Petite newbie gets eaten and fucked

Petite newbie gets eaten and fucked
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When Jake got home, just as they said, his mom and Karen were just leaving; they both gave him last minute instructions and cash, letting him know that Paley was already inside having a snack. Jake still tried to look as if he were still upset with the idea but told his mom to have a good time and be safe before he watched them head down the street and turn the corner.

Then his face lit up. "Hey Paley, guess it's you and me this weekend." He said happily heading into the kitchen where the 11 year old was sitting at the table drinking a cup of milk. Paley was still in her school uniform, her hair up in a ponytail her books on the table. She turned to him sheepishly and nodded with a slight smile. Paley glanced down at Jakes crotch, her stomach fluttering at the prospect of possibly seeing his penis.

She had been preoccupied all day with how she could see it. She had thought of trying to catch him in the shower, or when he was sleeping. The crazy thought of just asking him also crossed her mind. She felt her nipples harden as a shiver of delight raced thru her and she took a gulp of milk. "I'm glad I get to hang out with you." Jake continued in a charming voice.

Paley's face lit up instantly. "Really? I didn't think you liked me." "No, I think you're cool. Yeah, I know I've been kind of busy," he walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. Paley shuddered with delight. Her tight little pussy flooding with warmth. "And it makes me a little mean sometimes." Jake continued feeling the little girl quiver under his touch.

"So, I'm sorry for that but I really want us to be friends and have as much fun as we can this weekend. OK?" "Yeah." Paley stared wide eyed and smiling at Jake. The thought of him showing her his penis may actually come true, she thought. She smiled again. He could see her melting before his eyes. This was going to be one of the best weekends of his life.

"What do you want for dinner?" he had walked to the frig and opened the door. "Pizza." Paley shouted gleefully. "I'll order some as soon as I take Lucky for a walk." "Ok. Can I come with you?" "Of course, get your jacket." She smiled and seemed to skip from the kitchen into the living room to get her jacket.

Jake chuckled to himself. This is gonna be so easy. x He wasn't going to put anything into action until he got the call from his mom when she arrived at the spa some 200 miles away. So with traffic it would take them about 3 ½ to 4 hours.

Jake did his best to keep his passion in check. He took the evening slowly, doing his best not to ogle the young girl. Though she had become a little shadow to him, following him like a puppy, smiling happily up at him. She was pleasant as well; smart and very funny now that he was actually talking to her. After dinner, Jake suggested that Paley get her shower out of the way and they could watch TV all-night in their PJs in the living room. He had already showered as well, stroking himself to some satisfaction in the hot water.

The idea of things to come that night had him anxious, horny and on edge. He put on a tank and board shorts with no boxers, letting his semi hard 8" cock bob freely. He had cleaned up his room just in case their adventures took them there.

He also had condoms standing by though he had no intention of using them. For Lucky, he had a thick pair of his socks ready to use so the dog wouldn't scratch up Paley's back when the time came. He had been watching dog porn on his phone all day at school. Lucky paced anxiously as the two males waited for the little girl to come from upstairs. Paley finally arrived, her long curly jet black hair was down around her shoulders like a veil and she was wearing a long turquoise t-shirt that looked gorgeous set against her caramel colored skin, and panties underneath.

Her large breasts wobbling under the cotton fabric as she walked. Jake's cock swelled immediately as he tried to avert his eyes. Lucky sat up straight staring at the beautiful little girl. She smelled fresh, like strawberries and her dark hair was still damp and clinging to her. Her thick fan of eyelashes fluttered as she blinked her hazel eyes.

She smiled up at Jake innocently as he stared at her, libidinous thoughts racing thru his mind. She was so petite next to his tall, lean muscled body and the thought of taking extra care not to hurt her once things got started crossed his mind.

Jake was a bit rough when it came to sex, nothing violent but rough horseplay was what he liked. The two had a fun time filling the center of the huge living room with every pillow they could find. Then Jake proceeded in making them a blanket fort right in front of the huge 70" flat screen TV.


Paley wasn't much of a girlie girl and this basic stuff, set up by her new best friend already had stars in her eyes. Jake noted that Paley was already the seductress though she didn't realize it as she rolled around playfully in the pillows, giggling and cooing as he put everything together. Then right on cue at about 9 pm, his mom called. He checked the location services in his phone to make sure she was at the spa. He couldn't be too careful with what he was planning. The women were eager to start their weekend and didn't linger too long on the phone with either child.

