Lesbo gals give each other some fantastic pussy licking

Lesbo gals give each other some fantastic pussy licking
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I'm a senior at a catholic high school. Sheltered, I bet you're thinking. Maybe, maybe not.

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Who cares. What really matters is the short-as-hell skirts, right? I'm a pretty cool guy. I get along with just about every type of kid in our class. But that doesnt make me blind. All the skanks in school wear the skirt so insanely high you could probably see their pussies if you tried hard enough. But I think that's what they want. Dana was probably the biggest slut at our school. She was the town bicycle, y'know?

Unfortunately, the only time i see her is 3rd period, is Microsoft Office class. where basically all we do is spin around in our wheelie chairs for 45 minutes. Which also means we have no desks to cover up in case of emergency.

None of Dana's other slutty friends are in this class with her, so she just sits around the "hot" guys. She's always groping them and such, but it seems like they didn't want her.

She was very gorgeous, her face was beautiful, some nice perky tits. not big. but not small, and ass that would make a gay guy look twice. I think it's bvecause they knew her reputation. Well of course it was one boring day in MS Office.

I walked in pretty early like i usually do and sat down to turn on my computer. Not much later, Dana came flaunting in and was talking to the teacher for a little bit. I couldnt help to stare at her. Dave, the guy who sits next to me noticed me looking and chuckled. I looked over at him, and we both gave a deviate smile to eachother.

i turned around and logged on. The computers are slow as hell, so i spun back around. I sit right at the corner of 2 tables, so when i turn around I'm basically looking right down an alley of computers, which is conveniently where she sits. I noticed that still not many people were in the room.

I was plainly staring around the room and i noticed her letting her soft blond hair down, turned away from me. By an act of God, the hairpin fell from her hand down onto the floor. It seemed like it was in slow motion as she bent over to pick it up. My mouth was wide opne, staring until Dave smacked me in the arm. He whispered to me "Cut it out, she's gonna notice!". I smirked and whispered back, "Hell if I care.". The bell rang and we got into class.

About 5 minutes in, I looked as if I were staring at my screen, but the tape just playing back in my head. I kept seeing her softly bend over so innocently.

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I could'nt help but getting hard in a few short seconds. I came back to reality when I head Chris, another guy that sits next to me, tell me to watch something. We always watch crazy videos of car crashes and shit in class.

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I was'nt really watching the video though. the same thing kept going on in my head. Often Dana would come over to my computer and ask me stuff about what and how we did the stuff we were doing in class. I'm pretty smart in that class, and i guess you could say im the go-to guy. Well, this day she came over and leaned over my shoulder like she usually did. I quickly tried to cover up and scrambled around. She asked me some question but I felt myself turning red and just said "I dunno." I could tell she knew I was lieing.

She quickly replied with "You don't know? Oh c'mon you know everything about this stuff!". She stood behind me with her arms crossed. I still sat there, looking at my computer screen, flushed. I tried to act cool in the situation and brought myself to think she wouldn't notice the bulge.

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I spun my chair around and looked up at her. I just said "Hey, I don''t know this stuff, I'm sorry. I haven't been paying attention the last few days.".

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I could tell she noticed. Her eyes were trailing down from mine, to my crotch. I felt myself getting even more flushed, and I spun my chair back around at my computer.

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I did tell her the truth though, I hadnt been paying attention and I had no idea what we were doing in class. A few minutes later, she sent me an IM on my computer (yes, we also get on AIM in class.I think you can tell we dont do much work). It read "Guys Bathroom, ASAP". Yeah, holy shit. She was a slut, but I didn't care. she was HOT. I came around to myself and got up the courage to go. She was already missing from the classroom. I didn't noticed if anyone saw the bulge in my pants, I didn't really care.

I half-ran to the boys bathroom right down the hall and I saw her in there waiting, her arms crossed. All she said was "What took ya so long?" I couldn't even answer. She walked over to me and grabbed my arm.

She threw me into one of the stalls and she walked in with me. I sat down on the toilet and she got on her knees in front of me. I was in complete awe. She looked up at me with the sexiest look on her face, but I could only stare with my mouth wide open. She unzipped me and pulled out my full cock. It was 7" and I knew shes had bigger. She started licking the full length. My body quivered. Her cute blue eyes innocently looked up at me as she worked me up.

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She brought her hand up and started stroking me as she began to lick my nuts. I sighed very loudly. A few seconds later she stopped and stood up. She lifted off her sweater and unbuttoned her blouse. The slut wasn't wearing a bra, so instantly I saw her cute tits that I had wanted for so long.

She got back down on her knees and put her mouth around my head. I moaned a little and she flicked it with her tongue. After that, she started moving her head down.


Slwoly, I saw her ease the full length all the way into her. Her nose was tight up against my skin and she kept it there for about 5 seconds. After, she eased her head back up and off my cock. She gazed at me and breathed out heavily. She wiped off her mouth, and went back onto me. She was moving her up and down along me. I intently watched her every move. She was moving her head around and flicking the shaft with her tongue. She started going faster, bracing her hands on my thighs. I kept watching her, I sifted my hand through her silky blond hair and she looked up at me, with a mouth full of cock.

It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I heard a muffled chuckle come out of her and she looked back down onto her mission. She went faster, and deeper. I could feel myself building up. I started jolting my hips up into her to get it all the way into her.

She started grunting and panting with each gulp. She took her head off of me and and told me to stand up. There wasnt much room in the stall, but I was standing there holding the top of the stall door as she was on her knees in front of me, wanting my cum.

I put my one hand on the back of her head and pushed her deep onto me. "Fuck, I'm cumming." I said as I took my hand off of her. She quickly took her head off of me and stuck her chest out in front of my cock. She started to stroke me vigorously until I couldn't hold it anymore.

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I felt myself twitch and I shoot a load right in between her tits. She took my cock in her hand and put it in beween her two tits and rubbed it with them. I kept shooting streams up onto her neck and chin, as my dick glided in between her fantastic breasts. She got up and collected herself and smiled over at me. The only thing she said to me as she walked out was, "This doesnt change anything between us!" She winked. and walked out.