European classy lesbians spread their legs and use toy on their pussies

European classy lesbians spread their legs and use toy on their pussies
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And when the full moon rose on a hot and humid South African night, this timid and petite young 19 yr old Hindi girl found herself overcome by the charm of the 45yr old married large round and hairy Mr Razzak who spoke to her over bbm while she lay on her 23 yr old boyfriend Anesh's lap in the chill room of the rave club while they both rushed on xtc pills and had me very emotional.

I messaged Razzak to say how I'd love to see him now while feeling this way and disregard my words in the past denying him my company due to him being married.

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The old wealthy Muslim CEO told me to meet him outside the club alone in half an hour when he messages me and so I agreed with hidden inner joy before dancing like a pro stripper for the time I waited inspired by pure joy.

He messaged me sooner than spoken and so I excused myself from my bf and told him I'm taking a drive with my girlfriend Tracy who covered for me after hearing my reason and so I trotted down the path in my shirt sexy black dress and boots with silver accessories and chains glistening along with my red lip glossed lips and shiny sparkling face powder when I saw Razzaks luxury merc parked at the end with lights flashing to signal me.

My heart raced suddenly like a little girl with butterflies in my tummy as I climbed into the passenger side and shut the door to turn to my mature admirer and smile sweetly.

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Razzak asked to give daddy a kiss so I leaned over to him and held his shoulder to kiss him on the lips and felt his hands wrap my petite body to pull closer for him to press his thick lips on mine and kiss me deep and passionate. I melted into him with silence and acceptance as the old married man gave me a French kiss and shattered through all my boundaries of staunch Hindu morality which broke over me like a wave ecstasy and made me rush even harder to tremble in his arms and moan silently.

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Razzak asked if I'm ok while my face lay close enough to feel his warm spicy breath when he spoke and had me reply yes I'm perfect now. He caressed my long black hair and asked if I'd take an hour long drive with him and had it covered so I messaged Tracy of my trip with Razzak and had her reply she's real proud of me for pursuing my emotions and cautioned me to use condoms and not get pregnant and also try staying clear of Anesh my bf for tonight in case I'm feeling a bit sore afterward with a wink at the end.

I thanked her while we drove off into Randburg and into a dark home with the electric gate closing behind us and suddenly the house lit up like it was alive which Razzak said was remote controlled by him and took me by my hand behind him to lead me to the big wooden door which he put a code to unlock and said I enter on one condition which was I don't hold back on anything while hear and let him make all my dreams and fantasies come true which I agreed to out of my secret love for the old man and entered behind him to be lead into the lounge an seated on the large plush couch with large flat screen tv playing a video while he left to use the bathroom.

I sat legs crossed and watched the video play the titles and move into a scene with school girls listening to a mature black teacher before the bell rang and they left with all but one very pretty young white teen remaining back as he asked her to stand by his side of the desk and be shown her copying in her assignment which he was to send her down to the headmasters office for punishment and her parents informed since she was an elite from wealthy family as all were at the school.

She stood back to plead for him to overlook this just once and swear to never do it again.

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The black guy ignored her for a while and then reconsidered to tell her he needs some physical attention to ease his nerves since he was single and had te teen schoolgirl stand frozen while he locked the door and went behind her little body to take her dress off and turn her with training bra and panty to him to kiss deeply.

The old black perv pulled his massive thick black shaft and balls out and below and lifted the girl up to his hips to straddle him and hold around his neck to lean back and hang from his huge body like a rag doll. He pulled her panty one side and opened her slit below to use lube from his drawer and smear along her slit underneath while she groaned after which he did himself as well.


He lifted the young white teen up and held his rod up like a spear to herbpussy to push up into it while lowering her squealing body slow and steady to ease himself in her deep. She took his 8inch looking dark meat thick as her wrist up in her body while I stared in amazement and deep erotic arousal and saw the little girl impale in his dark weapon to sink down all the way and held with her thin legs over his big arms and placing her bum low down with vulva wide open for her perv to stroke her deep and full yet slow and hard till she cried out with tears and pain in his shoulders and had him concise her like his child with such paternal love and emotion that she began calling his daddy.

She took his cock into her unprotected pussy for some time and had him roll her around after each full thrust inside her to widen her up a bit more each time and ease her pain into joy eventually till she began yelling yes she loves it so much and kissed him over again with love this time which Razzaks voice broke my attention from when he spoke from the side and asked if in enjoying that.

