Explicit Dominative Thick Milf Deep Pussy Sex

Explicit Dominative Thick Milf Deep Pussy Sex
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I'm having a nice productive day at work. Numbers and facts are just so black & white and I find it calming. I turn in my chair and pull a report from my messenger bag, before I set it on my desk I notice a tissue drifting to the floor. Picking it up I quickly notice a lipstick kiss from Kendra with a little note "Can't wait 'till you get off work" I then easily breathe in the scent of my favorite perfume, hers. My mind drifts and now all of my reports are an irritant as I sigh heavily.

I muster as much fortitude as possible although my typical 10 hour day isn't over just yet. Giving in, I start to pack up my laptop and a few current projects and lock my office. Smiling at my assistant, "Hey Jenny, I'm going to finish the rest of my day at home, let me know if you need anything.okay?" "Are you feeling okay?" Jenny worries.

"Yeah, I just need a report that I forgot at home." I say as I try to sound sincere. "Okay.don't work too hard, see you tomorrow!" The young girl bubbles out. I drive home although get stuck on the freeway with rush hour traffic. I curse under my breath and mumble "What the hell?" not being familiar with rush hour.

Finally getting home I pull into the 2 car garage and eagerly enter the house dropping my belongings outside of the laundry room. I giggle when I hear a faint "Shit, shit, shit" from Kendra as I make my way through the house following a path of rose petals. Even though I am eager, I slow my pace.since she was not prepared for me to come home this early.

I pass through the kitchen and see a note with a freshly lit candle. "I need you, I want you, I am waiting." Still following the rose petals I enter the bedroom to find a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on the bed.

I kick off my heels and enter the master bath to find Kendra in the large claw foot bath tub. The sight is simply captivating; Kendra's tan shoulders contrast against the milky water filled with herbal salts and red rose petals floating on the surface.

I smile as I let a sigh of content escape my lips. I truly feel that I will never get tired of her innocents and simple beauty. Kendra tries to give me a seductive smile but ends up laughing, "You asshole, you're never home early!" "I'm sorry, after I found your note this afternoon, I just couldn't wait any longer." I say as I lean over the tub and kiss Kendra's full pouty lips, although pull away when she grazes my lips with the tip of her tongue.

Her eyes remained closed for a moment and she whimpers slightly. Suddenly she grabs my wrist that is supporting my weight and pulls me into the tub. With a large splash, water over flows on to the floor. Laughing together, I adjust myself on top of her as she tries to help remove my wet clothes that are now clinging to me. Kissing is a pure art with her; anyone would get lost with her captivating lips and tongue with one taste. She can make my usual stubborn side weak with need within moments.

I am pleased to know that I am having a similar effect on her when we don't even break for air. With our lips never being far, we gasp and breathe into each other's mouth with pure need and moaning at our unique intimacy. We can't share enough, if it is taste, breath or wet heat.we can't be satisfied. Kendra gets frustrated with the buttons on my blouse and moves her attention to the zipper on my skirt.

She soon loses patients there as well and resorts to raising the fabric up my waist. Needing to feel her skin, I run my hand from her hip to the back of her knee. Raising her leg, I hook her foot on the outside of the tub. Even though the water is warm Kendra shivers when I run my blunt finger nails up her thigh, close to but don't touch her pussy. Even though at first I try to resist my hand inevitably moves like a magnet to her hairless mound and my finger easily slides through her folds and we moan together.

Feeling the slickness proves how turned on she is and that only excites me more. She rolls her head back on the edge of the tub and I graciously start kissing, sucking and nipping at her tender skin.

Kendra moans deeply when I run my teeth along her neck and latch on to her skin but pull away before I mark her perfect skin. "No, don't stop!" She begs. I growl with desire because she has never wanted me to give her any noticeable love bites. Tasting her skin is overpowering and I move two fingers towards her entrance although wait for her to pout in frustration.

I lick my way back to her earlobe and bite gently. She pushes her damp skin closer to my lips wanting more and I moan at her need. Knowing neither one of wants to wait any longer I try to prolong this evening by teasing my fingers through her slick swollen tendrils although can't wait anymore and thrust both fingers into her hungry pussy.

Kendra lets out a loud cry of surprise and pleasure. She was whimpering with every little movement, I watch her chest rise and fall with each faltered breath.

