Gay twinks After kissing and getting a taste of one another Trent

Gay twinks After kissing and getting a taste of one another  Trent
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(Gay, Twinks/Males, Submission/Domination, Interracial, School) All characters are 18+ Years Old. This story contains sex between 5 Black teenage students and their racist teacher. The teenagers dominates the teacher. The N-word will be used fairly often but in context, as the main protagonist is a racist teacher member of the KKK, also the students will often address each other using the N-word.

Keep in mind though that Black people in this story are actually the dominant party. This story is not promoting racism in any way, it's just a piece of fiction. If you are offended by the use of the N-word in any context, stop reading now.

This is just a fantasy. Always play safe in real life. MAIN CHARACTERS: John Donovan = 41 Teacher Leroy = 18 Student and gang leader Marvin = 18 Student Jamal = 18 Student David = 18 Student Dwane = 18 Student Real History: In 1954, in the case of the Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional. In Brown v. Board of Education, which was litigated by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, a unanimous Court declared segregated education systems unconstitutional.

Before 1954, the USA educational system was ruled by racial separation between White and Black students, under the "separate but equal" motto. It was January 1953, John Donovan was a 45 years old High school teacher in Topeka, Kansas. John was married with Barbara 42, and had two sons, Mark who was 18 and was a senior in Highschool, and Jeff who was 23 and was serving in the Army.

Before starting his teacher career, John was in the Army too, and fought in WW2. At the time, he was stationed in southern Italy. Like many white men of the time he was a racist white supremacist and a secret member of the KKK. So it wasn't a surprise that he hated teaching Black boys. Teaching in a School for Black students didn't sit well with John, and if that wasn't bad enough, the school in which he was teaching was one of the worst performing school in the country.

The kids came from a really run down area, and weren't too interested in an education, in particular when this education was administrated by racist white teachers like John Donovan.

Today there was a special teacher meeting summoned to deal with a situation of severe gravity. A group of 5 boys raped a female student, they got caught by the janitor who reported them to the Principal.

John as usual seemed the most vocal, "Those niggers will never stop behaving like animals, why we even give them an education", he yelled pacing in the middle of the room. He received few cheers by some of his colleagues, not surprisingly, since the teaching staff was all made by white teachers, 15 in total, and many of them sympathised with John ideas, which were well known to his colleagues. But not everyone agreed with him, one of them was the Principal. "Calm down John, and watch your language, I don't tolerate this kind of language in this school.

Remember you are here to educate those kids. This happened under your watch. Those are your students after all", the Principal pointed out. John wasn't happy with his boss rebuttal, "Are you implying I am not doing my job?", he said scowling at his boss. "I am not implying anything, I am just suggesting you calm down", the Principal shot back. Another teacher bumped in the conversation, "So what are we going to do about it?".

The Principal stood up and started pacing nervously in the middle of the meeting room, "Well, the girl didn't want the authorities to get involved, and I agree we shouldn't either. That wouldn't be good for the school reputation.", he was interrupted by another teacher.

"What reputation, we don't have one to start with", the bold fat white teacher said sarcastically. The Principal didn't disagree, he was realistic, "True, but we cannot afford this incident to come to light, it would be a huge national scandal of magnitude never seen before. We don't need this kind of publicity". The only female teacher in the school asked, "So what do you propose Mr. Paddinghton". The Principal knew that, what was about to say wasn't going to be popular so he hesitated for a moment, "I don't propose anything, it's not up to me, it's already been decided, the punishment will be.a week detention" "A week detention?

For raping a poor girl? What message are we going to send to the rest of the Students. And what about me? I will not feel safe with those animals around", the female teacher protested. "I don't think you should worry, I've got more chances being raped, and I am not exactly Rock Hudson", the old fat teacher commented, referring to the lady teacher looks of an old librarian. "And what's that supposed to mean?", the female teacher shot back.

The Principal took over the conversation which was escalating rather quickly, "I understand your concern Miss Marple, but it's all been decided by the school board, they didn't want to expel the boys either, because putting them on the streets would be more dangerous that keeping them at school, where they are at least monitored".

John wasn't pleased with what he was hearing, "So they decided to punish us, instead of those animals.just great!". But the Principal had even worst news for John, "And that's not all, because you, John, will be the teacher who is going to supervise them during their detention". John didn't even reply, he was so mad that he knew that, saying what he was thinking, would have probably get him sacked, so he just stormed off the room, slamming the door behind his ass.

The next day after the end of the regular lessons, John stayed in the classroom with the detention boys. "Alright boys read your books, and be quite, I am not in a mood today". "You are never in a mood teach.", Leroy quipped. "Leroy.", John said scowling at him, trying to control his temper.

The handsome black teen just grinned, he then bent over his desk resting his face on the book he was supposed to read, showing sign of extreme boredom. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, "Come in", John said. The old janitor popped his head in and asked John, who was also the vice Principal, if he could go home, "Mr. Donovan, I finished with my duties, can I go home?".

"Sure. Everyone else left already?". "Yes, it's only you and the boys", the janitor said as he handed over a bunch of keys to the teacher. "Alright, go home Richard, I will lock the school doors as soon as I finish here". Once the janitor left, the boys started to whisper to each other. "Silence!", John booming voice was deafening. John watched Leroy rising his hand, asking permission to talk. "What it is now Leroy?". "Teach, it is true that you hate black people?