"Your mom still wants you to go to bed early." Jake said sternly after finishing the call. "Really?" Paley had been looking forward to staying up with her new best friend, and a look of defeat spread across her face. "Yeah, but she's not here so we don't have to do that." Jake chuckled throwing the phone on the sofa, and sitting on a pile of pillows next to the little girl.

"Just when she asks tell her you did, ok?" "Ok." Paley said sitting down crossing her lean legs. Jake got a good look up her shirt seeing her stripped panties. He wondered if she was horny or not. The girl always seemed to be horny, so things were progressing nicely. The two put on a movie and Jake took every opportunity to lightly touch or tickle the girl, getting her used to his touch.

She responded beautifully, falling back into the plush surroundings giggling as Jake tickled her under her arms and her belly. He was getting hornier and hornier as she wiggled and gyrated in his arms.Her lithe supple body was almost more than he could take.It wasn't until his hand slipped under her shirt that she stiffened. Too soon. He thought as she sat up wide eyed; a nervous smile on her face and directed her attention to the TV. Paley was angry with herself, when Jake was tickling her it had felt so good, she didn't want it to end.

Then she had felt his hand on her butt and was surprised by it. She didn't know how to get him to start again. Jake put on a scary movie and Paley immediately nuzzled up against him as the movie started. Like clockwork though Lucky knew it was getting to the point when he would be able to lick the little girl's pussy. As that time came and went, he became more anxious. Paley didn't notice curled up next to Jake watching the horror movie she had been forbidden from seeing, but Jake noticed.

He was getting anxious too, enough of the cool older brother type shit had been going on that evening. Jake wanted to fuck. But he still had to ease the little girl into it. "Hey Paley, if I show you something special will you promise not to tell?" Paley's eyes widened. He might actually show me his penis without me having to ask she thought. "I won't tell," she said slowly, her panties flooding with moisture, her nipples stiffened instantly.

"Cool I'll be right back." Within in a few minutes much to Paley's dismay Jake was still dressed. But he brought in a disc and put it on the DVD player. "This is a movie I like to watch, you wanna watch it with me?" "Sure." Whatever Jake thought was cool, Paley was sure she would like as well. Jake had turned off all the lights in the house and Paley was sure it was another scary movie.

Jake smirked taking the remote and sitting back down on the mountain of pillows, as Lucky continued to nudge and whine next to Paley. He started the DVD, it was a porno and Jake started right in on the action. A beautiful thin naked busty blonde was on all fours, sucking a guy off while another guy pounded her from behind. She moaned loudly swallowing the thick glistening long cock in front of her as the camera angle changed to show the close up of the other long wet cock pounding savagely in and out of the pink cunt from behind.

Jake looked over at Paley, her eyes wide, mouth open. Her chest was heaving as she sat transfixed. He could almost see her nipples get hard against the t-shirt she was wearing. She sat mesmerized for several minutes. "Do you like this type of stuff?" "Huh?" she was still staring at the screen. Her cheeks were flushed immediately.

"Have you seen this type of stuff before?" "Not movies," she said still staring at the screen, her eyes wide trying to take everything in. "Just magazines." "Do you like this?" he said touching her thigh, her skin was hot. Paley didn't hear the last question; her body was on fire. She felt like she would burst. She felt her panties flooding with gush after gush of moisture.

Her pussy was soo hot and itching to be touched. But she couldn't do it in front of Jake. He liked these kinds of movies but she didn't look like the girl on the screen. Paley had nice breasts, she thought, but not compared to the big breasted girl on the screen. If he liked stuff like that, there was no way he would like her . But that didn't stop the fire building in her, ready to consume her right there, she had to touch herself, the pressure was building.

"Paley, you ok?" "I'll be right back." She said jumping up and darting out of the room. That wasn't the reaction he was looking for but Jake got up to follow her as Lucky chased after her upstairs. Paley was in a lust filled panic, she had never been so turned on. Her skin her body, her pussy was on fire. As she ran into her room grabbing her breasts, she thought she would cum right then. Lucky was right behind her as she entered her room. His nose right under the skimpy t-shirt. She had never been so happy to see her furry friend.

She sat down where she stood; opening her legs wide and rubbing her hot wet panties, feeling the moisture gush under her fingertips. Her clit was engorged, hard yet sensitive and as Paley rubbed her finger across it, she came instantly. But the fire didn't stop. Her fingers that always satisfied her weren't enough. The sight of the girl with a penis pumping into her filled Paley's mind. That's what she wanted. She wanted her insides to be filled up like that girl.