I think briefly that I am the luckiest woman and wish others could witness this beautiful woman below me although know that I want only her and need her to want no other. I grin knowing that I selfishly have her to myself and won't give her up for anything in the world. Soon her panting and moans turn to groans and into an animal like growl when my thrusting motion gets faster. Moving slow is no longer an option for either one of us. Gently rubbing her clit with my thumb is replaced with a slamming motion and I curl my fingers slightly to graze her sweet spot.

I pant heavily with desire and my eyes move quickly, trying to capture every feature at the same time. Kendra's eyebrows rose with every thrust of my hand. She tries to look into my eyes but her eyes flutter shut in between moans and whimpers. Her mouth is open as she tries to gasp for breath but she can't make up her mind if she wants to smile or bite her lip. I get more and more turned on knowing that she is closing in on her powerful climax.

With my right hand on the back of the tub I support myself and bring my knee behind my left hand and start rocking her whole body with a noticeable force. Water splashes over repeatedly and adds another element that makes me want to go faster and harder. Kendra suddenly moves her hands to the edge of the tub holding on with white knuckles. She tries to talk although can only mutter out "Okay……okay…okay.ooo.kaaaayyyy!".

Each one said faster and higher pitched than the one before. Her eyes slam shut as she pushes her head against the tub and arches her back before every muscle in her body stiffens then jerks with unpredictable spasms. I start to slow my pace and kiss her gently. I smile when I notice her jaw is still quivering between ragged breaths that wash over my face.

"Thank you" She whispers as she slowly opens her eyes. "I love you" I whisper back as I kiss her forehead. "Mmmm. I love you too, sweetheart"……"But I'm going to test that theory in two minutes." "Ahh, I was wondering what all of the flowers and sweet notes were all about" I chuckle as I crawl off of her and get out of the tub.

I strip off my wet clothes and throw down a few towels to soak up the mess that I made before getting back in the tub. Resting my back against the opposite end of the tub, I reach behind my head and fumble for the handle to add more hot water to the oversized tub. Reaching into the water I grab Kendra's leg and massage her calf muscle. "So, what's up?" "Well." Kendra sighs.

"I decided to tell my parents about you, I mean us and was hoping you would go with me for support?" "Absolutely, but are you sure. I might punch them if they're not nice to you" I joke but then quickly regret making light of the situation when I see only a small tight smile on her face. "Not a problem, babe.

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I will be there for you." "I would appreciate it, I'm afraid I might chicken out if you're not there." She says with noticeable stress in her voice. "I sent my mom a text. (sigh) I thought we could meet for coffee before you go in to the office in the morning.what do you think?" "Sure, whatever you need." I try to reassure her, raising her foot I gently kiss her toes.

"Then as soon as I get off of work, we'll go into the city and celebrate your birthday!" I try to change the tone of things and lift her spirits. No matter how hard I tried there was still a heavy tension with her the rest of the night. --- --- Morning comes and I try to calm Kendra's nerves. Her hands were shaking slightly and I could feel her heart pounding whenever I would give her a hug.

Pulling into the parking lot and putting the car in park, I look over and smile at Kendra. My arm is on the headrest and I caress her fresh love bite on her neck and lean over to kiss her. She only pulls away with a tight smile. Looking me briefly in the eye, she sighs heavily, "What's the worst thing they can do?" "Just hate me the rest of their lives, right?" "Oh sweetie, I am sure everything will be just fine." I try to encourage her although she only rolls her eyes and turns to get out of the car.

As we walk into the coffee shop I quickly notice John Stevenson, the gentleman that sat in my office a few weeks earlier. We negotiated details between our companies and he was none the wiser that I had been sleeping with his step daughter. Sitting next to him was a striking woman, besides the short silver hair was a perfect older version of Kendra. She stands to give Kendra a light hug and kiss on the cheek, Kendra replies with a short "Good morning, Mom.Father." John doesn't stand and only narrows his eyes when he recognizes me although doesn't say anything.

Sitting down across from them, nothing is said for a moment until John sternly waves off the waitress when she tries to hand us menus. "This is.um…my girlfriend, Madison.

This is my mom, Vivian and my step father.John." Kendra stumbles out with a noticeable fear.

"It's nice to meet you dear." Her mom says warmly while extending her hand to me. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Mrs. Stevenson. I've heard so much about you." I lie. Vivian replying, "We always enjoy meeting any of Kendra's friends". "No Mom, this is my girlfriend.

