Laurens tight hairy pussy lala

Laurens tight hairy pussy lala
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Blondie A Day With Alexander It was a few years before and peaceful summer day and all was quiet at the Bumstead residence. Dagwood was out of town on a weekend business trip and Trudy was at a friend's house for the weekend as well.

That left just Blondie and her fourteen year old son, Alexander in the house. Blondie awoke early, seven being her usual time. She stretched slowly, working out the kinks of last night's sleep from her body. After a good long stretch, she went to her dresser drawer and found her workout top and shorts to begin the daily ritual of exercising with her workout video.

She lifted her blue nightgown over her head, exposing her still shapely breasts and buttocks. Nude and in front of the full size dresser mirror, she looked over herself. The past few weeks of aerobics were successfully toning up her forty year old body Blondie observed as she turned this way and that to get a good look at herself. Her boobs did not sag so much any more and the love handles that had developed at her waist were gone. She turned around again to get a better look at her butt.

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The Buns of Steel video had all but eliminated the fat, dimpled look at had acquired over the years and had replace it with an ass any teenage girl would envy. Facing the mirror again, Blondie ran a hand down her washboard stomach. Abs of Steel took care of the tummy she had let grow there and now she looked very close to what some of the women did who made exercise videos.

Blondie suddenly wondered just what was driving her so hard to get in this kind of shape. Before, she did not give her body that much thought, only to make sure that she ate well and performed only the necessary hygiene that a woman required. She found her shorts in the bottom left corner drawer and put them on, absentmindedly forgetting to put her panties on. That was even more puzzling to her. Blondie had found her self becoming more and more of an instigator when it came to sex with Dagwood.

For several months going, he seemed less and less interested in making love to her. Unconsciously, Blondie supposed, I must be trying ways to make myself attractive to him. They all say that when a man ages, he becomes even more attractive and dignified, whereas a woman just droops, sags, and looks like a crone. What ever the case could be, Blondie pushed herself until she was in a taut, sexy shape. She looked very much like she did in high school, where she first met Dagwood.

He was such a stick-in-the-mud, insisting on being a perfect gentleman, she remembered. We didn't kiss until our fifth date and I don't ever recall him trying to make any advances towards me. The first time they had intercourse was on their wedding night and even then, Dagwood was a poor fuck, coming too soon and falling asleep in a hurry afterwards, as if he had done her some great service.

They were arguing more as of late, always keeping it to low tones and out of the kids' earshot. Dagwood usually had some weak excuse or reply to what ever they tried to work out and in the end, he was asleep on the couch again. Blondie could swear that the upholstery on the living room couch was becoming even more worn from his frequent nights of sleep there.

Blondie tried numerous ways to excite Dagwood; dressing in lingerie, stroking his cock while he slept to try and rouse him. Hell, even his prick was just as oblivious as he was! Once, she attempted to give him oral sex as he slept (he was usually out within five minutes, hardly enough time for Blondie to get herself in the mood). She had never performed the act on him or any other man for that matter. Blondie ended up sucking on his flaccid prick while she masturbated herself to another not quite fulfilling orgasm.

Dagwood never once stirred during her oral administrations, he was totally asleep and snoring that as of lately obnoxious snore of his. As time wore on, Blondie gave up on seducing and began to dislike her husband. Then doubt set in. For quite a few years, they had a great marriage.

They always spoke about nearly everything and always had great laughs with each other. But when his input, however poor, or sex tapered off, Blondie began to wonder if she was not doing something right. Maybe the problems they had begun to have with nearly all the aspects of their marriage were her fault.

She analyzed everything she did and carefully censured herself in her interactions with Dagwood. None of this seemed to help and the distance grew even further between him. Then Blondie finally noticed that Dagwood was later coming home from work than usual. The usual was that he was never late because his boss, Mr.

Dithers, never allowed over time. This was when she suspected that Dagwood could be having an affair with another woman. Blondie had never any reason to doubt Dagwood's fidelity and still had trouble with the very thought of him in the throes of passion with another woman. Maybe this was the reason that she was working so hard to rebuild her body, to make it a sexy thing to want to have sex with.