She was so hot right now; she didn't care if Lucky mounted her. She wanted what the girl on the screen had, penises. Penises to suck, penises to be inside her, ramming inside her like pistons. Paley was in a lust filled hazed as she stripped off her panties, her legs wide and spread for the anxious dog, his cock out and exposed. Paley wanted it, wanted to take it, wanted to suck it, and wanted it pounding into her like the girl on the TV.

But Lucky was lapping hungrily between her legs; she was a torrent of lusty nectar. She had never flowed this freely and it was all Lucky could do to keep up with the flood.

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Paley had her t-shirt up around her neck rubbing and grabbing at her tits fanatically. "What are you doing Paley?" Paley gasped, sitting up quickly and different panic spreading in her, pushing a bewildered Lucky from between her legs.

"Ah. I- I." Jake just stared at her, though he was shouting for joy inside. He had never seen anything so wild and sexy. This girl was a beast. But now he had the little girl right where he wanted her.

"Please don't tell my mom." She pleaded, crying immediately from the shock of being caught. Her cheeks flushed and rosy, pulling the t-shirt down and pressing her legs together. Jake took in the sight of the crying girl. She was soo sexy and erotic. "I don't know. Letting the dog lick you there." "Please I'm sorry.

I won't do it anymore." She whimpered. "Please don't tell my mom, please." Still he said nothing just staring down at her in his most disapproving look. "Please, Jake please." "Well I won't only if…" "If want?" She wiped her eyes, sniffling. "If you let me lick it. Then you have to lick me?" "What?" "You have to let me lick your pussy, the way you were letting Lucky lick it.

Then you have to lick my cock." He reached down and grabbed his swollen cock in his tented shorts. Paley relaxed immediately.

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"Really?" This wasn't sounding like a bad deal to Paley. "Alright." That was easier than I thought. Jake said to himself. Jake wiped the little girls face, and kissed her several times on the cheeks before he lifted her up in his arms and carried her downstairs. The movie was still playing and again Paley's eyes were glued to it. The heat in her fully re-ignited seeing the lewd explicit scenes.

Jake, knelt down in front of her, her was so tall that even on his knees he was almost eye to eye with hr. He lifted her t-shirt over her head and Paley looked at him. "I want to lick everything." He said taking her breast in his hands and kneading them slowly. Paley stiffened at his touch. "Does that hurt?" "No." she shook her head smiling, as he stared at her and continued to squeeze her breasts before he took one of her hard nipples in his mouth and sucked.

Paley let out a loud mewl as she closed her eyes to the delicious sensation. Jake then took the other sensitive nub in his mouth sucking gently then nipping it. Paley watching him intently as his pink tongue slithered out of his mouth and around and around her hard nipples. It felt so good as pleasure rippled thru her.

Her pussy was so wet; her honey was dribbling down her thighs in rivulets. "Oh." She opened her eyes looking to the wicked grin of Jake as he continued from one nipple to the other.

Then he began stroking her whole body, hugging her holding her close to him as his hands explored the young untouched virgin territory. She smelled so good, he began kissing and suckling her all over. His hands grabbing her around small bottom and squeezing and stretching her tender flesh as she moaned against him. He had wanted this for a while now and she was his for the taking.

He all the time and in the world and they weren't going to waste any more of it. Nothing like this had happened to Paley before. She stood there like a statue as the beautiful strong boy groped and squeezed her.

She didn't know what she was supposed to do with her hands, so she let him do everything and just stood there enjoying it. "Do you want to touch me?" Jake asked. "Yeah." Paley bent reaching for his huge erection. "Oh really?" He chuckled. "Not yet." He kissed her softly on the cheek smiling at her eagerness and lifted her hands and resting them on his shoulders.

Then he kissed her on the lips softly. "Have you ever kissed anyone?" "No." she said shyly. He held her face and kissed her again. She stood as still as a statue her lips pursed. "Just relax," he said with a smile. "Say your name." As she began. "Paley Mari-" Jake kissed her again, and she began kissing him back. His already steel hard cock seemed to get harder as the little girl kissed him.

He stuck his tongue in her mouth, and she froze again. "Relax. Its safe just relax, ok" He said kissing her on the neck. "Do the same thing to me." He kissed her on the lips again, she opened her mouth to him and he slid his tongue and she did the same to him. He kissed her for several minutes as she began to relax in his arms. That would be something he could work on her with. It was only natural.

