Jane Fucked under the Snow

Jane Fucked under the Snow
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"Fuck! Oh Goooood, Oh Goooood! Fuck me!" screamed the voice of my sister in pure ecstasy from her bedroom as I walked through the front door of the house. "For fucks sakes…" I whispered to myself as I walked back out the door noticing the red four-wheeled beater parked outside on the street.

Who the fuck is she fucking now? This is the 3rd time this week I've come home from work to hear my sister moaning her guts out getting fucked by a random dude. It's always a different fucking car parked outside. My parents have been away on vacation for the past week, only to be gone for another week. Seems she was having a hell of a time while they were away. It was literally the last thing I wanted to hear.

You see, recently I had just broken up with my long-term girlfriend, and a lot of that was actually due to my damn sister. Her and my ex were pretty close.

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I know for a fact she was the reason my ex cheated on me with another guy. She had a fucking horrible influence on her. With my parents away, I was really hoping to just take the two weeks and relax at home and just chill and take it easy after work. Yeah, that hasn't happened. Hopping back into my car, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my best friend since middle school, Jeff.

Duuuuuude, you sure you don't wanna come to my party tonight??? Free yourself from this self-loathing shit for the night… He's been trying to get me to come all week. Yeah… ill be there… I replied in need of a damn drink. It's been a rough past few months, and by rough, I mean rough. I didn't get to play in our high school's final football game due to my parents keeping me home, due to the fact that my snitch of a sister told them I've been smoking weed, and where to find my stash.

I'm the quarterback that's lead the team through most of our wins, we lost that last game. God did I get shit about that. And that's not it, my sister 'forgot' to give me my acceptance letter to the college I wanted to go to.

By the time she finally 'remembered' to give it to me, the school had already started. And just to top it off, as I said before, my high school sweetheart of two years cheated on me. So yeah, I'm still stuck at home, living with my parents, working at gym full time. My sister, who's 11 months younger than me, is a little miss goody two shoes around my parents, and a total bitch me, and just a total tease towards everyone else.

I don't know how the hell she gets away with it. Well, her perfect cantaloupe sized tits on her tall slender frame with a perfectly shaped firm ass helps for sure, and she fucking knows it. Heading towards Jeff's house, I blared up the music to try and keep my mind off my fucking sister.

Pulling into his street, there were a shit ton of cars parked along the street in front of his house and driveway. Damn, he wasn't kidding about throwing a big ass party. It was only nine in the evening and there had to have been a couple dozen cars parked outside. Making my way inside, the house was packed, music blared, and a light haze of pot filled the house.

"Duuuude!" yelled Jeff from across the room. "Glad you came! I got something special for ya…" He said as he ran towards me giving me a bro hug.

"Here, have my drink," He said. "Looks like you need it." "Ha, yeah, thanks man," I replied. "No prob man, I've got something good coming a bit later for ya," he said. "Looking forward to it," I replied gulping down the rest of his bear. Jeff had the best hookup in town for the best goddamn weed ever. That must be it, I thought. Walking around the house talking with some old friends, I had a couple more drinks.

Coming up behind me, Jeff told me to meet him downstairs. Leaving the party, we headed downstairs. Jace, our dealer, was already down there. "You got it, yeah?" Jeff asked Jace, full of drunken excitement. "Ya man," Jace replied completely stoned.

"Cool, let's see it," Jeff replied. Pulling out a small clear baggie filled with a dozen or so pills from his backpack, Jace responded, "This shit is gold man, works perfectly. How many you want?" "I'll take them all," Jeff replied. Slightly confused not to see any weed, I cocked my head slightly, looking at Jeff.

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Handing Jace a wad of cash, He quickly responded with a wink, "Just remember, you didn't get them from me." "Thanks, dude, I owe you one for tracking these down," Jeff replied as Jace made his way back upstairs. Taking about half the pills out and putting them into a preion pill container, he handed me the baggie filled with half a dozen little white, square-shaped pills. "What the fuck are these?" I asked confused.

"Vita-G," Jeff responded. "Vita what?" I asked. "Vita-G dude." he said. "Get laid pills." "Ha," I laughed. "Dude, I don't need these." "Sure you do," he responded. "Just go find that chick you've always wanted to fuck silly and do it, these will help." "Hmmmm." I responded, "I don't know about this." "Like Jace said," answered Jeff, "These pills are gold. Just grind it up and slip it into her drink. Within 15 minutes she smashed and a bit more 'compliant'.