A carefree thought floated through Blondie's mind with that revelation: If he doesn't appreciate what I'm trying to do for him, then maybe another man will. Blondie jolted from that thought, in shock from the very idea of it. She was a well brought up woman from a respectable, stable family. Committing adultery on her husband, however sexless he had become, was abhorrent to her.

Blondie shook her head, as if to clear her thoughts and pulled the exercise top over her head. Alexander woke up to the sound of a pulsating rhythm emanating from the living room.

Something that sounded like technopop to him. He lay there, still tangled up in his sheets from a forgotten dream and listened. Alexander was still in that moment between awake and asleep where your body tends to do things on it's own accord and it seems as if you do not really control or care what is happening. At best, this can be compared to an out of body experience when you watch yourself do something but do not have the power to stop.

Slowly, his hand groped for his morning pee erection tent pole inside his baggy pajama pants. Recently, and with some nervousness, Alexander had discarded with his pajama tops, thinking that they just did not go well with what ever image he was trying to give himself.

He also stopped wearing underwear under the pajama bottoms because he liked the feeling of his adolescent dick rubbing up against the fabric. If there was not the ever present danger of Trudy, his thirteen year old sister, barging in on him for some ungodly reason, Alexander would be wearing nothing to bed.

He had tried that once or twice and liked how it felt to be nude under the bed. There was also the worry that his mother would come in on laundry day to collect the dirty clothes he left in piles about his room and find him stark naked without the security of a sheet covering him. Still not totally aware of what he was really doing, Alexander's thoughts drifted to his mother as he took hold of his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. Oddly, he had been having bizarre thoughts about his mother lately.

Coming of age is difficult for young boys and with it comes certain sexual confusions. Blondie being the dominant female figure of his life, Alexander was confusing motherly love for other than that. One night, while trying out being nude in bed, Alexander's thoughts ventured to his mother and he found himself masturbatingfantasizing that it was his mother jacking him off and not himself. Alexander shot gouts of jism all over the bed sheets on that fantasy and felt horrendously guilty afterwards.

Still, for many a night after, Alexander built upon the fantasy, envisioning his mother's mouth on his cock, making him come. Later, he had gotten to the point to where he was lustily masturbating to the thoughts of his mother straddled across his thighs with his cock buried deep inside her.

Alexander had come across his father's stash of porno magazines and was a quick study as to what the people in the pictures were doing. Once, he found a picture of his mother that he cut her head out of and pasted it onto a page of the magazine to where it looked like it was his mother getting fucked by two guys at one time. Alexander had that picture hidden under his mattress and whacked off to it many times.

Alexander came out of his daydream as the pressure was building in his balls. He pumped his fist harder and gripped his cock tighter. The image of his mother rushed to his mind's eye and soon the sprays of cum issued out the end of his pulsing cock.

Blondie was really enjoying this work out. In addition to the delightful burn in her abdomen from the tortuous exercise the video was putting her through, she had become aware earlier that she had forgotten to put on a bra under her exercise top and panties under her shorts.

The effect of the nylon top rubbing silkily across her nipples sent tingles of pleasure through her breasts. The shorts had the same effect, gently rubbing against her pussy lips during some of the exercises. Blondie lay on her back now, raising and lowering her hips to work her abdominals. This action was causing the now sweaty nylon shorts to rub across her pussy once more.

The pleasure it was beginning to generate was starting to distract her from the work out and Blondie was finding it hard to concentrate on the instructor's counts and movements.

Her thoughts drifted to some of the better sex sessions she had at one time with Dagwood. Although he was a poor lover, there were a few times that he had not come before she had had her orgasm.

Still working her hips, keeping the fabric of the shorts rubbing at her cunt, Blondie felt up her abdomen and to her breasts. Slowly, she began to feel them under the nylon, circling her fingers on her erect nipples.

Blondie placed both hands on her breasts and began to squeeze them gently and pinching lightly on her nipples. She stopped this only to pull the top up and to feel at the flesh of her tits.