She was used to doing thing by self to herself. She had to get used to having a partner. The newness, the rawness of the little girl was turning him on to new heights. Her timidity was intoxicating, her willingness to do as he asked turning him on more and more. Jake began licking the little girls neck, trailing kisses down her body as his hands traveled over her. He felt her squirm, giggle and moan under is touch until he got to the apex of her legs.

She took in a sharp breath as his hand grazed her mound. Jake grabbed the petit girl by her waist and swung her around, lying roughly on a pile of pillows, her long dark hair fanning out behind her. He knelt in front of her, opening her legs. Her slit was flowing with honey and her pink clit was hard and visible in the folds of her labia. Jake pushed her legs further open and sank down on to her in engulfing her flooded pussy with his mouth.

As delicious as Lucky's long tongue gliding over her was, the agile guided tongue of Jake was just as wonderful as it purposefully twirled around and tickled her clit. Paley's toes curled as she moaned loudly under Jakes skillful tongue. Jake rolled the little girl roughly on to her belly, lifting her small apple ass into the air and slapping it hard.

She yelped as he buried his head between the two full cheeks lapping hungrily at her asshole. She was delicious, he could get enough of her supple brown skin, reaching around in front of her to grab her breast. Jake missed no inch of her twirling his tongue at her ass, then gliding up to her swollen lips of her pussy and sucking roughly on her clit.

Jake flipped her back over and sunk down on her again, jabbing his tongue into her hot entrance. Paley wrapped her legs around his neck as he sucked on the bundle of nerves. She bucked under him as a huge orgasm took her. He kept sucking lightly until the girl pushed his shoulders to get him to stop.

"Did you like that?" "Yes." She said breathlessly. Jake sat up on his knees and took his shirt over his head, and then he pulled his shorts down to reveal his aching cock. Paley's eyes were wide and eager. Her mouth gaping open staring at it. Jake lay down beside her in his back. "Lick it." She grabbed it. "Gently." He said wincing. She lightened her grip smiling sheepishly as she stared up at him.

"Lick it. It tastes good." Paley sat up on her kneed her hand at the base of his cock. It was some eight inches. Longer than her forearm. She didn't know why but she loved the way it looked.

It was hard, yet fleshy and hot. It smelled nice, really nice too. It was already sticky and there was some goo coming out of the tip. Paley eagerly licked the red mushroom like head and Jake moaned in delight. She licked it again, Jake moaned again. So she licked once more, then again and again.

Paley bent down between his legs, her ass in the air. Lucky was getting tired of being left out and began licking the young girl's ass. "Lucky, stop." She said waving her hand at the anxious dog to get him to stop.

"You like when he licks you don't you?" She nodded shyly. "It's okay; I won't tell if you want him to lick you while you lick me." Paley was getting dizzy with delight. As she licked the length of Jake shaft like a lollipop.

She wasn't nearly as skilled as a high school girl was but it was the inexperience that was turning Jake on. The unpredictability of her tongue and hand, not to mention, looking up and seeing his dog eating out her ass. "Put it in your mouth and don't take it out until I tell you." He hissed.

Paley did as she was told. "Suck." Paley began to suck as if she was slurping on a straw and within seconds, the thick rod began to pulse and throb. Suddenly, it burst into bitter salty hot goo in her mouth. She had been in the sucking motions, so she swallowed a mouth full of the hot cream. It kept coming and she kept swallowing as Jake moaned loudly his eyes closed, one hand on her neck holding her in place.

Though the liquid assault was a surprise, the taste, the feeling of it all only seemed to excite Paley more and she rubbed her breasts as Jake slowly bucked in her mouth before he let her neck go and relaxed. She let the remaining flavor roll around her tongue. "Do it again. I wasn't ready," she said. "I'll be able to do it again in a couple of minutes. Did you like it? "Yeah. It was so hot, but it made me feel good. And my pussy tingled." Paley was still bent over between Jake legs, when Lucky could take no more waiting and grabbed the little girl by the waist and began frantically trying to enter her.

