Lyla Sturm bekommt knallte

Lyla Sturm bekommt knallte
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I knew I should have listened to her. Two churches, five farm silos, and two cop cars later, we were still in the middle of fuck-knows-where. "How much time do we have left?" I asked her.

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"10 minutes." she answered without checking her phone. "Still no service." "Fuck." Brynn rolled down her window and stuck her arm out the window. I peered past her to check the sun: it was hovering a hair above the distant mountain on the horizon. There wasn't enough time to find the others. Brynn noticed the car slow down, "What are you doing?" "We can either find the rest of our graduating class, or we can enjoy the sunset." I pulled onto the side of the road and shifted the gear to park.

She poked her head out the window to check the sun, "I'll get the blanket." I popped the trunk open for her and stepped out the driver side. The sky was starting to turn peachy pink. The distant mountain had already protruded a fair bit into the citrus sun like a fang.

The picnic blanket wooshed open in the breeze. I grabbed one end, Brynn had the other, and we pulled it open.

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I was the first to lay down. Brynn kicked off her shoes, crawled next to me, then turned over onto her back. The sky had turned a brilliant neapolitan of fruity colors with darkness at the fringes.

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About half of the sun had sunk into the mountain in the horizon. It dipped lower, allowing the glow from other far off stars to twinkle in the night. My eyes started to well with tears; the sentiment had gotten the better of me. I just had to say it, "Our last sunset as high schoolers." "Yup." Brynn's voice wavered, "We did it." Somewhere on the other end of Washington, there were 90 more of us, all watching the sunset together.

Somehow, it felt more special that I spent my last minutes as a high schooler with Brynn. "Do you have any regrets?" she asked. I didn't need to think much for that one, "I probably could've studied a little more. Just 'tried' more in general, I guess." "Outside of school, I mean." I turned to her, "I wish I got to know you sooner." "Aww, thanks." she turned back up to the sky.

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The sun had fully set. We were college students. "No, really." I propped myself up, "We've only been on two dates— three if you count tonight— yet in a month from now, I'll be in California at UCLA." She giggled. "What?" I asked. She pulled me up onto my feet and grabbed a corner of the picnic blanket, "Let's just focus on the now." She led me over to my car, opened the door, and gently pushed me onto the back seat.

She threw the picnic blanket into the front passenger seat. "What are-" I started. Brynn straddled me. Her lips were on mine instantly, and the sweet scent of her lipstick was mine. She started to pull away, and my eyes flashed open.

She had broken the kiss, but she had my lower lip in hers. She sucked the lip gently. That alone was almost enough to send me over the edge. I wrapped a single arm behind her back and went in for another kiss. Her hands were on my cheek, in my hair, wild with passion and pleasure.

Her hands cupped my chin as I pulled away with her lower lip in mine and suckled softly. She shivered, then dove back into the kiss. She stood up on her knees and tilted my head up to meet hers.

Her tongue danced against my lips until they found their way through, wavered,and shoved its way through my teeth until our tongues met. They swirled each other only momentarily before she broke the kiss.

Brynn slid down off my lap and onto her knees. Her fingers hooked my swim shorts, and I scooted closer to the edge of the car seat. Her head was between my thighs, her eyes level with my clothed cock. She tugged the stubborn fabric and they came free; she slid them to my knees, then my ankles, and they were off. Only my boxers stood between her and my cock. The full extent of my erection looked like it was about to burst through my cotton boxers using sheer willpower and hunger alone.

Her fingers approached the base of my cock, and I scooted closer to the edge of my seat ever still. My balls were cupped in her hands, and she drew herself closer, closer, and closer to the raging bulge that pulsed in her presence. It pulsed, and the bulge flared high enough to boop her nose. She smiled seductively, then put her lips on the tip of my cock through the fabric. She licked the spot that was already moist from my precum, teasing the tender end of my urethra. More precum seeped between the woven cotton, met with her lips, and touched her tongue.

Her mouth widened, and she'd swallowed the full head of my cock through my underwear. I pulsed and writhed in her mouth, but her hands around my waist held me in place. Her head began to bob back and forth as she moistened the head of my cock with her tongue. Don't cum.

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Don't cum. Don't cum! I couldn't help myself. My hands went to her head and my fingers were caught in her ponytail. I tried to push my dick deeper into her lips, but she had already engulfed as much of my clothed cock as she could. Round after round, spurt after spurt of my semen was wasted into my boxers. Diligently, she alternated between sucking my seed from the fabric, licking my tip through the fabric, and sucking the head through the fabric to draw more semen out. Her tongue went underside to lick my balls, slid up towards the tip, and went above and down the length of my cock again until her nose hit the spot just below my belly button.