Remember when you asked if I was seeing any one?" Vivian's face drops; John calmly pushes his chair back and sets down his napkin that was balled in his fist. "Good day" were the only words he spoke before leaving to walk outside. Through clenched teeth Vivian leans forward, "Congratulations, you've upset your father in record time, Kendra" grabbing her expensive purse she turns and leaves without saying another word.

Kendra drops her head into her hands and sighs, "Well that went better than I thought." "I think they like me, but it might be too soon to start calling them Mom and Dad, huh?" I try to joke. "Fuck it, he never liked me anyways and she always took his side over mine." She says nervously "Cheer me up, Maddie!

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Tell me again what we're doing tonight for my birthday." "Well." I draw out and smile. "You.old lady." "Hey chica, you're still two years older than me!" she chuckles.

I thought she was overly paranoid earlier this morning but she actually knew exactly how it was going to go. I continue while noticing that Kendra is starting to relax and lightens up a bit. "We are going to meet up with Tracy and Tammy, the infamous T-N-T around five and we'll all take my car into the city. If that is okay with you?" She laughs and nods for me to continue. "We have reservations at that fancy French place that you read about." She smiles. "Then we are going to take a cab to Club X and get giggity wit it!" "You're such a dork!" She rolls her eyes playfully.

"And I got us a room that overlooks old downtown." I lean and whisper against her shoulder. "Then I am going to devour your body into the wee hours of the morning" biting at her skin sending goose bumps down her arm. "Oh god," She moans lightly while staring blankly at the table. "But until then, you better keep your hand out of your panties.

That is my job." I say before dragging my teeth against her bare shoulder and draw small circles with my finger at the base of her neck. She whimpers slightly at my touch. "Let's get going, you can drop me off at my office. Do you mind, getting the rest of our stuff ready today?" I ask. "Not at all", she smiles. We continue talking as we make our way back to the car and Kendra hops in the driver seat. As we make our way down a few side streets we continue to finalize our plans for our long weekend and I lightly run my fingers up and down the top of her thigh.

"I think I am going to take the bottom drawer of your dresser and dump all of our toys into a suitcase!" She teases me.

"Please do!" I reply as I lean over and run my hand under her summer dress.


On the inside of her thigh, teasing the tips of my fingers closer to her pussy. Once she pulls into the parking lot she slides a little lower in the seat and widens her legs as much as possible. I move my thumb to press against her tendon at the apex of her legs and immediately notice that she's not wearing any panties.

My eyes widen and then cup her whole mound and squeeze firmly. "What do we have here, naughty girl?!" I husk out as I lean over to kiss her neck. As she rolls her neck, she mewls softly before trying to talk. "I wanted to remind myself of the new me (I squeeze my palm disrupting her normal thought pattern).th…this morning and.also give you s.something to think about.

I wanted to make sure you had proper moti.vation to avoid any late meetings or (my middle finger slides through her moist heat).mmmm.conference calls." "You don't have any problem there" I husk out as I curl my middle finger and continue to caress her wet labia. Suddenly we both jump when someone raps their knuckles on the hood of the car.

I turn quickly and remove my hand, flipping down Kendra's dress. "Kiss her already and get to work, you're not on vacation yet!" My boss Bill laughs out. "Morning, Kendra!" he continues with a smile. "Morning, Bill!" Kendra replies as she turns 7 shades of red. I give her a quick kiss as I giggle against her lips. "I'll see you at 4:30, okay?!

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Love ya!" As I get out of the car. I quickly catch up with Bill and wave bye to Kendra. I start my work day by organizing my daily agenda and in concentration, I flip through a few reports and put my pen sideways in my mouth to free my hands. Although inevitably I smell Kendra's femininity on my middle finger and I close my eyes and breathe in deeply. I have a smile of happiness knowing just moments earlier I was stroking her slit. My eyes snap open when my phone buzzes and hear my assistant say "Mr.

Stevenson is." Right then my office door opens swiftly and is closed by an irritated John Stevenson. He takes a few long strides and stands before my desk and I stand to meet his posture. He raises one finger and points at me and through clenched teeth he growls "You are going to drop this.this thing that you have with my daughter and tell her that you made a big mistake." "And if I don't?" I say with complete confidence.

He smirks with equal confidence, "I will pull my company's million dollar contract and not only for your division but for the whole East Coast. Then I will sue you for contract violation and that you were involved with un-ethical acts of research when you started dating my new VP's Assistant." He continues with even a little spittle coming out of his mouth.