Then within a couple hours, she'll be passed the fuck out. When she wakes up she won't remember a damn thing." "That seems way too good to be true," I said… "I appreciate it and all… but…" "No buts man, just take them, trust me.

You'll know when to use them." Jeff said with a conniving smirk. "Fine." I replied putting the baggie of pills in my pocket as my sister's name quickly entered my mind.

"Let's get back to my party!" Jeff said as he slipped a pill into his pocket, "Come on man, lets drink!" "Yeah, yeah," I replied, "Maybe just one or two more." "Do what ya gotta do man…" he replied as we made our way up the stairs. Pouring Jeff and myself a drink from the tap, my mind quickly wandered to my sister. Where my mind was wandering was completely new territory. Yeah, my sister was a bitch and all, but I never really fantasize about her in that way… Fuck did that turn me on.

Passing Jeff a drink, a scene slowly started playing through my head of me between my sister's legs, ramming my cock deep into that hairless pussy I'm sure she had, hearing her scream in ecstasy. I couldn't get my mind off the subject as I downed my drink, zoning out of the conversation in front of me.

"I know what your thinking," Jeff said as he came up from behind me almost yelling in my ear. "Ha," I jumped not expecting the sudden jolt in my ear, "what?" "I can tell you have your mind set one someone…," he continued, "I have two words for ya, Do it!." "Fuck&hellip." I replied.

"Damn you." "Your welcome!" he replied giving me a pat on the back heading back into the crowd. Finishing the rest of my drink I made my way out through the crowded dance floor of a living room. Hopping into my car, I started the drive home, somewhat tipsy. Scenario after scenario blasted through my mind as I drove home. How was I going to give it to her? How would I know it worked? What if she remembers? "Fuck," I said with conflict as I turned on to my street.

As I turned into our driveway, I noticed the beater was gone. Well, that's a start…' Making my way into the house and down the hallway, I noticed my sister watching a movie in the living room. "Sup sis?" I asked, spooking her. "Fuck!" she yelled. "Jesus Christ, seriously?" "Jesus, sorry," I said, "Go back to your goddamn movie." "Did you fucking drive home tipsy?" she asked.

"I'm totally telling mom and dad." "Fuck you," I said. "Do that and I'll tell them about all the fucking guys that you've had over." "Oh fuck off," she said, "Mind your own goddamn business." "Fine," I said.

"You let me mind mine." "Fine," she replied. Taking a seat on the far end of the couch, I couldn't help but take her in. Damn was she fine. All she had on were these little booty shorts and an old t-shirt.

Her tits were bulging from her chest, nipples poking out ever so slightly. Her long dirty blond hair was a mess, it was somewhat pulled back in a hair clip. "What are you watching?" I asked. "Kill Bill," she replied, "duh." "God, I haven't seen that in forever," I replied. "You going to bed or what?" she asked.


"Na, not yet," I said as I stood up walking towards the kitchen. Opening the fridge I pulled out the last coke. "What something to drink?" I yelled towards her direction. "Suuuure," she replied. "I'll have that last coke." "Fuck, there's only one left," I replied. "I'll split it with you." "Fiiiiine." she groaned. Pulling out a couple of glasses, I took one of the little pills out of the baggie and crushed it using the bottom of my glass.

Putting the powder in her glass, I mixed it with the coke, putting in a bit more than half. Pouring the remaining coke in the other glass, took them back to the living room. Pretending to take a sip of the fuller glass, she quickly reacted. "What the fuck?" she replied. "Give me that one." "Seriously?" I asked. "Fucking fine." God do I know her well. Taking my seat at the other end of the couch, I put my feet up and sat back as I continued to watch the movie, and my sister. God my cock was stirring in my jeans.

How long does this shit take to work? I wondered. "I'm gonna go change and play some games," I told my sis as I finished my coke and stood up. "Whatever…" she mumbled laying back further into the couch. Heading down to my room, I changed into something a bit more comfortable. As I undid my jeans, my cock quickly popped out from the real-life fantasy currently in play.


