steaming white goo sprayed from his cock head just as she started to tremble with her own climax. Driving himself deep inside her, he felt rope after sticky rope spurt from his hole, filling Denise with cum.

The deposit drove Denise over the top, and she screamed lustfully as every muscle in her body convulsed, the results of the explosion of light and sensations sweeping through her body. They clung tightly to each other, and as the afterglow of their post-coital bliss enveloped them, they both became as one. Lips locked and tongues danced, arms grasped, and bodies pressed, as the two teens strived in vain to extend their first coupling.

"Baby," Denise had cooed, "I can't think of anyone more special that I would want to be my first." "No," Ted had whispered," it's you that's amazing. For my whole life, I'll remember this night, and the woman that I gave my virginity to.

This night, and you, will be something that I'll never forget." Marsha had let out a lustful scream of her own, as Brian's lapping tongue had created a series of electric jolts and shivering convulsions inside her.

Even as the grip of her own climax spread itself to every part, she was vaguely aware of Denise's similar cries.

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But the intensity of the cum that Brian sucked and pulled from her throbbing clit as he continued to lap at her crotch blotted everything else from her consciousness. It was only because he had her supported with his hands that she remained standing at all.

She had felt his fingers against her asshole, probing and spreading her sphincter, then teasing the inside of her heated bowel, and had wanted more. Between the stimulation of thousands of nerve endings in her anus and the sensation of his tongue entering her cunt, she had experienced an orgasm that was much more than anything she'd ever been able to give herself when she masturbated each night.

Now that she'd felt his tongue and fingers inside her, she wanted to feel his throbbing cock stretch and fill her, too. "Brian," she called softly, "I want you, deep inside me, making me a woman, instead of just a girl. I want you to be my first." She squatted down to where he was still crouched, then kissed him deeply, their tongues twisting and tangling together.

Brian reached for her breasts, still hungry for the hardness of her teats, and while squeezing and plying her orbs, flicked his fingers lightly over her nipples, sending shivers of lustful pleasure through her chest. Once again, Marsha moaned in delight at his attention. She dropped to her butt, then reclined on the ground, pulling Brian down with her. As he continued to squeeze and fondle her breasts, she held him tightly to her chest. "Now, Baby.

Take me now" Marsha begged. "I need your cock inside me. Fuck me, hard and deep." Brian moved between her outstretched silken thighs, shifting his hips until the tip of his cock barely touched her heated outer lips. His manhood was hard as steel, and he eased his cockhead past her inner lips, stopping long enough for her to get used to the girth of him. Still applying light pressure against her opening, he felt his cockhead slowly slide inside her dripping cunt, and the heat of her velvety walls almost overwhelmed him.

God, she was smooth and soft, yet tight, all at the same time. He continued to push lightly, finally meeting the resistance of her maidenhead. Carefully withdrawing, he stroked the first few inches of his cock inside that steamy cavern, while Marsha's vagina continued to stretch. She felt the wondrous fullness of him as he filled her, but she wanted more.

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She wanted all of that throbbing meat deep inside her, filling her, connecting his body to hers. "Do it, Brian. Bust my cherry, and fill me with your glorious cock, then fuck me until I scream with pleasure" Marsha growled lustfully. "Are you sure, Sweets? Are you ready for this? There's no going back, once we start" he warned her. "I'm sure, Baby. Take me now, hard! Fill me up with hard cock!" she exclaimed.

With a movement of finality, Brian eased back just an inch from Marsha's hymen, then pushed his cock through the virgin barrier, sinking his full length to the depths of her waiting cunt. She grimaced at the pain, but lifted her hips in an attempt to keep him fully embedded inside her.

Brian waited until she began to rock her hips back and forth slowly, softly stroking her cunt on his cock, then began to set a rhythm of his own. Marsha's discomfort receded, to be replaced with a sensation of pleasure she'd never known. Soon, she was flailing her hips up and down, hungry for the friction of Brian's cock deep inside her.

This was more than she had ever expected; much more. She couldn't get enough. "Sweets," Brian growled, I'm gonna cum pretty soon" and he began to withdraw from her.


"No! Cum inside me, fill me up with your steamy spunk! I want to feel what it's like to take a man's semen in my cunt! Come for me, Baby! Come for me!" Marsha wailed.

Brian drove his throbbing member deep inside Marsha, feeling the twitch at the base as his sticky ropes bathed the walls of her fluttering love canal. The grip of her on him demanded all the cum in his balls, and he filled her up with it. Grunting at the overwhelming pleasure of his orgasm, he almost missed her corresponding reaction.

