Busty Secretary fucking Boss in Office

Busty Secretary fucking Boss in Office
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I'll never forget the first time I met her.She came walking into my shop dressed in a pair of white shorts. She had a blouse on, that was unbuttoned, and fell loosely around her body reveiling a halter, that was holding in a pair of real nice headlights.

Can I help you I asked. Yes she replied. Are you Bill ?

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I said yup, what can I do for you ? She told me she had a friend in town that had told her I worked on foreign cars. I replied that we did. I said what you got, and what's the problem? She said well it's a little Fiat, and the engine is in the rear. She went on to tell me that the manuel that came with the car stated that the timing belt should be changed at sixty thousand miles, and that the car had almost seventy thousand miles on it.

Can you do that she asked. Oh yes no problem I said. When do you want this done, I'm full up today I told her. You can leave it if you'd like I don't know how hard it is to find parts for one of them little watch winders I added, but I should be able to get to it tomorrow.That's fine she said. I need it today anyway, I need to run a few errands, but I'll have it here in the morning.

I replied Ok that will be great. Let me fill out a work order and get some imformation. What's your name I asked her Cheryl, Cheryl Jonas she said, and went on giving me the rest of the imformation I needed. See you in the morning then, she said as she walked to the door. Damn I thought to myself, fuck I'm in love.Those two ass cheeks of her's were playing hell in those white shorts.Cheryl Jonas, I said to myself, I'm gonna fuck you, Yup one of these days, I'm gonna fuck you .

The following morning she returned with the car.


Damn I felt a rush just looking at her. How you doing today I asked. She replied fineI asked her if she needed a ride somewhere, but she replied that her daughter was pickin her up.

I told heryou can wait for her in my office if you want to. I drove the Fiat into the shop and throwed a jack under it.

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I then started removing the timing cover fuck this was gonna be simple. About this tme her daughter arrived and Cheryl came out of the office .Call me when it's ready she said. Got in the car and rode off with her daughter. I finished removing the timing cover loosened the tenision pully and off with the belt. NAPA had a timing belt in stock and things were going my way concerning the little X- 19. I finished it up, hell it was lunch time. I washed up and locked the door put my gone fishing sign on the door and blasted off for the south fork diner.I ate there nearly everyday I loved to fuck with old Judy she was a funny gal she didn't mind whispering about fucking and could tell a pretty good cock story every now and then.

What you gonna have today she asked me. Oh fuck I think I'll have a piece of you I laughed she replied I told you before anytime you want some of this it's yours baby You're just a damn bullshitter she was laughing You don't really want this pussy you just want to talk about this pussy.now what the fuck you gonna eat.she laughed.

I ordered a cheeseburger, and some fries, and an ice tea. Judy came waddling back to my table with my lunch.she was a jokster, so I always checked under the bun She'd been known to slip a rubber pork chop between your bread and laugh like hell when you tried to chew it I finished my lunch and left her a tip.Thanks Judy I'll see you tomorrow.I got up and headed back to the shop.

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When I got there Cheryl and her daughter were parked in the drive way I need to get something out of the car she spoke I said well you can take it with you if you want it's ready Oh that's great she replied and turned to her daughter and said I'll see you at home after while.Angie. I unlocked the shop and she followed me inside. How much do I owe you she asked I replied I don't know I haven't even made the bill out on it yet.

We walked into the office and I set down and figured up her bill, we got to talking about this and that she was a widow I was married, she had the two kids at home, a boy besides Angie.

She said she was originally from Kentucky and that her father use to run a repair shop. I found her rather interesting, she knew alot more about automobiles than the average gal.She said I use to help my Dad alot around the garage.when I was young.

Well here goes I told myself, I may get a cussing but if you don't ask you'll never know . What would you think about cheating on my wife, I asked her. She looked up and replied call me sometime, and we'll find out.We laughed and I told her I damn sure will call you.

Anytime Bill she replied. now how much do I owe you. Oh yah! I about forget about that I replied.There was something about her, it seemed we had a lot in common. and the next six months or so we were becoming great friends, she would call with little problems on the car and I would try to explain to her what to do to resolve the problem.

We were talking on the phone quite regular.

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Sometimes we got down right sexy.I would ask her things like when are you gonna set on my face and she'd laugh and tell me one of these days. She had the sexiest voice on the phone and many of our conversations would end up with me having a huge hard on and no place to put it.

I started fantasising I was fucking her, when I was with my wife. She would tell me how much she wanted us to get togetherbut so far that hadn't happened.