I'm not monster in that department, but I'm still pretty far beyond average, coming in at just under 8 inches. I know my ex fucking loved it. Throwing on just some sweat shorts and a t-shirt, I made my way back upstairs to grab a glass of water. Trying to keep somewhat out of sight from my sister, I sneaked into the kitchen, getting a quick view of her laying deeper into the couch, giving off a big stretch.

Grabbing a glass of water I made my way back into the living room. "Tired or something?" I asked laughing. "Yeah&hellip." she said through a long yawn. "I bet," I replied. "It-It's been a l-long fucking day." she said starting to stumble for her words.

Jesus, this is actually working just like they said. Looking down at my watch, the 15-minute mark literally just passed. Taking a big step outside of my comfort zone, I prepared myself for the fun to begin by taking a deep breath as my cock stirred in my shorts.

"Yeah, all that fucking this week must be pretty damn tiring," I said in a prevailing tone, "How many guys have you fucked in the last few days?" "F-fuck you," she muttered, "mind your own gaw-god damn business-es." "I'm pretty sure it's been, what, you taking three different guys' cocks over the past three days?" I replied.

"Fu-fuck you!" she mumbled as she sat up, only to keep going, falling back down onto the couch. "I've had it with your goddamn bitchiness," I roared as I started walking towards her.

Trying to sit back up, I could see her struggling as if her body had been submerged in tar. "Wh-what d-d-did you do-o to me?" she muttered in a drunkish tone. "I'm taking my fucking turn you bitch," I roared back as I knelt on the floor in front of her, sitting her back up. Quickly grabbing the base of her shirt, I pulled it up over her head, exposing her marvelous set of tits.

"G-get the fuc-fuck of-ff" she moaned, fading further into her semi-conscious state. "God you have amazing tits," I said as I reached out and firmly grasped her tits in the palms of my hands.

Their soft warmth filled the palms of my hands. You see, my ex was quite a bit smaller in the tit department, I was never able to get a nice full handful. My sis, on the other hand, her tits were more than a handful.

Trying to struggle, moving as if she was stuck in slow motion, a soft, "Please, don't," escaped her lips as her eyes locked on to mine. "Please don't what?" I said sternly as one of my hands moved down her torso, my fingers hand coming to a pause as I slowly reached under her waistband, "Fuck you like the slut you are?" Getting up off the floor, both my hands met her waistband as I pulled them off, sliding them down her long flawless legs.

Throwing her shorts to the side, I straddled her once again, my bulge inches away from her face. "God, I'm going to love every second of this," I said as I brushed the tip of my cloth bound cock against her cheek as her head slowly went back, looking up at me. Her fear-struck eyes said it all. Pulling down my shorts, letting my cock spring free, I slowly rubbed myself along the sides of her face, leaving a light trail of pre-cum shimmering on her cheeks.

Lowering myself, I grabbed ahold of her tits once again, this time quite a bit more firmly. Moving off the couch, while still attached to her tits, I moved her back down onto the couch, laying her flat. Getting down on the ground, I slowly moved my hands across her silky smooth skin.

Taking in every mound and crevasse from head to toe. God did she have an amazing body. Still somewhat conscious and aware of her surrounds, I could only imagine what was going through her clouded mind. "Jesus, you have a body built to fuck…" I said as I moved my hands down between her legs. A subtle "no" slowly escaped her lips. "I think so…" I said as my finger roughly slid between her warm luscious red lips, penetrating her ever so slightly.

"Don't worry sis. You won't remember a fucking thing… And let's just say, that's a damn good thing…" Looking up at me, I could tell her mind was struggling to communicate with her body. "How about we get you worked up a bit," I said my hand slid back in between her legs, caressing her voluptuous lips. "Just enjoy the ride sis…" I whispered into her ear as I slowly dove my middle finger deeper into her folds, "Or don't." As my right hand continued working on her slowly moistening pussy, I gave her tit a hard slap with my left hand as a painful moan escaped her lips.

"I hope you like it rough sis…" I said as I gave her tit another hard slap, watching it jiggle, hardening her nipple ever so slightly. Moving my head over her precious mound, my mouth encompassed her nipple as I gave it a good suck, my teeth lightly brushing against her skin. Sticking my finger even deeper into her pussy, I started feeling that familiar warmth and wetness of an aroused pussy. "You're still pretty tight little sis," I said only to push another finger into her.