"You have until Monday; I expect to hear from you when I get back from my business trip." Without waiting for any retort, he turns and walks out of my office and I hear him politely apologize to Jenny for the unscheduled interruption and wish her a nice weekend. God, he is so damn arrogant, it makes me sick. I fall to my chair with my mind racing, "He can't do that can he, Kendra doesn't work for him?!?" I ask myself.

"Fuck!" I say out loud. If he has the proper attorneys, he could do almost anything that he sets his mind to. I feel tears pricking at the back of my eyes. How will Kendra take this, is she confident enough with her new orientation to endure this battle? If I lose my job would our new relationship be strong enough to withstand it? I can't think, I want to go talk to my boss but don't know how he will take it. He has always been supportive, although when it comes down to it.business is business."Damn it." I swear under my breath.

I try to think about all of the possibilities and what will be best for Kendra and me. I just don't know if Kendra will truly put me before her father. My day goes by painfully slow and can only come up with a half ass plan.

4:30 finally rolls around and I grab my messenger bag and my lap top. Inside I have a copy of the contract that will now be the focus any spare moment I can find even though I decide to wait until Sunday to tell Kendra.

Hopefully I will be able to come up with a clause in the contract and an overall plan on how to handle this whole situation. but right now I don't want to ruin Kendra's birthday weekend.

I walk out to the parking lot and I see my vintage Mustang already parked in my reserved spot and Kendra has already moved over to the passenger seat. As I open the door I take a deep breath and try to put on my best fake smile.


Turning to see Kendra's smile genuinely makes my tight shoulders feel better.slightly. Leaning over for a kiss releases more stress. momentarily.

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"Remember where we left off this morning?" as she slowly starts sliding her dress up. I smile at her beauty and playfulness, "Slow down there tiger, don't get me started just to leave me hanging!

We got to go pick up the girls by 5." I explain. We drive right to Tracy's place to pick up her and her girlfriend Tammy. We drive directly to the city which takes a little over 2 hours. The girls are well on their way to enjoying themselves since they have been passing a flask back and forth.

Although since I was driving I mainly sulked in my frustration. Every once in a while would catch Tracy staring at me through the rear view mirror and she was even so bold to mouth the words "What's wrong?" I shake my head and sigh in frustration because even though I was able to fool Kendra up to this point, Tracy wasn't buying it! We reach the hotel, unpack and still arrive via cab to our 8 o'clock dinner reservations.

Waiting for our meal to arrive I order a round of dirty martinis. When Kendra excuses herself to the restroom, I reach over and steal Tracy's drink and slam it in one gulp. I needed a little extra alcohol tonight but didn't want to tip off Kendra that I was upset. "So NOW are you going to tell me what's going on?" Tracy asks. "NOPE." I say tightly and Tracy then knows by my tone to let it rest.

I have a couple more dirty martinis and slowly start to unwind. After dinner we all squeeze into a cab and head to a popular gay night club. As soon as we walk in they quickly usher us to a roped off VIP area after giving them my name.

Kendra smiles at me and leans over and whispers in my ear, more like yells over the loud thumping music "Sweetheart, you shouldn't have!" "I wanted to make it special, happy birthday, baby!" I return with a light kiss. As they all get seated, I tell them that I am going to go to the restroom and will be right back.

I try to work my way through the crowd and find the bathroom through sea of people and flashing lights. Suddenly a few people move out of my way and there stands John Stevenson. The only thing that is wider than my eyes is his. Before he can say anything a handsome young man in a tight muscle shirt crashes into him throwing his arms around him and yells in an overly dramatic voice, "Johnny, there you are big guy!

You almost lost me!" I smile from ear to ear knowing that ol' Johnny here has a secret! I see in his eyes a pleading look. I signal with my eyes over to the VIP area, indicating where Kendra is sitting. "Come on, let's go!" He yells at the young man. "Buuuttt.Johnny Be Good, we just got here!" the young stud whines.

I laugh out loud and continue to make my way to the bathroom. When I return to the roped off area I quickly decide to never tell Kendra about what I saw. That will be up to Johnny Be Good, I giggle at the thought of his pet name. Sitting down next to Kendra, running my hand along her thigh, I get her to look at me. I grab her neck and kiss her passionately as I force my tongue into her mouth.

She yelps in surprise but quickly kisses me back with the same hunger.

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"Mmmm, I got to get you drunk on dirty marties more often!" She replies. "I'm not drunk, I just love you…happy birthday baby!" I smile. I look over in Tracy's direction, to only see a slight smile of relief on her face. My longtime friend knows that for whatever reason, everything is better now. We continue to dance and party into the late night hours.

