Curvy slut really loves the coarse fucking that she is enduring

Curvy slut really loves the coarse fucking that she is enduring
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I'd always lived by the beach, the sound of the waves therapeutic after a long day at work, the sun sinking into the sea a relaxing sight when I needed to unwind. Living in a small village there were few houses, only a couple were owned by young people, me being one of them, Alex, a very attractive journalist the other.

We'd both lived in the village a few years, both barely 20 and both female.

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I'd never had lesbian tendencies until I saw her, I was always firmly attracted to guys, but she was different. Her faux hawk died a vibrant shade of orange, her pale skin highlighted more by her neon eye shadow and thick kohl lined eyes. Always wearing tight skinny jeans, and vest tops even in winter, converse sneakers of various colours, none of which ever looked new, they were always ripped whether unintentionally ruined or not I did not know.

The thing that always stood out was her accessories, thick silver bands up both arms, rings with skulls on, black chipped nail varnish, the tattoos, and the long necklace which I'd never seen the pendant on, hanging down between her mid-sized breasts.

I'd never seen a more attractive woman. Today I was out with my camera, tripod set up on the cliff top waiting for the sun to drop into the sea, I saw a silhouette down on the beach, I couldn't see who it was, the sun was too low to make them out, all I knew was they were walking along the shore, the waves covering their feet as they moved along the sand.

Once the sun had finally set, the golden light finally dissolving off the long grass of the headland, I gathered up my equipment and headed down onto the beach. It was dark but not pitch black yet.


As I reach the last wonky step that led to the sand, I saw her sat there, staring out to sea. It was obviously Alex who had been walking earlier, and now here she was sat on the fine sand at the top of the cove, unseeingly staring out to see, a tear running down her cheek. She looked up as I walked toward her, quickly wiped her eyes and smudging her makeup, trying to hide the tears I'd already seen. "What happened, Al?" I can't deny it; we'd always got on along well. I guess with being the only youngsters we didn't really have much choice, it was each talk with the girl I was crushing on, or the older tenants who just wanted a quiet life.

"She doesn't want me". Ah. The girl she'd been talking to online for years. The one she was desperate to date but couldn't get the courage up to ask her. "She's dating a guy." Another tear ran down her streaked cheek, dripping off her chin and onto her hand. She looked down at the stray tear, probably not even realising she was still crying.


I shifted up toward her. "It will all be ok" I comforted as I put my arm around her shoulders. "The person I love probably doesn't want me either, but I'm too scared to find out. I don't want to lose her if she doesn't want me." I wasn't even sure she was listening to me.

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She just sat there silently, staring into space. Putting my free hand on her chin, I gently turned her head to face me, her eyes red from crying, stray tears still sliding from the corner of her eyes.

I shifted my hand up from her chin to her cheek, stroking away the moisture with my thumb, her eyes looking into mine; I moved my face in closer. Our noses an inch away from touching, I didn't say anything and neither did she, as our lips drew closer, she didn't resist me.

I softly pushed my lips against hers, a quick peck on her lips. Moving away, our eyes were still locked on each other. I didn't move in for a kiss again, not wanting to rush her, but I didn't need to. Her internet crush soon forgotten, Al put her hands on my face, grit from the beach sticking to my skin, and firmly pressed her lips onto mine, our mouths moving in sync with each other, tongues melding together eagerly, our saliva mingling, becoming one. As the kiss became more vigorous, more desperate, I didn't feel any inclination to pull back, I wanted more.

Hungrily, she pulled at my lip with her teeth, tilting my head skyward her lips performed gentle butterfly kisses down from my lips to my throat, her hands moving over the buttons on my shirt, my hands reaching up her sky blue vest top, desperately seeking out the pert breasts I knew hid underneath.

My hands slid flawlessly up her stomach, my fingers grazing against her bra. As she fiddled with my buttons I withdrew my hands and lifted up her vest, she willingly lifted up her arms, temporary distracted from undressing me; I pulled the top over her head and cast it aside. Body free of her top she resuming her task of releasing me, finally reaching the last button, I shrugged off my loose white shirt letting it land behind me.

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Her hands roamed over my shoulders and arms, feeling as much of my skin as possible. I reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra, letting the strapless 34C garment fall onto the sand.

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Pushing her backwards, her hands had no choice but to let go of me, her topless body now on the sand in front of me. I ran my hands over her hips, slowly rubbing my palms up her flat stomach, determinedly reaching out for the bosoms standing prominent in front of me. I ran my hands over the domes, her nipples hard against my hands.

Clasping a handful I playfully pulled them, and then ran my hands back down her stomach, stopping when I reached the waist band of her jeans. I leant into her, wanting to feel her soft skin on my lips, I kissed her stomach, casually moving further up her body every time I skimmed over her skin with my mouth. As I reached her breast I let my tongue circle her nipple, feeling it get harder and harder under my embrace.

I could hear her gentle moaning over the sound of the waves; this was obviously turning her on as much as me. Getting bored of caressing one nipple I moved onto the other, intent on making that one as hard as the other, pulling her tit with my teeth, sucking it and biting it with as much force as I dared to use.