God my cock was pulsing. I couldn't fucking believe what I was doing right now. It was nothing but exhilarating. Getting up off the floor, I stood up and threw my shirt off, only to stare down at my sister, helplessly laying there on the couch in front of me. Slowly moving her head, looking up at me, I gave her a smirk. "God I'm going to enjoy this…" I said to her. Getting back on the couch, straddling her torso, our warm unclad skin made contact. Setting down my now engorged cock along her abdomen, I begin sliding it up and down her chest.

I moved my way further up towards her enchanting canyon between her succulent tits leaving a trail of glimmering precum. Reaching down behind her head, I grasped the back of her neck, making her watch my cock approach her mouth. Pressing the head of my cock against her lips, I watched as a subtle expression of utter disgust briefly ran through her facial expression.

Slowly running my cock further up her face, down the bridge of her nose, gliding across her forehead, my balls rested on her chin. "I think this couch is going to pose a problem…" I said to her nonchalantly, "How about we move the fun to your bedroom?" "N-noo." she murmured, "Pl-ease…" Getting up off of her, I slid my hand under her ass, reaching around her, pulling her up off the couch, literally throwing her head weight over my shoulder.

With her ass against my cheek, I gave her another hard slap, coursing a small surge of a twitching energy through her body followed by a grunt. Carrying her down the hallway towards her bedroom, "I hope you're ready for the real fun to start." I said aloud. Kicking her ajar bedroom door open, I threw her on to her bed face up, with her head slightly hanging over the edge.

"Whhhy," escaped her lips in a long drawn out breath. "Why?" I replied looking down at her, slapping my cock against her face, "Because your a fucking cunt and I've had enough of your shit." I could tell her mind was fighting hard to regain whatever control possible. "But hey, seems I hit the lottery today…" I said as I gave both her tits a solid squeeze as my cock pressed against her lips.

"Come on, I know you fucking love sucking cock," I declared as I pressed further, parting her lips, meeting her warm tongue. Grasping her throat, I directed myself in further, watching her legs slowly squirm in front of me. Slowly building my thrusts, I watched a single tear shimmer down her temple.

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What can I say, for a moment there, yeah, I felt bad. But do you know what else I felt? Utter power and control. This was a completely new experience for me, she was completely helpless, and I fucking loved it. I couldn't help it. As I started thrusting my cock in deeper, picking up a pace, my grip on her neck tightened, causing her to struggle ever so slightly more. Leaving myself deeply embedded within her throat, I watched as her eyes started to bulge.

God did her tightening throat feel fantastic. Slowly removing my cock, her body juddered and gasped for air in a primal manner. My cock, glistening from her saliva, slowly ran across her face.

As she laid out sprawled upon the bed, still slowly slithering about, I took a moment to go through her nightstand. "Damn sis…" I said to her as I opened the second drawer in her nightstand, "You have quite the stash here…" Rummaging through the drawer, she had dozens of condoms and a few bottles of lube.

"Well, at least your playing safe…" I told her, "Good for me I must say, I fucking hate condoms…" Heading back to my toy for the night, I spun her around and grabbed ahold of her legs, spreading them wide, giving me an unsurpassed view of her shaven and decadent cunt.

Spreading her legs apart further, I stepped closer towards her, my cock inching its way towards her promiscuous lips. Slowly rubbing my damp cock along her folds, I took a moment to breathe and consider what I was about to do.

As my cock continued to slide through her folds, meeting her tight entrance, my regards shattered as I slipped in. A loud moan expelled from my sister's lips as she finally elected where to place what concentration she had left.

"Fuuuuuck" I moaned as I slid into her, her pussy contracting on my intruding member. "Moan for me sis," I roared as I spread her legs further apart, pushing them down towards the bed.

Moans of pleasure started expelling from my sister's lips, growing louder and louder with each thrust. Watching my cock quickly disappear inside of her, I moved my gaze towards her ricocheting tits, bouncing with each thrust. "Come on sis!" I roared once again thrusting into her harder than I ever had to anyone in the past, "Yell for me!" A loud persistent and moanful, "Fuuuuck!" blared from her lips. My hands quickly left her legs and grasped her pelvis as I continued deeply ramming into her.