I heard you call us niggers behind our back", the hunky black teenager said. "It's none of your concern Leroy", the teacher shot back. "Well, it kind of is, you are our teacher. But you can be honest, we won't get offended. I can tell you that I hate white people, and I specifically hate you, teach.

I hope you don't get offended", the cocky student replied. He was looking for a reaction from his teacher, and he got it. The teacher was taken aback by his student honesty so without even thinking he replied, "Well, between us, I think you niggers are not supposed to mix with the rest of the civilized society.

Only your kind could rape a poor girl and think that's fine, you are just animals". "That's not good teach. That's racist. And you know who I hate more than White people? White racist pigs", Leroy said with a calm but menacing voice, as he stood up and approached the teacher desk. Even though John was an ex army Sergeant, he was alarmed by that turn of events, and instinctively recoiled on his chair, "Hang on a second, you said you would not get offended.", John replied nervously.

"I lied, I just wanted you to show us your true colours, and you fell right into my trap. I thought white trash was supposed to have a higher IQ level than us niggers", Leroy said sarcastically as he grabbed the bunch of keys laying on the desk. "Give me those keys", said John trying to snatch the keys from the hunky teenager hands, but Leroy was quick in putting them in his pockets.

John was getting increasingly worried now, the school was quite isolated and he was alone with those angry boys "Hey, hey, hey. Everyone calm down. I didn't mean anything by that.

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It just came the wrong way." John tried to look as calm as he could, but the boys could smell the fear in the air, "The wrong way? No, you are just a racist White pig", Leroy said as he sat on the desk right in front of his now frightened teacher. "Sit down! All of you before I lose my patience", John yelled tried to sound authoritative, but the boys didn't budge. "I am sitting already, thank you very much teach", Leroy said with a smirk, while shifting his ass left and right on the teacher desk, to signal he was conformable just where he was.

Meanwhile all the other 4 lads gathered around John. The teacher was now in full panic mode, he tried to stand up but one of the lads pushed him down back on his seat.

"Alright, guys, sorry my meaning was misunderstood but there is no reason to make things worse. Take your sit and I'll forget about it.". But the young men were not in the mood to be reasonable. Leroy replied, "Hell no! You wanted to fuck with niggers, we now gonna fuck with you.", the leader of the group said while folding his arms on his chest.

"You tell him, Leroy. You tell him true.", one of the boys yelled. Leroy flashed a bright white smile at his gang and then turned that smile to John ignoring his protests, "So, what should we do with this filthy racist, huh?" The gang members shouted a variety of suggestions that, to the dismay of the teacher included, hipping, caning, even kicking the daylights out of him.

The terrorised teacher managed to reply, "Now, wait, let's not go off half-cocked…". But the mention of cock presented Leroy with an idea of what to do with his captive. He smirked and said to his teacher, "Half-cocked? What about a full cock instead?

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Or maybe five. Even better no?". John was horrified by Leroy words, surely the boy could no possibly mean what John was thinking. "Leroy, don't tell me yo are thinking of." asked one of his friends. "Yeah, why not, we gonna teach this racist piece of shit, his right place.

Strip him!". This time John did a bigger effort to stand up, but 3 of the lads were keeping him still. "Listen boys, whatever you are thinking of doing, it will send you straight to jail.

It's taking revenge over your teacher worth jail?", this time John was visibly shaking. "We are not taking revenge on a teacher, we are teaching a racist pig a lesson. And that is worth going to jail. Although I doubt you will say anything, I am not sure advertising to everyone that you were raped by 5 teen niggers would be a wise thing to do.

What your friends at the KKK would think, knowing that your ass has been violated and inseminated by 5 Black cocks.", Leroy smirked at his visibly shaken teacher. "I got it right, didn't I? You are a member of the KKK, aren't you?", Leroy pressed him. At hearing those words John almost fainted, but he decided to ignore that question, "You can't possibly be serious? I am not a girl, you can't rape me? Are you faggots as well as niggers?", John realised too late the big mistake he made.

Leroy slapped him on the face, "By the end of this, you will no longer be a man, I promise you that", the boy snarled on his face while holding tight the chin of the teacher with his strong hands. Once again John protested but once again their protests were ignored.

The teacher was completely overpowered, they were 5 of them, and even if he was much bigger than most of them, he knew he could not win this fight. Multiple hands tore at his clothing removing first the jacket, and then shirt followed by his wife-beater top.

This actually took a good deal of time as John struggled and fought. The struggling was halved when Marvin punched the teacher on his sides. As he was recovering from the hit, John was almost helpless to prevent his boots, socks, and pants being yanked from hi body, only his tie was left on his naked body. "What a pathetic sight", said Leroy, checking his teacher body up to bottom, and what is this, a clitoris?", said Leroy playing with John tiny white dick.

He was using a ruler that he found laying on the desk. All the boys laughed. Leroy then hit the teacher on his arm with the same ruler, "On the floor". John screamed in pain. "No yelling or screaming, try to be a man if you can.

On the floor I said", Leroy repeated. This time two of the boys lifted the teacher and literally threw him on the floor beside the desk, as each boy landed a few well placed kicks on his sides. John didn't scream this time, he was a man after all, he could take pain. Those kicks increased the anger of the recipient though, which in turn fuelled the others. Leroy stood to the side laughing as he watched his teacher trying to prevent the inevitable. John even manage to stand up.

