Big Tittied MILF Romana Ryder Gets Dicked on an Elevator

Big Tittied MILF Romana Ryder Gets Dicked on an Elevator
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CHRISTINE Compared to her previous summer jobs, working as a gym instructor aboard the M/S Oasis of the Seas was a blast. Christine could spend the day lying on the deck, deepening her tan while listening to her favorite songs on her iPod.

After a morning in the sun she would hit the gym, tell people how to ''get big and strong'' or ''lose ass-fat'', and get paid for it. She had the chance to eat for free at most of the restaurants and they even let her in some of the nightclubs, despite her being underage.

The only downside was that she had to be away from her friends and boyfriend. It was the summer after high school, a summer she would have loved to spend with her friends and family. As much as she missed those dear to her, she was having a great time and earning a lot of money at the same time.

She hadn't got the job easily; the company had been very reluctant to hire a sixteen-year old, but with the help of a friend of her dad's, she had eventually been employed. It was sometime in the morning and she was lying in a comfortable deck chair, the bright Caribbean sun straight above her, bathing her in its warm rays.

She wasn't listening to music just then; sometimes she liked to just think. Her thoughts wandered to her far away boyfriend, Ashton. He was an average-looking guy with sand-colored hair and pale skin. Ashton was her second boyfriend, but the first one she had had sex with.

Christine knew she didn't love him. She liked him to be sure, but perhaps a little too much as a friend. Right now though she missed him badly; missed his arm around her, missed how his hand would play with her blonde hair, how it would fondle a breast, then travel lower between her legs. She remembered how he would make funny faces when she sucked him off, or how it felt when his penis pushed into her.

As her mind drifted off to more sexual thoughts, she felt a tingle between her legs as her moistness began to secrete. She thought of Ashton's cock; a cute, maybe five-inch thing with a nice, bulbous head to suck on. The thought made her mouth water. Christine had come to realize she had a thing for giving blowjobs; she loved how she could make him squirm with pleasure, how she had him completely under her spell. She realized she might soon be wet enough for it to show through her red bikini, so she pulled her mind off sex and plugged in her earphones.

DAMON Throughout his life Damon had been unlucky. He had lost his mother to cancer at the age of 6, his home to hurricane Katrina, and a day before Damon's 17th birthday, just a couple of months ago, his girlfriend had died in a car crash. So, his surprise had been great when he had uncorked a bottle of Pepsi and found out he had won a week-long Caribbean cruise for five. He had taken his best buddies from high school with him and they were now celebrating the end of school aboard the Oasis of the Seas, scheduled to arrive to the Bahamas the following afternoon.

To be with his friends in a new environment was very therapeutic for Damon; he still thought of his girlfriend, despite it already being several months since her passing. He hadn't been truly happy ever since. They had spent their first morning aboard the ship on the deck sunbathing and talking smack, until in the afternoon it had started raining. The other guys had gone shopping and Damon was planning to hit the gym.

Damon was a rings gymnast, the most promising one in decades he had been told. He loved his sport, and even normally there wasn't a day he didn't work out; now he was on the verge of reaching a new move, the Victorian lever, which ever increased his enthusiasm. Unfortunately there wasn't a set of rings on the ship, but he figured a regular gym would serve just fine for the week. Damon was at the gym, resting between sets of heavy shoulder presses when he heard a cute voice calling.

''Excuse me sir, do you need any help?'' Damon didn't really like gym instructors, he considered them a bunch of show-offs who thought they knew much more than they really did.

''I'm fine, thank you.'' He turned around to see the source of the voice. ''Actually, could you please show me the correct technique for this exercise?'' His voice tried to catch in his throat at the sight of her beauty. The girl couldn't have been much older than Damon; her features had a hint of girliness left in them, her skin was still shining with the light of youth. Damon was captivated by her eyes, they were a vibrant sky-blue color, glimmering like two precious sapphires.

He felt a sudden, surprising desire to kiss her supple lips right then and there. She had a thick braid of bright blonde hair, continuing somewhere behind her back. Her sports top desperately tried to flatten her ample breasts, her sport tights did nothing to hide the curve of her tight behind. She was slender yet strong, lean yet curvy. Despite her sport clothes she still somehow managed to look elegant.

Damon didn't even notice his mouth fall open. He asked her to show him how to properly perform a power clean and watched, mesmerized, as her breasts bounced when she pulled the weight up.