Watching Kendra dance in her tight black dress has me worked up and I want to get back to the room as soon as possible. It was just too much because while she danced her dress even though it was mid-thigh has now drifted up and revealing more of her stunning thighs.

When I caught a glimpse of the top of her garter belt, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her off the dance floor.


"We are going to take an early cab back to the hotel; we'll see you gals in the morning!" I say loudly to Tracy and Tammy. Back at the hotel, the elevator door dings and Kendra and I are alone.

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I lean against her and successfully pin her to the wall. Kissing my way across her chest, I take in the lingering scent of her perfume and she sighs at my touch. "What does my birthday girl want tonight?" I husk out against her neck and end with a gentle bite to her earlobe. "I'm yours; use me any way you want!" She whispers to my ear. "Mmmmm, promise!" I groan to my sexy woman as I move my thigh between her legs and press against her core.

"I.I dare you" Kendra whimpers against my neck. I release a deep throaty growl of desire only to be interrupted as I hear the elevator doors open. I turn around to be more presentable to the new passengers.

Kendra and I see a husband standing with his mouth gaped open, frozen in place. Then the wife clears her throat loudly and elbows him in the ribs. "We'll take the next one, thanks" She hisses. Alone again we look at each other and giggle. As the elevator travels the last two floors we are barely able to keep our hands to ourselves. Once we arrive on our floor, I step into the hallway and take off my heels and Kendra follows my lead. She knows what I'm silently asking for and she pulls ahead slightly so I can watch her from behind.

My eyes start at her bare feet and legs and slowly move up as I drink her in. She knows when my eyes get to her ass because I moan quietly but it quickly turns to a groan when she adds a little wiggle and sway to her step. Finally we reach our room; Kendra gets the key card out of her clutch purse but so cleverly drops it and bends over slowly to pick it up.

"Oh my God!" I husk as I grab her by her hips and pull her ass into my crotch and grind against her slowly. The door opens and we stumble in to our room and immediately wrap each other up with groping hands.

Kissing her roughly, I find the small zipper at the middle of her back and lower it, oh so slowly. My pussy aches at the sight of her body that would be naked if it wasn't for her black stockings and garter belt. My red dress has now joined hers on the floor and I step to her. Moving her quickly, she lets out a whimper when I pin her to the wall. With steady pressure, I push my thigh between hers. We moan together as she lowers herself to increase the pressure but I bring it back to tease her.

Lacing our fingers together, I raise her arms above her head. I attack her neck, knowing it is one of her weak spots. "Don't.do not move your hands" I mumble into her neck. My hands cup her small round breast and I toy with her stiff nipples.

Kendra knows and enjoys when I make demands during our love sessions. She arches her back to push herself into my hands, although I pull back again denying her the satisfaction. With my hands now braced on the wall next to her hips, I lower my head and gently flick her left nipple with the tip of my tongue.

A soft whimper escapes her lips. "What was that, did you say something?" I say against her breast, letting my warm breath tease her skin. "Hmmm, no." She breathes out. "Oh, I thought you asked me to stop." I say with a smile again and watch her skin erupt in goose bumps. "No, don't stop!" She gasps out almost in a panic I flick her other nipple and then drag my teeth across the hard pebble like skin before taking it in my mouth. I lash at her hungrily and then stop abruptly. Letting my fingertips lightly dance across her pelvis, her firm stomach tightens at the sensation.

My other hand caresses her thigh as I let the tip of my finger trace lightly under the lacey top of her stockings and then drag my nails to her ass and repeat the same teasing with her lacey panties. Touching Kendra's body has me drunk on her and can feel my heart beating in my throbbing pussy.

My hunger for her taste returns. I leave a trace of wet sloppy kisses down her stomach and to her hip as I drop to my knees. I take large gentle bites at her hip and roughly grab her ass. She rewards my efforts with a whine wanting more. Moving my way to her beautiful pussy, I kiss her gently. She mewls in anticipation although keeps her hips still. I hum and chuckle lightly against her womanhood, appreciating her obedience.

With the full length of my tongue I slowly slide through her love petals. She is so wet and sweet in taste I could not hold back anymore. I have always enjoyed the taste of a woman although I am completely addicted to her and only her.

Now wanting my fix and wanting to satisfy my appetite, I lash at every inch of her with the strength of my tongue. Kendra raises her leg over my shoulder and pulls me into her wetness.