"Seriously teach, you need to calm down now. On your knees!", Leroy instructed him. He didn't comply. Leroy scowled at the teacher but spoke to someone else, "Marvin, teach him how to follow orders." Sudden, intense pain on the back of his knees caused John to crumble forward. "So, every time you don't do what you're told, Marvin will take care of you. Marvin likes hitting people, don't you, Marvin?", Leroy said turning towards his tall friend. Marvin moved to Leroy's side so he could be seen and softly said, "Yeah, I do, bro.

Specifically White pigs". Leroy bent over to make eye contact with his captive, "Clear, sucker?". This time John nodded in silence. "I don't hear you. I said, Clear?". "Clear.", was the teacher weak response. "Good teach. Now guess what's going to happen to you, little piglet?". John didn't have to answer he knew what was coming, He could not believe that those boys would rape a man, "Please don't do it, anything but this, please.

You can't do that, I am not a faggot", John begged. "Ohh.I think you are, you just don't know it, yet. All white men are faggots. By the time you leave here, you're goin' wish we killed you. Instead". Once again John tried to use logic and reason, "Guys. Leroy, don't do anything more, and you won't end up in prison. Seriously boys, this is not worth it. You know…", John said while following Leroy with his eyes who was pacing around him and was now standing right in front of him.

"You still talking? Since you like to flap your lips, flap them around this.", Leroy pulled open his jeans and freed his cock from his boxers. John was frozen, he never seen a cock so big, it was only semi hard, but it was at least 7 inches already, and almost as thick as his wrist. He heard that black guys packed big penises, but he thought it was just hear say.

During war, he saw dozens of cocks, big grown up men didn't pack anything closer to that monster, and this was just a diminutive 5'7" 18 years old boy. But then again, he never saw a black man completely naked before. He was mesmerized by it, he just could not take his eyes off it. It didn't seemed real. Men can possibly grow cocks this size. He was so taken by it, that he even stopped struggling for a moment.

The teenager looked at the shocked expression on the face of his teacher, "That's the first time you've seen a black cock, I assume. Huge isn't it? That's a real man cock. Unlike you white trash, we can satisfy our women, and filthy faggots like you", Leroy said with a smirk on his face. John could not speak. Leroy stepped forward and he brushed his cock head against John's mouth. John tightened his lips refusing entry.

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The teacher could smell the funky odour coming from Leroy huge mushroom sized cockhead. It was supposed to be disgusted by it, but he wasn't. On the contrary, that smell caused his 5" cock to start rising. John felt really strange, suddenly he didn't feel in control of his body any more. Mechanically, he parted his lips and stretched his mouth to accommodate the huge head. "Woah.that was quick", Leroy said gloating over his achievement, looking around at his friends, who seemed as surprised as he was.

Not as surprised as John himself though, who was now holding the boy hot cockhead in his mouth, not really sure what to do with it, but most importantly, he could not explain how it ended there. The John he knew would never had opened his mouth willingly to that disgusting piece of Black meat, this was not him.

He had a nigger reproductive organ in his mouth, the same thing those animals put inside a vagina to make baby niggers. The same thing they use to expel the piss out of their bladder. THAT thing was resting in his mouth! And he let it in. That didn't make any sense. "Come on teach, don't be shy, give it a taste", Leroy teased him. There was now complete silence, the other boys even stopped restraining the teacher who stopped struggling.

Everyone was focused on the scene, wondering what their disciplinarian white supremacist of a teacher would do next. Tentatively John extended the tip of his tongue on the brown mushroom, it tasted salty, and the tongue felt incredibly good against its silky skin, so he gave it another lick, then another, until he started swirling his tongue all around the big helmet. "He is licking it, isn't he?" said Marvin. Leroy nodded, smiling. "Whoa.", that's all that Marvin could muster. Those boys might talk a lot about faggots, but they never saw a real one.

They just could not believe a man would suck a cock willingly. Men don't do that. This was something only women are supposed to do, and only a tiny amount would actually do that, this was the 50's after all. Although they all had their fair share of girls in their young life, of the five teenagers, only Leroy and Dwane got a blowjob so far.

That's how rare it was at that time. Not even Cindy, the girl they were wrongly accused of raping, wanted their dirty cocks in her mouth, yet their KKK male teacher, took it in at the first try, with almost no resistance. This was hot beyond belief. "I am telling you, I hope you guys didn't have any plans for later, because this bitch is going to keep us here for long. He doesn't look like he is in a hurry", Leroy commented. "Ahahh.he is fucking loving it, look how he moves his head to find the best angle… and look, he's got a fucking erection", Dwane pointed out.

Leroy could see it, but the other 3 had to bend over to see their teacher's puny 5" willy standing up to full attention. "You niggers always wondered how a faggot looked like. Look no further.", Leroy said pointing with both hands down to his cock sucking teacher.

All the boys giggled, but John didn't care, they weren't talking about him, they were just talking about that faggot over there. That disgusting faggot sucking on that nigger cock, nothing to do with him. John still didn't fully realized what was happening, he was lost in his own world, it almost felt like an outside body experience. He saw someone that looked like him sucking a nigger boy, but that could not possibly be him.