He asked her to show him how to do barbell rows, and couldn't help but stare as she emphasized on keeping one's back straight, sticking out her protruding butt, practically naked with how the tights clung to her gorgeous buttocks. Whenever she talked to him, she smiled ever so beautifully, distracting Damon from her actual words. It was the first time Damon had looked at a girl like this in a long time, ever since his girlfriend's passing.

When the thought hit him, he felt guilty and told the girl he was fine now. CHRISTINE As she walked towards her cabin through hallways and corridors, Christine was unable to take her mind off the guy she had instructed at the gym.

She had seen the admiration in his eyes and had tried to hide her own. His translucent, blue eyes, twinkling like stars on a night sky, his strong jaw, full lips, short-cropped dark hair, hint of a stubble on his chin; his young, manly beauty had been enchanting to look at. She doubted he had actually needed her advice: he had looked like he definitely knew his way around the gym. She remembered his ripped biceps, how his chest bulged under his shirt; he hadn't been big and bulky like a bodybuilder, judging by his lean and ripped physique she guessed he was some kind of a strength athlete.

She felt partly bad having thoughts like this; after all, she was in a relationship and considered herself loyal to the bone. She got to her room and collapsed on her bed. Running her fingers across her body, she found herself becoming aroused quickly. Delicately, her hand moved between her legs, the other gently fondling a breast. In her fantasies, Ashton was climbing on top of him, his erect member ready to push inside. His face, however, was blurred.

Ashton had brown eyes, the young man in her mind had bright blue eyes. Shocked at the realization, she stopped, let out a huff and decided to take a long, hot shower. DAMON One of his friends happened to know the bouncer at one of the nightclubs, and seeing how each of them apart from Damon and Rick was already 18, they had little trouble getting in.

Night went on and after having had a few drinks, the three older guys decided to go for a bar tour around the ship, leaving Damon with Rick to keep him company. After some time, Rick said he'd be going to the bathroom, and Damon was left alone in the table, surrounded by flashing lights and people dancing. ''Excuse me sir, do you need any help?'' Damon was startled to hear the familiar, cute voice, but quickly regained his composure.

''I'm fine, thank you.'' Looking her in the eyes he smiled and said, ''Actually, feel free to join me.'' She giggled, and her laughter was like the rattle of a spring rain. The music wasn't as loud as in your typical nightclub, and they only had to slightly raise their voice to talk. Her previously braided hair was now flowing freely in a cascade of blonde curls across her bare shoulders.

She wore a modest white top, which tried but failed to hide her large breasts, and black jeans. ''Are you all alone on this cruise or why are you alone whenever I see you?'' she asked, jokingly.

''No, I uh. I'm with a couple of friends, but they aren't here right now,'' he answered. ''You?'' ''I work here, remember? I was sitting over there with some workmates when I saw you sitting all by yourself here, and I decided to offer you the questionable pleasure of my company.

Hi, I'm Christine.'' ''Damon.'' She had a quirky way about her, which Damon found charming. Out of the corner of his eye Damon noticed Rick returning, glancing over he saw him smirk and turn away.

''You'd think the prettiest girl on the ship could find better company than me,'' Damon said, grinning. They talked about their hobbies, their families, their interests; on a friendly level, then on a personal level. Time flied like it only does when in the presence of someone you truly connect with, and before they knew it, it was past 2 a.m. ''It's getting late, I think I should go before my friends start to worry,'' Damon said, not really wanting to leave.

''Yeah, I suppose it's for the best. Unless. unless you would like to come to my room? For just a while, we could talk more.'' Her voice was innocent. He hesitated, remembering his ex-girlfriend (for the first time that night, he realized). Maybe she will tie me up and a bunch of black guys will come out of the closet and rape me, he thought, no, she's so genuine, that's impossible.

Damon tried to find a reason to refuse her offer, at the same time hoping he wouldn't find any. Maybe she's some kind of a total disgusting slut. No, she's too adorable, no way.

Maybe she's. she's so god-damn cute. ''Alright, I guess that's fine. If just for a while,'' he said. CHRISTINE What the fuck am I doing?

While they were walking towards her room, jokingly having a fight about who was the best superhero of all time, she kept promising herself all they would do is just talk. The notion that she felt she had to promise it scared her. Why do I trust him so much? There was something about the guy that made her melt; something in his smile told her he was a good guy, something in his bright eyes told her she'd be safe with him.

