Big black cum in face

Big black cum in face
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I had sent for three girls from the harem. Marina, to begin attempting to put an heir in her, as well as two other consorts. Miri had skin the color of dark rum, was lithe and tall with small breasts and a long, black braid. At only 16, I had high hopes for her when she showed an uncommon lust for life during her training, but in normal use she lacked enthusiasm in pleasing me, and no matter how many times I pushed her right to the edge so she could see just how close she was to finally dying, she refused to fully engage.

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I couldn't make her an established part of my stable. Dalquess, Dalsa for short, was skilled at making me cum buckets, and had quickly earned her gold chain. She was pale with long silvery hair and magnificent breasts on a petite frame. A while ago she had become pregnant, but had lost the child, a girl. I was more than happy to try and provide her with another, but since then she'd just seemed distant and a little sad. Even when riding my cock to orgasm her eyes betrayed some kind of preoccupation.

What was worse, in my eyes, was that she had started to let herself go. Her tits had only gotten bigger, which was mildly gratifying, but fat had started to accumulate around her body in ways that were failing to titillate. She was still more attractive than any unwashed wench on the street, but I feared for her body in the future. "You sent for me, my lord," Marina said tentatively from the top of the stairs. I looked at her. She was a gorgeous sight in a midnight blue gown and silver chain necklace.

I was glad she was summoned first. "Yes, Marina. Sit down." I gestured at one of the plush couches. She daintily perched herself on the edge of the seat. I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder. "Relax, you may be comfortable, here." I gently urged her to recline against the arms of the couch. I sat down near her and put her legs across my lap. Her thighs and calves were strong and graceful, surprising for the daughter of a farmer.

Usually girls raised in the fields had legs sinewy and gnarled, with scars from fields of brambles. Not Marina. Her neck, though, showed deep purple bruises where the noose and stocks had abused her, and some of the skin was red and raw from were the rope had chafed.

These wounds were necessary to the training, and with time her skin would be tender and new again. "How did you find your first day in my ownership?" I asked. I genuinely wanted to know the answer. Women who lived in harmony with each other were more willing to serve me with all they had.

If the harem was embroiled in cattiness and backstabbing, as women are wont to fall into, the quality of my intercourse suffers. These spells could be easily solved with knives to the throats of any disruptive women, and a few bodies floating slowly to the bottom of the pool. Harmony would reign again. "I found it most pleasing, master." Though Marina answered my question she kept her eyes down and body language closed. I found women much more attractive when they merely relaxed.

Breasts hanging freely. Legs spread slightly. Divine. "Please, you have no reason to feel uneasy unless you anger me. Relax." Marina's shoulders opened and sank a little deeper into the cushion, her chest opened a little and her tits rolled out to the side under her loose, open harem gown.

"I'm sorry, master," she said looking up at me helplessly. "No need to apologize. Continue." "There was the richest food, animals I had never seen before. And women were playing strange games and speaking in different languages." "I imagine you'll learn a few languages, living here." "I hope to, my lord." "What is it, darling?" "There was something I'd never seen before.

Some women were putting their tongues on the- the- the womanhoods, of other women. And they enjoyed it." It took me a second to understand what she was describing, but when I did I threw my head back and laughed.

"I suppose you've never had a climax before, have you?" Marina was just confused. "In the farmlands they don't put thought into pleasing their women. And I doubt training is pleasurable to the innocent virgin." "I, uh, apologize, my lord.

Does this mean you will have to kill me?" Her voice quaked with fear. I reminded myself that the only experience this one had with me was as a conqueror and a brutewho had nearly killed her in sexual madness.


"No, no. It is something you will soon learn. You will see that I have the power to give as well as to take." The girl looked unconvinced. "I'll show you." I spread Marina's legs apart gently and stroked her lips. She shuddered at the touch. "See?" I inserted myself inside her and fingered her. Her clit, small and throbbing, made her react wonderfully at my touch, and soon she began to breathe heavily and arch her back against the cushion.

Soft breasts jiggling, she orgasmed. "What was that?" she said. "Orgasm: the gods' present to man." I lifted her legs up and slid between them.

She was soft and welcoming to my embrace. I felt her hard nipples against my chest as my tongue found hers.

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Knees hugged my hips. My cock found her slit and I entered into her. The entrance drew a sharp inhalation from Marina and her legs tightened around me. "Now to get you with child." I rolled my hips and plunged into her cunt in a smooth rhythm to give her pleasure as well. She grabbed hold of my back and rocked herself along the couch to my pace. "Do you feel how close you are to cumming?" I said.