Her moaning getting louder and louder with every tug, I couldn't resist any longer, maintaining the caressing with my mouth I let my hand slide over her stomach again, this time not stopping at the top of her skirt, instead letting my hand run over the fabric, searching out the crotch of her jeans. I slid my hands between her thighs, feeling slight moisture even through the thick fabric.

Releasing her nipple I sat back and undid the button on her jeans, wriggling them over her hips and pulling them down her lean legs, forgetting she had her converse on. I didn't have the patience to sort that situation out so I left her jeans round her ankles. Desperate to know what was happening behind her underwear, I repositioned myself, careful to let my nails run up the inside of her legs as I moved, my fingers stopping just shy of her crotch.

Her pants were soaked, juices seeping through the material an indication of how turned on she was. Making her wait for my close up inspection, I got to my feet and slid my skirt down, my black lacy thong following behind, I knelt down close to her face, and let my hand slide over my pussy, parting my lips and letting my long fingers slide over my wet clit.

She lifted her hand, placing it firmly on my butt cheek, squeezing my pert little ass and proceeding to spank it, a sharp slap landing perfectly on my cheek.

"Sit on me" she commanded. I lifted my leg over her face, spreading my legs wide over her mouth, her arms wrapped around thighs holding me tightly, forcing me down until my pussy made contact with her lips. I sat back for a few minutes enjoying the feel of my pussy being eaten, her tongue flicking against my clit, and then taking long slow strokes fondling my entire vagina. Feeling the pulsing begin in my vagina, I started moaning but I ignored the sensation as much as I could, leant over Al, careful not to displace my body to much and settled my head between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy with my nose and then thrusting my tongue into her hole, my long hair rubbing into the sand below every time I moved my head.

Playfully I grabbed hold of her clit in my teeth, tugging at it until I heard her moan, I knew she wasn't going to last much longer and neither was I.

Sitting back I knew I was being mean, letting her orgasm subside before it took hold for the second time, but I was going to come any second. Her pussy licking had never relented, she moved her hands and grabbed hold of my ass cheeks, I leant back, my hands on the soft sand above her head, back arched against the sensation she was causing.

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"Oh fuck, that's good" I moaned out, grinding my pussy into her mouth, her tongue licking my clit hard. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum" I half screamed, grinding my hips harder into her face, my heart pumping, Al holding me onto her face, determined to take me until the very end.

With a few quick flicks of my clit, I moaned hard, half screaming as my pussy tightened, Al's tongue still flicking me making a fair bit of clear liquid squirt into her mouth, the licking subsided and I heard her as she swallowed what I had ejected into her mouth. "You taste good" she complimented as I lifted my body over her face.

Smiling in reply, I pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to the cliff face a few feet behind us. Twirling her around so her back was pressing against my front, I quickly kissed her neck, and told her to put her hands on the rocks. Her ass stuck out as she obeyed and her breasts swung below her.

I crouched down placing my hands on her butt cheeks pulled them apart revealing her ass hole. I felt her relax her ass, obviously wanting what I was thinking of doing, her hole opened slightly and before I could think any more about it, I pushed my tongue into the hole, licking around the edges, tasting her ass. Her butt relaxed more and I forced my tongue in further, taking in as much of her ass as I could, she tasted so good. Extracting my tongue, her ass stayed open, so taking the opportunity while it was there, I spat into her ass, forcing a few fingers in as her hole started to close.

She squeaked as I thrust me fingers in as far as they would go and started to fuck her ass, soft movements, wanting to feel as much of the inside of her butt as could. I fucked her ass for a few more minutes before I pulled out my fingers, what was left of my saliva running out as her ass clenched shut again.

Knowing she needed to cum, I sat on the sand, the grains sticking to the cum that was still dripping from my pussy, grabbed her hips and pushed her over making her land with a light thump in front of me, clambering onto my knees I forced her legs up so they were bent, wanting to spread them fully but her jeans prevented that from happening.

Her heels practically touching her ass I shuffled myself as close as I could to her pussy, already soaked I slid my fingers into her hole, flexing them so they rubbed against her g-spot, cum drowning my hands before she'd even reached her orgasm. By now she was moaning hard again, the two orgasms I had let die earlier now coming back with a vengeance.

Her hands clasped dry grains of sand at her sides as I fucked her pussy hard with my fingers, moving fast, knowing she was on the brink of exploding. I thrust my fingers in and out so fast my arm started to go numb but I knew it was worth the effort, a few moments later Al's body shuddered and my fingers were torn from her pussy as a torrent of liquid spurted into the air, her body spasming as her orgasm reached its peak.


I sat back on the sand watching as the rest of her orgasm left her body, the shuddering dying down leaving her lying exhausted in the sand. Letting her get her breath back, I shuffled round so I was sat next to her head, Al's eyes were closed as she regained all sense of being. Slowly, once her breath had returned she turned her head towards me "You will never lose me.

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I've always loved you, I was just scared to ask you out" she breathed before I leant over to kiss her once more.