Honey I Fucked the Doll

Honey  I Fucked the Doll
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When Mom climbed on top of me, I was taken completely by surprise. She brought her knees up under her and kissed me lightly on the forehead.

At the same time, I placed my arms around her and let my hands caress her back and ass.

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Prove to me that yesterday wasn't a heat-of-the-moment fluke." And what if it wasn't" I asked. Then I may take you up on your offer." With that, I moved one of my hands up to her head and pulled her to me for a long sensuous kiss.

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Mom kissed back without hesitation and began to moan. Make love to me Jeff. Make me want you." The only thing between my mother's naked body and mine were a thin cover sheet and my boxers. I grabbed her and rolled over on top of her and then pulled the sheet down and away from her body. I took my time kissing, licking and nibbling my way down her exquisite body. We had the house to ourselves for hours. I bit her neck and earlobes, careful to not leave any marks, and moved down to her breasts.

She pulled at my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I bit her nipples, alternating from one to the other. I heard her hiss with pleasure every time I bit her. God Honey, you're gonna make me come doing that!" I moved my way down her belly, licking and biting the entire time. Mom couldn't stop moving beneath me as I caught my first whiff of her pussy.

It was intoxicating. There were no pretenses as I moved my mouth over her beautiful quim and flicked at her clit with my tongue. She screamed and pulled my head into her cunt, squeezing her legs against my head.

She came with such intensity, she nearly flooded my mouth with her juices as I continued to gently nibble her clit. Oh shit, oh baaaabbeeeee shit!" I lapped at her juices like I was a man coming out of the desert after two weeks without water. Mom's orgasm continued in one long flow of words I had never heard her use. Eat meeeeeee! Oh Honey, cummmiiinnnnggg, shit babeee, oh God shittt!" There was a sheen of sweat on her body as I moved back up to kiss her.

I laid beside her and pulled her to me in a long passionate kiss. It was more like we were trying to eat each other as we mauled each other's faces. You have no idea how long it's been since anyone did that to me." She said to me when we finally broke our kiss.

I continued to fondle her firm tits as we talked. I was shocked. Are you kidding me What does dad do to you at night" Your father and I haven't been getting along very well lately.

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Ever since I started competing we have sex once, maybe twice a month. It usually doesn't take very long either." I smiled at her. This is going to take a very long time." One of her hands moved down and began to gently massage my hard cock as we continued to kiss. It was becoming easier for me to see my mother as a beautiful desirous woman and not as my mother.

I wanted her to feel the same way about me. I want you Mom." You have me Baby. Now lie back." I did as she asked and she moved down to pull my boxers off. Once they were off, she grabbed my cock with both hands and began to jack me off. She moved her head closer to my dick and took a swipe at it with her tongue. I'm a little out of practice baby, so be patient. I've never tried with one so fat before." I stroked the back of her head and gently guided her onto my cock.

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She opened her mouth and began an oral assault on my dick that I can only describe as mind-blowing. For someone that said she was out of practice, Mom was a pro. She slid her tongue along the base of my shaft as she moved her mouth up and down along its length.

She played with my balls and sometimes stopped sucking my dick to take one of them in her mouth. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. Mom was moaning almost the entire time she worked at my dick and I moved around on the bed so that I could reach in and play with her clit as she sucked me off.

Once I started doing that, Mom really went wild. She started jacking my cock harder as she took more and more of it into her mouth.

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I felt the tell-tale burning sensation in my balls that signaled the beginning of my orgasm. Shit Mom, I'm gonna come!" She never slowed down as she brought me closer to the edge.

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I grabbed the back of her head and began to buck my hips up to meet her mouth. Suddenly, I erupted with the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Oh Fuck yeah!" I groaned, as Mom gave a surprised grunt of her own.

She swallowed jet after jet of my come, never taking her mouth off of my cock. When I was done shooting my load, Mom moved back up to me and laid her head on my chest. Both of us were sweating now, and Mom was breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. That was the first time I ever swallowed." She panted. Really" Yeah. It was awesome. I loved it!" There's more where that came from." I answered. I bent down and kissed her, tasting just a hint of my own come on her breath.

Our kissing became more passionate and it wasn't long before my cock sprang back to life and became hard as a rock. I rolled on top of her and before I had a chance to, Mom had reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding it to the entrance of her well lubricated snatch.

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Fuck me Baby! Fuck me with that fat cock of yours!" I pushed it inside of her as she groaned in anticipation.


The look on her face was one of apprehension as well as desire. Oh God honey, your cock is amazing!


Fill me up with that thing!" I continued to push it into her until it bottomed out with our pubic bones grinding against each others. I could feel her cervix with the head of my cock. Aaarggh, oh shit Jeff!

Your cock is going to punch a hole in me! You feel soooo goooood!" Mom immediately had another orgasm as I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her.

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She tightened her already tight pussy around me as I fucked her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and clawed at my back, begging me for more. I need you soooo badly babeee! Don't everrrr stop fuckingggg meeeee!

I moved my mouth to her ear and chewed on her earlobe before I began to shove my tongue into her ear canal. I want you too honey! I hissed into her ear. I want to make love to you every day!" Yessss, me tooooo!" She groaned. I continued to saw away at her pussy. The sounds that my dick was making as it slammed into her wet pussy were almost obscene.

Mom continued to moan as wave after wave of orgasms hit her. I tried to roll her over onto her stomach and do her from behind but she wouldn't let me. No Jeff, I want to watch you come in me." That comment alone almost made me come.

I increased the tempo and really began to slam into her. Her breath was coming in jagged gasps as I too felt myself gasping for air.


I was so turned on by fucking this hot sexy woman beneath me, I felt possessed. I'm gonna come Mom!" I told her as I felt my jism began to rise up inside me. Do it baby! Come in me harrrrrd!! She had another orgasm just as I released my load inside her.

Jet after jet of my spunk shot inside her as she screamed underneath me. It feels so fuckinnggg gooood in meeeee!!" I fell on top of her panting. At the same time however, we exchanged short passionate kisses between gulps of air. I looked over at the clock and noted we had been going at it for two-and-a half hours. I guess that gets the cardio out of the way." I'll say! God baby, you're going to get me addicted to this!" What's wrong with that Mom You sound like that's a bad thing." I rolled off of her and pulled her to me.

Whadda' you say we skip the gym today lover She had time to mutter one sentence before I pulled her mouth to mine. I love this." The conclusion in part 3