She squeeled out affirmation, but her words caught in her throat as she came on my erect cock. Like a vice her walls gripped my manhood and I shot my seed into her fertile womb. When she was fully inseminated, I sat up and let her catch her breath. Miri and Dalsa were waiting expectant and naked at the top of the stairs. I helped Marina to stand up on unsteady legs and dismissed her to the harem chambers. When she was out of sight I took in a deep breath and changed my demeanor from warmth to cruelty.

There were many different ways to get gratification from a woman. What I had used with Marina was a little bit of tenderness. When a woman cums along with me in her own ecstasy there's a kind of power over her orgasm that feeds into mine. Then there's the way of pure power. To dominate a slave and force my cock into her. To see the pain in her face and terror until the light finally goes out of her eyes. That's a special kind of pleasure.

"Good evening, girls." They responded in kind.


"I'll be brief." I poured a glass of wine and sat down in front of their naked forms. "You have both been disappointing lately, and I hate to say that one of you will not end the night alive." Their faces drained of color as what they surely had to suspect was confirmed.

"First, I'd like to see you two fight each other. Perhaps if one of you kills the other than this can be resolved quickly. Maybe not." Dalsa opened her mouth to say something but before she could Miri had tackled her onto the marble floor.

Dalsa yelled in pain, then tried to free her arms and hit back. The two rolled on the floor a little bit, slapping and clawing each other like women do. First it looked like Dalsa might have an edge, but Miri managed to get on top through her youth and athleticism, as well as some very painful looking tit-mauling.

Miri had Dalsa pinned on the floor and grabbed her neck with both hands. Dalsa gagged and tried push Miri off of her to no luck. It didn't look like Miri had enough strengh to crush Dalsa's windpipe though, so she had to try and choke her out on pure endurance, not easy for a 16 year old girl with no arm-strength. I watched the struggle for a little while with more disinterest than anything.

Watching two gorgeous women try to murder each other was a novelty every once in a while, but it wasn't particularly erotic. I mulled their respective cases over in my mind while they fought. With Dalsa I had a more sentimental history, but then again, that did always make the kill that much more sweeter.

Miri had those long limbs that would flail beautifully as she died, and I felt somewhere that Dalsa had a greater chance at changing her path later. Maybe I would snuff both of them tonight. In any case, I had made my first decision. I walked over to where Miri was trying to squeeze the last dregs out of life out of Dalsa and grabbed the thin black girl by her braid.

With a jerk she was pulled off of Dalsa and landed with her back against the floor. I dragged her by the hair over to the pool. At first she screamed in pain, but then at where I was taking her.

"Oh, my lord, please spare me, I'm begging you. I will do anything to please you," she said as she wept. "Miri you've had enough time." I knelt by the water and bent Miri's over the raised edge of the pool, forcing her head under the surface. I held her there for about thirty seconds until I brought her up, gasping. Repeat. After a few times I got behind Miri and vicously penetrated her presented lips. I forced my cock into her again and again as the girl drowned bit by bit.

She did have a wonderful cunt, snug and deep. It was a shame she had never learned to use it properly. Looking down, her head struggled underwater and her hearbeat become ragged and weak across her body. It was always exciting.

I felt myself on the edge of climax and pulled her out one last time. I pulled my mouth close to her ear and whispered two words. "Beg me." She wasted none of my patience. "Oh master! I swear to you I will be as loyal a mistress as you have ever had. I will devote my body to you entirely until you have been satisfied in every way I know. If you let me live I will give you many sons I know I can.

Please. Please spare me!" Her eyes were filled with desperate hope. Her mouth trembled as she begged me to grant her life. I made my final decision. "Goodbye, Miri." The hope drained from her face and only fear was left. She submerged violently, trying to fight her way back to the air, but it was pitifully weak against my forearm. Drowning, she thrashed in the pool then became still.

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As the life slipped from her unconscious body her cunt spasmed and I blasted my semen into her. I felt her pulse inside her one last time then stop. By the time my torrent of cum finished, Miri was dead.

I pulled her waterlogged corpse out of the water and snapped her neck in my hands just to hear the bones snap and see the pretty neck twisted the wrong way around. Her mouth was ajar. Eyes stared at oblivion. Grabbing the long, wet braid I dragged the body over to where Dalsa was still lying her side, sobbing in dread. I threw the body in front of her so Miri's empty eyes stared at the living girl. Dalsa screamed. "Do you want to follow your sister into the pool?" Dalsa managed to string together letters between her bawls.

