Screaming orgasm from prolonged hitachi wand vibration

Screaming orgasm from prolonged hitachi wand vibration
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In the dim light of the dingy basement, unkempt and dirty fingers moved a computer mouse on its mat, and as he clicked, words sprang onto the screen before him. A blue glow from the screen was the only illumination in this sordid little room as he began to read the words before him. His lips moved noiselessly as he struggled with some of the longer ones, but nevertheless he pressed on regardless.

***** Bright sunlight streamed through the thick glass of the windows as Jilly knelt under the desk. Her client was sitting in his office chair in front of her, the beaming light behind him and his ornate chair giving him a halo, an aura almost of godliness.

She had time to note the green of the trees and lawns outside the window of his impressive office. She leaned forward so that her little black cocktail dress gaped slightly at the front, allowing him to see her cleavage, her breasts held in place by the black lacy bra that she knew he would be able to see, and she shuffled the hem of the dress upwards a few inches, exposing the tops of her black stockings, then ran a hand through her expensively coiffured blonde hair.

Obediently, she looked up into his eyes and smiled, holding her gaze as her well-practised hands reached forward and unfastened his zipper. She delicately slid her fingers under the warm cotton of his boxer shorts, and gently pulled out the rapidly hardening penis that she found there. Slowly she cast her gaze down towards it, her eyes deliberately widening, then she licked her lips, running her tongue over the deep red lipstick that she always wore to work.

She looked back up at her client and smiled, giving him just the hint of a wink from the corner of her eye.

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He smiled back in anticipation of what she was about to do. She knew what was expected of her, and she wasn't about to disappoint. She was quietly confident of her own abilities, knowing that she was an expert in the fine art of sexual gratification.

It was a talent that had made her a lot of money, and had brought her all the way here, to America, from the quiet English suburbs where she had grown up. If fate had not intervened she would probably be just another middle-class secretary or bank clerk now, doing the daily commute into the city, but a chance meeting in a night-club had changed her life.

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Egged on by her then-boyfriend and a few of his friends she'd entered the 'Wet T-Shirt Contest' that was held that night, sponsored by a European Adult TV channel. She'd won the contest, much due to her lack of inhibitions she'd been the only girl to enter who'd been prepared to go without panties, and dance virtually naked on the little stage in front of a club full of people, and TV cameras as well.

Her three minute stint wearing only a soaked thin white shirt and high heels, exposing her large breasts, long legs, shaved pussy and shapely ass won her the heat that night, and had earned her an appearance at the Grand Final in a top London nightspot later that year.

She'd only managed fourth place, but afterwards a man had chatted her up, and had offered her the potential to earn huge sums of money working with an escort agency. Looking back, she must've been mad to even entertain the idea, she thought, but the money sounded impressive.

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She became, very quickly, a much requested escort she was well spoken, well educated, discreet and very eager, and very able, to please. Her abilities to satisfy men had led to her being much in demand, and allowed the agency to charge ever-higher fees for her. Jilly became a firm favourite with several Ambassadors at the various Embassies around London. The regular patronage of the American Ambassador had been the catalyst leading to her ending up here, thousands of miles from the place of her birth, working as possibly one of the highest paid call-girls in the world.

She turned her mind back to the job in hand, as it were, and still keeping her eyes locked with the man above her, Jilly lowered her head slowly towards the now fully-erect penis before her. She pursed her lips together, and slowly ran them over the head of the cock, taking it into her mouth briefly, and then letting it slip out.

She stretched her tongue out, and with the tip of it she stroked the tiny hole at the top of the penis. Holding it at the base with her right hand now, she began to softly stroke her left hand up and down it, whilst planting little kisses all around the bulge at its head.

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She extended her tongue once more, running it along the line of the bottom of the bulging head, and then flicking it across the spot where the fold of skin joins to it. A particular pleasure spot, she knew, and she always gave men the benefit of that knowledge, by spending much time licking and stroking it. She felt a little personal professional pride as she heard a low moan escape his lips. He was a new client so she hadn't yet found out exactly what pleased him, but most men were basically the same 'A good blow job is a good blow job' she thought to herself as her tongue continued to work it's way around his cock.