I guess if we just talk for a while, it's not a big deal. No one can blame me for that. When they got to her room he sat on the bed, looking slightly uncomfortable, while she went in the bathroom for a quick pee.

After freshening herself up with a shower she took a quick glance at the mirror, as if worried she wouldn't look adequate. What does it matter what I look like, it's not like I'm hitting on him or anything.

She wore a red bikini under her top to give her outfit a more summery look, and after adjusting the shoulder straps she decided she was ready to join Damon again. Night progressed and they lay on her bed, side by side but not touching, talking. Eventually the topic turned to their relationship statuses. ''My girlfriend actually passed away some months ago, and I've been single ever since.

I've been having a hard time even looking at girls after that.'' Oh my god, that is so sad! How the hell can I tell him I'm in a relationship? Why shouldn't I tell him?

I don't want anything off him anyway do I? Don't I? ''How can a girl as lovely as you be single?'' he asked, making an assumption. Oh fuck. I have no choice but to tell him. ''Well, actually '' She was cut off as suddenly the ship rocked violently, a massive, deep and hollow sound booming and causing their ears to lock.

She screamed in panic. Just when the sound had faded away, the ship rocked again with another thundering roar of what sounded like an explosion. ''What's happening?!'' she almost screamed. ''Maybe we hit a rock or something, I don't know!'' After the huge crash of a sound died, they began hearing footsteps and voices outside the door.

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''We've got to go and find out what's going on,'' he said, and they left the room in great anxiety, holding each other by the hand, looking for comfort. When they opened the door they were met by chaos. People were screaming, crying and yelling, running in different directions, pushing each other out of the way. Here she saw a child wander aimlessly, eyes wide with shock, there an elderly couple being pushed back and forth by people running by.

''Come,'' he said with determination in his voice, grabbing her hand tight. People ran against them and past them, some tried to push them but Damon never faltered; he led them towards the deck, pushing forward like a raging bull. Christine noticed the floor was tilted, so much as to make balancing difficult. On the deck it was even more terrible. The sky was dark with clouds and rain was pouring down on the mass of panicking people running around like a flock of headless chicken.

From among all the yells she made out the words ''terrorists'' and ''bombs'' several times. The ship was so inclined that they had to lean on a rail for balance. ''THEY'VE TAKEN THE LIFE RAFTS! THERE ARE NO LIFE RAFTS!'' someone was screaming close to her. Suddenly something knocked Christine down, and when falling she hit her head hard on the rail.

All went black. DAMON What about my friends? Are they alright? Despite his physical exhaustion Damon's mind was running wild. How many people had died? He could barely think about it, the thought was so horrible.


It had taken the gigantic ship only ten minutes to tilt a full 90 degrees and sink. The breaches in the hull must have been huge. Damon had had no chance but to jump in the water and swim as far away as possible before the ship sank and pulled him with it.

Many others had done the same. Few had had the time to grab a life vest. He lay on a beach, warm waves licking his feet, sun shining from a bright sky. Next to him lay Christine. It was only his incredible physical shape that had allowed him to keep himself and her from going under as the waves relentlessly rocked them in an unknown direction.

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All workouts and competitions paled in comparison to the effort he had had to put out. It was morning or midday, he couldn't tell. He had passed out for several hours after reaching the shore.

While he had been out cold the weather had changed completely, and the sea was now almost silent. I wonder when they'll find us. if they find us. Damon was in his underwear; he had torn off his shirt before jumping and lost his pants and shoes somewhere along the way. Finally finding the strength to get up, he looked around.

The island they were stranded on was small, maybe half a mile wide. The shore was nothing but pure white sand, while the center of the island was a dense palm forest.

He could see a rocky hill looming above the palm trees further away. Looking to the sea he could see several other islands in the distance, other than that it was just a vast, clear blue desert extending infinitely. Turning to Christine, he saw she too had lost some clothing along the way, and was now laying on her back in only a red bikini bottom.

She was still unconscious, or sleeping, her chest heaving with her breath. Modestly trying to avert his eyes from her breasts, Damon easily picked her up and carried her to the edge of the shore.

After laying her down on the sand despite his best efforts not to he gave her chest a quick look. Damon hadn't seen even a half-naked woman in a long time, and he found himself staring at her exposed, perfect breasts. As she lay on her back, her large, round mounds stood up proud, slightly hanging to the sides.