I shot off another two ropes of cum I didn't know I still had. She grinned up at me, then stood for another kiss. I could taste the saltiness on her lips; a tart taste yet passionate enough to make her giggle when we kissed.

I guided her backside onto the van chairs and pulled her hips closer to my head.


I thumbed the sides of her panties, pulled them up past her knees and down past her ankles. They were off, and I was in between her knees. I eyed her precious pussy and found myself salivating a little. Brynn was as erect as a woman could be, her inner lips out on display like a flower looking for some sunlight.

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Alright, my turn. Her legs began to spread for me, but I caught them at the knees. Her feet lay at rest against the car cushion as her legs surrendered almost total control to my touch. I had them widen slightly, and my head moved closer to the base of her hips.

I planted a delicate kiss in the middle of her inner thigh, and she trembled for a moment as I did so. I did the same to the other thigh. Another shiver. I took a moment to discard my soiled boxers and then I was back in the game. My lips met her thigh again, but closer to her hip bone. Instead of matching on the other inner thigh, I moved further down the same thigh and suckled on her tender thigh meat.

She exhaled a short and heavy two-toned moan. Her leg trembled away from my lips, but her hands on my head were happy to shove my mouth back in place. I suckled again, and this time her other thigh came crashing in against my head.

With her pussy flesh flush against my right cheek, I was caught in a vice. The force of her leg vice pressed me harder into her thigh as I pushed myself harder into the gap between her thigh and her hip bone.

Brynn uttered something that was half gasp, half moan, and I was free from the vice. I took a deep breath and let the air fill my lungs once again, but her hands ushered my face closer to her pussy.

She missed. She drove the bridge of my nose right against her glistening pussy, her scent thick in my nostrils. I tilted my head up and let my tongue start to dance on the outskirts of her pussy. The tip of my tongue peeked inside of her for only a moment. That was all she needed. Brynn's hips bucked and she drove her pubic bone into my nose.

My head recoiled back a bit, but her hands were quick to guide my tongue back into the right place. I lapped her up as the tremors in her legs picked up in speed. I was caught in her vice again, but her legs were more powerful that time. They squeezed against my skull from both sides.

I ignored the fact that I was getting lightheaded and the fact that my skull was starting to hurt because I had a duty to uphold. Brynn pulled me up and away from her legs and towards her lips. As we kissed, I had one hand around the back of her neck and the other with my fingers buried in her snatch.

She mirrored the same position as she jerked my dick. I lifted her legs up and pulled her closer to me. Her hands went behind my neck, and her tongue licked my collarbone as I pulled her down towards me. My cock rested atop her, its head less than a centimeter away from poking her belly button.

My balls hovered in front of her pussy. Her licking against my chest became more desperate, and her nails dug into my back. Her hip undulated back and forth, teasing the underside of my cock with her body.

I grabbed her by the hips. Her ragged breathing against my neck took pause as the tip of my cock slipped inside her. The head basked in warm pleasure as the sudden tightness squeezed it from all sides, still raw from my first orgasm. The only thing stopping me from pushing in further was the fact that it was getting harder and harder to resist cumming a second time. I slid further in. I looked down at my cock wide eyed, but the look on Brynn's face explained it all.

She had pushed her hips onto mine. I pulled back, she pulled back. I pushed myself in, she pushed herself down. She kissed me as we found our rhythm and picked up the speed.

"Ngh! Hng!" she moaned as I skewered her over and over again. Her nails savagely clung to my back like cat claws, her panting hot on my face.

Just as I was about to switch positions, her legs wrapped around me and locked me into place. They squeezed me deeper into her as the walls of her pussy constricted.

I felt the rising tension in my balls. I grabbed her by the hips and slammed my cock into her as hard as I could over and over again, my hands and her legs pulling me even deeper into her once she got the new rhythm down. I pressed my lips onto hers as I started to cum. Each thrust was a new round of semen, painting her insides. The kiss took pause for a pant or two until it devolved into the two of us panting madly as we stared into each other's eyes, cum pumping inside her.


I felt my semen slip past my pummeling cock and ooze out of her pussy and she started to quiver. She pulled me closer and hugged me as she rode out her orgasm.

My cum oozed out of her pussy as I slid my cock out of her. All over the car seat. Fuck. We lay there lost in the ecstasy, gazing into each other. At some point, Brynn adjusted herself to make room on the car seats for me to lay down beside her. I put an arm around her naked body. She grabbed the picnic blanket from the front seat and threw it atop us.

She squeezed my arm, and that was it. "I love you." I said with heavy eyelids Before I drifted off to sleep in her arms, I felt a loving peck on my lips, "Love you too."