She was pleased to discover that he was a clean man, with obvious pride in his appearance and personal hygiene even though she was being paid for this, it was still nice to find that she would not have to contend with something dirty, sweaty, smelly and generally unpleasant in her mouth. This was always a bonus when she was 'on the job' she thought to herself.

Now she decided it was time to step up the man's pleasure. Still holding his cock towards herself, she turned her head to one side and began to run her tongue down the length of the hard shaft. Repeated strokes, quickly and lightly at first, then slower and heavier.


She began to use her free hand again, too, alternating strokes of her tongue with strokes of her hand, beginning a hand stroke as her tongue reached the bottom of the shaft, then replacing the tongue as the hand finished its journey down the now throbbing member, so that there was continuous stimulation. Now she used both hands, long, deliberate strokes down the penis, beginning with the right hand as the left one finished, and vice-versa.

She lowered her head and softly licked the balls nestling in the man's fly, before raising her head and suddenly plunging it down over the cock, angling it towards her so that she could accommodate it all the way into her mouth.

Impressive in size, even such a well-practiced cock-sucker as Jilly struggled to get it all into her mouth, and she almost gagged, a real rarity nowadays, but nevertheless she managed to swallow it all the way into her mouth, holding her head still as she deep-throated the man. After a few seconds she released her mouth's grip on the rock-hard cock, sliding her head all the way back up its length.

She then began to push her lips over it in short strokes, just the tip at first, bobbing her head up and down, and then taking the whole of its head into her mouth before releasing it. Over and over again her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster, and each time moving just a little further down the shaft. She smiled to herself again as she heard him begin to moan, and she lightly stroked her fingertips around the base of his cock, and over his genitals.


His hand reached down under the desk, and he grasped the back of her head firmly as he began to thrust his hips forward in time with her head pushing down on his cock. She sensed his body stiffening, and she could feel the throb of the blood coursing through his rigid manhood.

The taste of his juices were beginning to build on her tongue, and Jilly knew that at any moment his load would shoot into her mouth. She wasn't wrong his cum blasted into her mouth in a hot torrent, and she expertly pumped her head around the tip of the cock as each spurt shot into her eager mouth, keeping her lips firmly on the cock, sucking and swallowing every drop. More gently now, she continued to suck on the cock, to prolong the man's pleasure for as long as she could.

Eventually, as his penis began to soften slightly, she released it from her lips, and sat back on her heels, accidentally knocking her head lightly on the underside of the desk. She giggled at her faux-pas, and the man looked down and smiled kindly at her.

Jilly crawled forward, out from under the desk, and stood up, smoothing down her little black dress, and straightening up her boobs.

She picked up her handbag from where it sat, on the blotter on the desk, opened it, removed a small tissue and discreetly dabbed at the sides of her lips. She dropped the tissue into a wastebasket by the side of the desk, and quickly pulled out a small mirror.

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Swiftly she re-applied a little lipstick, and angled the mirror to check her hair. Satisfied that she had restored her appearance, she turned towards the man, who still sat in his chair. He had put his penis away and zipped himself back up.

Jilly nodded to him, and he leaned forward and pressed a button on a device on the desk in front of him. With an authorative, but not unkind, voice he spoke into the device "Miss Seaward will be leaving now." He released the button and briefly thanked her, informing her that he might very well require her services again at some point in the future.

Jilly smiled as she did a joke-y curtsey, and bowed her head slightly, even managing a hint of a blush at the praise of her abilities. A door opened in the north-east corner of the room, and two men entered from an adjoining office. Both were dressed in identical black suits, with white shirts, dark ties and patent leather shoes. Both also wore ear-pieces with attached microphones and, as Jilly had noted earlier when the men had come to collect her by car from her apartment, both had the distinctive bulge under their jackets that betrayed the fact that they obviously had guns holstered there.