The pale skin of where her bikini had covered them was in great contrast to her otherwise deeply tanned skin. Her nipples were small, two delicious nubs at the tips of her breasts. Before noticing, he had become hard for the first time in months.

How can I look at her like this in such a dire situation? She is incredibly beautiful, granted, but this isn't the time nor place for this! A bulge in his boxers Damon dragged his gaze away, and went out to explore the island. On the shore he hadn't even noticed how hot it was thanks to the wind blowing from the sea, but upon entering the forest he was met by an intense, steamy warmth. Making his way through the dense thicket, his skin was quickly glistening with sweat.

On his way he noticed several pineapple plants, and many bushes hung heavy with berries. He took a tiny bite of a berry; it tasted sweet with the aftertaste a little bitter. Suddenly the forest ended and there was a pool of water in front of him, a rocky cliff towering above it. A small rivulet trickled from the pool, disappearing in the forest. From somewhere inside the rock more crystal clear water was sprinkling down, making the air glimmer with drops of water.

The pool was in shadow; the cliff surrounded it two thirds of the way and tall palm trees the other third, blocking out the sun.

Amazed, Damon crouched and tasted the water: it tasted of, well, water. At least we won't be dying of thirst, yay. He quenched his thirst and returned to the shore. He found Christine sitting, her hands in her lap, a puzzled look on her face. He sat next to her. ''You saved me,'' she said in an incredulous voice.

''There's a pool of water over '' Damon started. Suddenly she was on top of him, her lips on his.

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Shocked, Damon tried to pull away, but her hands were behind his head, pulling him deeper in the kiss. A part of him didn't want to resist. Her mouth was warm like the Caribbean sea, her breasts against his chest hotter than the sand under him. Her lips melted into his, forming an embrace of moist, tender flesh. Damon felt his bulge return. When she finally pulled back, lingering over him, they were both breathing heavily, their lips glistening with saliva. She was straddling him, his bulge inches away from her butt.

Finally, after a long silence, she spoke. ''Uh I. I'm sorry, I.'' she muttered. ''Yeah I mean no, it's fine.'' What just happened? ''I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry,'' she said, and kissed him again. This is wrong. Her kiss was burning hot, wanting. She bit his lip, probed her tongue in his mouth, sucked on his lip.

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He could barely breathe but he didn't mind. He felt his restraint fade away, and felt a desire awaken within him; a fiery, mad desire that wanted more. If it's wrong, why does it feel so right? CHRISTINE She couldn't tell how long they had kissed. Maybe minutes. Maybe hours. It didn't matter, time had no significance here. It was like off a dream; but whether the dream was a horrible nightmare or a beautiful fantasy, she wasn't sure. I must be going crazy.

No big wonder. Looking in his eyes she saw the prince of her dreams; a gorgeous young man, her hero. They broke their embrace and Damon led her through the forest to a beautiful oasis. Above them the air glimmered as the sunlight mixed with the haze of water, while they were left in shadow. He told her to drink, and she drank. He bought handfuls of berries, and they sat by the pool of water, waving their feet in the water, hand-feeding each other berries and kissing in between.

A beautiful fantasy. All the while he had a bulge in his boxers, but she couldn't blame him; between her own legs, she felt a wetness. What does it matter? We're probably going to die anyway.

Experimentally, she reached out her hand and touched his bulge lightly. She felt it jump, but he broke the kiss and stared at her, mouth open and eyes wide, panting. After several seconds, he kissed her again. Gaining courage, she gently caressed the bulge while they kissed hungrily. She grabbed it, feeling it grow in her small hand, straining against the fabric. It felt much bigger than another cock she had known a long time ago.

She felt a strong hand on her back pull her closer, encouraging her. Wanting to feel his manhood proper she slipped a hand inside his boxers. It felt hot, like a rod of fiery metal in her hand. She couldn't get her fingers around it, it was so thick. She stroked it softly, causing Damon to moan in her mouth. She wanted to thank her champion, and knew just the way.

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Before we go to heaven I'm going to give him a piece of it. Breaking the kiss she stepped in the water, kneeling in front of him. Tugging on his bulging boxers, she pulled them down his muscular thighs and threw them away.

She couldn't help but be a little shocked at the size of his cock; it was maybe 7 inches but immensely thick, a delicious rod of manly meat.