But suddenly John was brought back to reality. Seeing that John was loving his chocolate bar a bit too much, Leroy decided to make it more fun. After all it was supposed to be a punishment, not a fucking reward.

He quickly dropped his jeans on his ankles, the teenager was now standing with his grey boxers, and his thick cock sticking out the opening. He put his hand behind his teacher head and pushed further until his cock hit the back of John's mouth. John gasped for air. His assailant pulled back so John could breathe. He pushed forward again, this time even further. The teacher had to put both hands on Leroy' smooth muscled thighs, gripping them to keep his balance. John was convinced his attacker meant to strangle him.

When Leroy pulled out, John was astonished to see the cock had grown to at least 11 inches. He was in awe, this was a professional tool for industrial breeding, and could belong only to a real man.

This beauty should not go to waste, hidden away inside those dirty grey pants. This monster should be made freely available to every woman who wanted strong and healthy babies, and to every little man who wanted to worship a real man's cock. John was astonished he had those kind of thoughts as he was being sexually assaulted, but that's where his brain took him.

John never sucked cock before of course, but also he was never being sucked either, "That's dirty, I don't want to end up in hell", that's what her wife used to say to him, the few times he asked her. But even with no experience, he seemed to have understood how it should work, at least the basics. Few times he brushed his teeth against the skin of Leroy's cock, and the teen immediately slapped him and warned him not to do it again.

So lesson number one, no teeth. Learned! Leroy, and the entire gang enjoyed the gasps, gurgles, gags and whines from their teacher. Which was now starting to get the hang of it. He didn't even had to hold onto Leroy's thighs, he was just resting the hands on them now, and gently stroking the hard muscles of his strong legs. The other four meanwhile had loosed their cocks from their pants and were wagging them in front of the teacher.

Taunting them with pledges to stuff these cocks down his throats too. John slowed down his sucking, so he could check the parade of perfect specimen of male reproduction organs that was displayed in front of him. What a sight.

His own cock twitched uncontrollably. The smaller one was Jamal with around 9 inches, the bigger was Marvin with 12 inches, David and Dwane had similar size, around 10 inches each. With his eyes he was jumping from one cock to another, undecided which cock to suck next, not knowing that the decision wasn't his to make. Suddenly John felt a slap on his face, "Come on don't slow down bitch! You gonna suck them all anyway", it was like Leroy was reading his teacher's mind.

John picked up the pace once again, but suddenly he felt a sense of nausea taking over his body. He realised that eventually that black mamba would spit his venom. There was a strong possibility that shortly, he would have millions of mini niggers floating in his mouth.

Surely Leroy won't do such a disgusting thing, ball juice don't belong in a woman mouth, let alone a man's. Surely the boy won't degrade his teacher in such a way, he was sure he would come to his face.


Surely. "Teach?", Leroy drawn his teacher attention. John looked up to the handsome boy who was towering him. "Are you ok?", Leroy asked. The boy lost his scowl and was looking at him with a friendly smile. John didn't expect that act of kindness and meekly nodded his head and returned on sucking Leroy's cock, making sure to keep his teeth away from the sensitive organ.

Leroy, in turn, increased the rate and depth of his pumps into the teacher's mouth. Leroy's breathing increased and his body tightened. John knew he was about to cum and he had no intention of swallowing that load. He tried to pull off the cock, and for a moment Leroy's cock escaped his mouth, "No please, don't do it, I beg you".

But Leroy was about to climax and had not time for his teacher fussiness. John's hair were too short to allow a good grip, Leroy took hold of his ears, and held his head in place. Again John grabbed both the boy thighs with his hands. Leroy announced to all, "Goin' to cum in the pig's mouth!". And he did. With the cockhead just behind John's teeth the thug shot his load. John could feel the hot, gooey cum coat his tongue and the back of his throat.

There was so much of it, John's original intent of holding it in his mouth then spitting it out failed as he automatically swallowed. He could feel the slime slipping down his throat, mentally gagging at the thought.

That was the worse form of degradation any man could be subjected to, let alone a proud white American such as himself. Swallowing the semen of another man was bad enough, swallowing the sperm of a nigger was unthinkable! But the worst thing was that he realized he liked the taste, and instinctively, he savoured the rest of the cum in his mouth, licking his lips in the process.

Leroy pulled out of John's mouth with an audible 'pop'. "Next!" he called. John did not need to look up to identify his next attacker. Marvin was so dark a brown as to be truly Black amongst them. A truly African Black boy, and the size of his 12 inch cock confirmed that. He was the equivalent of an Arian for the Black race. Marvin was a true Black God.

The cock hanging from his pants was darker still, "it was a real beauty!". No more, John was suppressing the attraction he felt towards those hunky Black students and their majestic cocks, and repeated in his mind, "What a real beauty!", not feeling an ounce of shame for his thought. Not happy to just admire Marvin fuck stick, John was curious to see the whole package, so he slid his hand inside his boxers fishing for Marvin's nutsack.

While doing so, he was looking up for Marvin approval. The boy was looking down at him and just nodded. So John forced the entire scrotum out of the opening and released it, with some difficulty. The loose ballsack dropped heavily outside of the boxers, Marvin's low hanging big balls were hanging about a third of the length of Marvin's thighs. John never saw anything like that. He took the ballsack in his hand and started to massage it feeling the smoothness in his hands.