With a wondering smile, Jilly noticed that both man now had equally impressive bulges in the front of their trousers, and she wondered to herself if they had been able to hear, or even see, what had just happened could they have observational devices in the man's office? The thought amused her greatly, but she didn't think that they would appreciate her asking, so she kept quiet.

One of the men faced her, and with a polite "Ma'am?" motioned towards a door in the north-west corner of the room. The two dark-suited men escorted her out of the office, one looking carefully up and down the corridor before they went though it.

One each side of her, they escorted Jilly along several lengthy corridors and colonnaded walkways, to the far end of the building. Finally they descended a few steps into an impressive wooden-panelled lobby, and swept past a desk where a couple of uniformed men sat attentively. Both men stopped just a few feet from a large set of doors, and Jilly stopped with them, standing between them. One of the two men spoke into the microphone he wore "Baby Bird is ready to fly the nest, is Mother Bird in position?" There was a moment's pause, and Jilly heard a hissing noise from the men's earpieces that signalled that they had received their answer.

All three of them now proceeded out through the doors. Jilly's heels clicked loudly as they walked past white pillars and out into the sunlight, then down seven steps and on, through a pair of iron gates and then past a fountain towards the road, where a black SUV waited, parked directly in front of them.

One of the suited men opened the rear door of the SUV, and held out his hand for Jilly to grasp as she climbed into the car, whilst the other man got into the front seat alongside the driver. The first man walked around the car and climbed in, sitting alongside Jilly.

He spoke firmly to Jilly "We will take you home now, ma'am." As the car drove off into his microphone he said the words "Control - Bird has flown, Bird has flown, I repeat Bird has flown." Nothing else was said as they drove Jilly back to her apartment, and they watched her as she walked to the door, fumbled in her handbag for the keys and let herself in.

Hastily she clattered up the stairs, not waiting for the lift, and went into her apartment. Kicking off her shoes and tossing her handbag onto the sofa she walked across the lush carpeting to the bar, where she poured herself a large Jack Daniels, then lowered herself into the deep, soft sofa and took a slurp of the whiskey.

Smiling to herself, she dug out her cell-phone from her bag, and scrolled through the numbers to find the name of her best friend. She hit the 'call' button and after a few bleeps she heard her friend's familiar New York accent say "Hello!" Excitedly, Jilly jabbered into the phone "Eileen, you would not bee-lieeve who my last client was!" With a stern voice, Eileen began to counter with "Jill, hon, much as I like you as a friend, you know I don't really approve…" "Shhhh!

I know, I know, but I just have to talk to someone!" Jilly shrieked "I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I know I can trust you! I've just given a blow-job to the main man, the big boss, the guy, the chief you know who!" "What are you talking about, Jill?" Eileen said, in a confused tone of voice.

Giggling, Jilly replied "The main man, the Chief Exec&hellip." Astonished, Eileen said "No, surely not, not…" "YES!" interrupted Jilly, "The President!

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In the White House! In the West Wing! In the actual Oval Office!" Both girls screamed and giggled at each other, and Eileen made Jilly give a blow-by-blow account of that afternoon's events. The two girls chatted and giggled on the phone for more than an hour, and made firm plans to meet up sometime soon.

After she'd hung up, Jilly sat back on the sofa, drained the last of the whiskey from her glass and reflected on the fact that she had now probably gone as high in her profession as she possibly could. Or had she? ***** In the dingy basement, dirty finger-nailed hands clattered at the keyboard, as he typed words into the comment box beneath the story.

'the great obama is pleasd to kno that you drink the cock of the black man but you are shit and will be punish when he gains all power. it is close for he now.' Satisfied with his spiteful little words he sat back and admired his work on the screen in front of him, then reached into the front of his pants, and his grubby fingers closed around the tiny penis that he found there. As he re-read the words he had just typed he masturbated bitterly.

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He really had nothing better to do, in his sad little life…&hellip.