Never had I fucked anyone so hard, never had my cock been so goddamn hard. Quickening her breath, my sister continued her loud wails, as adrenaline and endorphins flowed through her body. Darting my head back, I knew I was close to cumming. Clutching the sides of her hips harder, I plowed into her with one final excruciatingly deep plunge. "Fuuuuuck!" I moaned as I released my cum deep into her.

A higher pitch scream emitted from my sister as I pulsated within her. Grasping her mouth with my right hand, I slowly pulled my drenched cock out of her tight snatch. "God, you should see the cum dripping out of you…" I said with a smirk, scooping a bit up only to smear a bit on her face.

"You know…" I rambled, "Amber never had any interest in anal, neither did I really you could say. There's a part of it that just seems nasty, but, you could say there's another part of it that just seems intriguing as hell." Not sure why I started monologuing, I knew she was somewhat listening, but I knew she would forget, but it just felt good to talk it out. "But hey. " I continued, roaming my hand down her chest, and along her side, only to flip her over, pulling her legs off the bed.

"When you have an ass like yours, available to you, something so fine just shouldn't go to waste. Should it? I think not." Listening to her moanful response, my hands grasped her cheeks, spreading them apart, revealing her small rosy hole.

"You know," I rambled on as I brushed my cock between her cheeks, "under normal circumstances, it would normally take me a good 10 to 15 minutes to recover, but tonight, tonight is a totally different story sis." Mumbling nonsense, my sister lethargically scuffled her arms about on her bed.

Giving her ass an unyielding slap that echoed around the room, I moved towards her night standing and grabbed a bottle of lube. With her eyes sluggishly watching my every move, moans of dismay exhaled from my sister.

"Don't worry sis…" I said as I squirted out a hefty amount of lube onto my palm, "I'll take it slow&hellip. At first." Lubing my cock up, I walked up behind her, her ass just where I left it, perched off the side of the bed. Siding the palm of my hand on her ass, my thumb slowly entered, pressing through her tight barrier. "God it's fucking tight," I said, slipping it in a bit further.

Moving my face closer, I gave her pussy a light lick as I dug my thumb in deeper, moving it in a circular motion. Her arms, flopped across the bed, slowly shifted about as I penetrated her. Rising back up, I grabbed ahold of her calves, lifting them up onto the bed and bending her knees, pushing them under her stomach, making her ass rise into the air.

Grabbing ahold of her arms and bringing them up behind her back, I gripped them both with on hand as my other gave her ass a hard slap, leaving a bright red outline of the palm of my hand. Positioning the tip of my cock to her tight entrance, she let out a mumbled yelp as I slowly slipped in. God did the feeling of her tight hole feel amazing around the head of my cock. It was as if her ass was sucking me in, tightly wrapping itself around the shaft of my cock, like a pipe in vice grips.

"Fuuuuuuuuck, sissss," I moaned in a thunder tone of satisfaction. Only a couple inches in, I slowly pulled myself out, leaving just the head of my cock surrounded by her tight seal. Giving her ass another forceful slap, another shot of adrenaline shot through my sister, making her a little more vocal than before. "Ahhffuuuck," she wailed trying to move her pinned arms along her back, "fuuu-fuuuuck!" With each thrust, I plowed deeper and deeper, sensing a new level of pleasure with each decent.

Subtly building my long, deep, tactical thrusts, I got into a great rhythm.

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A hard deep thrust followed by a stop, keeping myself inside of her, then slowly myself 99% of the way out, only to ram myself deep into her. Cupping one hand around her marvelous ass, I gave her a hard slap with the other, releasing another slight moan from my sister's lips. Slipping my cock all the way out, her hole gaped, open and welcoming, ready to be used again. Continuing my strides, my focused moved to keeping myself from cumming.

As my head slowly tilt back, my cock slipped downward, riding along her taint before quickly filling her startled pussy with a splitting force, causing what little energy my sister had left to exit via a loud cry of pain and pleasure. Both holes so different, yet equally satisfying in their own ways, I continued my thrusts into my sisters pussy. Fuck I was ready to bust. Keeping myself impaled inside of her, my cock spasmed, erupting yet another jet of cum deep into her.