This boy was a real African God worthy of worship. "Teacher is a ball lover too", Marvin said, proud his manhood was getting so much attention from his slut teacher. "No homo, but you have a real motherfucker there", commented Jamal on his friend manhood.

"Wanna help teacher, here?", Marvin joked. "Fuck off! I ain't no homo, told ya.juss saying", Jamal shot back. Marvin was the group's 'enforcer' for a reason. He was brutal. With a single thrust, he rammed his cock into John's mouth all the way to the balls.

John quickly learned with Leroy on how accommodate a big cock in his throat, so he managed to took it all. John's nose was crammed against the thug's taut lower abdomen, and his throat over-filled with cock, he could feel the big helmet sliding below his Adam's apple. The teacher began to gasp for air and struggle to free himself, pushing his hands against the lads strong thighs.

Marvin paid no attention, making small pushes forward. Thankfully, John heard Leroy admonish Marvin, "Hey, Marvin, let the man breathe." No change. "Marvin, you gotta pull back some." No change. "You're choking him, man, pull back, man!

We're not trying to kill him!" No change from Marvin. "Pull out now, MARVIN!" "What?!" retorted Marvin as if he wasn't aware of what he was doing. "Pull back now! You are going to choke him!" Marvin looked down as if in surprise to see the teacher struggling for air. He yanked his cock out as unceremoniously as he had rammed it in.

John coughed and sputtered, gratefully drawing in air. Leroy pushed Marvin out of the way, stood in front of John and announced, "Get this straight, everyone, we are not trying to kill him, we are just teaching him a lesson. Teacher is learning his place, no need to be so brutal. Nobody, and I mean nobody, does anything like that again. Understood?" There were murmurs of agreement. "Now Marvin, you go to the back of the line and if you do that again, I am gonna kick your ass.

Got it?" John was not only in awe with Leroy commanding presence, and got him curious about the dynamic of the group. He was amazed on how a much smaller boy like Leroy who stood a diminutive 5'5", could command that kind of respect from a much bigger boy like Marvin who was 6'1".

John understood that you don't need to be huge and intimidating to be a man, to be a leader. All you need was confidence and charisma, and Leroy had that in huge numbers. Marvin shuffled away reluctantly. "You okay, man?" Leroy asked of John. John nodded, "Yes. Thanks Leroy, thank you so much", John said massaging his throat. "It is the first time I hear you thanking a nigger, teach.

It looks like our treatment is working", Leroy said pleased with his teacher submissiveness, "Alright then, NEXT!" If John thought Leroy would end it right there, he was sadly mistaken as Dwane moved into place, cock at the ready. As Dwane moved in, John glanced shortly at Marvin manhood, despite having a generous 10" cock right in front of his face. He then turned to focus his effort towards Dwane member. Like with Marvin, John wanted to see the whole package.

This time he took a licence. He put his hands on the sides of the black boy slender waist, and inserting his fingers between the waistband of the boy's boxers, he asked, "Can I?" "Sure, help yourself teach" John dropped unceremoniously the boxers on the lad's ankles, while doing so Dwane's hard cock, which was already poking through the boxers opening, sprung violently against his flat stomach, making a loud thud sound.

Dwane ballsack was totally different than Marvin's, it was hanging tight underneath the thick cock, but it was as smooth and hairless as the taller boy. John sucked the balls in his mouth and started rolling his tongue around Dwane's marbles.

"Definetly a ball lover", said Marvin confirming his previous statement. "Ehehh, yes. Teach is smart, he knows that's were the niggers come from and wants to take good care of our baby makers, so there will be even more niggers to worship", Leroy joked, causing all the lads to laugh. After savouring the delicious taste of Dwane's balls, John licked his shaft up to his cockhead, and started licking under the helmet, like a lap dog.

"Look at this bitch", said Dwane with a big grin on his face. He then grabbed both John's ears and guided his cock in his mouth. Dwane was gentler than Marvin but face fucked John with a good deal of enthusiasm. Repeatedly he rammed forward and slowly pulled back. John did his best to squeeze down on Dwane's cock hoping he could make the thug cum faster, Marvin magnificent cock was waiting for him. It apparently worked. Dwane sighed, pushed forward and froze, pushing his teacher's head against his crotch.

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John sensed, rather than tasted, cum flowing over his tonsils into his gullet. "This pig gives better head than that White bitch I used to fuck when her husband was at work" Dwane announced to the crew. Dwane was the only other lad together with Leroy to have some experience in getting his prick sucked, in fact he received head multiple times, always from the same mouth, a White married woman who he used to mow the lawn for.

He was actually the most experienced in that. Leroy had only got two blowjobs in total, by a distant aunt who came to visit on Xmas last year.

Darren laughed looking down at his teacher, "You should be proud, pig." John felt a surge of pride at this accomplishment before realizing what the compliment was about. In that moment he realized that being a submissive made him really horny, he strangely felt no shame in servicing those beautiful, yes, beautiful, young black men.


In fact the knowledge that he was giving them the time of their lives, made him feel really good about himself, he felt a sense of accomplishment, it gave it a new purpose in life. We was probably better as a cocksucker than as a teacher.

