Broke fellow allows wacky friend to plow his girlfriend for dollars

Broke fellow allows wacky friend to plow his girlfriend for dollars
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My name is Mitch,17 and My girlfriend Carmen,17 and I have been going out for a year and a half. But this story is about our 9 month anniversary. That night was the most memorable night for the both of us. We weren't really sexually active up until that point but we wanted to start going further with each other. The farthest went was mutual oral sex and fingering. I found out to my delight that she enjoyed me fingering her in her tight little asshole.

We loved to go to this park called the "Mountain Crest Park" It was a wide open park with a lot of space. Most of which is hard to see at night.

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We have been discussing having sex for a while and we finally thought that it was the right time to do it. We couldn't do it at my house or at hers because of our parents.

It was the middle of summer. It was a warm breezy night at the park. We both walked hand in hand to a secluded part of the field. I laid down the extra large beach towel she brought. It was a dark and warm night. For a few minutes we laid there holding hands looking up at the clearly visible. Carmen was and still is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

She had shoulder length dirty blond hair. She was quite short. Seventeen years old and only 4 feet 11 inches tall. She was well stacked for her height. Her cup size was 32C. Very nice to see on a girl with such a toned belly and a tight ass. She was the perfect specimen of the female body.

Her creamy white skin reflected the moonlight perfectly. I rolled over to her and I asked her "Are you ready?" and she smiled. Her answer was "More ready than I have ever been." I slowly brought my face close to hers and kissed her on her soft lips.

We laid there making out for a few minutes to get "in the mood". Then I reached my hand over to her left tit and started caressing it. Her tits were so soft I could hold on to them forever. I slid my hand down her mid-drift and slowly slid my hand up her shirt and under her bra. I could feel her soft nipples becoming erect between my fingers. I was getting so hard. As I rubbed her nipple on her left tit I could feel her move slightly against me.

She moaned slightly. I could feel it in her mouth. I could sense that she was horny because her kissing got more furious. I pulled my mouth away from hers and I slowly lifted up her small white shirt exposing her white bra that was just bursting full of her hot tits. I unhooked the bra from behind her and it slid off showing her beautiful tits with her pink nipples just aching to be sucked.


I pressed my lips against her erect left nipple and I sucked it into my mouth. I could feel her twitching under me from the feeling. I flicked my tongue real fast over it and she moaned "Oh wow…that feels good" I then moved my mouth over to her right nipple. I licked around her nipple and began flicking my tongue over it. She was going crazy. By this time my hard cock was pitching a tent in my loose shorts.

She looked down and noticed it too.

She moved her hand down my chest and grabbed my hard dick whole handedly. She began stroking it through my pants. I wanted her to suck it so bad. I unzipped my zipper and my hard cock flopped out. I looked at her and her eyes widened and she smiled big.

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She began stroking it with her soft hands. Then I laid on my back and she crawled down to my erection and began to stroke it. Slowly she placed her lips on it.

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Kissing up and down my hard shaft. I was aching to get it in her mouth so bad. Then she started licking my shaft up and down. I was moaning slightly. Suddenly she opened her mouth and took my head into her mouth. I was in heaven. I could feel her wet tongue swirling around my head. She was still stroking my cock and licking my head. Then she used her other hand to rub my balls. I had to think of other things to keep from cumming right there.

She then sunk half of my hard prick into her mouth. Her blond head bobbed up and down slightly. Other times when she gave me head she stayed at a safe part of my dick…not to far to choke, but just enough.

I kept watching her. She would look up periodically to see my reaction. My dick popped out of her mouth and she began licking my balls. She took my whole right nut into her mouth and sucked it softly. I was flying now. She then let by ball drop and then continued sucking me off. It was so fucking good. I could feel every contour of her mouth on my dick.


Then she began to suck faster and deeper. Her head bobbed way faster and she took more of my cock each time. Then I could feel a tingling in my legs I knew I was about to cum. I said softly "I'm gonna cum!" And, a few seconds after I said that a hot stream of jizz came pouring out of my dick filling up her mouth.