She gazed down at her pink nipples and without thinking, craned her head just far enough to flick her tongue out to lick at them. The feeling was wonderful and Blondie continued licking at her boobs, alternating on both of them. Blondie was no longer interested in exercising.

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What preoccupied her now was to satiate the burgeoning desire that was in her. Instinctively, she slid a slender hand down the crotch of her shorts and found the wet folds of her cunt open and dripping with juices.

Blondie felt for her button of pleasure and began to twirled her index finger on it. She let her finger slide into her tunnel and felt for the deep spot that she had discovered not too long ago in one of her lonely masturbations.

Lust overtook her and Blondie stoked at the spot with greater determination. She thought of Dagwood poised over her, power fucking like some adolescent schoolboy getting his first lay. The image repulsed her and it quickly faded away. Blondie wanted this orgasm to be a good one, one that she had always wanted but just could not seem to attain. She had tried all sorts of ways to really get her pussy off one good time, carrots, cucumbers, even secretly ordering a dildo from one of the dirty magazines that Dagwood thought he had cleverly hidden in the work shed.

None of that worked, but occasionally fantasizing about Herb, their next door neighbor helped. Actually the thought of Herb's imagined hairy ass gyrating as he shoved what Blondie fantasized as being an enormous cock into her pussy was not exactly a turn on. Whatever, Blondie thought after a session with the fantasy, any dick is better than no dick. Any dick. The thought still wafted though Blondie's sexual delirium. Her mind turned the pages of faces that she conjured up, none of them satisfactory.

Frustrating her even more was the image of Dagwood's face reoccurring. The image kept coming back but the more it did, the younger his face began to look until. Blondie froze, finger deep in her pussy and right on the brink of an orgasm.


The face that was plastered in her mind was that of Alexander! She gasped at the realization of what she was doing. All the while of fantasizing, her subconscious was telling her that some how, she lusted after her own son. How could this be? Blondie searched for answers, not noticing that she had left her finger inserted inside her still vibrating twat.

Could I be so confused as to what is wrong with my marriage that I lust for my own son? It doesn't make sense! Still, Alexander's youthful face remained, smiling and inviting. Oh, dear God, Blondie thought. What am I doing? Why am I thinking about myself in a time like this? Whatever her confused mind was doing to her, Blondie did not want to forgo the orgasm she had brought her self close to.

But if I come, I'll know it was because I fantasized about my son, Blondie thought. I really haven't thought of him with me, she continued. I only saw his face. This rumination suddenly brought on flashes of images, each not wholly formed. Only Blondie saw them long enough to see their contents. One was Alexander nude before her, his cock jutting forth from between a fuzzy crotch. Another was of Blondie holding his near manhood in her slight hand, striking the smooth flesh of his shaft with a mother's care.

The most vivid was of Alexander lying on top of her, frantically pumping his cock in and out of her constantly coming cunt. Still, her orgasm could not be ignored. It was while she replayed the images, each time embellishing them, extending their content, that Blondie resumed her fingering.

She was not sure why she started again but the pictures in her mind completely turned her on. In shock at what she was doing, Blondie stopped again. I can't, she thought. Not when I'm fantasizing about.Oh God, why am I doing this? She was putting the thoughts in order, turning them into a sort of a movie. She could not stop the visions, they just kept on coming at her.

If I go through with this fantasy, I will feel so terribly guilty about it. On the other hand, it could be for just this one time. Blondie lay still a moment longer before she made her mind up. Alexander silently opened his door to begin his stealthy quest to get to the bathroom unseen by his mother. His dick was still hard from jacking off to the fantasy of fucking his mother so he would hardly want to be seen by her. He could hear the exercise video playing and sighed at his good fortune.

Great! She'll be facing the television and won't see me in the hallway. Just when he made it to the bathroom door, he heard a noise his mother normally did not make while she exercised. It sounded like a moan of sorts. When she exercised, Alexander's mother usually made huffing noises from the exertion of doing the aerobic routines.