"Fuuuuck," I moaned as I slowly removed my still throbbing cock from within her, "Sorry about that sudden hole change sis. Guessing you didn't mind. Removing my grip on her arms, she slowly fell to her side into the bed. Pushing her up further, I rolled her over, face up, and moved a pillow under her head. She was out. Getting up off the bed, my cock dripping from a mixture of our juices, I grabbed one of her T-shirts off the ground and wiped my cock off.

As my gaze moved back towards my sister, her breasts slowly rose and fell as she breathed heavily.

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I couldn't help but just stare, and take it all in. "Fuck," I said aloud, "I'm a goddamn rapist…" Did I feel bad? Yeah, sure, a little, but honestly not enough to give a shit. Looking over at the clock, it was nearly 3 AM, just over two hours from when I gave her my coke concoction.

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I was exhausted, yet still full of energy at the same time. I felt rejuvenated somehow. Heading back out to the living room to grab a glass of water, I noticed her phone sitting on the coffee table in the living room. God did she always hold that thing dear. After pouring me a glass of tap water, I grabbed her phone on my way back to her bedroom.

Laying down beside my sister's nude limp body, I grabbed her hand to use her thumb to unlock the phone. "Let's see what kind of shit you been doing sis…" I said as I opened up a few of her apps, browsing through her messages. God, she talked like a slut in heat. Accepting almost any invite for a fuck. Moving towards her photos, I was actually pretty shocked. She had more goddamn nudes on her phone than I had in my porn collection on my computer.

From nude selfies to seductive photos of herself, to cock pics of random guys, even to videos of her being fucked. Some of the videos were of her getting fucked on this very bed, others of other people's bedrooms, and even a video of her getting fucked in the science lab of our high school.

Fuck did she have a thing for filming herself getting fucked. I must've spent an hour laying there, next to her, watching a selection of her homemade pornos, going back almost a full year. The video I'm currently watching, however, really got my cock hard as fuck. It was a video of her tied down to some guys bed, with a ball gag in her mouth, getting the shit fucked out of her. Jesus fucking Christ, I don't think I've ever known a chick that is such a goddamn slut. With my cock pulsing, ready for action once again, I thought one more fuck wouldn't hurt, and after watching her collection, I thought I might want to add to it… Hopping off the bed, I switched on the phones camera and took a few good shots of her sprawled across the bed, making sure nothing of me was evident.

Pulling her back down towards the end of the bed, I spread her legs wide and focused the camera on my cock, which was lightly pressing against her luscious folds. Being careful not to shoot anything of me other than my cock, I moved the angle of the camera up towards her unconscious body, slowly filming the length of her body.

Moving the camera back down, getting a close up of her conquered pussy, the head of my cock slowly disappeared into her. God, she was still wet and full of my cum from before. Picking up the pace, I moved the camera up, capturing her tits bouncing about with each thrust. God, it was difficult not to vocalize myself. Making sure to really film her current state, I continued plowing into her, building my thrusts with each thrashing plunge.

Watching my cock through the screen of the phone, penetrating my sister cunt, pushed me over the edge. With one final plunge, I rammed into her, balls deep, expelling my seed deep inside her, keeping my mouth sealed shut. Focusing the camera in closer on my departing cock, I made sure to get the stream of cum dripping from my sister's pussy caught on film before stopping the recording.

Holding her phone in my hands, with our new home movie finalized, my mind started weighing my options. Should I delete it? Is it too much? Or should I leave it? Glancing back at my sister, then back to her phone, I saved it. I wanted her to know how badly she was fucked last night.

Tossing her phone on the bed, I made my way back out to the living room, collecting our clothes from the ground. Throwing my shorts and shirt back on, another idea crossed my mind.

Grabbing my phone from my shorts, I signed up for one of the messaging apps she used frequently, using a pseudonym of course. Making my way back into my sister's bedroom, took a seat next to my sister and tossed her clothes by her side.

Grabbing her phone, and using her hand to unlock it, I opened the messaging app. Using my phone, I sent her a message. I messaged myself back on her phone, using the same manner of speech my sister used in some of her past messages. Thankfully, the time stamps disappeared once the message was read. Conducting a little back and force, I made it get to the point quickly, ending the conversation with our address.