She began to stiffen her body, then trembled and spasmed, as wave after wave of tingling energy coursed through her, until the vision behind her eyelids was a riot of exploding light and colours.

As she reached her peak, he heard the sharp gasps for air, coupled with the screams of ecstasy, and felt her clutch him tightly, her legs wrapped around his waist. He told himself that his first time was much more than he'd ever expected.

All too soon, their peaks were past, replaced with the warm afterglow of their union. Brian collapsed against Marsha, who fought to hold his cock inside her, even as it began to soften. He had filled her beyond her wildest dreams, and she loved him for it. She wasn't sure if he had been a virgin or not, and it no longer mattered. All she knew was that her first time had been a beautiful and wondrous experience, mostly because of Brian's gentleness and caring.

"Baby, that felt so fucking good" Marsha whispered in Brian's ear. "You're an amazing lover, you know that? God, even now, my pussy's still tingling. Umm, was I your first?" "Yeah, you were, Sweets" Brian replied. "I was beginning to think I'd qualify as a forty-year old virgin, but you were worth the wait.

God, your cunt feels so good on my cock. I'm just trying to figure out why we waited so long. If I'd known how good it feels to fuck, I'd have lost my virginity years ago." "Me too" was all Marsha said, before she pulled Brian tight to her lips and wrestled his tongue with hers.

They broke their kiss when they realized that Ted and Denise were approaching. Suddenly, their exclusiveness became shattered as the other two stranded sailors came closer. Glancing up, Marsha saw that both were still naked, Ted's cock dangling between his legs, his cum smears still shining in the light of the setting sun on Denise's thighs. In a way, Marsha resented the intrusion, yet the fact that both girls had just lost their cherries formed a silent bond between them.

"Oops. Didn't mean to intrude," Denise apologized, "but I was going to check our clothes to see if they're dry yet. I'm just not sure I want to put anything on. I like being naked like this." "Yeah, we can see that," Brian quipped, " and on you, it looks good. But your buddy there needs to have his suit ironed. Dammit, Ted, how'd you get so wrinkled?" "Aw, go fuck yourself!" Ted cursed back. "Not while I'm around, he won't!" Marsha injected. "If he fucks anybody, it'll be me!

Now why don't you two go find somewhere to hide, and let us get on with what we were doing? Or are you planning on a 'Group Grope' of some sort?" "Hmm, you mean like comparison shopping?" Denise snapped back, "Try one on, and if it doesn't fit, try another one? That could be more fun than shopping at every mall in town!" There was a knowing laugh from the others, as Denise pulled Ted closer to her, protecting her claim on his body.

Marsha already had Brian locked in her arms, and she was in no hurry to let him go. Like Denise, she realized that she really wanted one guy, and for now, that was Brian. Whether he felt the same about her wasn't clear to her yet, but all the indications were that he did.

Like Denise, Marsha felt that protective instinct come rushing to the surface, and she clasped her man a little tighter. "Damn you, Denise" Brian growled. "I agree that we should check to see how the clothes drying is coming, but I like being naked, too, especially when there's two lovely girls. . er, women now, I guess.

. running around just as naked. But would someone do something about that ugly monkey, please? God, I've never seen anything that hideous before!" The jibe towards his friend was all a part of their competitive nature, and the insult was taken with the usual grain of salt. Ted mockingly threatened to kick sand in Brian's face, then reached out an arm to help him up instead. "Ouch!

I've got to go and wash my pussy off" Marsha declared. "This peasant has it all covered in sand, and it's sticking to me! I'll be down at the lake, if anyone calls." As she got back on her feet and headed for the water, Denise spun slowly to join her.

Marsha gave her friend a quizzical look preferring to wash herself in relative privacy. "What?" Denise squeaked. "You think these are Rice Krispies that stud left all over my twat? I'm gonna wash myself off too, if you don't mind. Now, let's go." The challenging looks between the two girls softened, and they both began to walk towards the lakeshore, then broke into a run.

Splashing joyfully as they entered the water, the girls dove in and began to swim playfully. Their giggles could be heard all the way back to the shelter as they romped and splashed.

"Come on, let's join them" Brian suggested, and began running towards the water. Ted was short steps behind him, anticipating a water fight between the two couples. The thought of being close to Denise's naked body again sent visions of lust through his mind.