"N-n-no. m'lord." "Then suck my cock, and we'll see." Dalsa scrambled to her knees and engulfed my limp cock in her lips. She sucked and fondled manically, her desperation feeding my enjoyment. Within minutes I was raging hard again. Dalsa took my whole length down her throat tears still in her eyes and face covered in running makeup. When the whole thing was starting to bore me I grabbed Dalsa's head and pushed myself all the way into her.

I ground my tip into her esophagus until I erupted again, forcing cum down Dalsa's throat and blocking her lungs. I held her there as she realized she couldn't breathe with my cock in her throat and semen blocking her ariway. A fresh wave of tears filled her eyes. "I can kill you right now, Dalsa, and I would never lose a minute of sleep over it." She whimpered.

"But I don't really want to. Killing you would mean an end to your magnificent tits, which are frankly the only thing keeping you alive right now. "It would be a shame if my infant son never had a chance to drink from those beautiful orbs. And I have always thought myself about sucking the milk from your nipples as I fucked you, so I think we'll give it another go." Dalsa's face was draining of color and her throat was tightening around me.

Time to wrap this up. "But I can't have any more moping around. All your attention must be focused on me, do you understand?" Dalsa's forhead tilted foreward ever so slightly. "And you'll have to return to keeping yourself in good shape.

If you get too fat it will be a painful end indeed.


Good? Good." I threw Dalsa's head off my crotch and she collapsed on the floor coughing and sucking in greedy gasps of air. I turned and walked to my decanter. "You see I am a merciful master, darling. If I wasn't, I would have just snuffed you and found another little whore with big tits to get off in." I wasn't really upset about losing Miri. My procurers were always sending word about gorgeous, slim, black girls. If anything her transgression was not understanding the simple rules of supply and demand.

She was in low demand and there was a surplus of young cunts. There always is. As much as I teased Dalsa, her combination of slight build and large breasts made her a far more precious commodity. "Oh yes, master. You are too kind." Dalsa was still crying on the ground, but her face now looked full of joy at being alive, instead of horror at the impending grave. Happiness was a good look on her, and the blood returning to her face put some needed color in her cheeks.

My training wasn't just to weed out the feeble and unwilling girls from the applicants. It's amazing what someone will do for me if I convince them that I have ultimate power over their ife, and every day they wake up is a gift from me. Even if I almost end them a dozen times, they still serve me religously just because I didn't go all the way. And all the girls I do kill? Well, they all know they live on borrowed time. I poured myself a healthy goblet and bolted it down, then poured another for myself and one for Dalsa.

I brought it over to her, catching her breathe splay-legged. "To one more day of life, right darling?" She took the glass and gulped the wine.

I eased down onto the couch and threw my feet up on the ottoman. I gave Dalsa, and my throbbing cock, some time to recover.

While I drank, I reflected. Today had been troubling. Though this assassin was weak and pathetic, the next one might not be. I needed to start taking my protection, and the war against Gyre, more seriously. The first thing I could do was call diplomats from Arjov. They were a small kingdom on the fringe of my empire, but had been building and maintaining a strong military for years, primarily to protect themselves from me, but they were no friends to Gyre, either.

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The Arjovi were an insular, exotic people who kept some strange customs. For promises of sovereignty, they could easily be persuaded to join against the Gyra. But policy could wait a little longer, I was ready for Dalsa again. I stretched out my arms and legs and relaxed, naked on the satin. "It feels like I've had to do all the work today, Dalsa. Come here. You can try to get my seed from me if you'd like, but I don't want to have to move." Dalsa's face lit up at the chance to be impregnated so soon.

She sprung to her feet and practically jumped onto my cock. "And don't be afraid to cum as much as you'd like, either. You've earned it tonight." Smiling as she slid me inside her and began to bounce joyfully, I could see even through her smeared make-up and puffy face she had a beautiful smile to go with her beautiful bouncing tits.

I was worn down, so Dalsa was able to smother my face in her cleavage and ride me until she came. The recent brush with death seemingly forgotten as she moaned and screamed on my spear. Her cunt gushed and clamped tight around me when she climaxed, and if I hadn't already came three times that night I would've blown it again right there, but my exhaustion warded off orgasm and she continued to a second hysterical peak.

That time her convulsions were too much, and I spurted into her open womb. Dalsa felt my cum flow into her and clutched my head into her soft chest even deeper. "Please, my lord. Fill me, I will give you a son." Her words reminded me of the dark corpse on the floor, and how she begged for life before my power, and the defeated assassin, shocked by my cock in her cunt and the knife in heart.

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I wondered if she'd been a virgin, and fantasized that she'd known the joys of love for the first time right as she realized she had only moments left to live. I'd inseminated five women since I'd woken up that morning, and felt two of them die on my cock. Long live the emperor.