The moan was repeated and with it was something whispered that Alexander could not quite hear. Curious, he tip toed towards the arched entrance to the den where Blondie did her morning exercises. He could not see her yet, she was on the other side of the couch to where her body was obscured by it. Again came the moan and whispers. This time Alexander could make out a "Yes," and "Do it." He looked up to the television to see that the routine had reached the cool down phase and wondered why his mother sounded like she was still doing the impact portion of the tape.

Moving closer, he peered cautiously over the top of the couch. Blondie writhed on the carpet, her nylon shorts pulled down on her thighs. She was twiddling rapidly her sopping cunt, alternately manipulating her bud and thrusting her finger in and out her pussy. Now she was mainly finger fucking herself and her moans and whispers grew louder. "Yes baby, deeper. Ooooh, just like that! Do like me?

Didn't you always want me like this, my baby? Didn't you just want to put that beautiful cock inside of mommy?" Alexander felt a chill go through him. Not only had he come across his mother, lying on the floor in front of him, her tits uncovered and finger rammed deep in her twat, but he had actually heard his mother say something that made him realize what she was really doing. His mother was masturbating while thinking about fucking him!

Alexander stepped closer, only to stumble when he missed the step leading into the den. As a result, he stumbled and fell behind the couch. Blondie sat up with a start at the sudden noise. Alexander, behind the couch grimaced at his clumsiness and looked up with total embarrassment when his mother came around the side of the couch to see what had caused the interruption.

His mother had not quite gotten her top straightened out and one of her breasts still showed. Blondie blushed and quickly covered it up. Alexander suddenly wished that she had not but was interrupted by a twinge in his knee. "Ouch," was all he could manage to say. Blondie momentarily forgot what Alexander surely saw, went attend to what ever seemed to hurt him.

"What is it, honey? What did you hurt?" Blondie asked with a look of concern. Alexander sat up, trying with futility trying to camouflage the hard on that still loomed in his pajama pants. "I just bumped my knee, that's all," he replied finally. He stood up and took a few limping steps. "See, I'm OK." Blondie appraised his gait a moment and reached gently for his arm.

"Come and sit on the couch so I can get a look at it." Alexander dumbly followed his mother's guide and sat embarrassed on the sofa. He covered up his crotch, trying again to hide his relentless erection and Blondie noticed this. The fantasy images came back to her but she quickly dispelled them, her concern that her son was hurt being greater. She knelt down in front of him to get a look at his knee. Carefully, she lifted the pant leg up and over his thigh so that she could see the injured joint.

Briefly, she flashed her eyes back to his crotch, where Alexander still covered up his hard on, and then back to his knees. Blondie felt his knee, checking if there was some injury she could detect. She had some medical knowledge from all the reading she had done on the sexless nights she had spent alone in bed. Blondie did not feel anything obviously wrong and began to massage Alexander's sore knee. "Really, mom, I just banged it.

I'll be OK," Alexander said as she rubbed. He did not really want her to stop, the feel of his mother's silky hands on his leg felt good and served to stiffen his dick even harder. "I know, baby. I just wanted you to sit and talk to me about something," Blondie said, not looking up at him. She swallowed hard, not sure how to start the discussion over what Alexander had stumbled upon.

Bolstering her resolve, Blondie spoke again. "I want to know what you are thinking, Alexander." "About what, mom?" Blondie swallowed again. "About what you saw me doing over there on the floor." Alexander's mind was blank. Nothing there would form into anything that would be coherent.

Blondie continued her massage, unconsciously moving her hand to Alexander's thigh. He noticed this and shifted uncomfortably. Blondie ignored this and continued feeling his leg. "Well?" Alexander finally found his nerve and spoke. "I don't know, mom. I guess I shouldn't have seen what you did." Blondie smiled at her son's embarrassment. "But you saw me. Now, tell me what you're really thinking." Alexander stared at his mother's hand massaging his thigh.

He could swear that she was moving it up his leg. "I think you were really enjoying what you were doing." "I was, baby, I was." Her hand did definitely slide up an inch that time. Alexander stared at it, hypnotized by the movement of his mother's petite hand sliding over his flesh.