A soft, veined foreskin covered its steely shaft. ''What are you doing?'' he asked, a little fear in his voice. ''Just sit back and relax,'' she said, looking up with an amiable smile.

''I'm not sure this isssahhh '' He was cut off as she began slowly licking his heavy balls, tracing up and down the seam in the middle, then proceeding to giving each of his testicles a gentle and wet tongue bath. His testes tasted of saltwater. He moaned in a sexy, guttural voice, his cock standing tempting above her face.

Christine felt a familiar tingle between her legs, his arousal was arousing her. Making a ring with her fingers she grabbed his balls, gently tugging them away from his body, and took the whole thing in her mouth. He groaned loudly as she softly sucked on his ball sack, swirling her tongue around the sides. As if it was begging for attention, his cock was jumping as she tongue-massaged his balls.

Letting go with her hand she took just the other testicle in her mouth, and flattening her tongue against it she licked the underside of his sack ever so slowly, letting him savor the sensations. He was squirming and trembling with excitement, which turned on Christine even more.

Turning her attention to Damon's throbbing cock, she kissed and licked her way up the shaft, caressing his ripped thighs and abs with her hands. His eyes were closed and he was clearly enjoying himself. Gosh he's so sexy. She felt dreamy, like she was in a new world; a world where nothing else mattered, a world that existed solely for their pleasure.


DAMON As he felt Christine's warm mouth engulf his cockhead, his legs jerked involuntarily and his buttocks flexed. The sensation was beyond imagining, an intensely soft and moist vice surrounding his most sensitive parts.

Pulling at his foreskin, she began slowly sucking on the exposed head, sliding her supple lips along the shaft, her tongue swirling around the tip. In only a moment he felt he was getting close.

''Christine, I oh my god if you don't stop I'm gonna Jesus.'' She slowed down, and just keeping the head in her mouth, she moved her tongue around it, licking the underside of the glans, probing the tiny hole. Damon was hovering on the edge of climax, the gentle movements of her mouth keeping him close but unable to cum. Then with a pop, she let his cock out of her mouth and pressed her tongue against the shaft, licking her way up its length to the tip a dozen times, allowing Damon to relax for a moment.

Taking it in her mouth again,she began bobbing up and down, stroking the shaft with her hand, cupping his balls with the other. Her stroking caused his foreskin to move back and forth, first covering the glans, then exposing it to the warm wetness of her mouth.

She flattened her tongue and pressed it against the underside of his cock, so when it entered her mouth the most sensitive spots rubbed against her tongue. A sweet pressure was building up in Damon's balls again, a lovely warmth spreading from his penis around his entire body.

A pleasurable pulse began in his groin, growing more powerful every second. Slowly and sweetly she sucked and stroked on his cock, gently fondling his balls at the same time. Every moment the movements of her mouth felt better and better until he thought he would cry in delight. Her lips went down his length, her tongue gently massaging the sensitive underside of his cock. Her lips went up, squeezing his shaft like a ring made of wet and warm silk, gliding over his glans. The pulse grew rapidly, a heavenly sensation, pumping his cum out, rocketing it up the shaft of his cock.

Abruptly, she took the whole thing in her mouth, her nose nestled in his pubes. His balls contracted in pleasure and he came, shooting a huge burst of thick cum straight in the back of her mouth.

Damon's whole rod was embraced by a divine warm moistness, intensifying the blissful feeling as his penis pulsated creamy cum inside her body. She softly sucked on the base of his shaft and gently tugged on his balls as they emptied their contents down her throat.

He poured seemingly endless amounts of cum in her belly, and when she had swallowed it all, she slowly slid her lips up and sucked on the head, milking out every last drop. Wow. CHRISTINE Ashton will never know anyway, I doubt we'll see each other again.

Besides, a blowjob isn't cheating, right? He was still shaking, and she let him enjoy the aftershocks of his orgasm, gently sucking his deflating penis in her mouth. That was the most fun I've had sucking cock since. ever! God he's so cute when he's so dizzy. She was easily able to take his whole penis in her mouth now that it wasn't hard, and she softly sucked its whole length, the last delicious drops of cum oozing on her tongue.

Holy shit he came a lot, poor guy probably hasn't jacked off since his girlfriend. She loved the taste of his cum; for her, it meant his satisfaction, and her success. For her, it meant she had thanked her hero.

