Two large ramrods and a hot asian

Two large ramrods and a hot asian
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*note-this story includes fictional characters, and behaviors, not really put up for purposes of practicing or non-participating parties, whatever that means. you may laugh, cry or even hurl, but no blame can be placed upon the author for your feelings Hey, you really love playing with that hot little thing there don'cha hon? You's a sweet little jack off idiot ain't cha? C'mon, I'll suck you off right here and now. The 18 yr. old black girl removed her bra, and then her panties, then got down in front of the 14 yr.

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old white boy, and really sucked him, sucking away there on the park bench, with people going by, some staring, some just going about they own bees wax. The black girl felt the boy get bigger inside her mouth.


She couldn't stand it, it felt so good. She moved her left hand from her tits, down to her ass cheek, and her right hand was rubbing and fingering her moist warm cunt. The boy was just about to get off, when the girl positioned herself on the grass, and spread her legs open, in the hot summer sun, ready to fuck.

The white boy was eager to please. He got on down to her, and stuck his hot pole in her soft pussy, and pounded her tender hole.

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She was on fire. He came so fucking hard into her pussy. She let out a yell that could be heard 20 blocks away. I'm cumming-ohfuck-I'm cummMING!

She got up off the ground and told the boy she was going to lick his asshole. The boy complied and let her face go under him so she could get her tounge up into him, licking his asshole.

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In and out, up and down, all around. Soon the boy got hard again, and she stroked his cock with her hands while tounging his sweet little brown hole.

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Mmmmm,oh yeah, lick it. She readily complied. The boy jerked his dick off onto her tits. Oh, fuck it's gettiing late, let's meet here again, tomorrow, shall we, he said. Oh, yes indeed, i've a few things left to teach to you, but first let's go and get something to eat.(enter the lady?) Okay, that sounds like a plan.


They were still naked, getting into her red sports car, then proceeding on, they came upon an old run down diner, not very much later, but the scenery had changed dramatically, from where they seemed to be, as to where they wound up.

The boy and girl, still naked, got up out of the car, walked up to and onward into the diner, where they proceeded to seat themselves most comfortably. In the kitchen, a 31 yr. old waitress, saw through the small round window, the young couple, they were naked. She, the waitress decides to play somewhat of a prank on the hot young pair, yet and still there was a wild side in her, as well.

The lady(waitress), couldn't have been much hotter.

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She tore her blouse off, kicked her skirt and shoes to the floor. The lady, then proceeded to the lovely young girl and boy. Without hesitation, the lady started fondling her boobs, which were slightely larger than the black girls'.

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The by now, excited couple at the table, were overcame by the waitress' expertise in sex. The horny ass waitress got down under the table, alternately licking black pussy, and sucking younger dick.

That was impressive, and so much so,that the lady rose up off her hands and knees, saying thank you for a lovely time. The black girl, stood up placed her arms around the lady and said ya' wel'come, then smooched her on the mouth for a deep tounge kiss.

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The boy somehow appeared asleep at the table, whilst the waitress and black girl proceeded out the door, into the red sports car, and away INTO THE SUNSET! He got so caught up in the moment that he started to daydream of his old war buddies, back in the states. That was enough to bring him back to his senses, and he quickly realized that the black girl was a witch, and she was indeed only a lesbian.

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She coughed with a loud cough, and immediately the girl was aware that she had been found out. She started to get away from that boy so damn fast that she lost her footing, got a crick in her neck, and fell away from where she had been.


There was actually no get away scene from the Diner. The waitress was among the crowd at the park, inducing a hallucination in the crowded park. The group that had gathered around them was well convinced that the boy was one of the faith, and that had let the girl know that she wasn't about to turn that jack off idiot into a fag. by Joe F. from USA this has been a non-descript offering of nonsense case you didnt know wheres their imagination theres someone doing their thinking for them