His hand fell away, uncovering the obvious bulge in his pajamas. Blondie eyed that bulge and moved her hand higher, close to the crease of Alexander's hip. She was throwing whatever caution she had had into the wind now and the cock that surely lay underneath that fabric was the focus of her thoughts. Any thought of this being her son was gone and now he was simply a tool of her desire.


"I think you were enjoying it too, baby, look at you." Alexander quickly covered his erection, embarrassed that his mother had seen it. Blondie reached up and moved his hand off his lap. "There's no need to hid it from me now, baby. Mommy's seen it." Alexander sensed his mother was daring him at something and thus offered his own challenge to her.

"I saw you too, mom." Blondie was puzzled a moment and then realized that Alexander had obviously seen her breasts when she lay there masturbating. "Oh? What is it you would like then, baby?" Alexander spoke nervously at the next.

"Could I see them again?" "See what, baby?" Alexander flushed red and looked away, his eyes darting about the room like a spooked animal. Blondie moved her hand closer to where the head of his cock lay under the pajamas and kept massaging. "What do you want to see, baby?" He looked straight at his mother and the words came out. "I want to see your titties again, mom." "All right." Blondie took her hand off Alexander's thigh and pulled her exercise top off over her head and tossed it aside.

Her tits jutted out, firm and pink aureoles erect. Alexander gripped his dick through his pajamas and gave it a squeeze. Blondie smiled as she watched his eyes roll back in pleasure. Gingerly, she reached for his crotch, and moved his hand out of the way. "Let mommy do this for you, baby." Finding the snaps to the pajamas, Blondie undid them and began to pull them down. "Lift up baby," she told Alexander and he complied. Blondie pulled the pajamas down to his ankles and stared at her son's reddened dick.

It was a good sized one, at least in her limited experience, nearly seven and a half inches of young adolescent male cock. She slid her hands back up his thighs, halting just below his prick. "I just want you to know how much mommy loves you Alexander." She let her fingers extend to touch the head of his dick. When she touched it, Alexander's cock jumped at the touch.

Gently, she slid her had across the swollen shaft and Alexander sucked in a breath. Set in her course of action, Blondie slowly wrapped her hand around his pole, relishing at how hot it felt in her hand. She began to stroke his baby like flesh. Alexander's breathing came faster with each stroke.

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"Mom, I'm gonna." Before she could stop, her son came, a spray of cum jetting out of his cock. The white spooge landed on his thighs and on her tits. Blondie did not want this to happen so soon. She wanted him to at least last long enough to get him inside her waiting confines. But she did not want to stop pumping that spurting cock with all of that jism now oozing out of it.

When he was finished coming, Blondie took her towel that she used during her exercising and wiped the semen off of both of them. Done, she stood up straight and took off her shorts. Again, she knelt in from of him and took hold of his semi-erect penis. "Did you like that, baby?" "Yes." "I'm glad you did.

Do you want more?" Alexander's reply was a quick nod. "I was hoping you would. Mommy has a lot she wants to do with her baby." Without a further word, she took him in her mouth, sucking a long stroke and then letting his cock slip out.

Alexander looked down at her. "Please, don't stop. That felt really good." "It did? I've never really done this before so I wasn't sure if I was doing it right." "It was good, mom, really." "All right then.

If it was good, why don't you put that beautiful penis in mommy's mouth and let her suck you?" Blondie opened her mouth as Alexander took hold of his dick. Scooting towards her, he slid his cock past her open lips and into her mouth.

Blondie went slow with Alexander, letting his cock build back to full erection, completely filling her mouth. She was trying to be as gentle and careful with him as possible, out of fear that if he got too stimulated again, he could blow another wad. Blondie was not sure if Alexander could come again in such a short span of time but she did not want too run that risk.

She savored the feel of his hot tool in her mouth as it slid slowly back and forth across her lips. With her tongue, she could feel the texture of the shaft, the ripples in the blood engorged flesh, the veins that stood out prominently. For his part, Alexander was in total awe of the sight of his mother sucking his prick. Never in a million years did he expect to have this happen.