I looked at him and saw home wearing his white Muslim cap and robe with Sandles which had an opening at the crotch as he came closer to stand by me and stand me up to kiss me again wih passion that raced my heart and mind.

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I was putty again as he told me he has some very powerful xtc which he gets special made by his pedlar and sells on the side line which made him a powerful merchant as well and had me more excited. Razzak asked what I feel for him as he sat down and put me on his lap to fold my dress up my thighs and part my legs.

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I said I can't say cos it's wrong to feel this way for a married man twice my age and had him pull my confession from me to say I love him more than anyone I've ever loved before and had him seal it wih a kiss and request for me to become his fifth wife as per Islamic law allowed him to have and would keep it secret from the world while I went on with my life. He offered me spoils and a good life in return if I'd spent some time with him when possible and said I'd think about it before he used some KY jelly to squeeze in his hand and shift my panty aside in front of my crotch below to lube me slow and deep while holding his arm around me and gripping me close and tight to keep me in place while I Moaned and hissed to say how good that felt.

Razzak took the xtc capsules one by one and inserted them up my tiny pussy to finger them as deep as he could reach and leave them inside to dissolve while he massaged my tummy hard to mash them up in me. He kissed me and said the pills only work when mixed with a fluid with testosterone hormones but work stronger longer and harder than anything I'd ever have again which I really wanted along with his love right now and saw we had fourth minutes left on my watch before telling my Muslim lover to go ahead and fertilize the pills in my pussy with his semen cos im on birth control which I lied about for obvious reasons.

Razzak immediately lifted my dress off me and removed my bra to suck my medium sized perky breasts and see my yellow tabeej string tied around my hips for a prayer of fertility when coming of age as I described to him and had him intrigued.


He said her like to give me a baby when in ready which I'd disguise as my bfs and agreed again to have the huge round fat hairy Muslim playa pull me on his lap to straddle him on the couch while he pulled his dick out below hidden from my sight for his surprise. I smiled at him close by and listened to him name me Zeenat as my secret Muslim name which I liked and kissed him till he finished lubing his cock below and lifted my petite Hindu sexy body up on his chest to hold his giant peach sized circumcised cock head on my slit and lower me down to stuff into me.

I began rushing on the xtc inside me which hit hard and fast to take over my mind and body and make me hang loose and drowsy with deep love and passion as Razzak suddenly made me cry with pain from below and console me saying sssshhhhh it's ok my little Hindi princess's it's ok.

I grabbed him hard and cried over his shoulder like a child as he opened my tiny pussy up like a flower in bloom and spread my petals over his big juicy head to swallow him like a ball of lust and feel it stretch it's was along my tight Hindu vagina slow and painful.

He filled me pass my belly button and rested on my insides which he made me hold on and relax while he moved in further.

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I felt him press hard against the end of my love canal and force my cervix open which left me to breath with joy from the pain and had him completely fill his thick Muslim dick into my womb before resting me to sit on his pelvis.

He rolled my hips around to loosen me up further before seeing twenty minutes left and stood up wih me to hold up hanging off his body loosely and stroke his shaft up into me deep and full while I cried like a baby before him: I begged him to marry me while the pills ok ivr and made me scream out I love him more than life itself and want him forever which he said he will do tonight and went in deep to roll his head inside my young womb like a glove of love over his dick making him hiss with such delight and joy from the feeling of my body while thrusting again like a steady piston of lust to open my Hindu rosebud into full bloom and leave a red puffy open flower of love in its place after.

Razzak placed me on the couch below and held my legs back and apart wide to spear his shaft down into my body deep and full once more till he pulled a load of semen from his large swollen balls and pressed into my baby chamber to release a massive sea of cum down his shaft and into my Hindu baby chamber.

I filled up in my tiny little womb with is baby juice and was directly fertilized without him knowing while he milked the last bit in me and left me to hold my position while he withdrew from my soft soppy wet gape and placed a tampon in me before making me close my legs and lower them to stand up and seal my vagina up. I kissed him and lay flat on the couch while he prayed in Arabic and did a ceremony to wed me right there before he said im marked inside as his wife now with his semen and Muslim blood runs through my Vains now.

I accepted my new husband and kissed him before cleaning up in the bathroom and dressing up to have him drop me off at the club again and tell Tracy my tale of erotica.