Amidst all the horror and despair, she knew she had given him a moment of comfort. ''Thanks for saving my life,'' she said, smiling up at him. They ate some more berries and drank water from the pool. Afterwards, they set out to find pieces of wood and rocks for making a big X on the shore, so that they could be discovered more easily.

Damon was smiling the whole time, as if he didn't have a care in the world. Christine smiled with him. She was overcome with a mad happiness; she realized they might not make it but she didn't care, they had their piece of paradise right then and there. As they built the cross, several times Damon's gaze would linger on her breasts, then rise up and he'd smile at her. She noticed he was at least partly erect again, his veined member engorged with arousal.

I'm probably going to have sex with the prince of my dreams on a paradise island. Technically I already did. She laughed at the thought, her sudden laughter surprising Damon.

''You are insanely beautiful when you laugh,'' he said, smirking. ''And as you can see my friend here agrees with me.'' ''You are insanely handsome when you're naked.'' she said. ''You can't see it, but my friend here agrees with me.'' They laughed together, their laughter like a song of hope in a hopeless place, ringing above the rushing waves. DAMON Having finished building their distress call they sat side by side on the shore, his arm around her, looking to the ocean. The beginning of a sunset made the sea glimmer, like a golden bridge was built across the water.

Is it wrong of me to want to have sex with her? It's been so long. Between his legs his cock was throbbing. The feel of her skin against his, the musky scent of her hair, the sight of her flawless, round breasts it was all driving him wild.

I suppose she would have wanted me to move on. Remembering what had happened by the pool, his rod jerked. Damon hadn't known feelings like that in an eternity, if ever. Christine was like an angel of pleasure, sent from the heavens to rescue him. Maybe it had required almost losing everything to realize I was ready to enjoy life again. And Damon kissed Christine passionately. Their lips embraced and their tongues danced as he gently laid her down on the sand, himself crouching over her, all the while kissing.

His aching cock poked her stomach as he kissed her under the chin, kissed her neck, her ear, her mouth again. He kissed the tip of her breast, lingering on it, making circles around her nipple with his tongue, his hand on her thigh.

She moaned softly, invitingly.

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I. I'm happy again. Kissing his way down her flawless beauty he could smell her sex; a sweet, intoxicating aroma drawing him between her legs. Pausing above her crotch, desperate to see her, to taste her, he grabbed her bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down, watching her most intimate parts become exposed. He felt his cock jerk at the sight of her hairless slit; her puffy outer lips were slightly apart, in between her pink flesh glistened with wetness.

It was calling to him, as if asking for his touch, asking him to come inside. It was the perfect pussy. Hovering over it, stunned in front of such a sight, he felt his cock throb even harder, aching to be inside of her.

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Leaning down he kissed her between the legs like it was her mouth, squeezing her lips between his, drank in her like a man dying of thirst. She sighed in a small, sexy voice. Breaking the intimate kiss, Damon pressed his tongue against the skin just below her opening and licked his way up her slit, sliding his tongue between her labia and over her clit, slow and gentle. He repeated it a dozen times, savoring Christine's taste, reveling in her warmth, enjoying her soft moans.

She tastes amazingly good. Turning his attention to her clit, he casually flicked his tongue across it several times, almost like his tongue was brushing against it by accident. Taking the most sensitive part of her body between his lips, he very carefully sucked on it, tugging it in his mouth, luring it out from behind its hood. Her moans were growing louder, her body squirming. Pressing his tongue flat against her clit, Damon began licking up and down, softly but firmly, causing her to moan even louder and start trembling.

Her trembling grew, but before she could come, Damon stopped licking. Now focusing on her opening, he licked around the tiny hole, then tentatively pushed his tongue inside her. She shivered as Damon's tongue probed deeper, entering her like a miniature penis, licking the moist folds of her pussy. Sliding his tongue as deep as he could he buried his face in her slit, its warm wetness against his cheeks and nose as he wriggled his tongue inside her. Finally coming back for air, Damon pushed two fingers inside her soaking wet hole.

Christine shuddered as his fingers entered her, and when Damon began licking her clit, her body shaked frantically, her breathing heavy and ragged, delicious moans escaping her mouth. His tongue flat against her clit he lovingly licked back and forth, at the same time rubbing against the upper walls of her pussy with his fingers.