Paley screaming in surprise. And Jake sat up quickly to free the little girl. "Not yet Lucky." He whispered to the tortured dog. He led the dog away from the girl commanding him to sit and not move. Jake hurried back to Paley. His cock already hard and ready again. He kissed the little girl. She was a fast learner as she kissed his back her tongue dancing eagerly around his. Jake laid back and pulled Paley on top of him. The young girl wasn't quite ready to take in the length of the teen aged boy but instead straddled him, the way she had straddled her teddy bear and her slick oozing pussy she began to glide over the length of his rigid cock.

Jake was in no mood to rush her into anything yet. Beside it felt delicious feeling her puffy hot slick pussy lips gliding over her flesh. He stroked her supple thighs as her hot pussy grinded on his cock.

With just the friction of that and seeing the young girl gliding over him, it wasn't long before his cock was throbbing again. He grabbed her hips. She could feel him swelling under him and as his cum spurted in hot ribbons on his abs. Paley came again as well. Jake tweaking her nipples as she did. She cried out in delight so loudly he thought the neighbors may have heard her.

Paley collapsed smiling happily across Jakes chest. "Did you like that?" he asked. "Yes." She sat up wide eyed and smiling. "You want to do some more?" She nodded wildly in agreement. He got up and got a paper towel to wipe the cum from his abs. Then had Paley lay on her back her legs spread eagle again, he licked her pussy for a few minutes before her sunk two fingers into her virgin cunt.

Paley squealed in delight. "Does that feel good?" "Yes." She giggled. He began sliding his finger in and out and Paley lay back in delight as he finger fucked her to another orgasm, before he could finish, he felt a warm long sensation up his back side. He looked over his shoulder in astonishment seeing Lucky licking his ass. He was tempted to yell at the dog but his long wet tongue skimmed across his balls and it felt incredible.

Jake sat motionless as Lucky continued to lick his balls and ass crack. Finally turning away and laying down next to the little girl. The two lay together kissing as Jake finger fucked the little girl for almost an hour bringing her to several orgasms; while she sucked him off, swallowing his cum eagerly. And still she wanted more.

When he wasn't finger, fucking her she slid her little hot pussy over the length of his cock. She was so responsive, so grateful, so giving. Paley was on her back her legs wide open now. He was slick with her honey as she had been grinding in him for hours. "Are you going to put it inside me?" "Yeah, you want that don't you?" "Yeah." Jake propped himself up over Paley as she lay back in the lavish pillows sliding the aching head of his cock over her wet hot slit.

He looked at her smiling then he slowly slid inside her. She winced, biting her bottom lip at his size. Paley felt like she would burst with happiness. She felt so full and bloat, the more he sunk into her the more she wanted him deeper. She opened her slender legs wider as her head lolled back and forth. He palmed her wobbling breasts as he continued to ease into her Lucky waited quietly at the side for the alpha to finish with the bitch.

Jake's eyes rolled into his head. The girl was so wet, hot and tight.

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Her silky virgin depths, sucking him in. He had been fingering her to prepare her for this, having gotten four fingers into her wanton little cunt. She was ready to be fucked by a real cock.

He held her legs open wide as he sank deeper and deeper into her. Then he felt it. Her hymen. He pushed aginst it several times seeing her wince until with a power thrust he broke thru. He stayed in her for several moments. Paley, tears streaming bite her lip at the pain but didn't cry out, as much as it hurt it also felt so good. She didn't want him to stop. He pulled all the way out seeing his cock bloody. It gave him such a thrill. He kissed the young deflowered girl passionately.

He wasn't going to let her go for a long while. Jake moved in and out of her slowly raising up and watching her face as he did, palming her breast or kissing her neck every few strokes. Soon he felt her body responding to his slowly thrust, as she began to role her hips. She was panting and moaning. Jake was trying to concentrate so he would come to soon, but she was so tight, hot, she seemed to be getting wetter with each stroke.

Her hips began to mover erratically.

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Paley Larsen thought she was losing her mind; she loved the way Jake cock felt inside her filling her. Hit was like hot piece of metal gliding in and out her. He curled over her whispering in her ear, how beautiful she was who good she felt.

How much he loved fucking her. All those girls that got fondled under the bleachers or closets could only hope to get something like this. Paley raised her hands about her head eyes closed in carnal delight as her back arched and Jake picked up his speed.

The faster he got the better it felt. The image of the girl on the DVD popped in her mind and Paley squirmed from under Jake. But before he could protest, she was on all fours wagging her ass in his face. "Do it like on the DVD?" Jake grabbed the little slutty girl's hips and sunk deep into her with one thrust as she cried out in excitement.