Perfect I thought. Hopefully tomorrow she'll wake up, wondering what the fuck happened to her, and check her messages. I thought that was just enough to build a believable backstory. Throwing her phone back on her nightstand, I sat her up, throwing her shirt over her head and threaded her arms through the holes.

Slowing pulling the shirt down over her glamorous melons. Laying her back down against her pillow, I grabbed my water glass, turned her lights off, and closed the door behind me.

Cleaning up my evidence in the kitchen, I washed the glasses that I used and put them back into the cupboard. Getting ready to call it a night, I messaged my sister one last time, leaving her one unread message for her to wake up to. "Hope you enjoyed waking up to your cunt full of my jizz slut. Until next time bitch. ~Z" ***** Not waking up the next morning until close to 11 A.M., I made my way up to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Passing by my sister's bedroom, I didn't hear a peep, she must still be conked out. FIring up the stove, I threw together some bacon and eggs, starving after my little escapade last night. Just as I was throwing my food onto my place, my sister stomped out of her bedroom, somewhat frazzled. "Geeze, sleep in much?" I said laughing. Giving me a blank stare, I continued plating my breakfast. Walking towards me, she grabbed my plate, then promptly heads to the living room. "What the fuck sis?" I yelled as she turned her back to me.

"Oh yeah, thanks for the food," she said sarcastically. "Jesus," I replied, "Seriously?" Glancing back at me for a brief moment, she quickly responded, "Yup." Pulling another plate out of the cabinet, I took the remainder of the food of the skilled and poured myself a cup of coffee. Sitting down at the dining room table, I tried some small talk with my sis. "How was your Friday night?" I asked, taking in a fork-load of food. Watching a somewhat dazed expression run across her face, she promptly replied, "Ok." "Just ok?

By the time I got home," I replied snickering, taking a little stab at my sisters loud fucking from earlier last night, "It sounded like you were having a better night than just Ok" "Ha, mind your own fucking business," she quickly shot back. "I had to put fucking headphones in last night," I replied amused. "Oh fuck you perv," she hastily responded, "What time you get home anyway?" "I don't know," I responded, working through my answer carefully, "Like 2 or 3?" "You didn't happen to see what color the car was parked in the driveway did you?" she asked.

I could see her mind tick, trying to fill in the blank from her missing time yesterday. "Seriously?" I replied laughing, "You don't know what kind of car the guy nailing you has?" "Fuck you," she said as she built up a more serious tone, "Do you know or not?" "Jesus," I replied trying to remember a car I drove past last night, "Yeah, it was this mustard colored yellow ford with a big ass dent in the rear bumper." "Oh," she replied with even more of a confused state, "okay…" "Why do you want to know?" I asked, trying to fill a proper big brother role.

"I don't know," she replied, "I guess I just had too much to drink yesterday." Letting out a concerning laugh, I replied, "When did you start drinking?" "While you were at work," she replied. "Geeze sis," I replied, "That early? What, you blackout last night or something?" "Guess so…" she replied nonchalantly, like it's happened before, "I don't remember much past 8 or 9.


Eight or Nine? That was about the time I got home from work, if it was 9, that's almost a full three hours of time she forgot before I even gave her the drugs… Jesus that shit works. "Seriously sis?" I replied, "That's fucked up. You got a problem." "Oh fuck you," she quickly replied in her old manner of speech. "Sis seriously, you got a problem," I responded, acting concerned, "You should serious tell mom or dad this has been happening…" "Oh fucking mind your own business," she quickly scolded back, "If you fucking say anything, I'll tell mom and dad about your new stash of pot you keep in your backpack." "Fucking eh," I shot back, "Fine.

Jesus sis." Seem's she hasn't changed a goddamn bit. Ending the conversation, she quickly got up off the couch and stormed into her bedroom. About an hour or so later, I noticed I had a message on the app I used on my sis last night. "RU Serious mother fucker? U fucking drug me?" Contemplating on a reply, I simply wrote, "u enjoy waking up to a cunt full of my cum?" God my cock start stirring in my pants, I know I fucking did.

Getting another massage, "fuck u." Wanting to remain somewhat mysterious, I didn't reply. But fuck, this whole thing got me thinking again. I still have 6 pills… the fact that she couldn't even remember a few hours before I even gave her the drugs made even more scenarios pass through my mind.

Fuck, next time could be something.