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We both benefit from this new position as I take in more of her. My nose rubs gently across her clit and I inhale to add to my enjoyment.

Growling at the sensation all of my senses are at max level when I tease her love hole with my tongue and she drops her hips slightly taking more of me in.

We lock eyes and her pupils are wide at the sight of me devouring her cunt. She couldn't keep her hands still any longer and she braces herself with one hand against the wall and the other grabs at my long wavy brown hair. Even though she is so close she tries to push me away. I know she wants to build her climax as long as possible and please me as well although I will not have it.

I enjoy her sweet juice being all over my face and keep a firm latch on her throbbing clit with my firm lips and push my face harder into her. Kendra could not keep the free falling feeling from hitting her body and forfeits the fight.

She tries to yell my name but only grunts of pleasure escape her lips when she exhales after holding her breath. Her body shudders harder than I have ever witnessed and her hips continue to roll into me for the longest time as my face gets soaked with her juice.

Slowing my motions slightly I draw large circles with my tongue across her swollen, pulsated tendrils. Opening her eyes she looks longingly into my eyes and brushes my bangs out of my eyes.

Giving her one last kiss on her wet mound, I stand and passionately kiss the woman I love. "Oh lord, Madison! Why can't it be my birthday every day? That was so awesome!" "Anything for my love!" I explain.

"As for you, my love, get on the bed." Demands Kendra. I protest caringly, "Just try to tell me what to do, this is your birthday. let me give you a massage." Kendra accepts with little protest knowing that I am a lot more stubborn than her and also she loves it when I massage her and knead any unknown stress from her body. While she lays on her stomach, I start at her feet.

Gently but firmly move my knuckles across the ball of her foot. Then move my strong thumbs into her calf muscle. When my touch has relaxed her whole body I continue to enjoy every inch of her skin with kisses. Her skin is getting to me and I feel light headed and need my own release. As I kiss my way up Kendra's back, I add a few gentle bites and swirls of my tongue. Once I get to her neck I chuckle to myself because my birthday girl has fallen asleep.

I fall to my side and snuggle up next to her. Soon her rhythmic breathing has me relaxed and I fall asleep too. "Mmmm" I moan as I slowly wake to Kendra's fingers gently caressing my back as she kisses me in between my breast.

"And good morning to you, love" I say with a rough sleepy voice. "Good morning, I am sorry I fell asleep on you last night. Will you ever forgive me? She playfully pleads. "I don't know, I'm pretty upset" I tease back and try not to giggle. "How about I eat your puss, until you forgive me?" She chuckles against my skin. "I don't know it might take a while, I'm pretty mad!" I chuckle. I can't help but let out a full smile at the simple thought of her between my legs.

She slowly moves lower with each kiss and lick. Below my bellybutton she pauses to add to the anticipation. I whimper wanting her to continue lower. I can feel her smile against my skin and I groan dramatically and push down on her shoulders and she laughs before she continues lower. Suddenly we are interrupted by an evil laugh ringtone coming from Kendra's cell phone. She looks up at me and rolls her eyes in anger.

"That's my asshole step dad, always ruining everything. I'm not going to be yelled at this early in the morning, he can just leave me a voice mail." "Oh come on, don't be a baby… I think you should get it" I smirk, trying not to indicate anything with my words. She reluctantly rolls off the bed to retrieve her phone. Sitting back on the bed she stares at her phone for a second before sighing and hitting the green accept button.

As she answers with a stern "Yes, Father" I slide over in the bed and bite at her bare ass playfully and she pushes me away with a stressed clearing of her throat. I giggle silently remembering John's pet name from his young boy toy. All of a sudden I see Kendra's shoulders relax and she continues with a series of okays and uh-huhs.

"Yes father, I mean dad… I'll do that&hellip.okay. I love you too." Kendra says into the phone before hitting the end call icon. Kendra looks over at me with the most confused look on her face, although I am already smiling from ear to ear. "Well…I think hell just froze over! That was my dad and he just told me that he loves me and that he will always support me&hellip.and he even said that I made a good choice in you and how smart you are. He even told me to tell you hi&hellip.?!?" "See, I told you should have taken the call!" "I think that has to be the best birthday present ever!" She says with a big toothy grin.

"I am so glad you and your dad are doing better." "No, I mean the best present is that I now get to be with you and don't have to hide it!!" she says as she lays down on top of me. "Now I want my birthday cake" as she resumes to her previous spot between my thighs.