Her body started trembling again, her voice rising higher and higher. ''Oh god. ohhhh that feels incredible.'' she moaned. Blind to everything else, Damon kept a steady, pleasurable pace, his fingers and tongue moving in unison, caressing her most sensitive spots. She trembled uncontrollably, her hips rising against his face as she approached climax. Reaching with his other hand, Damon pinched her left nipple between his thumb and index finger, and suddenly Christine almost screamed as she came.

Her body convulsing wildly she pressed her crotch on his mouth, her voice a high erratic moan. He pressed his fingers against the upper wall and licked slowly on her clit as she was on the peak of her pleasure.

As her climax subsided, Damon gradually slowed down his movements, finally just planting his mouth on her pussy and keeping his fingers in her, letting her feel him as her body recovered from orgasm.

Looking up at her he saw she was panting heavily, her eyes not knowing where to look. God she's so beautiful. She opened her eyes, and they locked with Damon's. ''I want you in me. now.'' she whispered. The last rays of the Caribbean sunset were disappearing under the skyline as Christine spread her legs for Damon, opening her slit for him. He kissed her, and saw consent in her eyes. Needing no more encouragement Damon climbed on top of her. Her buttocks rested on the sand as he lined his rod up with Christine's pussy.

Thrusting gently with his hips, he felt her tiny opening stretch around the head, until his cock abruptly sank in her, suddenly embraced by an intensely tight warmth.

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''Christ. so big.'' she moaned. Taking in the pleasure of being inside her, he just lay on top of her, his cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. They looked each other in the eye, enjoying as they saw the other enjoy.

He kissed her like a man kisses a long-lost lover, and began slowly sliding his penis back and forth inside of her, filling her repeatedly. Pulling out, he felt the wind from the seas tickle his shaft. Even though the air was warm, it felt cold after the incredible warmth of Christine's pussy.

Slowly he pushed back in her, feeling his throbbing member become surrounded by a moist, silky glove. It was as if Christine had a slot inside her body made just for his cock; he fit in her perfectly, her warm folds tight against every inch of his length, the tip of his penis against her cervix.

They kissed in ecstasy, their young, nubile bodies joined in a dance of naked flesh, Damon's cock slowly sliding in Christine's warm folds. It was like the perfect dream, only they could experience every single little detail of it. It felt like her body was trying to suck him in, not ever wanting to let go.

Entering her tight pussy again and again he felt his orgasm approach. Her moans grew louder as Damon began thrusting more forcefully: deep, slow and strong thrusts. She had her arms around him and her legs spread wide, welcoming Damon inside her body.

He felt her tremble in his arms, and suddenly her pussy clamped on his cock and her body jerked as she came, moaning in a high erratic voice.

''Oh god. Christine I'm going to '' ''Aahhhhhhhyyyyess pleasegiveittomepleasegiveittomeeaaahhh.'' Feeling the entire length of his cock squeezed by her pussy; his exposed glans and every inch of his shaft being milked by her clenching vaginal tunnel, the pleasure was overwhelming.

In a heavenly, earth-moving pulse his orgasm began, his seed building up in his groin and erupting inside Christine. His cock was up to the hilt in her; her vaginal lips nuzzled against his pubes, the head of his penis at the bottom of her pussy, his contracting balls comfortably resting against her buttocks as he ejaculated his thick, creamy sperm deep in her welcoming insides.

In that moment they were one; their bodies united by their throbbing sexual organs, Damon's body releasing semen inside Christine's body. They came in unison, their hearts beating as one, with every heartbeat another pulse of cum pouring inside Christine. Forever they stayed at the height of their pleasure, the other's orgasm prolonging the other's; her tight pussy convulsing around his cock, his delightfully pulsating member spurting more and more cum inside of her body.

CHRISTINE Her mind was blank. All she could feel was Damon's weight and his throbbing cock inside her cum-filled pussy. A lovely burning sensation was spreading in her loins as his seed seeped in every fold and trickled in the mouth of her cervix. They woke up in the same position, Damon still inside Christine, to the sound of a helicopter.

As the searchlights flashed over them they quickly disentangled. The rescuers gave them towels and orange juice, asking them questions and giving answers. Apparently the waves had transported them almost five miles to the east from the shipwreck. All the while the crew was giving them funny looks, and Christine discreetly tried to wipe away the cum trickling down her thigh.

They never asked them why they were naked. ''Christine,'' Damon whispered. ''Yeah?'' ''I may have saved your life, but you saved my soul,'' he said.