Sure, he had fantasized about his mother on occasion but always discounted on her to actually be blowing him. His cock was feeling terrific with each suck his mother applied to it and he began to move his hips, thrusting towards her as she went down on him. Blondie continued her slow blow on her son for a few minutes more and then let him free of her mouth.

Still holding and stroking his cock, she looked up at him with all the motherly love she had. "Mom," started Alexander, "please, don't stop." Blondie smiled broadly at her son, ecstatic that he was really enjoying her blow job. She had never really been able to give one to Dagwood, mostly out of fear.

Her fear was gone now, why she did not know. She wondered now what had driven her to do this to Alexander, why she was the very brink of incest with him. Since I've been sucking on this wonderful penis, haven't I done that already?

The thought was fleeting as she gripped him tighter, causing Alexander to suck in a breath of pleasure. Blondie reveled in the bliss she had her son feel, the way his hips writhed uncontrollably, thrusting in her fist on each down stroke on his dong. Blondie took him by the hands and stood Alexander up.

"Come with me, baby," she said, leading him out of the living room and down the hall that led to his bedroom. She gently prodded him though the door first and then closed it behind her. Taking his hand once more, Blondie took him over to the bed. She gently had him lay down and then took her place next to him. Alexander was in full arousal now, hugging against his mother, his dick rubbing against her thigh, seeking still more stimulation. Blondie hugged her son in return and took his face in her soft hands.

"My beautiful boy. Oh Alexander, what ever are we doing?" "I don't know, mom, but I don't want to stop." Blondie reached for his cock and began stroking it once more. "I know baby, I don't want to, either." She squeezed his prick harder, causing him to shudder.

"You have to promise me something, baby," she said, writhing in her own ecstasy with him, their bodies moving constantly. "Okay, mom." "I want you to tell me that no one will ever find out about what we are going to do. Your mother could get into a lot of trouble if someone did." "I won't tell, mom, I promise. Nobody's gonna find out." "I know, baby. Mommy trusts you." Gently, she kissed him on the lips. Alexander drew back a moment but let her kiss him again.

He had never kissed a girl before, the thought of it simply made him too nervous. His mother kissed him softly once again, this time her lips rested on his for a moment longer. Alexander accepted the kiss without hesitation and each one that followed. Just by kissing him, Blondie became more and more lost in her desire.

Her lips moved with passionate determination, loosening his as well. Without thought, she slipped her tongue into his mouth and sought out his. Alexander broke the lip lock, shocked at this new smooching technique. Blondie looked at her son's shocked face and giggled softly. "It's all right, just do what I do. You're doing really well, baby." Again, she attacked his mouth, plunging her tongue back in. Alexander got the gist of what his mother was doing and soon, he was lapping tongues with his mother.

All the while, they embraced tightly, Blondie slowly working his body on top of hers. She kept one leg between his to prevent any penetration just yet. Alexander noticed finally that he was on top of his mother and stopped kissing her to gaze at her with the same glazed look she had. He admired her body, the pale tits with their pink aureoles jutting at him, the way her chest rose and fell with each lusty breath she took, and down to the blond thatch of hair that led to his point of origin to the world.

Suddenly, the full impact of what he was doing with his mother struck him and he looked into his mother's face, an unsure expression on his. "Are we really doing this, mom?" Blondie smiled, her face blushing red from her passion. "Yes baby, we really are." Alexander looked about the room, trying to find the courage to ask his next question.

As he took in the room, he realized that he would never look at it the same way again. Always the memory of what he was doing with his mother and what they might do would be in here with him. He looked into his mother's eyes now. "Are know.going to do it?" Blondie slid her leg out from between his and now lay with legs spread, her son positioned between them. Once he was there, his cock somehow was in direct line with her pussy and with the closeness of both their pelvises, he immediately slipped straight into her.

Blondie let out a startled gasp, as did Alexander. Blondie took in a deep breath and let out a dreamy sigh. "Does this answer your question, baby?" They both stayed in that position for a while, Blondie waiting on her son to start thrusting his dick deeper into her dripping cunt while Alexander was stunned at the feeling of his cock inside a hot, slippery cunt, especially it being his mother's.