He sawed in and out of her frantically; Paley could feel a huge orgasm building in her stomach as Jake curled over her, his cock pumping into her faster and harder. Jake fucked the little girl senseless. Then she felt him swell up the way he had done already so many times in her mouth, and with a powerful thrust his cock burst inside her spilling waves of his think hot seed onto her, again and again.

Filling her up, spilling out down her thighs. Paley cried out in ecstasy as a violent huge orgasm took, causing her hips to gyrate frantically around the throbbing wand of meat. Jake covered her mouth, but she was still cumming, her insides milking and squeezing him; her body stiffened for several moments, then she began to convulse and quiver still impaled on his cock. Jake Stayed still waiting for the little girl to come down, until she finally relaxed under him and he slid out of her.

His thick cum oozing from her hungry tight little cunt. He lay down to the side of her stroking her damp hair, kissing her over her shoulder and back. Lucky was anxiously waiting his turn as sex filled the air.

Within minutes, Paley was still hungry for more. Jake looked over at his whimpering dog. It was now or never. Then he stood and went to Lucky putting socks on his front paws. The poor dog was more than ready, while watching the two he either paced or sat in the corner liking his fully unsheathed long pink cock. Paley, anxious for the next round, watched Jake as he came back sat down and spread his legs in front of her. The little girl had a huge appetite and he needed a little rest.

He had Paley kneel between his legs again ready to suck his dick. Lucky was ready though, as soon as the girl began to gobble Jake's dick, the canine wasted no time in trying to mount her. Paley stiffened sitting up, not wanting to continue.


"It's ok. Lucky has a good dick too." "Will it hurt?" Paley said looking over her shoulder apprehensively at the huge eager dog. "No, just relax and let him find his way." She remembered when he first tried to mount her. How strong and forceful he was. Instead of that familiar fear thinking back to that this time Paley felt excited, her mound flooded again and Lucky could tell, lapping at the little girls worked over pussy. Paley swallowed hard as Lucky climbed on her back, his hips already humping wildly.

"Lower your hips, Paley." Jake directed. Paley slowly lowered her hips feeling the slimy hot, dog cock searching for the heated entrance of her tight pussy. His strong fore arms wrapping around her waist. Lucky humped wildly at her leg and thighs, so much so that now Paley was getting anxious and was moving her hips to try to meet the thrust of the excited dog. "Ohhh." Paley shouted as Lucky found his mark, his grip on her waist getting firmer.

His hips pumped wildly as his huge doggy cock filled the little girl's tight little pussy. Paley arched her back in delight. She let go of jakes cock, her eyes closed in delicious crazed pleasure. Jake was fantastic but Lucky was amazing.

He was filling her up so completely she thought she would split open and he seemed to be getting long and wider with each thrust. The long tip of the doggy penis was reaching the young girls inner depths as Lucky pounded with abandon. Jake sat in awe at the little girl, on all fours her breasts wobbling as the huge dog pounded into her.

His cock was hard as steel again, precum oozing as he watched the girl, convulsed and shook under the weight of another orgasm. But Lucky didn't stop. Paley was panting at the power of the canine. She thought she was going to explode as she felt her pussy swelling painfully.

"It hurts Jake.

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It's getting tight." She looked up panicked at Jake who was stroking himself. The boy calmly stood and walked to the side of the couple. "It's just his knot." He said watching the lewd sight and beginning to stroke himself frantically, before cumming on the ravaged girls back as the dog continued to pump into her.

Jake could see the veiny red knot of the dog just as it slipped securely into the girl's slippery pussy. She cried out in pain. "It's too big." She cried tears streaming down her face. "Make him stop Jake." "It hurts Jake, Lucky's hurting me.' "I can't. Not now, baby. Just relax." Jake said, stroking her hair and kissing her shoulder. "That's his knot it means he likes it. It will only hurt for a minute just relax and enjoy it" Jake hadn't steered her wrong yet.

As the knot grew, it also felt so good and stuffed. "Rub your clit like you do when you're alone." But Paley was lost in the thrill of the pounding dog. His cock rock hard and at attention again. He knelt down next to the squirming girl and reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit. She seemed to relax immediately. "Ooooh, Jakee it's so hot. Lucky's cumming inside me. Its- its soo much." Jake rubbed the little girls clit faster hearing her take a sharp breath, her body began to quiver as yet another orgasm exploded.