At least the boys seemed to appreciate him much more in that role. Was he a homo? He wasn't ready to answer that question yet. He shook his head as the next cock appeared in his field of vision. Another long thick chocolate-coloured log. Another cock to service. It was Jamal with his smaller, still impressive 9" cock. The boy already dropped his boxers, knowing his teacher peculiar interest in their ballsacks, and Jamal had a nice pair of hanging balls too, nothing too outrageous though. But this time John decided to go straight for the cock.

Again he tried to get the fellow off as quickly as possible, he just could not take the image of Marvin humongous cock from his mind, he could not wait to service the ultimate African boy. He wanted to show the African God, that his sissy White teacher was a worthy worshipper.

Jamal cock exploded just behind John teeth so he tasted every drop of the warm sticky cum, which by now he had learned to love. "Fuck, that's the best thing.better than fucking a pussy", Jamal moaned, satisfied by the sensation that his first blowjob gave him. "If you liked that, wait until you fuck his ass", Leroy said to his friend. John froze, he knew he was going to get raped, but hearing Leroy confirming that, made him panic.

Those things would rip a trained vagina apart, how could he possibly accommodate those monsters inside his tight virgin ass? "My turn,", said David shoving his large cock head into John's gaping mouth.

Again, John sucked the 10" cock with pleasure but with a certain sense of urgency, out of the corner of his eye, he could see Marvin cock, menacingly pointing at him ready to be served. David didn't face fucked him, it was his first blowjob, and he was enjoying John's tongue working relentlessly around his swollen helmet.

Again, John was doing a great job as David started to be unstable on his feet, "Fuck, I am coming pig", he announced. "Cum on his face", Leroy suggested. David pulled out and pointed his black snake on his teacher face, he jerked a couple of times than he splashed his load on his teacher face and hair. It was endless, the boy didn't have normal balls, he had a full tank of thick hot sperm.

Rivets of cum were dripping from the teacher's forehead down to his eyes, eventually reaching his thick moustaches. His face was literally plastered with thick white goo. He waited until David squeezed the last drop of it on his hair, then John stuffed the black prick, into his mouth, he had to know how David tasted.

He tasted divine. As David finally pulled out, John licked his lips, then he stretched his tongue to reach the globs of cum deposited on his moustache. He scooped and swallowed that too. "What a right pig you are. No woman would do what you just did. You really are a faggot, aren't you?", Leroy said to John, who didn't seem too bothered about the degrading comment, and kept licking his lips.

John felt like a right animal, his body was now taken over by the primal instincts. In nature, Beta males would often acknowledge the superiority of the Alpha by allowing them to fuck their ass. It was a natural thing to do, and John was exactly doing that. Acknowledging those boys superior status, by submitting to their sexual needs.

Then Marvin's recognizable cock appeared. John gasped in anticipation. He looked up at Marvin waiting for his permission to serve his majestic cock. But before Marvin could speak, Leroy intervened, "Wait, I think the racist pig sucked enough cock for today". "Umhhhh?", mouthed Marvin looking at his friend with a scowl, not wanting to give up on his first blowjob ever. "Relax, Marv, you are going to get something even better. You gonna love it", Leroy smiled to his friend, then he turned to John, "Just get it hard".

John thought, "Good just get it hard.No, wait, what other plans? Oh, fuck, not that!, Not him!" John panicked, he thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock so far, and he was resigned to lose his ass virginity, but now that he was finally happening, he panicked.

"No please guys, not him. It's too big. He is going to kill me", John pleaded with the group of teens. "Oh come on, don't be ridiculous teach, a cock never killed anyone, the worst that can happen is you are going to walk funny for a couple of days", all boys laughed.

"Please, not him. Can't we start with him?", John pointed at Jamal, since he had the smallest cock. "Him has a name", Jamal shot back. "Can't we start with Jamal, please?", John corrected himself. "Naah. If you were just a normal faggot, I might listen. But you are a racist white cunt, so you gonna get the best a nigger can offer.

That's only fair". Not happy with it, John sat on the floor to avoid his ass being taken by force. "Teach, you've been an incredibly obedient faggot so far, and I am truly impressed by you, don't go ruin everything now.

You don't want Marvin to get angry, do you?", Leroy said with a calm voice, showing all his disappointment. John looked at Marvin who had a scowl on his face, no way he could escape that fate.

"Ok… but be gentle Marv, please. I beg you", John pleaded with the big teenager. "Don't worry teach, I am not gonna break you, but it will hurt.I guess", Marvin replied trying to sound less intimidating. "Where do you want me?", John asked to the group.

"I guess the desk would be best. I always dreamt of fucking your racist little ass on your desk. But I will gladly leave this honour to my friend Marvin. There is still time for the rest of us. After all, we still have 4 more days of this", Leroy said referring to the 5 days detention. John stood up, he was suddenly aware of his hard cock, proof that he was loving being those boys bitch.

John walked to his desk and bent over it, with his bare ass facing the students desks. Marvin moved around the teacher desk and placed his cock on the teacher lips. John started to suck on it. Finally! With his eyes closed to intensify the pleasure, suddenly John felt someone spreading his ass cheeks, then he felt something probing his shithole.