Well one morning I was getting ready to go get some parts for a VW and that mean't I had to go to Athens about fifty miles from the shop. I had to go right by where Cheryl lived. and damn it was in the middle of the week and hell her kids would be in school, so I thought I'd give her a call and joke about stopping by for some coffee. come on by she laughed I haven't been up to long, and I've just put it on she replied.Ok I'll see you in a little bit.

I hung up the phone and headed in that direction. I gassed up the truck and bought a pack of breath mintsthis might be the day. I pulled into her drive and parked my old truck where it wasn't to noticeable from the highway and knocked on the door. She greeted me with a big smile and said come on in.

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I folowed her into the kitchen and sat down at the table.For just getting up you sure do look good this morning I told her. She replied thanks and poured us both a cup of coffee.

She was wearing a rose colored bath robe and a pair of white sandels and she had already put some make up on. her lips looked moist with the pink lipstick she was wearing, and what ever kind of perfume she had on was enough to make a man rape her . she did smell wonderful.she set the coffee pot down and set down at the table across from me and throwed her leg over the other she was wiggling her toes and her sandel was flopping back and forth on her foot.You want some breakfast she asked ?

I replied no thanksI'd rather have you I told her. She stood up and came around the table and sit down on the table next to me.Is that right she spoke. I said ya! that's right. She leaned over towards me an our mouths came together, she shot her tongue into my mouth, and I met her tongue with mine.

she had kindled the fire that had been burning inside mefor her, for so long.

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I reached and put my arms around her, and pulled her to me straight away, her legs dangled off the table on each side of mine. I layed my head down on her lap and the robe opened reveiling her stomach and her thighs I kissed her legs running my tongue between them and she opened her legs and I got a glimpse of her pussy she had it trimmed up and it was so smooth and a beautiful pink look about it I teased my tongue towards it licking the outside part of her crotch getting close to her clit but never touching it.

I felt her push her body to me and she leaned back on the table supporting her upper body with her arms. she began to whisper love talk oooh yes ohhh!!


I kept licking her crotch and savoring the sweet scent of her perfume, mixed with a little touch of her pee pee smell. My cock was jumping crazy in my shorts I reached out my tongue and flicked it back and forth on her cum button. She began to quiver and moan, has she pushed her pussy back hard against my mouth.

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She was wet now, her cunny was flowing like a river. I ran my tongue into her vaginal opening as far as I could sucking back all the cunt juice she was producing. Shoving my tongue in and out of her cunt bumping her clit with my top lip she was squirming and moaning "Oh my God Bill It's so good it's so fucking good" I then placed her clit in my mouth and sucked it into my mouth and at the same time I was running my tongue around and around it I could feel it swelling up like a little cock and I kept sucking, and licking it, and then like a Texas tornado she blew She was cumming,shooting fluid like a man.

She was screaming OHHHHHHHH God almighty ohhhhh I can't stand it. Oh God it's so fucking good.OOH AWHHH !! All the time I had been sucking her pussy I had been getting my pants loose and when I stood up they fell to my knees. I shoved my cock deep into her cunt I had seven inches and it curved up like a bannana I started driving it hard into her, leaning over her there on the table she reached up and put her arms around my neck pulled my face to hers and kissed me She locked her legs around my back and said take me to the couch.

I raised up with her locked around me, my cock still buried in her cunt.


I Stepped out of my pants. and carried her into the living room and layed her on the couch. I began again to slowly shove my cock deep into her ass she was humping back to meet my every thrust. the curve of my penis was rubbing the head of my cock directly on her "G" spot and she began unloading again I'm cumming again oh God Bill I love you Ohhhh fuck me fuck me fuck meee !

! Baby!! I felt my balls catch on fire and I started fucking her in a fast hard way driving it deep my pelvis bone ramming down on her clit, my balls slappng her ass hard.

It was so good and her cunt was so hot, I couldn't hold back any longer, and I started blowing my load deep inside her.

She felt the first squirt of my jism fly into her cunt and it set her up again she was bucking like a bronc and I was blowing shot after shot of cum into her cunt and she was crying that she was cumming again. I leaned over her and put my mouth to hers and she feed me her tongue .We layed there together my cock still inside her and sperm still leaking out of me into her pussy .We layed there talking, I told her about the first time when I had met her.

and how I had promised my self I was gonna fuck her someday.She laughed I always knew you were gonna fuck me someday.Fantasy do come true, Bill darlin. Fantasy's do come true.She lead me to the Bathroom, and we showered down together, holding each other in a tender wave of passion.

she smiled at me again and said Fantasies do come true Bill Fantasies do come true.