The girl cried out in intense pleasure as Lucky shot his hot dog seed deep inside her, spurt after hot spurt, filling up her small womb to overflowing. Jake stroked himself roughly several times before cumming himself on the girls back.

"I'm stuck." She looked over at Jake, how was in a daze of lust. Jake stood and went to the sofa getting his phone and filming Paley and Lucky stuck together. Paley began to panic after being stuck to Lucky for several minutes, until the now sated dog popped free and trotted to the corner to lick his deflating cock.

Paley sat wide legged on a towel Jake had brought watching all the cumming flow from her red raw pussy. Paley curled up on the pillows; the intensity of Lucky's knot had given her something to think about. The dog fucking her was wonderful but the intense pain afterward was something she would have to get used to. Jake was in awe of the little girl. She was still up for more as she walked on all fours over to Lucky. She patted him on the head and nuzzled him.

Jake saw her say something to the dog but couldn't make it out. Then she turned, exposing her freshly fucked pussy to the dog, which was up for another around. He sniffed the girl's pussy, taking several deep lavishing laps before walking around her sniffing again and then climbing on her back. Jake was sitting back watching. His phone recording the whole thing. He'd put the file under password protection, but he couldn't miss this.

Lucky was faster to enter the girl this time and he saw Paley smile in delight as the dog's hot cock entered her a second time. The dog began frantically not knowing when he may get another go at the little girl. Paley squealed happily under him, better expecting what would happened she began to finer her swollen clit as the dog fucked her. The dog was pounding into the little girl so forcefully; he was pushing her further and further into the pillows.

But she didn't seem to mind as she buried her head several times to cover the cries of her orgasm "He's knotting me." She said rubbing her clit as Lucky erupted into her filling her with torrents of sperm. So much so, it was dribbling to the floor between them.

And Jake caught it all. Finally, Lucky climbed off Paley's back and turned ass to ass with her as they all waited for the knot to go down. Jake took Lucky by the collar. Led him outside where he fed him and left him for the night. When Jake returned to Paley, but she was sound asleep.

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The porn had long ended several hours previous, in fact it was going on 6 am and Jake turned off the TV and lay next to the sleeping girl; wrapping his arm around her, before falling asleep himself.

X When Jake woke up the next morning, he checked his watch. It was already 1 pm and Paley was nowhere to be seen. He stood up in the jumble of pillows his cock hard, he headed to the bathroom. He took a piss and came back to search for the little girl. He thought she may be Lucky but the dog was running frantically over the back yard.

Then he heard her in the kitchen. She was talking to someone. Panic raced thru him, had they come home and caught them. He peeked in the kitchen seeing a still naked Paley talking on the phone. "No mommy, he did tell me go to bed early, but I couldn't sleep so I read all night that's why I over slept.…I guess he was watching movies&hellip. Yes, he's here. He's alsee- oh, he's awake now," Paley hugged Jake and then handed him the phone. "It's my mom she just asked if I went to bed on time I told her yes." She saw at his slumping though still fairly large cock and grabbed it.

"No," he whispered covering the receiver. "Let me finish this." Palely didn't listen and began stroking his limp cock to instant life. Then she walked to the kitchen table and bent over. Karen was saying something but Jake wasn't listening as he followed the girl and stood behind her, then dipping down he entered her hot wet pussy and began thrusting. "Yes Karen I hear you. She's not going to starve." THRUST. "I'm making her breakfast right now." THRUST.

"Go have a facial or something… " THRUST.

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"Huh? What? No, don't they have mud facials there. that's what I meant. Yes, I'll call if anything goes wrong. It's no prob she a great kid… ok . Ok I will. Bye." Jake hung up the phone shaking his head, and thrusting forcefully into the little girl, while reaching around and grabbing her large swinging tits. She was so warm and soft to the touch, as his senses reeled again.

She was incorrigible. Paley had never been so happy. Finally, all this energy all this sexual power was being put to use. And it felt so good. Now that she could have penis whenever she wanted she wasn't going to waste time. Paley rubbed her clit furiously, cumming with Jake slamming into her. And Jake pounded her several more times before he emptied his balls into her tight little pussy.

Their combined fluids spilling to the kitchen floor. Jake told Paley to go take a shower while be cleaned up. Then he fed Lucky who was desperately trying to get back into house. Once he was done, he went upstairs and joined Paley in the shower. Carrying her to her bed, soaking wet and sucking on her little pussy until she came several times on his face. There was something forbidden about doing it in the living room and both of the new lovers headed back downstairs into he midst of the pillows.