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As soon as Leroy inserted his finger, John recoiled, not being used of having something up his ass. "Geez teach, it's only my finger, relax, I am trying to get you lose", Leroy said to him. John tried to relax the muscles of his sphincter, to allow the teen finger to enter. Eventually it did. "Fuck this is real tight, this is gonna be a challenge", Leroy mouthed to himself, though everyone could hear it. "Dwane check in the workshop if there is some kind of lubricant", Leroy said to his friend.

Marvin decided not to face fuck his teacher this time, he was enjoying John making love to his cock. The white man was swirling his tongue all around his huge purple mushroom, while massaging his big low hanging balls with one hand.

"You love my cock teach?", Marvin asked. John nodded. After a while Dwane came back with a can of something. He handed it over to Leroy who checked the labels. "Engine oil, is it safe?". "I dunno", Dwane shrugged his shoulder. Leroy checked the instruction at the back of the can, "It says it is not safe to ingest, if you put it up his ass is not ingesting is it?". "It kind of is&hellip." Jamal chipped in the conversation. No one had a clue. "Teach is this thing ok for your ass?", Leroy said offering the can to his teacher.

John stopped sucking on his favorite chocolate bar for a second, he didn't have to check the label, he answered "Yes, it should be fine". "Cool. Alright Marv, are you ready?", Leroy said to his enforcer. "Fuck yeah. Can't wait to fuck this cunt", the tall boy replied enthusiastically as he moved around the desk and positioned himself behind his teacher.

Marvin smeared the lotion on his cock, while Leroy, using his oiled finger, pushed some into John's ass. He got it in as far as the first knuckle before declaring, "That's much better".

The oiled finger slid easily in his shithole, going in and out to lubricate the inside of his rectum, causing John to moan. "Ok, all done. Are you ready teach?", Leroy asked.

"No", John shot back, but it came out in a funny way, like a child saying no to his vegetables, while his mum forced him to eat it. The boys could not see the teacher face, but they imagined him with a huge pout on his face. Everyone was laughing. "Nice ass for an old geezer. Keep tight, it's coming", Marvin warned him. John instinctively grabbed the edge of the desk with both hands. He was resigned to lose his virginity to this Black hunk, "HE's going to do IT. Fucking hell. In few minutes I will no longer be a man!", he thought to himself.

There had been a slight pain with the finger insertion but no more that a prostate exam. He dreaded what would follow; that huge mushroom shaped cock head would be entering his ass and that would hurt. Marvin rubbed his cock along John's ass crack passing over the puckered opening a couple of times before positioning it directly on John's ass hole. He paused for a moment and then pushed forward. That huge head split John's hole and he groaned in pain despite himself. As more cock entered the pain intensified.

John yowled, "Fucking hell son! Take it out! Take it out!" He was instantly ashamed at his weakness for not being able to withstand the acute pain. Marvin bottomed out, his balls slapping against John's. "All the way in. You're truly fucked, teach. How does it feel?" "Take it out please! It hurts like a motherfucker!… My God!", John was yelling random expletives by now, the pain was truly unbearable. "You'll get used to think" Marv laughed as he slowly pulled back.

John felt that huge mushroom head as it made its way back through his bowels. It hurt the entire way. John dreaded the return trip anticipating excruciating pain, with cheers of all the other lads. Marvin stopped with his cock head just inside John's entrance. There was a pause before he plunged back in, and, as John anticipated, the pain was intense.

Marvin experienced the whole thing differently, of course. For the young thug the tight ass provided an incredible sensation. Tight and warm it felt like the teacher's ass was made for Marvin's cock and Marvin meant to enjoy that ass as long as he could. To achieve this he slowed down and pushed in and then pulled out with deliberate strokes. Without realizing it Marvin was giving John more pleasurable sensations.

With each withdrawal Marvin's big mushroom head dragged against John's prostate. Each drag reduced the pain; John felt a shiver of delight causing his balls to tingle and his cock to jump. It did not take long for his cock to reach its fullest. As soon as the pain started to subside, a new feeling was slowly taking over.

And that scared John. "What the hell?. I am NOT enjoying this. I am not. I refuse to believe I'm enjoying this. I have a 12 inch ebony tree trunk raping my ass, and I am fucking loving it?" he thought to himself. Unfortunately for his resolve, just as he thought that last thought, Marvin rubbed against his prostate and John tingled and moaned silently to himself with pleasure. "OH, shit! This is starting to feel so good. This is bad". John was thankful to be in the position he was, his cock was trapped between his abdomen and his thighs, invisible to those around him.

They knew already he was hard, but at least they would not see his cock twitching every time Marvin thrust his monster inside his ass. Marvin discovered that each time he struck a specific spot, John's ass tightened sending an extra thrill through his cock. Marvin found the exact depth he could plunge to make that happen and he concentrated on making that happen.

The continual stimulation of his prostate really bothered John's white machismo because of the gratification he was deriving from it. His cock began leaking pre-cum in copious amounts. "Yeah, that's better than any pussy I've fucked.

Turn over!" This command by Marvin was clear, John tried to execute the order as best as he could. There was some awkwardness because Marvin kept his cock implanted in John's ass during the turn. Marvin pushed John's legs further back to allow turn, Dwane and Jamal helped him grabbing one leg each. John was now belly up laying over his desk, he wanted to stretch his legs to relieve some of the cramp he felt but there was his rigid cock to consider. John tried to resist the efforts of the two gang members to spread his knees apart.