Arriving at the lake's edge, they both ran into the water until they were thigh-deep, then dove in and swam to the girl's sides. Ted swam just below the surface as he approached Denise, then grabbed her shapely legs and lifted her out of the water, while Brian snuck up on Marsha, running his hands over her firm young backside. Their play was rewarded with screams of playful delight, and the envisioned water fight was soon underway.

Suddenly, Brian froze, listening intently to the far-away sound. "Shh!" he commanded. "You guys hear that? It's a motor boat, I think. We'd better all go and get some clothes on." "I don't hear.

. yeah, you're right! It does sound like a boat! We're about to be rescued?" Ted confirmed, and he and the two girls began to head for the beach. Brian waded out, still listening to the sound of the approaching vessel. He'd heard that engine somewhere before, and the closer it got, the more worried he looked.

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"Run! Grab the clothes, and get into the bush! Quick! Move it!" he yelled. The other three stopped and stared at him as though he'd gone insane.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Ted wanted to know. "It's a goddamned boat, come to get us the fuck off this island! Why the hell should we hide in the bush, asshole?" "Listen to it, Ted. That's an inboard. Search and Rescue use diesels, and anybody else that's on this lake uses outboards. That sounds like Hansen's boat, and I'll lay you odds it's Jeff that's out there. His Old Man wouldn't be out at this time of night, and even if he was, he sure as hell wouldn't be cruising around this island.

You want to take a chance, and find out I'm right?" Brian argued. "Jeff Hansen? What the fuck would he be doing here?" Ted wondered. "Who's Jeff Hansen?" Denise asked, her face beginning to reflect the fear in Brian's look. "He's the guy that raped Lucy Rasmussen!" Marsha exclaimed. "Allegedly raped," Brian corrected, "but it was never proven, and Lucy was too scared, and too badly bruised, to testify. If it is Jeff, though, and he finds you two out here, I'll be damned if I want him to get any ideas in his head.

Ted and I will do whatever we can to protect you, and you both know that. But if there's more than two of them, which there usually is. . ." he trailed off. With that, the four began to race up the beach, heading for the make-shift wind shelter.

They grabbed whatever clothing they could lay their hands on, then ducked into the brush and undergrowth of the island, not stopping until they were well-hidden. Peering back at the beach they'd just left, both Ted and Brian spotted a sleek-looking craft cruising slowly into the cove, and Brian's face almost turned white with fear.

"Damn, it is Hansen's boat!" he hissed. "I can't see in this light if it's Jeff or not, but we'd better get as deep into these woods as we can. If he spots the shelter, you just know he's gonna land and investigate!" Urging Marsha ahead of him, and pushing towards the centre of the island, Brian began to pull his shirt on.


They'd have to stop to get into their pants and shoes, but he wanted to be as far from that beach as they could get. "Here," Ted hissed, "stop here, and we'll get dressed. The rocks get pretty sharp after this, and we're gonna need shoes. Might as well get the rest of our clothes on, while we're at it. The sun's gonna set in the next half hour.

Then we'll be stuck wherever we end up until sunrise. No sense trying to get back to the beach tonight, even if Hansen leaves.

One wrong step, and someone's going to break a leg. . or worse." "Brain," Marsha whispered, "I'm scared! What if it is Jeff Hansen? You think he'll come after us?

And if he does, where are we going to get help from?" Denise was thinking similar thoughts, as she clung tightly to Ted's arm for protection. "I'm not feeling particularly brave myself," Brian confessed, "but if it is Hansen, our best bet is going to be keeping as far away from him as we can. If he and his buddies do catch up to us, we'll do everything we can to protect you two, obviously, but if it's not enough.

. ." and his worried voice trailed off again. "Shh!" Ted hissed. "I can't hear that engine! You think they left?" There was a beam of light sweeping across the beach, pausing as it illuminated the make-shift shelter.

Then the unmistakable sounds of sand crunching and scraping against a boat's hull drifted through the air. "Shit," Brian cursed in a strong whisper, "doesn't sound like it. Now that they've spotted the shelter, they'll probably scour the island. . and they're a lot better equipped to see in the dark than we are! Let's go, and keep as quiet as you can. Don't make a sound that'll give us away, or we're all fucked!" The foursome carefully slunk through the underbrush, heading away from the beach and the shelter, seeking some kind of safety in the dense bush.

A loud voice behind them sent icicles through their bodies. "Jeff! Over here! Someone's gone through the bush here. . and it looks fresh!"