Jake as promised made them breakfast and they took a little time out to eat; though neither had dressed yet.

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There just didn't seem to be the need to. Lucky was angry now, he knew what was going on and he wanted a part of it. He was running length of the huge yard barking incessantly. Inside Jake and Paley were too involved in each other to notice. Jake was on his back Paley sitting on his face grinding her hips into him as she gobbled and slurped at his long thick cock. She wiped her mouth after swallowing another large load of Jakes cum, his tongue twirling up into her cunt.

Suddenly thru the haze of orgasms and the music that Jake had playing, he heard the door bell and beating at the door. How long had it been going on? "Put on your shirt and panties," he said searching for his shorts in the pile of pillows. "Just a minute." He shouted at the door. He turned on the TV and gave Paley the remote.

And put on his shirt was strung over the sofa. "Stay her Pay." He said making sure nothing looked too out of place and wiping his face that was surely glistening with little girl's nectar.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." He ran at the door looking out and sees the next door neighbor Sam Andrews. "Yeah." "So you are here." "What's up Mr. Andrews? "Half the neighborhood, that damn dog won't stop barking. "OH. Alright." "Didn't you notice?" "No, I'm babysitting Paley and we were playing video games." "Muzzle him or something; I'm trying to relax." He was looking over Jakes shoulder trying to see into the house. Jake matched him blocking his view. "Ok, sorry." "What's going on?" Paley asked as Jake came back in.

"Nothing. I gotta bring Lucky in." "Can I take off my clothes?' "Yes you may," he said opening the back door and letting the agitated dog inside. The dog ran immediately to Paley his nose in her crotch. Jake wasn't ready yet to share the girl. He went to the garage and found Lucky's muzzle. He had never had to use it before but if the dog wasn't going to settle down, he might. Jake took off his clothes and grabbed the intoxicating little girl, kissing and hugging her as she squirmed affectionately in his arms.

He lay the little girl down on her back, stroking her hair and kissing her neck in the midst of the pillows and he maneuvered between her legs. She was eager for his long thick cock to fill her and she spread her legs as far as they could go while Jake sunk the length of himself into her hot silky tight pussy. He realized being in her tight hot depths, that yesterday was not a wonderful dream.

But though surreal, it was his wonderful erotic life now. Jake finally let Lucky fuck the little girl several more times before he put him outside for the night. Then Jake took the girl to his mom's master bath and ran a hot bath for her.

Letting her soak with him the bubbled filled water, while he fingered her pussy. Jake brushed the little girl's hair before dinner which they both finally dressed for. Jake had ordered Chinese to be delivered. The little girl was so exhausted, she passed out in front of the TV in the midst of eating. Paley so was spent, that when Karen called that evening Jake couldn't wake her up.

Jake at first feared the worst, which was they may head home early. But it was obvious that Karen had other things brewing at the spa because she took his word for it.

Jake cleaned up the living room putting everything away while Paley slept soundly in his room. When she did wake he left his bedroom door shut and she was secure in his bed as he fucked her repeatedly until Monday afternoon.

Lucky scratching and whimpering at the door the whole time. x "Don't tell anyone ok, or we won't be able to do this anymore and they maybe will even take Lucky from us." Jake said nuzzling up to Paley in his bed.

"Do you want that?" "No. I won't tell." She said hugging Jake, laying across his chest. By the time the two women came back home Monday evening, Jake had made Paley dinner, given her shower and fucked her once more before she drifted off to sleep.

Evie was not at all surprised the house was still intact when she got home. She kissed her son and went to bed for work the next day.

Karen on the other hand, went in to check on her exhausted daughter who only sang the praises of Jake and what a fun time she had with him and Lucky all weekend. "I want to thank you Jake for looking after Paley." "It was my pleasure, Karen." He said heading upstairs for bed.

He was exhausted as well and any dislike he had for Karen was all but gone. Though he still didn't care for her he didn't want Paley going anywhere, so he'd have to put up with her. Karen stared at the tall blond teenage boy. She couldn't put her finger on it but Jake was different, and she liked the difference.

Whether it was that fact that he was a very attracting young man, that he had proven himself responsible and trust worth by taking such good care of his daughter or whether it was her re-awakened libido. Karen liked what she saw in Jake now. She really liked it. She shook off the hot shards of pleasure rippling thru her now. She couldn't think like that. That was her best friend's son.

To be continued?