And with out any warning she swallowed my whole load. After I came I could hear a loud "GULP". and it made everything all the hotter. She was still jacking me off and licking my head. But now it was my turn to make her cum. She always said I was great at this. I slid my boxers up and left my shorts lying in the grass. I unbuckled her spike belt and pulled it off. I was frantic now…I wanted her pussy so bad. I un buttoned her jeans and slid them down and all that was left was her little green thong.

I loved to give her a little tease. I rubbed her pussy through her thong and she loved it. I could see it on her face. Then I put my face down to her bellybutton and kissed all the way down until I got to her pussy. I slid the thong off with my thumbs. After the thong was gone her pussy was left bare. It was beautiful. I could see her lips closed and a small trail of brown hair coming from the top of her slit. I felt my dick getting hard again. I licked the tip of my right index finger.

I then rubbed it on her soft slit and it opened without a problem. I then placed my head right by her pussy. I could smell her sweet juices and I could see her tiny asshole puckering. I then kissed her pussy lips and I can hear her moan from further up "I want you!". Then I spread her lips open and licked it once. Her body shivered and I began licking faster. I could see her clit appear from under it's hood. A small pink pleasure button.

I call it natures "Rubik's cube". I then ran my fairly long tongue over it and I could feel her hips twitch from under me. I then licked her pussy hole and tongue fucked her for a few seconds. The I stuck my whole finger in my mouth to get it moist. The I slowly slid my index finger into her tight hole to get her ready for my cock. She moaned in pleasure. I finger fucked her while licking her clit for a few minutes.

She loved that. All I could hear was "Oh my god!!" and "Yes!!". By this time her pussy was so wet it was practically dripping. Then I licked my middle finger and I slid two fingers in her. She moaned. She loved when I did that.

I finger fucked her with my two fingers until I could feel her legs start to shake. Then I knew she was getting close to cumming. I then pulled my fingers out and just licked her wet pussy. My dick was rock hard at this point. I slid down my boxers while I was licking her sweet pussy. My dick was pulsating and ready for some hard fucking.

But being this washer first time I went easy. I leaned up so our faces were level and I whispered into her ear "Are you sure you want you do this?" and her reply made me ten times hornier. She said "Yes…I want you to fuck my pussy and then my ass!". I was ready. My hard dick rubbed against her wet lips. I held my cock in the proper position for entry and I placed my head right up to her pussy hole.

She whispered "Do it…Fuck Me!" The I began to slide my hard prick into her wet pussy. I could feel her warm juices consume my dick She opened her mouth and closed her eyes and I could hear her saying "Yes…oh my god…it's so big!". I slid it in slowly until my body was totally against hers. I then I slowly went back and forth. After a few seconds of this she wanted more.

She said " Mitch, Fuck me harder!" So then I went a little harder. I was freaking out trying not to cum too fast.

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The she pulled me down so our bodies we right on top of each other. She whispered into my hear "Fuck me as fast as you can!!". I can tell be the tone of her voice that she wanted it real bad. So I wrapped my arms around her she wrapped her legs around my waist. I began pounding her. She was moaning loudly into my ear, letting out little squeaks every now and then. I fucked her so fast that I could hear my loose balls slapping against her white ass.

She was having an orgasm. I could tell because of the look on her face. Her face was straining and I could see small veins in her neck and then she took a deep breath. I kept fucking her as fast as I could. The suddenly I felt her warm fluids start to pour out of her pussy. She groaned "I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming!". She was cumming all over my dick and balls. I was about to cum right at that moment. But I kept my composure until she was finished.

When her face returned to normal I could see that she was drained. Then I could feel my jizz about to come out. I was not going to cum in her pussy even though it was quite tempting. I pulled my cock out of her and I said softly and quite frantically "Suck it!…I'm going to cum". She then moved to her knees and began sucking my cock like it was her favorite flavor of lollipop.