Blondie looked into his eyes through half closed lids.

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"It's all right. You're inside me now." Alexander shook his head, clearing his head to concentrate. "Yeah." was all he could manage to say. "Baby, don't just lay there," Blondie said after a few moments.

She softly grasped his ass cheeks. "Please make love to me, Alexander. Make love to your mother." Alexander did as he was asked and began slow thrusts with his hips, each one burying his prick further into his mother's love canal.

Blondie moaned each time he drove deeper. His thick shaft was stimulating her cunt in ways that she had not felt in a very long time and the mushroom of a head on his penis was hitting her cunt walls in just the right spot. As her moaning increased, so did Alexander's desire. He pumped into his mother with determination, each time eliciting a louder, longer moan from her. "Right there, Alexander. Keep doing it just like that. Ooooh, you feel so good inside me.

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Ohhh! Yes right there!" Alexander continued his fucking, increasing his tempo with every thrust. As a result, his mother moaned even louder. "Yes, yes! Ooooh, baby! Love me! Deeper! Harder! Oh, God I want more of you!" Blondie bucked her hips to match his rhythm, getting his cock deeper inside. She felt his balls slap against her ass at every pump of his hips. "Mom, this feels so good!" "Yes, yes, it does. Keep it going, baby.

I want all of you can give me!" They were fucking faster by the moment, huffing breaths coming form the both of them. Alexander began to groan his pleasure as well. "Yes baby! I want you to love this! Love me! Fuck me!" The last words shocked Blondie, she herself having never used such profanity.

She had, of course, heard enough of it on the cable movies that Dagwood had insisted on watching at night and had seen many a sex scene in them to know what she was saying. If Alexander noticed what she had said, he only reacted to it by pounding even harder at her pussy. "Ooooh, yeah! I love it! Fuck me just like that, baby! Fuck mommy, fu." Blondie stopped speaking, realizing that she was beginning to build to orgasm.

Determined to get the orgasm she had yet to attain in her life, she goaded Alexander on. "Fuck mommy, Alexander.

I want you to fuck me with all the cock you have!" Alexander pumped even harder into his mother, himself feeling the building pressure in his balls, signaling his imminent orgasm. "I think.I think.," he started to say. Blondie grabbed his butt and jammed him harder in her. "Yes, baby, I know! Mommy is right there with you.

Oh, God, fuck me! Make mommy come!" For the next moments, they fucked in silent intensity, their breathing rapid and deep. Sweat rolled off of both their intertwined bodies. The only other sound was the slippery, sucking sound Alexander's cock make as it pumped madly into his mother.

His balls had shrunk up, a sign that his orgasm was very close. He raised up, poised over his mother as he fucked so that he could look at her. Blondie stared back at him with undisguised wide eyed lust, her tits gyrating with each thrust Alexander made. As she stared, Alexander's eyes rolled back in their sockets and he then assumed a grimacing, determined expression.

Blondie knew his jism was about boil over in his balls and come firing into her. Without warning, her own orgasm crested and came crashing down on the very beachhead of her soul. "Oh.My.God.ohhhh.yessss.fuuuuck.mommmy.!" Alexander was fucking spastically, his cock pumping so erratically that the moment before he spurted his load, he slipped out of his mother. Instinctively, Blondie grabbed the jutting, jerking dick and pumped it. An instant later, Alexander groaned loudly and came.

He came so hard that the first jet of milky white jism splattered onto his mother's neck. With each pulse of his orgasm, the streams went a lesser distance. When he was finished, Alexander looked down at his mother to see that he had indeed squirted gouts of cum all over her tits, stomach, and had coated her pussy hair with white spunk. Blondie kept milking his red hot cock until she got all the semen out.

When she thought she was done, Alexander lay back on her, uncaring of his cum plastered all over her chest and hugged his mother. Blondie started first, and within a few moments, mother and son wept in joy in their embrace. (end of part1)