"Come on, man, what's up? Spread 'em," Dwane said. "Loosen up. Oh, I see the problem. Are you ashamed of your hard on? You should be proud faggot, we already know you like to service our cocks". "And he's leaking something serious!" yelled Jamal, "This pig likes getting fucked.

Don'tcha, pig?". John's face burned with embarrassment, "No. no, I don't. I don't.It's just…". His protests triggered gales of laughter from the gang. "Yeah, right!.Tell it to your cock, man.

No one leaks like that 'less they like it!". Marvin leaned forward putting his face close to John's, "I guess our punishment ain't much of a punishment, right, teach?" He punctuated each word with a hard thrust of his cock deep into John's ass. And then. John's cock betrayed him again. The way it was verbally humiliated and the feel of Marvin powerful thrusts, sent ropes of thick gooey cum shot over his belly, chest and chin. The laughter and chiding increased.

John wanted to be swallowed by the earth, or wanted to die. But then. Marvin's thrusts triggered another explosion of cum.

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John was mortified. Cumming once because he was being fucked was bad enough; cumming twice in a row was worse. At 41 he shouldn't have recovered enough to do that. The gang's laughter increased in volume and intensity. Marvin softly commented, "This pig is really into it." He accompanied this with a drag of his fore finger through the cum splattered on John's chest. "Have a taste, teach. See how much you enjoyed being fucked.".

John resisted but Marvin held his nose closed and when John's mouth opened he jammed his cum covered fingers in it, the teacher had no choice. Actually he had a choice, he could pretend at least of being disgusted by it, instead he licked all the buttered fingers who violated his mouth, like they were covered in honey. Dwane did the same thing and the two thugs continued feeding John his own cum until it was all gone.

Marvin, still ramming away in John's ass, said, "I think he likes that, too. Let's give him some fresh from the tap, you choose faggot. Which cock you want to feed from?" Of course he went for Leroy, "Mhhhh.Leroy", he moaned. "Not fair", Jamal complained. "He likes big cocks, sorry bro", Leroy laughed, talking as if Jamal 9 inch was just a tiny pencil.

"Shut the fuck up", Jamal shot back, annoyed by his friend snide remark. Leroy stuffed his cock in his teacher mouth, and John wasted no time in sucking on the second biggest prick of the small group of teenagers. John was stuffed in both ends, he felt dirty, disgusted with himself for making it so easy for the boys, yet his ass was pushing against Marvin crotch and his mouth was slobbering all over Leroy's cock, as if his life depended on it.

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Leroy was enjoying so much the sight of his teacher humiliating himself in such matter, that he didn't last long, shooting five or six thick salty discharges, coating the inside of John's mouth.

John swallowed all of it. He really loved cum, he had to acknowledge to himself it tasted real good and he found himself trying to get more from his hunky Black student.

This elicited even more laughter as the gang watched their teacher trying to milk more cum from their friend. "That's it. I gotta cum in the pig's ass." declared Marvin, "I am gonna make you pregnant with my tiny baby niggers slut, you want that?".

John reply surprised everyone, even more himself, "Yes please, I want your Black babies! Fuck me hard.Oh God.Fill me with your superior sperm! Shoot!". He immediately regretted that. Too late. A simple yes would have sufficed, complete silence would have been even better. John had reached a point of no return, this was the best sex he ever had by a long mile, his senses were all over and had not control over his body or his mouth.

That sentence was his formal acknowledgement of becoming a Black lover, and a filthy faggot. Not that there was any doubt before. But now it was completely sealed. Everyone was speechless, Marvin even slowed down for a second to recover from what he heard, but then he pushed on, he was too close, he didn't want to lose the moment.

None of the boys could believe a man could behave or talk in such manner, this went beyond what they imagined when they started raping their racist teacher. John felt the pulses of Marvin's cock and he could finally feel the cum filling his ass.

He felt humiliated that his rectum was full of African cum. No, he didn't feel humiliated by that! He felt so turned on by it. That was the humiliating thing!

This young thug had fucked two loads of cum from him and then bred his White ass. And he liked it all. Being fucked, the sucking, the taste of cum, the smell and taste of the boys, and most of all he liked being humiliated and dominated by them.

"What the hell is wrong with you?' he asked himself. You can't enjoy this. You are straight, and White, you are superior to them, for God's sake!", but even while he was thinking it, he knew that deion of himself, was already obsolete. This was the last ditch effort of a once proud White man to retain his dignity.

But it was all futile, there was no more pride left, and he was no longer a man. From now on he was just a White bitch at the complete service of five beautiful Black Alpha males.

Marvin pulled out, still shaken by his teacher shocking behaviour. Leroy announced that the show was over, causing the protests of the other boys who didn't have the chance to fuck the teacher.

"The hell man…?". "Relax boys you will have your chance. Your cock won't fall over and teacher is going anywhere for at least 7 more months", Leroy said to them, "Teacher needs to recover. His ass needs some rest. By tomorrow he will be as good as new". Leroy then walked over to his teacher and said, "Here you go faggot, shut the door when you leave", as he put the school keys on the desk next to the spent teacher.

"See you tomorrow at school, teach", Leroy said slapping his ass. To be continued. (Maybe?) Do you think I should continue the story? Have you got any suggestion? Let me know. - I hope you liked the story. I like to write, I am mainly into Gay and Bisex stuff.

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