She went all the way down and I shot my steamy load into the back of her throat. I winched as I felt her continue to bob up and down after I came just so she can get all my cum.

After that she laid back down and laid on her side. I slid up behind her and we laid in the spoons position for a while.

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I gave her a few minutes to recover cause the next stop for my dick was that little pink asshole of hers. I leaned over to her ear and I whispered softly "How was that?" and her answer came out in a groan "Mmmmm Hmmmmm" I understood what she meant.

I looked at my beautiful girlfriend in afterglow. I could see every contour of her body in the moonlight. I ran my hands up and down her naked body and then I slid my hand over her ass cheek to find her asshole.

Which was wet from her amazing orgasm. I looked for her reaction. She was tired but she was still on her orgasmic buzz. I whispered "Do you want it in the ass?" she looked over her shoulder and said "Yes I want you to cum inside my ass." I swear every time she says things like that I get an instant boner. Before we came I brought a tube of KY lube that she had stolen from her older sister.

It was never opened so we got to use a fresh tube. I could tell she wanted it in the ass real bad because she rolled over into a doggy style position with her arms and head resting on the ground. Her ass was up in the air and ready for some well needed loving. I placed my lips in between her ass cheeks and began to lick her tight hole.

I told her to relax and I could feel her hole loosen up a bit. The I opened the tube of KY and squirted a large amount on my index and middle fingers. I used the tip of my index finger to push in her tight hole. After I did that I finger fucked her ass for a few seconds and I went as deep as I could. Then I put my middle finger in. We have been doing anal fingering for a few weeks before this so her ass was used to getting to the size right for fucking.

I then fucked her with my two fingers. Every time I pushed them in I could hear her moan in pleasure. She said "It feels so good in my ass". I fingered her sweet asshole until I thought that it was ready to take in my now rock hard cock.

I rose to my knees and got in the right position for doggy style entry. I slid the tip of my cock over her pussy to get some last minute lube from her pussy juices.

I squirted some lube on my head and stroked my cock until it was well covered. I positioned her ass until it was the right level for my cock. I asked her "Are you ready?" and her reply got me ready. She said "Fuck me…now!" I pushed my head against her hole and I could feel it opening around my head.

I used my right hand to slowly push my cock into her asshole. I got about 1/3 of my dick in her and she said "Slow down". I went a bit slower and then applied more lube to the head of my cock. Then I slid more of my dick into her. This time she moaned "Ohhhhhh that feels soooo good&hellip.fuck me Mitch…fuck me baby!".

I placed more and more of my hard cock into her hole until there was less than an inch left outside of her. I started getting into a fucking rhythm.

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In and out slow then faster. I kept going deeper each time. I must say that my dick fit nicely in her asshole. After a few minutes of fucking her asshole swallowed my whole prick. I asked her "Does that hurt?" and her sexy reply was "It hurts so good…fuck me hard" I gave her what she asked for. I fucked her harder. In and out faster and faster until I could hear my balls slapping against her pussy.

She started moaning and grunting really loud by this point. She moaned "Oh no…I'm going to cum again!" I kept fucking her faster until I felt her shudder from under me. She yelled in orgasmic bliss "OH WOW!" and then I felt another wave of her cum flowing and soaking by balls. The mix of her moaning and the feel of her warm ass consuming my cock was too much and I too was about to cum.

I closed my eyes and let out a loud moan. "Oh man!" And just as that happened I let loose a spurt of hot cum right into her asshole. I kept going and kept pumping my hot load into her ass. After I was sure that I was drained of all my jizz for the night I pulled my cock out of her ass and we laid together on the towel.

Good thing it was a towel too…there was enough fluid there to water the whole field. The towel was twisted in the shape of our bodies.

We laid there naked for a few hours. Until the early morning hours. I then returned home. Luckily my parents were asleep when I went home. I went into my room and laid in my bed. I fell asleep with a smile on my face because I know that just made love to my girlfriend Carmen.

The love of my life.